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HOMEPAGE w MERCH: http://nadeking.com TWITTER: https://twitter.com/NadeKingCSGO RENT OUT YOUR SKINS AND EARN $$$: https://www.lootbear.com/nadeking/ RENT MY SKINS: https://app.lootbear.com/loot/5b02ce9def616b7c9f6ba254?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=nadeking STEAM GROUP: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/supergeneral SUBSCRIBE AND JOIN WITH FAM: https://www.youtube.com/NadeKing?sub_confirmation=1 Today you will see another "10 things" video about CS:GO. 10 things you are doing wrong in CS:GO. Video will feature tips and tricks plus some certain plays you should avoid. Hopefully, some of these tips help you on your journey from Silver to Global Elite. Enjoy! 10 CS:GO HARD JUMPS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjMpYT_pCbo CS:GO SMURFING in SILVER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8rhVs0K--K8&list=PLGgyXmQEwD6sH5aW1TdWnkuFY2EDPde1b&index=5&t=0s Intro visual credits: @CutInLaw (https://twitter.com/cutinlaw) Intro audio - NEFFEX - Fight Website: https://www.neffex.com/ Audio credits: YouTube Audio Library - Bovi
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NadeKing (3 months ago)
these were my 10 random things for this video.. overall there are at least *1000+ things* to talk about, so make sure to hit that *LIKE* button if you want me to continue this series, hope it helps! enjoy your day! :)
Dimoci van Haarst (29 days ago)
Nadekind is for 50 hours of csgo silver elite gold good? Thats my first rank
L.PriOrity. (1 month ago)
continue it !
jaahas jaahas (2 months ago)
NadeKing are u finnish
Stephanie Hallberg (3 months ago)
you miss 2 or more very important mistakes. 1. DON'T RELOAD. If you shooting at enemies, you kill one with 15 bullets left. You should ONLY reload if you can get to a very safe place. Otherwise, Keep shooting on the enemy until they die. 2. Avoid GUN FIGHTS. Look for COWBOY Spots. Peak from a corner or box, shoot, hide when they shoot back at you, then attack again. Strafe shooting or wiggle peak is the essential of Counter-Strike movement. Play safe and you will get alot more consistent kills. 3. Multiple Kills. Your JOB is ALWAYS to get 2-3 kills. If you kill one, hide and wait - and try to get another kill only when you know the enemy can't trade you. Or you can hide after a kill so your teammate get a chance to get one, if he kills one your left in a 5vs3 situation, not a 4vs4. This is MASSIVE and will HELP so MUCH! 4. CT's Hide Before PLANT. . . If as CT you playing A site and Two enemies is left. It is often best to wait for a PLANT.. SO you can either, take him down when he plants.. Or kill the other guy. -- When a enemy PLANTS he is the most stressed and easiest to kill . 3. T's HIDE after PLANT. After you plant the Bomb as T, and you playing maybe 3vs4. T's job is ONLY to DELAY the Opponents. USE that BOMB TIMER to your full advantage. Please, Realize, CT has only 30 seconds to attack you and get the bomb defuse. ... If you play smart, (use smokes, Molotov, Angles) you can stop them long enough. 4. USE THE DE_ MAP CONCEPT. DE_ means defuse. As T's you can let the Enemy defuse then move towards him, peak him or shoot one or two shoots. T's job is to PLANT Bomb and annoy CT's so they can't defuse. So many 1vs2 I won because I go for the bomb plant, get a nice cover spot , and then wiggle peak when the CT defuse so he has to stop. Most times I don't even have to fire, as CT often drops the defuse if he sees you. 5. USE THE DE_ MAP CONCEPT. DE_ means defuse. As CT you should ALWAYS have a smoke and flash to throw on the bomb, start defusing and flash around you. When T hear you defusing, they ALWAYS panic and does all stupid things to get you off the bomb. If they can't see you in a smoke, all sort of crazy things happen but often to your teams advantage. Pro tip: Smoke the bomb, start defuse, then walk around the smoke. Enemies will focus all firepower at the BOMB while you can get some easy kills and then defuse safely afterwards. 6. Use your TEAMMATE. If you and another CT hold B site. You can cowboy style peak the enemy, or just give away a sound, throw a nade, etc, then back away, and what will happen. The Enemy will 90% rush to get you which gives your teammate a perfect opportunity to kill them as their focus is YOU. --- If you ever played WOW, this is the same as AGGRO. Keep AGGRO, but HIDE instead. And let your TEAMMATE kill them. If you manage to learn this strategy you will win so, so many more matches. 7. Best way to SHOOT. DO like the PROS. Duck, shoot at ENEMY, while holding LEFT or RIGHT while shooting. It makes it 150% times harder for the enemy to hit YOU and you can still aim pretty easily.
