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CS:GO - Framerate VS Quality

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I investigate what you can keep on with minimal performance hit, so you can have a fast-running but still pretty experience! :D Download the benchmarking map here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=500334237 0:00 - Graphics VS gameplay- is there a compromise? 0:32 - CPU VS GPU power 0:58 - Multicore Rendering 1:25 - What slows things down the most? 2:07 - Post-process effects (Motion blue, FXAA... and V-sync) 2:43 - Texture Detail and Anisotropic Filtering 3:12 - Antialiasing 4:14 - Shadows 4:28 - Shaders 4:39 - Resolution (4K VS Full HD VS 1024x768) 4:49 - How many FPS do you need? 5:07 - Fullscreen VS Windowed 5:54 - Conclusion Some interesting findings. Nothing TOO surprising, but I think I delved deeply enough to find some potentially interesting things (Like the multicore and fullscreen issues). Admittedly, there were a of of different combinations to test, I did my best given the time budget I give to each video, but if somebody wants to study an individual graphics setting in extra depth there might still be stuff to discover. MAIN PC: Intel 3770K 16 GB RAM Geforce 670 2 GB BACKUP PC: Intel 2500K 8 GB RAM Radeon 6870 1 GB Unfortunately the Radeon 6870 doesn't have the right connectors to test 4K properly. Think I got it working at one point at 30 Hz with help from adaptors but sadly couldn't find the right ones for this video. The reason for testing at 4K was to ensure that the tests were GPU-limited, and 1024x768 is low enough to ensure that it's CPU-limited. Full HD (1920x1080) was used since it's the one that's most common for CS:GO and a decent compromise between CPU and GPU for my setups. Having slower PCs pays off for once! :D Check out my channels: ● 3kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/3kliksphilip ● 2kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/2kliksphilip ● kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/kliksphilip Other information you might like: ● Website: http://3kliksphilip.com ● Twitter: https://twitter.com/3kliksphilip ● PC Specs: Intel 3770K, 16 GB RAM, Geforce 670 2 GB.
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Text Comments (2908)
Strike 17 North (6 hours ago)
I7 or i5
BUDDY. (1 day ago)
why would you play csgo in 4k?
DaMod (7 days ago)
Im using all settings max and fps about 320-400 not even kidding i have 5 days old pc (built by self) edit : resolution is 1900x1000 Cuz i have a crap monitor (didnt remember the smaller number there)
동준 (9 days ago)
roXor _ (9 days ago)
My graphic card can't even run csgo. I bought it today on steam and i realised that right after i installed it. My life is miserable 😭
ArtLess (21 days ago)
i played 4:3 all shit looking saw video settings fxaa enable (facepalm)
AyelRox (21 days ago)
Hello I noticed something about Nvidia GPUs and I would like to know if you would have an explanation last generation gpu nvidia we have a mod boost that can earn fps, but when I play in 1024 * 768 my gpu never gets boost mod Boost. I would like to know if you would have a solution to force my GPU to stay in BOOst mode and thus allow me to earn fps. Good Video Bro i love it Nice job ;)
AyelRox (21 days ago)
Ryzen 2700X 4,2 Ghz, 16G Ram Sniper X3400 Mhz, Asus GTX1060 6 Go Armor and cs go is on M2 Evo 970
Itz Cryptik (24 days ago)
Yeah, my actual computer runs great but my graphics card is terrible
Tobias Limosnero (1 month ago)
What I was waiting for is how to improve your FPS buuutt the video is the opposite
Joe Stevens (1 month ago)
Lol I turned multicore rendering on after not realising it does anything since I started playing csgo. And now I dont ever drop below 120 fps on an 30 player dm. I used to drop to 90. So im glad My pc was cpu limited cause the boost was just so noticeable
Ahmed Khan Azhar - AKA (1 month ago)
I have just bought a new laptop acer predator helios 300, core i7, 8gb ram, gtx 1060 6gb, every game is running very well but only cs go have a problem sudden drop in fps while playing game sudden stops. Please help me
Darren Then (1 month ago)
Dx bear
PanelPlayz (1 month ago)
More than 60fps on 3260x 2180 res with 1050TI max detail and everything. Whuta?
Hoodie Nation (1 month ago)
Can Nvidia GeForce 610M run CS:GO?
Doge This! (2 months ago)
Texture detail does not reduce framerate, but it will impact loading times alot.
