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Things Valve Needs to Improve

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Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/valvenewsnetwork Steam Group : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/VNN Watch my Streams : http://www.twitch.tv/valvenewsnetwork Tyler McVicker from Valve News Network talks about some of the things he thinks Valve needs to improve, including transparency, Steam Support, Hacking, and the Team Fortress 2 Economy.
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Back Country Pastimes (8 months ago)
Steam support... About as supportive as Gabe Newell's office chair at this point
Pequod 2881 (1 year ago)
Anything they put out will be great *Anounces Artifact
EdwardOfTheAwesome (1 year ago)
"Anything Valve makes will be good" *Announces Artifact*
scarr_ (1 year ago)
keys are 30 ref now
Andy F. (2 years ago)
ValvE still makes some pretty awesome games.
Andy F. (2 years ago)
Also, in L4D2 the 1st-person shotgun reloading animation lacks the character pumping the shotgun after reloading.
Andy F. (2 years ago)
ValvE has been too lazy with details in their games and too few people notice! In L4D2 shooting off an enemy's limb causes blood gushing but no blood appears on the ground. In TF2 decapitated corpses look unrealistic, as if someone in Gmod used the deflater tool on a ragdoll's head, and the weapon reloading animations could be way better. In Half-Life 2 the alien blood decals are tiny and when you gib an antlion there's barely any blood on nearby surfaces, whenever you hear flowing water in a map there's rarely any actual water (a perfect example of this is in the shower area in Nova Prospekt), it's possible to kill a Headcrab by throwing a cardboard box at it, you can't have more than four allies following you at one time, and all the vehicles and dead Striders in the later chapters don't mix very well. Tyler Mcvicker, please help make both ValvE and the community aware of this so ValvE doesn't make the same mistakes with Source 2.
Sergey Rozhenko (2 years ago)
Yes they are working on HL3, it can't be otherwise. Only a completely insane person would let such reputation go to trash by abandoning HL3 development. I think Valve is heavily understaffed and that is the main problem. They should open new offices.
steam support only helps getting tf2 items back k
zvava (2 years ago)
Are you playing Doom 3?
zvava (1 year ago)
+Unkown Player I know, but it's so dark I think its doom. xD
TheUKNutter (2 years ago)
For the last time, nobody can shoot through walls.
DavySigfusson (2 years ago)
Why would they give the community a chance to overhype their games or give them a chance to whine like the bitches, some of them are, when or if they don't get released. Also my experience with the Steam support when my sisters account got hijacked was quite good. They just asked for photo evidence of one of the games cd key's and shortly thereafter she got her account back.
Where's the Freedom? (2 years ago)
seven year olds with steam accounts...
Replay Value (2 years ago)
We valve should do is : 3: get used 2 3
BMK (2 years ago)
Seriously, ValvE should fucking watch and follow this channel...
MeeM 2.0 (2 years ago)
On my old account, I was reported for scamming. This guy and his friend set me up. It was my birthday and this guy gave me some items as a gift, and said I could keep them. Later he asked if he could "borrow" them and I said I couldn't trade right now I'm in the middle of something. So he said he'll report me if I don't, I didn't see the message at the time. So then later I went to my profile and noticed I got reported for scamming. All the proof they had was the message saying "I can't right now." They said I blocked then after even though they blocked me. GG :-/.
jack mahoney (2 years ago)
so true
Anonymous (2 years ago)
But if they add the player driven anti cheat then many COD/cs go and dota kids just report every fricking good none cheating players.
Anonymous (2 years ago)
In tf2
Obama Trump (2 years ago)
yea nothing valve you be you
Mihai Coman (2 years ago)
I belive tht Valve is experimenting with a lot of things (gaming wise). Because that they have no problems with money (steam cash macine) they can take all the time in the world just to experiment with new game ideas. When they will find somenthing that is worth releasing they will release it. And i belive they are waiting for VR. And because their games where stolen before they will not say anything about any game they might have in production.
3key (2 years ago)
With steam support I sent a message asking for a older update to hl 2 as a PC I have can't support new updates, after 4 months of waiting, they told me to do things such as reinstall steam etc, it's not steam that's the problem, it's the CPU not being supported!
Daniel 1573abcd (2 years ago)
I feel bad about your brother
VEN-20 (2 years ago)
I didn't have any problems with Steam support, I lost my account by a hacker all I needed to do was get the punk's email and BAM account back! Done and done. I literally had my account back after a day.
