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Do People Still Play Counter-Strike: Source?

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come with me on this journey into the past as we revisit a beloved game, Counter-Strike: Source. There are a ton of people still playing this game despite CS:GO being even cheaper to purchase, let's investigate why by experiencing what the various communities have to offer. For more nostalgic journeys, Subscribe! Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/thewarowl Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/warowl
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Text Comments (4066)
burnt f1ames (3 hours ago)
the real PewDiPie (3 hours ago)
Tf2 ?
Littleace Peace (14 hours ago)
I have counter strike source because you can make mods for it
Honesty Gaming (14 hours ago)
Literally a game about shooting people with guns and yet - "OMG no swearing on this server this is a family friendly server!!" Such a stupid concept. Man the fuck up, it's just a sound, and if someone is insulting you just mute them ffs. It's literally the easiest thing to do in the entire world, just press a button. The people who have a no swearing lifestyle are probs also the ones who don't play "violent" video games. And therefore there's no need for a family friendly server in such a game.
Captain Oof (14 hours ago)
I'm selling free replays. 0:00 0:00 0:00
Neiva (21 hours ago)
Feels bad man, you never covered Zombies. Some of the maps people have put years into and are insane.
Tech buster (1 day ago)
CsGo is just a unboxing simulator
artsy fartsy (2 days ago)
Yes i do
Lam Ken (3 days ago)
Accept the REAL THING guys,CSGO MUST have more fun gun games but CSS MUST have MORE FUN MODS,I sometimes play CSS mods after feeling tired of playing CSGO as it needs a lot of skill and patient.
mouad tayeb (3 days ago)
what version is this!!
0WN3RBogbat (3 days ago)
I never quit playing CSS. I did not like CSGO and the fancy graphics (I dont even know why you would hate good graphics) but thats me.. I also did not want to pay another few bucks for a similar game
Channel07 (4 days ago)
It is far more moddable than CSGO (for instance you can replace characters and weapons while CSGO clientside only able to add custom maps) which is why they remove the price tag of CSGO for offline play while they still sell CSS.
ShesThe1yup (4 days ago)
Try 1MAN its a great server, tell them Lagatha sent you
ShesThe1yup (4 days ago)
Frack yeahhhh
Musical Gamer (8 days ago)
Anyone who is really interested in Counter Strike Source can join my Clan https://discord.gg/GwKQHjZ This is the link
Sarxyz (8 days ago)
Honestly, CS:S is one of the best Counter strike games we've gotten. I've always preferred this classic game over CS:GO.
YELLOW NIBBA (9 days ago)
Ugh it's 2018 and source cost $12 rn :o
so sad theres a massacre happened in 4:32
or maybe thats a diff. map
Orium (10 days ago)
dead gem
steve wenger (12 days ago)
i play css almoust dayly woud not change it for any my cod
bob steave (13 days ago)
lets yell about being a noob and how "old " this game is !!!!! OMG # your dumb
CaptainCavalryYT (16 days ago)
Exploding Dino (16 days ago)
gta sa>all
Facu F (18 days ago)
Yes, even more than 1.6 and GO.
Sack Deck (19 days ago)
do people still play ricochet?
HARVIJAYSINH G RAJ (20 days ago)
In Cs I My Mic not working. Then game go Console Type Voice and loop 1, +voice record. Still not working. Please tell me How to fix it.
Sethei (20 days ago)
Can you imagine a EU csgo server that says: English only? It would be empty
Dacki 12 (22 days ago)
Is CSS free
TurkeyForLive_XD :b (14 days ago)
Dacki 12 nope
Magnus Lindquist (23 days ago)
im 14 and i still play css
Boryana Kamenova (23 days ago)
Do People Still Play Counter-Strike: Source? Yes, my laptop is really bad, so I couldn't ever dream about playing CS:GO on it. CS Source is my preferred option between 1.6 and Source in this case.
Zcheater (23 days ago)
the problem is that csgo is totally focused to competitive its more stressful than cs source.
Anonymous Person (26 days ago)
Enough of your Bullshit! Stop making fun of legendary games you mother fuckin bitch!
Definitely flusha (8 days ago)
How are people like you allowed on the internet?
The real Mac Ter (9 days ago)
He actually complemented it
Falkon Dezigns (27 days ago)
C C c c...
Eyal282 (28 days ago)
https://youtu.be/_uBH-oZwceE?t=296 GOLDDDDD
Jharred Viray (29 days ago)
NPC Dwarf (1 month ago)
That ending gave me some serious nostalgia. I miss when games were for fun and not just for a competitive dick measuring contest. Bring back the custom maps, hell bring back Gmod, bring it all back. In fact, I think I might try to find a fun server to join after this.
Spidermanxd 21 (1 month ago)
Does it lag on offline mode?
Spidermanxd 21 (1 month ago)
Can you play CSS offline?