Antifaschist Mit Humor (2 months ago)
2018, still using 640×480 ^^
Rayxon (2 months ago)
i used philips setting because my pc as 1 new part and i needed higher fps i then learned what made it so much better
Tom (2 months ago)
Frame rate every damn time
Corex (2 months ago)
My computer likes 4msa but if i but 4ms and 16xq mouse is very good and smooth but fps drop about 20~39
Choyon Islam (2 months ago)
Thnx for this video, bro. Vry informative. I would appreciate if u make another on V-Sync. I understand V-sync causes frame drop, bt while disabling it, causes screen tears. This messes with my eyes and patience level both(I mean, u may hate I-PHONE but does tht mean u should be comfortable with NOKIA 1100?? 😨😓)
Pensive (2 months ago)
I play highest settings get 300fps 1080ti
awesomepepper33 (2 months ago)
Hey Philip it wont let me change my video settings. why?
Anonym ingenting (2 months ago)
No! If you have a 60hz screen it doesn't matter if you have 60 fps or 500 fps! You wont be able to see any difference. It wont be smoother.
xZodi (2 months ago)
You sounds exaclty like bullet Barry on the way you talk
PyOnE (2 months ago)
theres something called... *alt-tab*
William Tallberg (2 months ago)
Doesn't he sound like wheatley?
RAWRsynchro (2 months ago)
I play on a MacBook Pro 😂
El Milto (3 months ago)
i get 250 fps with everything on the highest. maybe because my laptop costs 2300$
Kverth YT (3 months ago)
wtf. 6:09?
DreiHVH (3 months ago)
Hey...i got i5 4460 and gtx 1050ti im what limited
Nonetrix (3 months ago)
I play at max settings at 1080p in most games but I don’t have a 4K Monitor but I was able to play forza 7 4K at max settings 16 msaa and everything but sometimes goes to 47 FPS
Elite Macarony (3 months ago)
CobraTM (3 months ago)
I Play With 50/60 FPS thats great Quality 1024x768
BoomWithPeter (3 months ago)
I used Intel HD610 from my G4560 and at that time i was Gold Nova but when i bought RX560 i noticed that frametimes have improved and i am now DMG
(Me) Pc runs rainbow six siege on low at 15-30 FPS. Pc runs csgo at less than 60 on lowest settings. YOU WHAT! -dat green boi from spongebob
Yorgun Oyuncu 2 (3 months ago)
Can i run it at all settings ultra and 4k resulation? GTX 1050 ti İ5 7400 2.8 GHz 8 GB 1600mhz ram
My pc cant even run cs go
I have a laptop, and my settings are all to the lowest xd and it gets around 80-120 fps XD
Nosix (4 months ago)
I have 300 fps with highest settings lol
Joel DP (4 months ago)
vimeo advert on youtube lol
Spiffy (4 months ago)
I get 300fps default settings with 1080p
Brent's Nolan (4 months ago)
What is the best settings for higher fps if i have gtx 960 nvidia
Brent's Nolan (4 months ago)
Atulya Joshi (4 months ago)
I made a rocket
dead january meme (4 months ago)
What if you don't have a graphics card.
Starbot (4 months ago)
Can My pc run cs i have a nvidia gtx 1050
Juneao Alfred (4 months ago)
For me.. I prefer quality and minimum 30fps.. Damn!.. I win..
JamesGames (4 months ago)
I play at 800x600 on my Titan xp for crisp image quality and over 9000 fps
Tyler Colford (4 months ago)
Roflll. Oh now you've rekt your frame rate. lmfao I'm dying dude lol
Kladjanin *_* (4 months ago)
I like go half graphics half fps (60)
TOTALSCHADEN (4 months ago)
please help i dont understand.I have the best i5 processor and a 760 geforce graohics card....why is it then that i just can run gta v on low settings and why does it lag for me at 4k gamin csgo but not for him if i have a better rig?
RarAlex (4 months ago)
i had average framerate of 219.12
RandomMan254 (5 months ago)
The main reason why your FPS drops in windowed mode is because Windows will limit your desktop's FPS, but only in windowed mode. If you play in full screen, then you have nothing to worry about
BluuM (5 months ago)
I need windowed, because non-genuine Windows 7. And no, I did buy keys but they didn't work rip.
Spinelli (5 months ago)
“can someone drop me a GPU” “nah m8 get it yourself”
dirt builder (5 months ago)
I'm running cs go on a gtx 1070 should I upgrade?
Justin Nachname (5 months ago)
4:16 Am i the only one, that does not notice any difference between the shadow settings? D:
Can Çeralp (5 months ago)
FPS gain on 1024p Windowed Fullscreen should be because of the GPU scaling vs Windows's native scaling.
Red Terminator/hellol11 (5 months ago)
If you're concerned about framers while using vsync, go triple buffered.
As long I get at least 60fps I’m good
The Auto Gamer (6 months ago)
If I am getting more than 250 fps at 1440p max details should I lower any of the textures?