Corporate Commander (2 years ago)
I wander if hl3 has been stuck in development hell the hole time.
This_ Guy (2 years ago)
nothing can't be done nothing 0....but u can do some shity updates for trades and more of these ideas from some lazy assholes that cares about only money...u ruined everythig valve.
Omega.png (2 years ago)
If you're VAC banned, then you were cheating. VAC Scans your game folder, and if it detects a modifcation of the files, then it will VAC ban you. Overwatch on the otherhand... PS: Not Steam's fault that you didn't change the E-Mail for your Brother's account. If they allowed you to regain an account if you don't have the email, everyone would have their accounts taken over. Pretty sure Steam even tells you to remember your password
HI HOW (2 years ago)
I am reported for hacking when i killed 10 year old kid in tf2
Omega.png (2 years ago)
+bmpmap Maybe, if you're reported for hacking. I wouldn't try it 
HI HOW (2 years ago)
+CMDR Kappa If you add single letter to some of the game file names = VACation?
Terry Poon (2 years ago)
Holy crap the transition from TF2 low resolution blurry video to the Half life 2 segment hurt my eyes
Sabotage (2 years ago)
my steam account got hacked and it took them 2 months to get back to me... i got my account back after giving some proof but its still bs...
h k (2 years ago)
Valve be like: "What comes after 2?"
Joey (2 years ago)
Apparently remaster for 2
Jone Dylan (2 years ago)
what valve need to do list 1.Fix TF2 Economy 2.Fix TF2 Economy 3.Fix TF2 Economy
MR OVERKILL (2 years ago)
i block my account because somebody was getting in in my steam account so i blocked i call the steam support at the 5 day my account was unblocked lel
LondonLock (2 years ago)
I hope valve does not fall into the internet hate hole its not easy to get out EA got a new CEO released a bunch of free dlc gave away free games monthly on origin and people still hate EA I don't want to see the same happen to valve
WeeWoo (3 years ago)
you can shoot through the little iron fencd thats the only wall you showed the heavy shot through
Twist (3 years ago)
i really want like a steam support skype or something like that because i got scammed and steam support doesnt care bout that they say they wont retrieve traded items ,YEAH OK DONT GIVE ME THE ITEM BACK BUT FUCKING BAN THE PRICK THAT DID IT,scamming is a problem now and if some1 has a big inventory and gets scammed ,they are going to kill theirself,so steam doesnt care about the scam...jeez
eimantask (3 years ago)
I REALLY NEED HELP! i re-installed steam and a window popped up saying im gonna get an email with a code to enter in the window.I didnt get any email, so i contacted steam support but they are not giving me a response.PLEASE HELP!!!!!
WaLLe Show (3 years ago)
Good Videos dude, but Never had problems with steam support. In 10 years i had to recover my accound three times and got it back in lets Day 48hrs
Al Fahad Sikder Siam (3 years ago)
csgo, pro players hack in live tournaments.wtf
puppyman8334 (3 years ago)
they also need to learn how to count to 3
Burne.Skull (3 years ago)
my friends account has been hacked today and his games are gone!!!
Goldenstorm (3 years ago)
Lol how can you hack in dota
Vincent R (3 years ago)
Ugh.. its like Valve is like CA, they both make good games, but are shit and slow about releasing them, and always do in-game purchases. DLC's for Total War, and cosmetics for Valve games. wish some fucking nice company just bought them two..
DreemurrReborn26 (3 years ago)
I hope they make portal3 and half life 3 if they can count to 3.
veddie007 (3 years ago)
I think you answered your own question. Valve doesn't want to do anything... Or I should be more precise Valve Executives do not want to do anything...
mrsaulthegreat (3 years ago)
what are the name of the music in the video.
Pigfaced (3 years ago)
Tyler was right when it comes to TF2 economy. It's broken as fuck, but the idiotic community doesn't seem to care. TF2 is becoming much worse than I thought. RIP TF2
Sonefiler (3 years ago)
for the VAC thing in TF2... why not Overwatch, like CSGO?
