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Basic CS:GO Tutorial - Beginners Guide

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Welcome to my basic Counter Strike: Global Offensive tutorial! This is the first of a number of video guides that will eventually cover all of the basics of how to practice CS:GO! View other videos in the series here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfwtcDG7LpxGeQUBNIQHTNsSBrjzi2jX0 0:00 - What is CSGO? (Brief overview) 0:14 - Defuse maps 0:39 - Hostage rescue 0:53 - Casual VS Competitive mode 1:42 - CT VS T 1:56 - Picking up weapons 2:10 - How to shoot people 2:32 - Deathmatch 2:44 - Demolition 3:04 - Arms Race 3:33 - Conclusion Link to the next video (For mobile users) http://youtu.be/Y2jEPKKIM2I Please let me know if there's anything you need teaching with CS:GO, there's nothing better than new players to help teach me how to make tutorials for Counter Strike! Check out my channels: ● 3kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/3kliksphilip ● 2kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/2kliksphilip ● kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/kliksphilip Other information you might like: ● Website: http://3kliksphilip.com ● Twitter: https://twitter.com/3kliksphilip ● PC Specs: Intel 3770K, 16 GB RAM, Geforce 670 2 GB.
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EKGaming (3 days ago)
Very insightful! I just decided to get into csgo and was so lost with the game not understanding anything and only using it surf but now I actually want to get into the real game. If you could do this with different games your into that would be so cool! Subscribed :)
HerpyDerpyDoo11 (8 days ago)
"You will die a lot..." So, it's not just me dying a lot.
peach_tickler (14 days ago)
thank you
BassiMeister (26 days ago)
Started w cracked 1.6, now here mg1 and best skin gut fade fn
ItzPropPlop (27 days ago)
the only thing that triggers me is the 20 fps I got
Admin Team (1 month ago)
I can't believe that i just almost finished my downloading of CS:GO
looneymac100 s (1 month ago)
Why does everyone run about with knifes ?
DarkHD 589 (1 month ago)
Can you make a video on how the community severs work
ScottishBawbag (1 month ago)
Quick question. Why am I recruit and not silver
Ryan Johnson (2 months ago)
I mainly play Team Fortress 2 and I find it hard to transition back to “classical” FPS games and this made that much easier
p2diddy (2 months ago)
I have a pretty cool story on how I got csgo. If any of you care you can read I guess So I started playing roblox csgo it was called Counter Blox Roblox Offensive. I met a guy in a game and he friended me. We started talking and then he said he was gonna give me a Steam gift card for CSGO. I obviously thought he was joking but fast forward a few months and he sent me a code. The crazy part is he got the card for his BIRTHDAY! HOW NICE CAN YOU GET 🤣😂🤣😂😛🙂
R Soler (3 months ago)
Thanks you this tutorial helps me alot
Josh (3 months ago)
So they have gun game? 👀
Fyxen (4 months ago)
I'm really bad. :(
Alex Saez (4 months ago)
3:15 its basically gun game for you cod players
InterstellarIssac (5 months ago)
only vid made by Phillip that is not sarcastic as hell
AxNinja S (5 months ago)
Why am I watching this I'm LE....
Tasha c: (5 months ago)
I'm thinking about buying CSGO. Thoughts? is it a good game? teamwork kinda game?
Devansh Upadhyay (5 months ago)
U have to rush b only
CT Spoder (5 months ago)
BaconMaster420 Man (6 months ago)
My CSGO Steam download is about to finish in 5 minutes and I'm just getting more and more to play as soon as the download is complete (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง
INFLUENT GAMING (6 months ago)
i am coming from css and cs1.6 so its going to be easy
FazeX (6 months ago)
And wingman? 😥
Salad (5 months ago)
Wingman didn't exist when this video was made
kael9120 kael9120 (6 months ago)
Watching you for a year, just got cs today. I’m already decent at cs. Too bad I don’t have time to play competitive
MindTech (6 months ago)
SnuSnu’s Son (7 months ago)
Just starting out? Go on skinhub. Use referral code buttcheaks btw I’m serious this isn’t a joke it gives you 50 cents
Ingrida stupelienė (7 months ago)
Man my dad is learning how to play cs go (he is 53) what do i do?xd
SilverStone (7 months ago)
I got the game and didn't install it yet, is it like other games were valve can't make an iron sight view for anything els other than sniper rifles?