Monkey Maric (6 months ago)
Mads Petterson (6 months ago)
I’m not sure, I got confused in this video, he wants me to have high settings to get FPS even tho it will make my noob laptop burn
NoOkwafflE (6 months ago)
can you play cs source on no graphics card
Jaak Krusell (6 months ago)
From 15-20 fps to 30-40 fps.
James Alejandro (6 months ago)
the thing is i run benchmarks at high settings on that bench mark and hit hella high frames but when i turn it all to low i get lower frames but with low settings while actually in game matches, my lower settings had higher framerate which threw me off while testing my gpu
La Abuela (6 months ago)
No sé inglés :c
ItMe_Jeff (6 months ago)
I put all highest setting and my fps is 56 or 60 C;
Sean Malani (6 months ago)
HamburgergamingRO (6 months ago)
i have 6GB Ram Procesor Amd Amthlon 340 3.2Ghz
Kepler 186-F (6 months ago)
I only get 60-80 FPS on ultra:(
Timothy Crawford BOSS (6 months ago)
Top settings: 0 FPS Lowest settings: 1 FPS
Memeframe (23 days ago)
what an improvement! :)
Mystical (6 months ago)
Idk why i am watching this, i get 300 fps at full 1080p and very high settings
Daniel Mirza (6 months ago)
I get 1000fps on minecraft on high but i turn it down to low and get 3000
Sqooshy (6 months ago)
lets hope my 6 year old computer can run this.
redfox1140 (6 months ago)
Somehow i got a 1080ti it doesn't let me choose the 16xQ CSAA in fact it doesn't have that option it goes up to 8x MSAA
Luca Bafico (6 months ago)
I play on an 12 year old pc, turning the resolution all the way down to 640x480 and lowest details gives me 25 fps on the best scenario and.... 5 FPS NORMALLY. Although it can't even play HD video on YouTube ... Well at least that's a secondary pc wich I only use for experiments and working XD But my main PC runs csgo at FullHD max graphics for about 150 fps ;)
peter4.6692 (6 months ago)
i hace mac
Matthew Wells (6 months ago)
When you realise in csgo you get both
Holy Roman Empire (7 months ago)
this video caused my fps go from 10 to 50
Ty (7 months ago)
In windowed mode it drops the framerate because the cpu runs the desktop. So when you change it to windowed mode it just runs off of the cpu more. That is why you dropped fps
Apple Pen Pineapple Pen (7 months ago)
is this toaster compatible?
Raj Kumar Gupta (7 months ago)
Are u a mathematician
Dr, SERIOUS (7 months ago)
Who exactly is having trouble running csgo anyway? You can literally run it on a potato...
John Wong (7 months ago)
intel hd 4000 avg of 60fps gg
Timber P (7 months ago)
In ur logic my PC wouldnt be able to show anything, processors Have built in GPUs, thats what i have
Jake Morrison (7 months ago)
Lower fps on windowed is because of prioritization. When full screen, the game is on the highest priority. Thats also wh yit takes forever to alt tab.
S3AM (7 months ago)
1:49 wtf
S3AM (7 months ago)
On my pc when playing csgo .... camping long with aug ...something black,brown moves then i know its T guy
Drone Tv (7 months ago)
To be honest csgo to me with lowest still looks like a great game, so many pros use medium/low
Aleksander Baron (7 months ago)
Olika120 (7 months ago)
you didnt put enough lens flares to the thumbnail
A B (7 months ago)
1:55 nigga... are you good
Downie Chicken (7 months ago)
for me having 30 fps is great for me. send help i have Intel Graphics HD
Vampire (7 months ago)
Nice video! tks for the headsup. :)
AbuNaif-PC (8 months ago)
FPS Csgo GRAPHIC Battlefield
Suviet Onion (8 months ago)
In Just Cause 3 I find that from low to very high it makes nearly no difference in FPS drops and lag spikes, nor does it make a huge difference with the actual graphics, but PUBG has a major difference between very low and very high.
Zero Gamer (8 months ago)
I realized half way through this video after wondering why I couldn't see a difference for the graphics and whatnot, then I realized I'm watching it in 240p
Video Game Wizard (8 months ago)
Want free CS-GO Skins? I'm doing a giveaway! I'm not spamming! This is the YouTube video link: https://youtu.be/SFIfGtNl4YU Step One: Subscribe to me Step Two: Like the video Step Three: Turn on post notifications Step Four: Comment your trade URL and "Done"
MaTtRoSiTy (8 months ago)
I sin and play @4k with everything completely maxed out but of course no motion blur. I'm too shit so may as well make the experience of being repeatedly killed as pretty as possible lol
m1ksu (8 months ago)
2:18 it's antialiasing...

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