THE BEST Lombax (3 years ago)
about your acount you can get it back but you need codes of games what you bought and youse in steam library i get acount back when i did it
Nykoloz (3 years ago)
things that valve needs to do: 1.make a new ip 2.hl3 3.make tf:go cs:go and dota 2 items cheaper
Ding Dong (3 years ago)
What valve needs to fix Figure out what the heck 3 is Allahu Akbar
M's Game Lounge (3 years ago)
I just want to be able to gift a game after getting it for myself
yung establishemtn (3 years ago)
Just heard Ubersoft. Would be a great weapon for the medic. Maybe he could build up the Übercharge very fast with it but it wouldn't stay long. Just like Ubisoft with Assasins Creed.
David Schulte (3 years ago)
I love when the game play is so dark I can't even understand what's going on.
picarica tutorialsSK (3 years ago)
i have like 3 years bloecked account on steam an di caant do nothing with it
MiniminerX (3 years ago)
ive had trouble w/ darn steam support too
Butters (3 years ago)
at least if valve was like ubisoft they would make games
aXios (3 years ago)
2:58 There is a system, it's called Overwatch
Grampa Swood (3 years ago)
TF2 has F7 as reporting. CS:GO has reporting on scoreboard.
Scoots (3 years ago)
The economy was made for us to do with it what we want.
Scoots (3 years ago)
Gabe making his games seem like they're made at the Pentagon.
JawaKiller (3 years ago)
Lol VAC has been outdated for years, and on rare occasions it bans the wrong people. I don't see them fixing a problem with hackers for a while.
Floundered Magikarp (3 years ago)
What happened to your brother's account?
FlutterCZ Private (3 years ago)
I know that I am late, but this could save your brother's account. If you reinstall Windows, then the old installation will be saved in WIndows.old. From there you could copy the Steam directory or at least the ssfn file.
Haruhi Suzumiya (3 years ago)
Hl3 confirmed
Ryan (3 years ago)
On the VAC thing, overwatch?
RaggiHellOfficial (3 years ago)
what half life were you playing the beginning and what version of half life 2 were you also playing? (i am just curious)
John Freeman (3 years ago)
Tf2 has better vac protection thn csgo
ADRENELINEDUDE (3 years ago)
Overwatch is the person-driven greifing/hacking system.
Gold Fish (3 years ago)
Valve will probably never make any more games. They don't need to. They don't care. They just want money. The only reason they'd ever make any more is of course, more money. Valve will never be honest with fans. Have they ever been? Not really... Valve will probably not announce anything anytime soon. Look at the past few years. They've earned a reputation, and essentially created an infinite money machine with Steam and CS:GO. Valve will probably never improve VAC. It's a complete piece of crap to the point where hackers can admit they've been hacking for months. Oh look, Source 2. Whoopdeedoo. The only reason they update their 2 biggest multiplayer games is because they make more money. They're you're carbon copy company. End goal: Make money. They saw potential in the game industry so they made games. To make money. They make steam machines. To make money. They have huge sales. To make money. In a decade they'll have dominated most of the video game market, the only other competitors being Nintendo, Microsoft, and MAYBE EA, Bethesda, or Sony.  They're noticably awful in so many ways. If only I didn't love them so much.
Spandex (3 years ago)
Im not mad at steam support because that get back to me VERY Quickly when I requested a refund, sure, it takes 7 days, but its not like i need to spend that cash immediately.
JoKiv (3 years ago)
I don't know is this more or less good or bad thing but I have got better support from Ubisoft and EA. From Valve I don't recall getting any response. Ever.
Dave DoesDave (3 years ago)
Valve doesnt care about fans and games they just want money
BillieTimeFriends (3 years ago)
Steam refunds are way more improved now
JD 55 (3 years ago)
Improvements that are needed: -VAC -VAC -VAC -VAC
Matias GaMe ON! (3 years ago)
steam help me get back account in 7 days. This is 2-3 years back xd
Matias GaMe ON! (3 years ago)
What game in video on start?
Welfz Twingo Furs (3 years ago)
==================================================== Your Game Working: Error 0129082 [-Close The Program-] [Steam Support] [-Re-Install the Program-] ====================================================
Russiantoaster (3 years ago)
I once got banned on CSGO for using RAZER FUCKING CORTEX.