Fam Smedberg (3 months ago)
NadeKing *
Wolkeris (3 hours ago)
How to do that colors when you shooting and lines when throwing grenades?
Phoenix Gamer980 (1 day ago)
For number 5 can u use flash?
Controlled Potato (2 days ago)
11. Playing csgo without watching NadeKing's tips
Daniel flisen (2 days ago)
Poutinigal Fabulous (4 days ago)
You must rush 🅱️
OfficialPear (6 days ago)
The intro is soooo good every time o never get bored of ot
ALEX GT (6 days ago)
Go top 10 Tipps For derankers and Trolls :))
Lotfi Ould Adda (6 days ago)
Even tho im only dmg i dont do these mistakes but that fake step is intressting
Carlos Duarte (7 days ago)
Great vid!!
Rus Toggamton (9 days ago)
My aim so good I also hit the bell icon.
Insane (10 days ago)
what kind of lems/supremes do you play with what the fuck , I wish the supremes I played with made these mistakes lmao
adel5 dz (10 days ago)
Alexandr Kravchenko (12 days ago)
Exofius Zero (13 days ago)
woooow... i like your dragon lore <3 :D and why not.. the knife :DDDD
Tenori Playz (15 days ago)
what map was that?
TheRealBlueIce (16 days ago)
its just a game for fun u know that right? some of us dont wanna be pro-cs no life motherfuckers! and acctualy playng it for fun
002 (17 days ago)
8:30 wrong i still have homeworks and its 4 am here and we still have classes in 4 hours lmao
Snoopy GaminG (17 days ago)
I'm happy becouse looks like I didn't made any mistakes! c:
Khubaib Farhan (18 days ago)
name of the knife?
Salic Lumano (19 days ago)
how? the positioning of the knife and the rifle how to do it?
S3mpx YT (20 days ago)
I know another mistake maaaany poeple do , including me. Having a to bad pc for CS:GO
Yd Yx (20 days ago)
Nice tips
David C (20 days ago)
Great video thanks for the tips man
Anonymous (21 days ago)
Wye is there piss staines on your knife
João Santos (22 days ago)
10 tings you are doing wong in cs go
Cynicaly (22 days ago)
I'm new in CSGO and what you are doing seems to be a good way to practice maps, showing where you bullet hit and grenade projectile. How can I activate it?
Johnny LAW (22 days ago)
i cant sub my aim is shit XD
Rasmus Jensen (23 days ago)
These are good tips, but nr.1 should have been utility use, almost everyone uses their nades, smokes and molies Way to early in the round
stanislausgaming (23 days ago)
Fectah (25 days ago)
New to cs is their any vids that explain basically everything?
Sebas :v (25 days ago)
Coming from a Russian....... Then it's good
David Heinz (27 days ago)
Jst plant on b mirage on the "banger" spot and youre good to go
SundayBlunts (27 days ago)
i had good enough to aim to hit the like button :D
Harsh Rana (28 days ago)
I follow all the steps but what about the team mates ?? who just like to bang and rush and die :/
Olliemaal (29 days ago)
I actually love ur vids
RoBirmPF (29 days ago)
0:15 General mistakes that you can do wrong lol
The Spy (30 days ago)
Mr. Raven (1 month ago)
These tips are actually very helpful. Thank you, you gained another sub!
Mindaugas Kolesnikovas (1 month ago)
why csgo (1 month ago)
I want this knife I fucking really love this knife
Jannik Harm (1 month ago)
tip number 7 isnt an improvement. you have to crouch in the air in the right moment so that the enemy can barely see you. with that you jump in the vid an awp can easily kill you. so nade king... pls fix ;D <3
michael krasnovzev (1 month ago)
940 people doesnt have good aim
S 8 (1 month ago)
When b mirage is already clear I like to plant open
DWARFwolverine57 (1 month ago)
Your accent makes me want to end my life
Mowzy (1 month ago)
Where are you from Nade?
VoidTM (1 month ago)
2:33 P U S S Y S H I N S
OfficialSisu (1 month ago)
I do #10 a lot.
yeahhhhhhman (1 month ago)
You sound like a friendly khajit
MrLEGER (1 month ago)
I just translated your video to my language
Thunder (1 month ago)
Thx for your videos! They'r very usefull for everyone
Vanguard (1 month ago)
Calculated smokes should be removed by adding physics (like in HL2) to grenades, adding a little bit of randomness to them
DeVi0uS (1 month ago)
tHinGs yOu dO wROnG iN cS:GO Solo Queuing (it fucking sucks) Using shit guns Playing hostage maps on silver Pressing Accept Existing (Please die, spare my rank)
Dawid Mencel (1 month ago)
The plant on 4 is actually pretty good in the situation where u can rotate to aps, because the enemy has to look away from you to fake defuse they cant look towards u like the other plants for b aps :)
jacob cohen (1 month ago)
What is that sniper skin
adop (1 month ago)
for 2:10 you should also mention peeking mid with a Molotov is probably the worst thing you can do
GailisPLAY HGHGH (1 month ago)
bro csgo is dead move on
Something Clichéd (1 month ago)
The frag grenade doesn’t work as well as it used to for crossing mid doors on Dust 2. They changed the floor, so it doesn’t kick as much dust in the air. I believe Ts can still count how many cross, it’s just harder to see. Part of the reason I don’t like dust 2, the meta is so stale.
