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Externaim.com CS:GO Hack VAC/FACEIT/SMAC/Lan Cheat

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www.externaim.com Externaim is a external cheat for counter strike global offensive, which is focused on legit hacking. Offers features like, custom aimbot, triggerbot, noflash, esp, recoil control system and a lan mode. this hack is usable on lans with silentmode, and without any viusals. We are undetected since release in January 2014. And are on of the best external cheat provider on the market. Hack is aviable at http://www.externaim.com/t29-externaim-premium-access. You can choose between two types of subscriptions.
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Text Comments (32)
Chimp CoupleTV (1 month ago)
I already am legit better than shown footage :II
CHARTIONS (5 months ago)
Lifr time 20dollar :(
CHARTIONS (5 months ago)
1 months 10 dollar :(
Games2Sell (8 months ago)
Work on faceit anti cheat clinet?
Externaim (8 months ago)
only for trusted members. Cheers Xanvu
Mango Coconut (11 months ago)
The only reason that you should cheat is if you play against cheaters (ONLY MOST OF YOUR GAMES) or just be good u silver and don’t use a ak
Externaim (10 months ago)
Ok cool Cheers xanvu
Cheezy Kody (1 year ago)
if i cheat on faceit , will i get banned also in steam?
Externaim (1 year ago)
faceit isnt connected to steam. Cheers Xanvu
Azka (1 year ago)
detected on esea?
Externaim (1 year ago)
Azka workingon esea for now, but only for trusted members
Another SV Editor (1 year ago)
shit chit
Denmar Dela Serna (1 year ago)
i want to buy using bitcoin please help me
Externaim (1 year ago)
How can i help you? Cheers Xanvu
ᖫ Lagzi ᖭ (1 year ago)
This cheat isnt detected on FaceIT?
Externaim (1 year ago)
We currently not support the clientsided anticheat. Cheers Xanvu
Debilek (1 year ago)
Is have stream proof?
Externaim (1 year ago)
MR.SoptikCZ it is by our recent update. Cheers Xanvu
Jobbo (1 year ago)
this is sad _D
El Taco Banido (1 year ago)
lol" Whithou aim iam faster than this shit lol if you want to cheat. reach gold nova in minimum!
syy (1 year ago)
taco for serving? Cheers Xanvu
Freedom Dive (1 year ago)
Shaky aim :/
Externaim (1 year ago)
how can i help you? Cheers Xanvu
Dominique Coaston (1 year ago)
love videos keep it up man
phx (1 year ago)
works on faceit client?
Externaim (1 year ago)
we re working on league client
S L A (1 year ago)
haha nice ^^
UnexpectedFabi (1 year ago)
Wanted to buy with Psc :c
UnexpectedFabi (1 year ago)
Gonna be back in 2h
UnexpectedFabi (1 year ago)
Here u go http://steamcommunity.com/id/saiyanFabi
Externaim (1 year ago)
Post me your steamprofile, maybe we can figure sth out.- Cheers Xanvu

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