Doge (8 months ago)
Hi,I have a question.When playing CS:GO apart from skins(which is only for looks and does not affect your gameplay or weapons...right?)is there anything else we must pay to gain access at all?Like for those cases and keys or whatever,can you get it for free like the item drop system in TF2?I don't mind waiting and playing hours just to get those drops,cases or whatever but is it even possible to get it for free?????Please answer,thanks.
Doge (7 months ago)
Carrus Okay thanks!
Carrus (7 months ago)
A good piece of advice to improve your aim is to stand still, moving/jumping around will make your bullets go everywhere. Learn common spots on maps so you know where to go and where your targets are. CSGO is a team based shooter, but just because that one toxic player is putting down your team's morale doesn't mean you should give up (*because that's what the toxic player wants*). Hope this helps you along, I'm just a GN2
Doge (7 months ago)
yup your right I know that already,but thanks though! BTW I just started so...any tips to improve?that would be great
Carrus (7 months ago)
I know this is a weeks old comment and you probably know by now, You can get cases, sprays and skins from playing the game.
Doge (7 months ago)
KEFRMO wait but is there a free way to get cases and skins?
Bob Cobb (8 months ago)
new player coming from tf2.. tf2's default network settings are horrible like interp, cmd/update rates etc and need to be changed to make the game feel decent.. are there any console changes I should make for csgo regarding these settings?
Ye_Waddup (8 months ago)
3:01 look at the awp and its name is jeSus is alive nice easter egg
Hank Neggeresh (8 months ago)
If anyone wants to get this game, buy it here! A cheaper price from a massive online game store! g2a.com/r/csgo-key-url
Deqa Ali (8 months ago)
Hank Neggeresh do I have to pay to download or is it free on pc?
Doubletimesthegaming (9 months ago)
Go to skinhub.com to open cases in csgo and possibly get something cool! Use code "cherzerd" to get some starting cash!
LBow (10 months ago)
im just getting into first person shooters and my friend always tells me i should buy this game... for now i only play tf2 and overwatch so i might buy this game beacuse i really wanna try out more games
Veeti (10 months ago)
"unfortunately there is no quick way to master this" *googles : cs:go hacks*
NezTV (10 months ago)
Good basics guide, not bad at all.
Communist Tanker (10 months ago)
"marginally cheaper"
Shaemin85 (10 months ago)
im new so how do you play?
marsndosk (11 months ago)
thanks to you just from your gameplay i wanna buy it aleardy
Luka Jebisashvili (11 months ago)
what? Exactly 5,600 likes and 120 dislikes how? : D :D :D :D EXACTlY!
B.J. 28 (1 year ago)
can you aim down the sights on this? i guess there isnt a point if you can have deadly accuracy hipfiring but im jw
Kirppu (1 year ago)
I have 500h 188 comp wins but im still gn1
Machinecta (1 year ago)
I stuck in gold nova Master
4fun 4fun (1 year ago)
Hey guys I have i3 3240 cpu can I play cs go?
SourPulse (1 year ago)
bought it today , i go every game 4-28.... GG
bob2209gaming (1 year ago)
When you play with silver 2,3 you'll would likely be kick being said as a noob also retarded when you are higher ranks than them I played almost 4 match like that and now I have no reason cool down for 7 days
King Smith (1 year ago)
thx a lot
Cowee12 (1 year ago)
How do you apply a skin? I'm sorry I'm a complete noob
Cwwkizaa (1 year ago)
I have a reasonably squeaky voice and are afraid of using voice chat, as children never seem welcome. What do I do?
zox tey (1 year ago)
can i get free steam cs:go ???
