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Dying Light(PS4) - El Puente De La Infamia

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HookAnimalxs (1 year ago)
Recuerda! Activa las notificaciones para saber cuando subimos un video! Este video tiene un millón y los otros solo 3mil o 4mil reproducciones. Ayudanos a mejorar!
Phúc Thiện (3 days ago)
HookAnimalxs #
Mario Méndez (6 days ago)
Eres el asesino
Mario Méndez (6 days ago)
Eres el mejor
HookAnimalxs и в то же пора на местности США 🇺🇸 в России не знаю 🤷‍♂️
Nova I AdairXD TM (8 days ago)
George Angelos (52 minutes ago)
will I didn't play this game but there is one thing I saw here made me say that in real life that place he got in it would be dirty but is shiny clean XD hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so we got non reality sometime
mantis (6 hours ago)
So guys we did it
9:22 So guys, we did it, we reached a quarter of a million subscribers.
GTI Gamers (2 days ago)
HeyCaster (2 days ago)
Me muero del aburrimiento!!!
Ramiro 07 (2 days ago)
Como se llama este juego?
艾丁姁 (3 days ago)
Jump to water from top of the bridge, and nothing happen......
Zoran Božičić (3 days ago)
zakva ga nis zveknu u celo
Gianluca Barreiros (3 days ago)
Es caca
Rahul Chavda (3 days ago)
Nice Visit and SUBSCRIBE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV3htvn_HKM6qz2dVEwFBww
eren BEY (3 days ago)
Budhyarin Sony (4 days ago)
what is the name of this game
guardián gamer (4 days ago)
Salto de fe 9:20
Boomer the original 😂
Aldi Rafasya (4 days ago)
meni nyut2an iyeu kanjut, nga deg2 ningalina
Mr. Jashon (5 days ago)
How can you jump up with hanging on hands. 😵😴
Frank _ FM (5 days ago)
؟؟؟ 2019
PlushieTime (6 days ago)
Rock Rockyy (6 days ago)
unleasheth (6 days ago)
que la chingada dearck
gürbüz kalır (6 days ago)
just cause 3 pls
bataa bataa (7 days ago)
suscribirse al mío bri
buen video bro
Hesty For android (7 days ago)
NaBiL dz (8 days ago)
Creative Name (9 days ago)
So guys, we did it. We've reached a quarter of a million subscribers.
Gamer Luan (9 days ago)
Mano c algum dia acontecer um apocalipse zumbi fiquem de boa o unico geito de vc ser contaminado sera pelo toque ou ar eles logicamente n sairao aindando e arrancando pedassos seu pq seu oasos musculos estarao podre e n suportarao seu peso ele ficara morto vivo ali no chao
Как забава мне класс
Ludovic Bremier (10 days ago)
Je kiff ce jeu
Ludovic Bremier (10 days ago)
Gta zombie
Ayberk Aydemir (10 days ago)
Shane Filan (10 days ago)
que.Master.de.juego.Ya.quisiera tener mi.propia ps4
Monica Maetinez (11 days ago)
Monica Maetinez (11 days ago)
Conocen escribió quien si no
بكوري بكوري (11 days ago)
طيبة العبة
AlphaGaming (11 days ago)
BATTLEFIELD 5 GAMEPLAY TRAILER - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAfcXQUCP_Q
Sabeesh E (12 days ago)
Seriously what were you trying to do all this time.?! Just jump?
Big Fello i (13 days ago)
Has meurto 4:30 But who has it?
MaxiBori (13 days ago)
FadeZ (13 days ago)
So guys, we did it.
Son Phan (14 days ago)
Is this spanish?
卍卍 BAŞKANBEY (14 days ago)
Sr. SΣXUΛL (15 days ago)
*¿Porque esto tiene 16 Millones de vistas?*
HookAnimalxs (15 days ago)
Nosotros tampoco lo entendemos. Tenemos más vídeos por si te gustan!
LEAMDRO (15 days ago)
The Blue Bogle (15 days ago)
ooohhhh this is where that meme came from
Rey Zery (16 days ago)
Перевод на российский:"что, не ожидали суки? ",я щас серьёзно, в игре этак и именуется этот чертёж
Marcos Antonio (16 days ago)
Marcos Antonio (16 days ago)
Mertali Ozdemir (16 days ago)
Bu kodu bı yere sahip olduğunu söyledi bende de var mı ekleyin karıştırın ve bir şey yapmana gerek yok sanırım sen fortnite oynuyor muydun sonra grsz ne zaman gircen fortnite oynayak fortnite oynayan var ki aya kadar önemli olduğunu söyledi ve PS4 oyun takas olur ne olmaz yürüyerek gelcem bu gün 6 7 veya 8 bu benim için bilmiyorum ama PS belki bir gün oraya nasıl giderim ben seni bı ara ararım sorarım size göre bir sıkıntı var
Boss Gamer (16 days ago)
Kimpo 1000 (16 days ago)
So guys, we did it
Silver Shadow (17 days ago)
So guys we did it
Epi Flores (17 days ago)
So like does this game come in English
Matias LVNOK (17 days ago)
1:15 ala verg#
Rica Vega (18 days ago)
Martial arts full movies
Ghê quá 👍👍👍👍👍👍
I like Gaming (18 days ago)
so guys we did it...
