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How to Download Steam on a Mac

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This video explains how to download Steam on a Mac step by step and also tells you what Steam is used for. If you want to learn more please subscribe and hit the like button if you enjoyed!
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TheWeirdWolf Music (16 days ago)
bruh... why do these people not know how to download steam its easy af...
Ken PauL (16 days ago)
thanks for the answer dude. and yeah you were right coz I am not really a gamer. I do enjoy a few games here and then, but I would appreciate if you could be more polite and friendly. coz there's so much more to life than just gaming. I hope you know that, and cheers+TheWeirdWolf Music
TheWeirdWolf Music (16 days ago)
***facepalms*** ofcourse steam is a multi million dollar company many games such as pubg,grand theft auto and call of duty are available on there... If you dont know how to download steam or think its unsafe you must not be a gamer or a person that is just getting into gaming
Ken PauL (16 days ago)
is it safe for Mac?
Typical Games\vlogs (18 days ago)
thanks for helping
D _yh (27 days ago)
How do I play it
TheWeirdWolf Music (16 days ago)
and theres also a play button in the library of ur games
The dude
Mill meister (1 month ago)
I like how he has safari and google chrome clicks on safari and then types google... like why?
Cowboy Clorox (2 months ago)
Teach yourself how to get a pop filter
Emily Mitchell (3 months ago)
Subbing I mean
Emily Mitchell (3 months ago)
Thx I had no prob installing
Just Human (3 months ago)
Are you boy or girl ??
eduardo orantes (3 months ago)
thanks kid
NutterbagsAUS (4 months ago)
Hey. I’m looking at either a MacBook or the pro to play steam. Can you play on both?
TheWeirdWolf Music (16 days ago)
dont buy a macbook to play games most games are supported on windows 10 only a few games are supported for max osx. I suggest getting a gaming desktop/laptop
Marino Foundation (5 months ago)
Helpful tips. 1 don't talk just to talk. have intention with your words. 2 stop saying the same thing twice in a different order. 3 you sound like a girl. 4 "and yeah thats it"
Marino Foundation (5 months ago)
"well like i wanted to have it on my computer so i thought i would download it to have it on my computer, so i had to make sure to download it because i wanted it and yeah thats it."
How-To Technology (5 months ago)
Marino Foundation What’s even worse than me sounding like a girl is u having to watch a video about how to download steam...
How-To Technology (5 months ago)
Marino Foundation Very helpful. I like it
Bharathi Anand (6 months ago)
Can I download rayman legends on Mac book air 13
ファドリー (6 months ago)
But is it able to play a game?
TheWeirdWolf Music (16 days ago)
Defaulty Boiii (7 months ago)
Thanks this really helped! btw we have the same wallpaper but you have it on desktop and i have it on my banner for my YT channel
ANDY GAKK (7 months ago)
this helped sooooooo much thx thx thx
Bianca Johns (7 months ago)
Where can you find the settings on it
Super Samurai (7 months ago)
Thank you, this helped a lot!
Jordan Nicol (7 months ago)
Thank's for the help.Yo uearned yourself another subscriber.
life with me (7 months ago)
When it was loading why didn’t you just pause the recorder then continue when it’s finished.
life with me (7 months ago)
Does it work on a macbook?
TheWeirdWolf Music (16 days ago)
... any computer that runs macOS it works
Adam Lemrini (8 months ago)
Mine cannot update. The app shortcut just bounces the first time, and then stops forever unless i reinstall it
Doglover4life (8 months ago)
wow,Thanks it didn't work it said Finder:You cant open the application "Steam" because it is not responding. >:(
JawsPlayz (8 months ago)
im using a mac and theirs no login or signing in... help?
TruKilla (8 months ago)
Nice vid bro it really helped me
Zack Gonzalez (8 months ago)
Thank you sir.
Laurel Brown (8 months ago)
I made an account but how do I log in after installing? anyone know? thanks
Tesseract5 (9 months ago)
Administrator's name and password???