VolticNL (1 year ago)
just buy a gaming chair
WillKur (1 year ago)
How come when he kills them it's quite fast but for me it's takes a lot of bullets and definitely not a one shot headshot
NiX (1 year ago)
de_....does not mean defuse,it mean detonation
Tenzenmaster (1 year ago)
Why do I still watch this even though I have almost 300 hours
Tordsworld (1 year ago)
As a very new CS:GO player I find Arms Race to be a fun and convenient way to practise with a variety of different weapons. It makes it a lot harder to just try and get good with one weapon and stick with it when you get to playing more serious matches.
Konrád Šneb (1 year ago)
I am not sure man but I think that de_... means demolition ;)
MoDaGreat (1 year ago)
I'm considering getter this game, but will intel hd graphics 2000 run csgo at playable frame rate?
Jonathan Grice (1 year ago)
thanks still good in 2017
Koffee of the kups (1 year ago)
I may not be able to pronounce your name or spell it but you are awsome!
Koffee of the kups (1 year ago)
thanks now I can tell my friends about the channel
Guy Man (1 year ago)
It's 3 clicks Phillip
DSK Gaming (1 year ago)
maybe your luck suck
Pinkophile (1 year ago)
My first rank was Silver IV, shouldnt you start from unranked and when you get a rank shouldnt it be Silver I?
Daybot (13 days ago)
aliwalyd3 lol dumb fuck
Daybot (13 days ago)
aliwalyd3 lol Stfu donkey nonamer dog
aliwalyd3 lol (19 days ago)
Pinkophile no, idiot
Dِeathy (1 year ago)
Pinkophile No
Nikola Milos (1 year ago)
Amazing video. Helped me a lot. Thank you so much!
thanks for the info. Great video:)
DCBpsycho17 (1 year ago)
How does one "get gud"
AnxietyIncorporated (1 year ago)
"Balanced teams, in theory" haha
I am confused. do you buy new weapons every round or do you get to collect?
It's only Temporary oh okay thx
It's only Temporary (1 year ago)
You keep weapons if you live the round but you gain money either way
Blues (1 year ago)
I just bought csgo, thanks for the tutorial!
J. Tully (1 year ago)
Shoowtime n assistiu isso ^v^
Apoorv Agrawal (1 year ago)
Hey man.. i don't know how to use steam or anything... i just created an account in steam... is that all is required for playing multiplayer?? i clicked on find a game and that's it... the final message on the screen says 'updating matchmaking information' . please i need help . tell me what to do . please help.
Oddball (1 year ago)
Thanks man- every other guide is about aiming and ranking tips or some shit, I was looking for a basic guide on a game I just started and you provided it.
PotatoEskimos (7 months ago)
Geo Label Play casual mate.
Geo Label (9 months ago)
Hi goose thanks but.. i click on find a game>competitive then i can't select between defuse maps and hostage rescue maps. It's just a list of maps.. and then i have to play for 90 minutes? isn't that much? sorry noob here hehe
That One Goose (9 months ago)
Geo Label its there, trust me
Geo Label (9 months ago)
Hi, i have only played deathmatch on csgo so far, never tried competitive. I can't find the defuse maps on competitive though as the video said, can u help me?
Weeds Gaming (1 year ago)
what key to plant bomb? lol
Omania (1 year ago)
he was joking
evil :3 (1 year ago)
Either hold 'e' while in a bombsite, or select the bomb in your inventory and hold the left mouse button while in a bombsite
Meme Team (1 year ago)
why am i watching this i have like 400 hrs on this game
Dِeathy (1 year ago)
IBruh HD He means his hours..
IBruh HD (1 year ago)
BRING RUST BACK we talking about in game not whole steam CSGO ACHIVES .........there is 167 achives in CS not 1100 holy
Amarjodh Dhaliwal (1 year ago)
Tymo Wisniewski I got 1100
IBruh HD (1 year ago)
+Studio-Rev achives are ez to get the hard ones are mostly on the back,btw i have 136 achives so yea
Studio-Rev (1 year ago)
I have 19.2hrs, 38 achievements, and tend to do great in elimination. The downsides are: I have shitty aim, I have only decent gamesense, and most of the time I fail like the noob I am
FatalPies (1 year ago)
any tips for a first time pc user?