XeroRez (3 years ago)
Captain Osu (3 years ago)
How to fix these problems. 1. Valve works on a philosphy that its easier, and cheaper for both them and the consumers to just update and expand the games they already have. Rather then make a whole new game. I could care less if they finnaly count to 3. But thats just my opnion 2..Hackers are becoming a BIG problem. LMAObox is just running wild. Where as decade old VAC just cant catch up with it. They need to update VAC. Provie IP bans rather then acount bans. Alllow for easier reporting. Etc. 3. VNN said it all 4. The easiest thing for vavle to do is just delete all the refined in the game. Sure its lazy. But its reallly the hard reset. Which at this point, is the only solution. That, and i say when you craft weapon, have a 10% chance of it being strange.
ville takkunen (3 years ago)
Valve really needs to fix the vac and support. About half a month before i got VAC banned for nothing and then i tried to send a support ticket to get help and valve proceeded to fuck me in the ass with a train. Gee thanks Valve
Shay (3 years ago)
i stopped trading in tf2 when it was 5 ref.
Groundhog (3 years ago)
I don't blame Valve for the huge time with no HL3. The hype isn't dying off, the hype is HUGE right now. I know Valve wont put out a shit game, especially with Half Life. Imagine how hard it will be to make a game that can outshine Half Life 2, and not disappoint. Valve really cares about Half Life. Also, imagine how hard it will be to make good levels, good story, and satisfying gun play, not to mention just making good mechanics. Seems like nobody realizes the time it takes to make a game on the scale of Half Life.
HistoricalAirsoft (3 years ago)
I wanted a refund on a game and with in a few days they said they would give me a refund
Alex Gordon (3 years ago)
What about overwatch in CS-GO? That's pretty much exactly what you where talking about with the anti-cheat. Players report hackers, and jury of pro-players review the accusation and reach a decision.
Gentleman Bena (3 years ago)
Michael H (3 years ago)
They make it seem as though Valve owes us something. If they want to keep things under wraps for what ever reason that's ok. This guy acts like he knows the best way to run a billion dollar game company.
Oysenberry (3 years ago)
More good TF2 updates. End of the Line was bad, as there were no new weapons (apart from the melee reskin, but we already have too many of those) and they didn't put Snowplow into the game because it was "Too confusing for new players". Just look at Asteroid, a map made by Valve. The gamemode can be confusing for new players, but they still have the servers up. Also, I have no idea how Steel got into the game if Snowplow is too confusing. However, I do find these "confusing" maps very fun and I wish that Valve and the EOTL Team would eventually release a sequel to End of the Line and add in Snowplow and stuff. The movie, the new cosmetics and the Pool Party taunt were the only good parts about it, but they are purely cosmetic features. We don't care about that stuff (well, we kinda do).
BUDS ARE NOW 3 KEYS??? I quit.
xdcsaba (3 years ago)
Valve shouldnt really upgrade VAC. Like, in CS:GO, there were 3 VAC waves recently some professionals have been banned for cheating. Ranks have been cleared.
THE BEST Lombax (3 years ago)
or the ref should be youse to create chemistry sets in game you know guys you dont need to put strange festive weapons or rare botkillers to make it just youse like 40 ref to create idk buds or bill strangifier from the chem set then key price will drop
Mrmariochaos (3 years ago)
the big thing valve needs to do is... HALF LIFE 3!!!!
rarunrajr (3 years ago)
I guess u dont play dota much. Economy in dota is much more shit now too.
Daemeon 93 (3 years ago)
I noticed that for your footage of tf2, the colors shown were very vibrant and beautiful. How did you get them to be like that?
Thomas Wu (3 years ago)
Also got CSGO scamed
Thomas Wu (3 years ago)
+Thomas Wunot scam just hacked, steam support never respond
Thomas Wu (3 years ago)
Ew Dirt (3 years ago)
I had a completely different response when I lost my first account, posted, CD keys, paypal dates, photos of CD keys etc. All good and done within a week. (This was several years ago)
GunnerNii_™ (3 years ago)
HL3 Confirmed??????E?%##?$&?&#?&?*^?&*)&?54712491234875723947924e=mc234857123549854%$#^^&%#&%*(&%)(?^??#%@?$@?#@?%??^$?&?(*?&*()?*(&_*_*?&?^@%^??)+?(+
Vladimir Bodrovski (3 years ago)
Is Valve gonna make a game again??I hope is yes.
Mr Larson Lisper (3 years ago)
they wont ever fix their problems! me and 5,0000 other people have lost faith in valve
Nyllsor (3 years ago)
Money, money, money. Maaan I like your updates on stuff but please stop mentioning how much money valve is making all the time, OK, OK I get it

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