katy chacon (19 days ago)
God war ps4
Jose Guevara (19 days ago)
So guys
GHOST (20 days ago)
Assasin creed + Skyrim + Far cry + Dead Island = Dying light!!
GUN TIMES (20 days ago)
This game was alright. But repetitive. Part 2 will probably be the same way. Just a little better zombie deaths.
hidajet cehajic (20 days ago)
hidajet cehajic (20 days ago)
Strinjam se s tabo
៓L͢UIS͢៓ (21 days ago)
Soy yo o este sonido sale en él dios de la gurra cuando activas las palancas minuto 2:54
Jess Patrick (22 days ago)
9:22. *Wtf?...*
Danayya Dan (22 days ago)
How to download this game bro
Lord Geo (20 days ago)
U have to buy it lol If u want to play
Fa'iz (23 days ago)
Ahh for you to come over again and again for all your help and support for I have to get your opinion on how to make the meeting tonight and tomorrow morning I will call them ngada2 for a while now your turn to get the same thing but seriously I don't think so because I was in bed by to see you soon too and I'm the one who is it from phat jaga to get it done and we can go over it with you have a good time and see if they have the same one as soon as I get it I will send to you for a while and time for his birthday so I'm just going to get some of the stuff is on the list and will be there at wet and ready for the weekend for the next few days to go to the gym at the moment so I can see what you can help with the kids for you have a good day at work today and time for his birthday so I'm just going to go to the store to get a few more hours of work and I have to get my car for a few minutes and time for his bday is the one that has any of the above I have to get everything done before I leave to get it tomorrow or Friday at the same time so I can see what we can do about a year ago and time for his birthday and we will be u da and I have been talking for you have a u da i for the next two weeks and time for the meeting with me today and told him to get his birthday but I don't know if I can get it cause I don't want you to feel bad for you and your family a very happy for you and your family
Gauthama Gambir (23 days ago)
وش ذا الشريط
yam haam (24 days ago)
choi cai lon gi vai))))))))))))))))
H O R I Z O N (24 days ago)
So guys we did it
Alsitar HH (24 days ago)
hate FPS games
Ayub Ansari (25 days ago)
Igame ka naam kya hai
Nichole Bessette (25 days ago)
Manzur Khan (25 days ago)
yeh kitnea paso ka game hai
Mirta Munizaga (26 days ago)
Muuuy bueno el video
الشناني 505 (26 days ago)
ليش مشاهدات كثر why a lot of views
Aaaragorn (28 days ago)
That wouldt be cool in VR!
mo7aram_1 (29 days ago)
What is the game name
Lord Geo (20 days ago)
Dying Light
hot ace (29 days ago)
por que mierda todos hablan ingles!?
SevenFour (1 month ago)
I clicked on this from the thumbnail see what one of those can get you?
SevenFour (6 days ago)
Bro wtf did I even say? Did I post this comment at like 4 in the morning?
PlushieTime (6 days ago)
I thought it was droping a bomb
Tonilus gaming (1 month ago)
in real life you die if you jump in the water at this high
es el juego maas Vacano de ps4
Hello hi welcome!!!!
wowok (1 month ago)
So guys we did it
Federico Tomassoni (1 month ago)
que buen video amigo me encanta!! :)
HookAnimalxs (1 month ago)
Muchas gracias 😁
Jraybay (1 month ago)
I liked the video but I'm trying to figure out how it got 15 million views and it was recommended to me today, Sept 15th 2018. Wtf?
Parveen Zeya (1 month ago)
I have also played dying light in android
alzauri fatahillah (1 month ago)
How those zombie got on to that upper part of the bridge?
Rzan almohana (1 month ago)
you are very good player
Олень тупоумный
躱錵伋孳歟蔴礪 (1 month ago)
mismasvix dacti (1 month ago)
Eder Lomas Reyes (1 month ago)
Cual es el link para descarga android por fas
artur mizak (1 month ago)

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