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CS:S - bhop_prux in 1:10 by Seytan

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Counter-Strike: Source Bunnyhopping - Watch in 720p! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Player: Seytan Settings: Autobhop - 1000 airaccelerate, 100 tickrate Map: bhop_prux Time: 01:10.546 Runner's notes: mouse readjustment simulator. put me on fucking tilt. Server: Velocity #2 - Music: Brock Berrigan - Summer Stroll ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ► Submit a run https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5_eomBuKjU ► Steam group http://steamcommunity.com/groups/SourceJumpOfficial Any run uploaded onto this channel isn't necessarily the fastest for that map/category.
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Text Comments (49)
Bladesmc (1 year ago)
my parents got very concerned when they heard me say "seytan is a god"
Netcode CS:GO (1 year ago)
literally skipping half the map <3
rjt197197 (1 year ago)
Patryk Geremek (1 year ago)
Clash Royale Zamanı (1 year ago)
Türk ❤
Mert Kitay (1 year ago)
Nice bind
Dequavious Gengar (1 year ago)
this was beautiful
eden (1 year ago)
He's fast enough for ProHops
Fate (1 year ago)
Donz 😭
I don't even know. (1 year ago)
Aphex (1 year ago)
Zeff (1 year ago)
fpsgerald (1 year ago)
nerve (1 year ago)
ur the hoe
jeppa (1 year ago)
rez (1 year ago)
nice route
tbh (1 year ago)
Damn that was fast
AJIuK (1 year ago)
fucking dope.
FurBhop (1 year ago)
Dayum, Seytan.
kulmikas muna (1 year ago)
that telehop was smooth as fuck
Asım Talha Turan (1 year ago)
İlk beğeni ❤️ at abi
Dog (1 year ago)
jurg (1 year ago)
Zyper Sebxr (1 year ago)
toroux (1 year ago)
really nice run
Autism kid (1 year ago)
Autism kid (1 year ago)
+Seytan shit man someone alive
Seytan (1 year ago)
much appreciated <3
Autism kid (1 year ago)
are you seytan?
Dream (1 year ago)
no u
phonk (1 year ago)
lukzje (1 year ago)
S7VEN (1 year ago)
It's a shame such a golden community is so dead
Hymns For Disco (1 year ago)
the reason why the community doesn't grow is because no one makes an effort to appeal to new players. someone who has never done bhop it surf before probably wouldn't even know whats happening when watching this video.
Katipo (1 year ago)
+S7VEN aight
S7VEN (1 year ago)
+Katipo get out. lol.
Katipo (1 year ago)
+EDEN what
eden (1 year ago)
Arrogant Magician (1 year ago)
sick run
Badr (1 year ago)
First :D
DKPixeL (1 year ago)
first C;
korqee (1 year ago)
net C;

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