The real Mac Ter (9 days ago)
Spidermanxd 21 (1 month ago)
Source is my favourite Counter strike
Ulysses (1 month ago)
the spanish part was fucking gold xddd
Un Cryptyd (1 month ago)
Youre not the one being a dick lol ive never seen a community that toxic in my life, even stack overflow is better than CSS
Tordsworld (1 month ago)
Please don't spayum the mahk
GamersSide SK/HU (1 month ago)
i play counter strike source
Tuber Youb (1 month ago)
i have over 8000 hours of css
shashemption (1 month ago)
I really like the gameplay of this one but goddamn you go to any server its just bots and hardbass.
sano keto (1 month ago)
I also play sorce
alpha world (1 month ago)
Ohhh yeah
Vicious Knight (1 month ago)
Why are you asking this
RubyMadness76 (1 month ago)
p.d global offensive is not cheaper
KoiNova, Trademark (1 month ago)
"Please speak english on this server" WarOwl: "SI, SI, SI, SI!"
Erion Kastrati (1 month ago)
All cs are alive
Get Off My Computer (1 month ago)
CS Source will always be my favorite
perochialjoe (1 month ago)
Source is definitely not "the forgotten middle child." Condition Zero is.
RizeVize (1 month ago)
Im 1 year too late smh
LoveSick (1 month ago)
I remember it was 2001, my 10th birthday and my auntie got me a level magazine which had CS 1.6 game. That was the best birthday gift i ever got till i got laid hahaha.
The Dank Shooter (1 month ago)
*I love how Fun Css is, But Csgo's my Dream game so I'll go still stick to what I wanted*
the penguin king (1 month ago)
the game is not bad if you like have a slow freaking laggy PC THEN CS:S IS FOR YOU
Oscar Francisco (16 days ago)
Or cs 1.6 if you have a windows xp
JOY PLAYS (1 month ago)
Cs 1.6 and source are brothers
John Dado (1 month ago)
can someone gift me counter strike source thats my dream game and i got a loser computer and cant play csgo :( and i have no money im a poor gamer if u can gift me one it will be appreciated ign:JohnStriker123
you dick
and people think people csgo has alot of TOSIC people
Mark Wu (1 month ago)
4D1 (1 month ago)
cs 1.6 is best. cs:source is worst because only kids play it ;)
rachna priya (1 month ago)
I do
TheNameless Channel (1 month ago)
Source is good but 1.6 IS GREAT
Dark (1 month ago)
Duy Le (1 month ago)
Got banned from a server for being too good :/
NonsenseCrusade (1 month ago)
css has nearly 7000 players right now. cod ww2 has barley 3000. don't be fooled people css is more alive than most of your favorite games!
Oliver Mitevski (1 month ago)
The best better then global
I.know some people play cs1.1
Multishape (1 month ago)
Uh, I think you took "Old Guys" a little too seriously. lol.
Justin Gabriel Sibucao (1 month ago)
In the history of Counter Strike, only the names of the bots are the things that are not changed, when i see their names, I always remember the first CS that iv'e played in my whole life, till now I still play 1.6 and source
Emilio Amsterdam (1 month ago)
3:40 god, that admin is such cunt...
Was the black bar a recording artifact or was it there during gameplay?
Definitely flusha now I can't find it
Definitely flusha Ok
Definitely flusha (8 days ago)
inappropriate pfp's probably
MrOwnerxD (1 month ago)
before i was obsessed of css. Best cs in the world ! When i was teenager i played soo much cs source like zombie mod,surf,minigames. Damn i miss the old days when i stand up at the morning and my first job is to start my pc and play some cs source.
Cap Hassan Osman (1 month ago)
I wanna download this game
Hot Wheels Kid (1 month ago)
Cs go is cheaper than Css for a reason...So you have extra money to spend on skins.
T o f a a (1 month ago)
CDs better than cs1.6( my opinion )
LittleGaming (1 month ago)
I wish i had friends to play with...
8-Kit (1 month ago)
lmao u played lawbreakers in that same day wtf
Window XP (1 month ago)
CS 1.6: Weird physics, paper walls, gun boost, pro BOTS and great graphics. (I mean opposite.) CS Source: Upgrade gernade, custom funny map, no skins, only skills, fun time and great graphics. CS:GO: It’s ALL ABOUT SKINS BABY, hackers, bad BOT and not really good..
Convergence (1 month ago)
source has better gun mechianics than 1.6 and csgo, don't care what anyone says it's true.
DNYLNY (1 month ago)
I didn’t realize so many rednecks played source.
Luke λλ7 (1 month ago)
What server was he playing on with the buses chasing him
Nathan Zubbbz (1 month ago)
css is older than me
Robert Ivey (1 month ago)
The real question is: Does anyone still play Condition Zero?
iRanger722 (1 month ago)
TheGamingDu999 (1 month ago)
I play with offline bots xD
Superbird13 (1 month ago)
4:50 whats that song?
piXelcap (1 month ago)
The The, the Owl, the War.
100taps (2 months ago)
if i had Counter Strike : Source i would bhop the shit out of everything.
Hector T. (2 months ago)
3:04 Escucheme señor habla español?
GurkiratSingh1 (2 months ago)
Yes I play css
Mr Locorio (2 months ago)
Legend says he's still in that server
Chester Oganera (2 months ago)
i play that game in my laptop
ifaz gamer (2 months ago)
1:36 LOL
#p4tя!cк (2 months ago)
Shahyan Ahmed (2 months ago)
That moment you have a guest pass and then die inside because you only have about 3 days

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