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Text Comments (386)
Enveeh (9 months ago)
Guys I wish u a Happy New Year!! Im definitely gonna make something nice for u guys for all the support as soon as im home from vacation! 🎈
MarkePlayz (9 months ago)
HAPPY NEW YEAR ,new year new Enveeh keep up the great work and keep growing :)
Oleg Gaming (9 months ago)
Enveeh Happy New Year dude enjoy your vacation :D been subscribed to your channel since last year (lol) hahaha
zac (7 months ago)
thanks for stealing my video without asking me lol
afik zargat (9 months ago)
give me the ak
8 Stylish8 (9 months ago)
Slap dat cheek bro! 0:45 haha xD
TrickyPony (9 months ago)
HEYY ENVEEH nice video!
Aki (9 months ago)
Love your vids m8! I just made strike of watching and had hella fun watching em!
Sφεςτяε (9 months ago)
https://youtu.be/q3Bm54t9Dmc Izakooo is the best
Fabian Schaefer (9 months ago)
Nice vid m8 love your vids
Metallbarren (9 months ago)
Nice reactions .D
MrJackson 123 (9 months ago)
Nice video!
Pun Son (9 months ago)
Nice Video
Germain / Fixinity (9 months ago)
Whatz the music for the transitions?
GTBDG (9 months ago)
csgo magic:lose all your skins'
Unique Limbu (9 months ago)
Hey! Nice video Dude 👍
Ilgvars Apaļais (9 months ago)
Wormies (9 months ago)
Muhammad Danial (9 months ago)
Giveaway !
100 subs no videos LUL (9 months ago)
Ur videos are nice dude :-) .. subbed :-)
Neal Botha (9 months ago)
If u turkey me u'll give it to me
None Of Your Business (9 months ago)
Happy New Year to U and Plzzzzz Give Me something Link:https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=438705581&token=EPunrUVw
Hamza Bloxer (9 months ago)
lucky bastards ;-;
M3ntosana (9 months ago)
ItzSnowwyYT (9 months ago)
Nice video dude! Pls keep going with them!
Mate (9 months ago)
Cool knives
KiLLFreakZ Gaming2 (9 months ago)
Hey nic
Fromaj (9 months ago)
Smarfar_KK (9 months ago)
Great video
Rayan Zouaghi Zmerli (9 months ago)
Bean on2wheels (9 months ago)
Nice video
FakFace (9 months ago)
LOL luckers
TheStupidGamerZ (9 months ago)
Nice vid
I hope win the knife 🙂
Manny Galvan (9 months ago)
Nice vid! Hope I win!
Duarte Antunes (9 months ago)
nice channel
Spiegelman (9 months ago)
never happened to me
KhonaN 10 (9 months ago)
Very nice!
karthik (9 months ago)
Nice video
Emre Kemal Aksel (9 months ago)
Wow nice vid
Verioox (9 months ago)
Hey nice!
Hatex (9 months ago)
You 2
Dusty (9 months ago)
Nc bro giveaway in
Lavender D (9 months ago)
Happy new year
BIG _Z (9 months ago)
you are nice youtuber but i don't have any luck so i will loose :- )
Aaron Gail Antepuesto (9 months ago)
Awesome vid! Happy New Year to you from the Philippines! :))
Abliskarian (9 months ago)
Hey! Nice!
Sammeee 03 (9 months ago)
hi, very nice video would love to see more!
BanterOverload (9 months ago)
I like chicken
Only Are (9 months ago)
What a nice Video! https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=394651229&token=p2JfyhgK
Only Are (9 months ago)
What a nice Video
Shapira Shapira (9 months ago)
Comment down below
FLAMY (9 months ago)
Cool videos. <3
_L@zeR_ (9 months ago)
Nice vid! I really want a skin<3
Fatih Kurt (9 months ago)
I liked the M9 best. I normally don't prefer m9 but that was actually good.
Laimis Cool (9 months ago)
Franio Wlodarczyk (9 months ago)
Very nice YT video. Enjoyed it.
Toka (9 months ago)
Leo Markuss (9 months ago)
VatroxPlays (9 months ago)
Vivek Gopalakrishnan (9 months ago)
nice vid
王怡文 (9 months ago)
youre a verry nice YT :D
Medivh Channel (9 months ago)
Danish Ayaz (9 months ago)
OMG. Nice one. Happy New Year to u too
JKgo (9 months ago)
La Pussy (9 months ago)
I really hope I win
hady ajam (9 months ago)
Happy nyyy
Polirem (9 months ago)
Alex (9 months ago)
Giveaway!! Woohoo!
per mand (9 months ago)
I Hope i win but good luck to u all my trade link is in the other vid comments
Gala Jenil (9 months ago)
I hope I go to Florida this year. That’s it!.
nguyen loc (9 months ago)
Hope that i can win one of these
ImMoses Natus Vincere (9 months ago)
New year giveaway
Lil Boi (9 months ago)
i never win any skin on a giveaway. sub, noti. on, like and comment xD :)
Brandon Perucki (9 months ago)
Ez dub
Benhabi (9 months ago)
happy new year
Diana Serban (9 months ago)
Nice video lol
BimAmGewinnen (9 months ago)
Hege (9 months ago)
hope i win
Sean K (9 months ago)
how do people do this, btw love your videos
Sogawar One (9 months ago)
I want that ak
vincent wang (9 months ago)
Tomáš Hanic (9 months ago)
L.o.l dude..
Euginio Lifredo (9 months ago)
me win
sirricherd (9 months ago)
number 5 rip headphone users lmao
jake lack (9 months ago)
I would love a new ak.
Henry Holt (9 months ago)
Nice Vid
C4RT3R1337 (9 months ago)
So lucky!
Kirsot (9 months ago)
Dio cane
mshrol (9 months ago)
hii man i really want to win some giveaway
Oleg Gaming (9 months ago)
Feeling lucky this new year hmmm i'll open some case hehehe
Oleg Gaming (9 months ago)
Vaxctrx Hockey hmm yeah I guess so 😅😂
Ajit Pai (9 months ago)
Oleg Gaming good luck also was the girl who got the m9 the clara girl?
ryannowell medina (9 months ago)
Oleg Gaming goodluck bruh hahaha
Kyle Lee (9 months ago)
Itss Nixx (9 months ago)
nice vid
はんにゃHanya (9 months ago)
a fucking silver elite with just 70 fucking comps unboxed this....
Kyle Qi (9 months ago)
I wish I can get a skin when I open the case next time. Or just get one from you lol. :)
fullmoonbutt (9 months ago)
nice nicen ice
Tz Dashka (9 months ago)
When I watching enveeh “s video, the friend who was opening glove case , he won a glove.It was Minimal wear
MrEaglePT (9 months ago)
Nice vid
Akos Horvath (9 months ago)
Hi nice
Monocock (9 months ago)
Ylamona Patrick (9 months ago)
Why are they so lucky And I can't be, Im so broke.... :(

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