IBruh HD (1 year ago)
how many hours?
IBruh HD (1 year ago)
stand still while u shooting is alwas the best and strafe yes A and D and W to start it off lel
FatalPies (1 year ago)
should I strafe using a and d? or stand still while shooting?
IBruh HD (1 year ago)
dont spray the ak unleast u know how,dont buy the desert eagle if u dont know how to use it,dont buy awps if u cant use them.tip for silvers: P90 OP
IBruh HD (1 year ago)
dont ever ever use the auto snipers or else
D̀u̶͚d͉͛̀3̗z͌ (1 year ago)
am i the only one who doesnt get a primary?
IBruh HD (1 year ago)
pisto rounds
DarkFeatherz (1 year ago)
I'm now downloading this. Will be my first time on in a couple hours from now. Should I play TDM to practice
TYRMIR (10 months ago)
DarkFeatherz so how is csgo going?
Zox (1 year ago)
DarkFeatherz so are u pro yet
DarkFeatherz (1 year ago)
i haven't played in a while, but Im pretty new like completely new. Ive already set my mouse & sensitivity etc. But I'm trying to practice aim, shooting, & understanding how the game plays. Coming from COD
IBruh HD (1 year ago)
what do u need practice on?
IBruh HD (1 year ago)
vbatuhan (1 year ago)
tutorial is very good BUT TALK FUCKING SLOW
Luiz Pontes (1 year ago)
Oh no!!! The subtitles are all wrong!!!
Dodofin (1 year ago)
oh well fun, sad i got a vac ban for NO REASON
Dodofin (1 year ago)
+IBruh HD k try speaking to me again lmao
IBruh HD (1 year ago)
+SomeoneYouReallyDontKnow unleast what u meant was a cool down
IBruh HD (1 year ago)
+SomeoneYouReallyDontKnow YEa But valve dont ban u just for being bad
Dodofin (1 year ago)
+IBruh HD there actually is a reason ''for losing to make your team mad'' ... i actually sucked, so stfu or say bye bye to my comment
IBruh HD (1 year ago)
+SomeoneYouReallyDontKnow lmao that does not get u vac
Spike Mars (1 year ago)
So CS GO has nothing to do with catching CS' irl?
Sebas (1 year ago)
Its so funny to wtach this in 2k16, train is in active duty right now, back in that time it was a operation map.
IBruh HD (1 year ago)
Loadingalfie (1 year ago)
One sec, y'know on the Xbox 360, you lead the hostages, but in this gameplay you carry them? Am I using the wrong button? please help!
Luiz Pontes (1 year ago)
You film with your phone vertically. I cannot help someone who does something so terrible as that
2:36 lmao
Yo Tf XD (1 year ago)
on what button do you pick up a wheapon?
IBruh HD (1 year ago)
lmao kys
Hyper Sniper Graal (1 year ago)
Honestly I Don't Know (2 years ago)
CS:Go is just COD in a 2004 skin. Don't get me wrong it's a good game and I'm not trying to offend any one but that's just my opinion
naufalminho _pcy (1 year ago)
It's only really fun when you're on a winning streak and if you're playing with friends but good luck then! And if you think it's too hard open the "Browse Community Servers" tab and pick some "surf" or "bhop" servers. They are very entertaining and not competitive. Go search it up. :D
Honestly I Don't Know (1 year ago)
AndrewHoxworth AWP Well I can't say much having that I haven't even played before. That's just what I see in this video, but this game looks incredibly fun! I'm getting it soon.
naufalminho _pcy (1 year ago)
CoD is more arcade-ish with run 'n gun being viable and being fast-paced. CSGO requires more knowledge and skill. I have almost 700 hours into CSGO and I still suck ass, whereas for CoD which I played for a while, is much, much simpler. This is my opinion. :D
Hyper Sniper Graal (1 year ago)
How, exactly?