Zhr Flims (9 months ago)
Thank you so much this helped me a lot
kw1206 (9 months ago)
I can't open the file. Is that a problem?
Aki Chan (9 months ago)
Phew...getting a mac soon needed to know.. <3
Maisy Floss (9 months ago)
I love how you probably don't know much about editing, and you had to just fill the time while it was updating. That would so be me, I'm useless with editing software. And most other things. Also, your voice reminds me of Super Rae Dizzle.
Maisy Floss (9 months ago)
It's fine! I wasn't being critical, I just thought it kind of cute and relatable for me, lol. ^-^
How-To Technology (9 months ago)
Yeah... at the time that I made this I didn't know anything about editing. I have since improved, but still new to it.
Mattis (10 months ago)
i've downloaded Steam on my Macbook but can't login. Please help
TheWeirdWolf Music (16 days ago)
you need to register a steam account. There should be a button somewhere but since ur comment is 10 months ago im guessing your fine
Explotionz Tv (10 months ago)
Thank you so much it worked you got a subcriber
Undercover Drummer (10 months ago)
thank you
FrenzyDoggoPlayZzz (10 months ago)
Windows xp Microsoft (10 months ago)
Error.Your comment couldn't be sent!Try sending it again with correct spellings.
Cricketprodigy (10 months ago)
It WORKED! THX SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!
SirQBmoto (10 months ago)
CRISTI ZAPOI (11 months ago)
i have a problem then i open it its just a black screen witch says valve on it no login
Jesus Romero (11 months ago)
nawaaz ayube (11 months ago)
MickeyPro (11 months ago)
Man you really can't understand the clever mans, no like me... but all we know who to do that staff, Yo! You read it, eh?
Vigorous XD (11 months ago)
Guys make sure your Mac is on the most recent updated version for this to work
Wavy (11 months ago)
I did the steps but when I click steam it takes me back to drag to application
MayorExtreme (11 months ago)
I can't move steam in to the Applications please help
Jayden Galdamez (1 year ago)
djthebes1 (1 year ago)
Thanks for your help it took me a wile but you helped a lot
Tomahwk Nexuz (1 year ago)
is that a MacBook Air?? thanks
Neonlights Life (1 year ago)
Problem is that It have it but it will not open, any ideas on how to fix that?
Tobias Killa Calibone (1 year ago)
the virus part should been first in your video
TheWeirdWolf Music (16 days ago)
dude... there is no virus steam is a multi million dollar company the virus is probably from something else honestly downloading steam is the most basic thing ever there should not be a video for it but the virus is just from somewhere else not steam surely not steam
FishingHobo (1 year ago)
is steam safe?
How-To Technology (9 months ago)
Declan Kelly (1 year ago)
FishingHobo steams the gaming platform for the world, it’s very safe
UltraOmar (1 year ago)
Harish Karunakaran (1 year ago)
Thanks Man Appreciate :)
Maddox112805 (1 year ago)
dude thanks i cant thank u enough video liked and subbed
#WaterKingBruins4Life (1 year ago)
How did you get the folder for Applications?
Statsanity (1 year ago)
Mine downloaded but every time I try to download a game it says updating steam and then it works and everything but when it reaches like 38% it just restarts anybody know what to do?
Lucas bout (1 year ago)
Arun P (1 year ago)
9Dragons a game has been added to steam from Feb 2017., I wanna know if that game is available and its for free at Mac ? Any1 tried 9dragons on Mac from steam ?
Kevinkid 21 (1 year ago)
How do you start the game though? I see no play option when im on a game.
Michael Poulsen (11 months ago)
there are only few games you can play on MacOS you can check before you buy games it would show a Apple logo
RedEyeWolfGamer (1 year ago)
Thx Your the Best =)
Tristan (1 year ago)
I want to buy gat on steam for mac but it only shows it prefers for windows
TheWeirdWolf Music (16 days ago)
you can only download games that are supported on macOS not windows
Nic Swift (1 year ago)
I got a virus thanks
TheWeirdWolf Music (16 days ago)
uhh no you didnt this video s stupid itself i mean if you dont know how to download basic things then your a dumbass and steam doesnt give you viruses mate...