LegendsDx (1 month ago)
Nice Video Nade make more this can help newbie alot and make pros are better thanks for making all video :3
GitGud (1 month ago)
yep lurking LEs are a pain in the booty
LeoPers (1 month ago)
Doge :3 (1 month ago)
yea a lot of people dont understand that cs is a team game one time i was playing comp and some dumb adult was in my team and he had 8k i had 2k and i asked him for a drop and he was like get your own kills
Yukmout B (1 month ago)
I think #2 should have been #1
RaZeR Rusher (1 month ago)
bubbis 7 (1 month ago)
The pre last??? Engrish plzz??
Negrut Andrei (1 month ago)
Loved this guide, helped a lot man
Skogfinna (1 month ago)
Wayan Adrian (1 month ago)
add indonesian subs pls nade
Blue Doge (1 month ago)
Zim0_ (1 month ago)
eli and above
Cuca Beludo (1 month ago)
Nadeking in the 7 point tou do wrong, tou must jump in the middle for outside is better
Pensi0nar (1 month ago)
7:17 "but it's good for the team success.." caption is wrong there.
became silver 3 coz of the tricks :D
Ameer Mughal (1 month ago)
3:01 coldzera also got kills from B apps with AWP Asimov is he a low rank player? BTW he was also jumping from same position
Apathetic empathizer (1 month ago)
If someone thinks number 1 helped them improve,well i think this will come in handy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q79L90Sx7Qs skip to 2:10
Ondra Havel (1 month ago)
*No one* is doing those things, everything in this video is so obvious and I don't see any of them in high ranks..
rØbZ (1 month ago)
Ayush Dhawale (1 month ago)
Can someone tell me the name of the knife nadeking is using in the vedio?
Man (1 month ago)
9th doesnt matter in gold nova, cuz when u tap the bomb, everyone rushes you even when you make step sounds
nobody (1 month ago)
Your videos are always so pleasant to watch! Keep up the great content :D
NippeCS (1 month ago)
I wish all my teammates would see this video
L.PriOrity. (1 month ago)
Youre the best keep it up !!!
Tayx (1 month ago)
tenth stuth to do in cthsgo
Karthiik kumar (1 month ago)
Thanks for the info NK.. It helps a lot
The Great Cornholio (1 month ago)
Everytime i smoke mid doors i get shit from my team...
filthy frank (1 month ago)
Also running with the knife out while holding a hostage
jerbaJESUS (14 days ago)
Playing hostage maps is also wrong :)
iNonentity (17 days ago)
+filthy frank Type in your console "cl_showpos 1" test it and let me know if you change your mind
Theodore De Matradoy (28 days ago)
Actually if You Really Experiment, When Holding a Hostage, Walking or Crouching, Weapons Makes No Difference
GmHomer (1 month ago)
holding a hostage has 1 set speed so it doesnt matter if you hald the negev the awp or the knife normally knife is obviously faster
filthy frank (1 month ago)
iNonentity actually u do by a bit
John Wick (1 month ago)
What gloves are that? I already have the bowie knife stained but combined with those gloves are siick
GamingTutorials (1 month ago)
Actually the best planting spot on B mirage is just on the B sign. If you plant it right you can hold it from any possible angle. Short,apps, kitchen, bench etc. But you are also very open to everything. It's also quite weird noone is planting there but as soon as you got the plant down and just camp for the bomb without peeking it's so op. Me and my friends win all the rounds by doing so.
Nensi (1 month ago)
Tän tinks
ATVER Gaming (1 month ago)
4:30 Yesterday when I was playing CSGO in dust_2 I saw an awper killed my teammate instantly
Los Pinema (2 months ago)
ten tings
Klejoq Design (2 months ago)
First thing: You're still playing this game
I love rush palace mirage at the begining of the round with awp
Esdynu (2 months ago)
how do you remove the defuse bar?
Zerifu (2 months ago)
Number 1 - playing the dead game
PESONEN _ (2 months ago)
1:03 wow i didnt know that. its super useful for lower ranks like me🙄(gnm) i am pretty new at cs
jason diep (2 months ago)
you forgot still playing the game
Diszy (2 months ago)
I would love to subscribe but my aim is terrible, sorry
Caleb Garcia (2 months ago)
I do 4 grong from 10 like bruh!!!

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