MrDkenney39 (2 years ago)
is there any way to bet real money against an opponent in say a 1 on 1 match. any sites that coordinate this. I'm not talking skin lotto or any random stuff, I'm talking playing someone heads up and loser pays winner?
Edmund Pope (2 years ago)
I know all this stuff, but i still like watching this.
Selma Johnson (2 years ago)
How do I tell how much damage I did to the enemy as you guys call it lit?
Selma Johnson (1 year ago)
ok thx
ghagsdfnaiut asdkflsh (1 year ago)
you can see how much dmg you did when you died in the console
Selma Johnson (2 years ago)
Noodles (2 years ago)
+Selma Johnson Yep, you can't always tell how much dmg you will be doing
Selma Johnson (2 years ago)
+Thong Dollar are u sure?
slandshark (2 years ago)
I originally played CS back when it came out in 2000. I worked at a network gaming center and we had the #6 ranked CS server in the U.S. I haven't really played any CS in the past 10 or so years though. Should I even bother getting back into this? I want to play ranked.
Opie (2 years ago)
Yes, you know you want to.
GrimHunter42 (2 years ago)
Michael KAPLAN (2 years ago)
It's fake money right
Adolf Hitler (2 years ago)
No. The money system in this game is real money. The 2 retards over me don't know what they're talking about
GrimHunter42 (2 years ago)
Yes it is fake
Red Hyder (2 years ago)
noooo u have to pay 2000 dollars for a gun...mate u have to pay for the game and any in game stuff u WANT to buy NOT HAVE TO buy...
NightcoreHeaven (2 years ago)
I'm LEM but I'm watching this and taking pointers... Fuck me
kysxd (2 years ago)
hahahg its intersting to watch
should I buy this game a lot of my friends play it but I think it looks like a low budget cod and my friends say it's better though
MrCheckHammer (1 year ago)
+Hamza Kais yeah im saying the main concept. in cod i believe you have different customisations, kill streaks and other stuff (not saying those are bad). but cs you had guns, plant bomb, shoot, repeat. it is simple as a whole but amazing as well
Hamza Kais (1 year ago)
+MrCheckHammer not really simpler its actually way more complex
MrCheckHammer (1 year ago)
its much better and simpler. it even came out before cod. the first game in the series
PC_Paradise (2 years ago)
This game is very skill based, you have to learn the weapon spray patterns and smoke spots. Counter-Strike has been around since before call of duty. It is nothing like it.
Jasiah Cisco (2 years ago)
+Techno Badger Good point!
FREE MOVIES (2 years ago)
http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=689905226 FASTEST GUIDE HOW 2 BECOME A PRO
swat37 (2 years ago)
Your voice is best heard, loud and bassy!
Brandon Fernandes (2 years ago)
Amazing tutorial !!! you kinda sound like an airline safety video instructor haha XD :P
Erik Brabants (2 years ago)
Still worth starting now?
Fishyeyeball Films (2 years ago)
Yes! The game is still thriving, and if you have a mobile phone they will soon be implemening 0% tollerence Prime Matchmaking, which has no hackers - just sign up :)
The C Gamer (2 years ago)
2:36 lol
dinosaur gamer (2 years ago)
your viewmodel
Nervo SV (2 years ago)
i cant play it says cant show your inventory at this moment please try again later ? i have shared this game on my pc and im playing on other acc and i have checked its available to play with in the settings ?????
Molasso (1 year ago)
You can't play on a shared account you have to buy the game again
LGW (2 years ago)
Liberty Prime (2 years ago)
fucking degenerate
R4aZer R4aZer (2 years ago)
I have a question, if I have played cs 1.6 everyday for 5 hours a day, and now I'm 12, would I be good at CS:GO
R4aZer R4aZer (2 years ago)
+Kakashi Memestar so its not the same, thanks
Dino Colnar (2 years ago)
no sry

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