Doglover4life (8 months ago)
dont worry mine didnt work ethier
Maisy Floss (9 months ago)
This tutorial is how to do it... If you were on the steam website it would work. I hate fake websites, I've gotten viruses off them before, and it cost so much to fix it! :( This worked for me though.
BroodieRouge29 (10 months ago)
Get a virus protector
TJ 54 (1 year ago)
Mike same i did not get a viruse i got steam
Hypernox (1 year ago)
thanks man... really helped me out. I was having trouble doing it. 11/10 now i can finally get cs:go and geometry dash
Fion Wan (1 year ago)
Gibsoad Studios check out GD-Sandstorm
Gibsoad Studios (1 year ago)
Who the heck would get geometry dash on the mac???
Xystriker PhantomZ (1 year ago)
shit, I can't fucking see anything on my steam when I try to download it, its all white, anyone know why?
Xystriker PhantomZ (1 year ago)
u too...
Gibsoad Studios (1 year ago)
Xystriker PhantomZ you have a mac that's why
Peter Smith (1 year ago)
When i try to open it, the icon bounces until is says= application not responding. And i have to force quit. PLEASE HELP.
Nic Swift (1 year ago)
Peter Smith he is Right though get a pc
Peezy Smith (1 year ago)
Gibsoad Studios thanks dumbass that's really helpful
Gibsoad Studios (1 year ago)
Peter Smith you have a mac. Don't even try. Get a pc
Jamal Caan (1 year ago)
hey your video is really help full but I am not really good with games and stuff but I would like to download a game called flight sim world now when I creat an account with steam I would be able to play that game as that would not require any specification for my laptop to be as I have 2012 basic MacBook Pro please if you can let me know it would be great and kindly look for that game and advice me to thanks
ege kok (1 year ago)
İs Gta 5 free on steam ?
Adarsh ray (7 months ago)
ege kok it's free on torrent
Taranturtle (1 year ago)
ege kok it's not free on anything
PotatoMC (1 year ago)
I don't have applications (I got a macbook pro yesterday)
YouTube tony (1 year ago)
Z-PotatoMC lol👍🏻👌🏻
PotatoMC (1 year ago)
Nvm im an idiot
David Cuong (1 year ago)
i cannot type on steam app after install. The mouse movement is ok but the keyboard seem to be disable. i am a new macbook owner. Anyone can help on this?
Aloy Arvo (1 month ago)
Sad to say mac sucks
David Cuong (1 year ago)
??? Mac does not work?
Gibsoad Studios (1 year ago)
David Cuong because you have a mac
Gavin O'Connor (1 year ago)
He. Know he can edit that out right
Yellow Hammer (1 year ago)
Steam says that my Mac operating system is too old. I find that hard to believe.
Nic Swift (1 year ago)
Yellow Hammer I just researches parts and made a pc
Yellow Hammer (1 year ago)
Correction: no should know
Yellow Hammer (1 year ago)
No! For being a fucking smart ass! You can research shit all day long but until you have experienced something first hand, you never really no. Thats why Youtube was created. For individuals to post videos and share ideas and experiences.
Nic Swift (1 year ago)
Yellow Hammer for saying to research a pc on your own
Yellow Hammer (1 year ago)
Nor am I gay, I was just trying to illustrate to you the passion I have for wanting to discontinue your kind on this planet.
Zack's Reviews (1 year ago)
I did every step in this video and even though I downloaded properly and I dragged it to applications but when I try to open steam it still says I have to drag it to applications.
Gibsoad Studios (1 year ago)
Zack's Reviews don't download it you have a mac
Raptor Kid (1 year ago)
For some reason, my computer won't let me click on the steam dgm icon. Any reasons as to why?
Alexander Shedd (1 year ago)
Yo thanks for the vid, it worked for me.
Daniel Ranahan (1 year ago)
Thank you sooooo much i was wondering how to play games on the mac that aren't on the apple store... :)
Daniel Ranahan (1 year ago)
BounceTo TheBeat (1 year ago)
So if you install steam on your Mac, does that mean it allows you to purchase the game online without buying it in disc form?
Jawds 101 (1 year ago)
When i try open mine it says verifying updates with a little loading window and then crashes completely. Ive tried redownloading it several times and the same thing keeps happening?
Famous (1 year ago)
every time i move it to application it wont work
R6Gaming (6 months ago)
you probably not on a real account if your on guest it doesn’t work or you have a password to put things on your applications
Moon Gamer-ex (1 year ago)
Thanks man really helped!
Kat Tcat (1 year ago)
my mac has 120 giga
Seeko (1 year ago)
Verk good video IT still work and its Very Easy and simpel
Static (1 year ago)
4.7 mb
Akbar Aminov (1 year ago)
Initially the app is great but and it was a long long process to get the rings and to 💍 the money 💰 was the money I had for the my money and I am getting a the money I have to do buy is with to buy the more you money I am at that you are not a long game but I the game is and olaphant is that the money only you can get play it to buy the them money for and you sell them and
EnesÖzdemir (1 year ago)
İ cant drag pls help me
ACE (1 year ago)
It wont update for me
Mohsin Shumr (1 year ago)
Good video 👍🏻😉
Patrick P (1 year ago)
when i download steam, it wont open the dmg. Anyone know why?
Maddox112805 (1 year ago)
Try pressing control click on it
xXDarkWolf46Xx (1 year ago)
Patrick P watch a video to download windows on mac its way easier to get steam that way
7evēn (1 year ago)
Patrick P you need to go to applications and search for steam
IViftyhands (1 year ago)
same . I think we need windows or something maybe
Ohhh Me Gusta (1 year ago)
Having the same issue.
Will2219x (1 year ago)
i got a problem about cannot quit steam. There is no response after I press quit. The only way that I can quit is force quit steam. I hope to fix this problem, can anyone help me?
Matthew Garay (1 year ago)
Thanks this helped me a lot with my computer
OsamaOnYourMama (1 year ago)
Is cs go free and rocket league and bo2
Maria Munoz (1 year ago)
Semir Zulanovic no
Ayano Aishi (1 year ago)
is this outdated? I have tons of issues.
TheWeirdWolf Music (16 days ago)
steam is never outdated mate... sigh these people in the comments cant install basic shit
Ethan Hubert (1 year ago)
can anyone help me? every single time i put steam into my applications, and then i open it, it dissapears from my applications and doesn't update.
Ethan Hubert (1 year ago)
plz someone help
Jacklaw COD (1 year ago)
it says like mac os update but i did and it still says it
ItsAlk (1 year ago)
I tried to download on MacBook Air and it says it already exists someone help
Brandon Moretz (2 years ago)
Steam won't update for me it's just says downloading steam and is stuck at 0
Ivan Picon (2 years ago)
thanx fr
PerritoZilla (2 years ago)
Hey i don't know how much you know but if you do can you answer this question? Can I buy Steam games first and then Install Steam? I am planning to add Windows to my Mac, will Windows games work once I have Windows? If I already installed steam to my mac do i need to install it again once i have Windows downloaded? Does the region location affect the amount of money to buy the game? because sometimes I see that you need $USD but there at times it changes to $MX
AlphaGamingID (2 years ago)
Why my steam updating take looonngggg time? :( Please answer it
AlphaGamingID (2 years ago)
Mesonic port (2 years ago)
Same problem
Slapa squid (2 years ago)
This just sad
How-To Technology (9 months ago)
•Wanderlust• (2 years ago)
Whenever I try to open up steam it gets stuck on the loading screen. I tried reinstalling it and it didn't work. T-T
Nic Swift (1 year ago)
•Wanderlust• it is because you have a mac
•Wanderlust• (2 years ago)
No there isn't any messages, I just keep reinstalling it and it keeps freezing but thanks for the help anyways :)
How-To Technology (2 years ago)
Is there an error message?

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