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BIG CSGO Patch is ACE! - Counter-Strike Global Offensive

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Taking a look at the new CSGO Patch! It has an entirely new animation and Hitbox system now, plus the M4A1-S has been nerfed :( noooo Enjoy! CHEAP GAMES: http://www.g2a.com/r/jackfrags Use code FRAGS for a discount Connect with me: http://www.twitch.tv/jackfrags http://www.facebook.com/jackfragsofficial http://www.twitter.com/jackfrags Song: CSGO Main Theme
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Text Comments (546)
FISHURMOMBALL (2 years ago)
The player does not hold the karambit properly
Botanisk (2 years ago)
I love you
multiplayfreaks (2 years ago)
crosshair settings?
Paintbl99 (2 years ago)
Love the hit box update, hate the m4 nerf
Subi_fan (3 years ago)
CSGO is such horse shit.
wReckLesss (3 years ago)
A gun disappearing in the door isn't any more ridiculous than it magically going through it.
雷VEXD (3 years ago)
jack what is the easy way to get a knife ?
Nhan Ngo (3 years ago)
instead of having your gun go through the wall it goes into a portal. How about when you umb into the wall it simply doesn't go through like irl.
George Brown (3 years ago)
Thanks Jack for the info I myself have just recently gotten in to CSGO and the M4A1 was a good start gun when I was trying to get used to CSGO but I have not played recently with this patch will it be better or worst only time will tell. But keep up the good videos Jack :)
FPDigital (3 years ago)
Game has actually been out since 2008 not 3 years.
Tomskii!!11 1 (3 years ago)
I find it very strange that people never bring up random spread when talking about hit detection... For anyone that doesn't know, random spread is a property of all guns in GO that makes them randomly deviate from spray patterns. This applies to all shots fired, including the first shot. The random inaccuracy also becomes larger with every shot fired after the first, and this effect operates completely independent of recoil, meaning that it can not be controlled at all. The reason that guns "feel" so much more accurate after this patch, is mainly because the hitboxes got larger - especially the head. This counter-acts this random spread so that you are less likely to miss because of a dice roll [and more likely to hit when you miss! ;) ]. Valve didnt actually improve hit-detection other than fixing the ladder and jumping bugs and smoothing & improving player animation sync. Before you dismiss the spread effect as irrelevant, try out the first shot accuracy of an ak47 at medium and long ranges against a wall. Also do the same when quick-scoping with an awp (i.e shoot before the crosshair stops being blurry). Keep the crosshair at the same spot and fire around a clip (for both of the tests) to get an accurate representation. The result will shock you, no doubt...
Ronix 7F (3 years ago)
can someone please tell me how some people have M for both primary weapons and their secondaries. Ik the bind for using a key for last. but it does not change the 1 or 2 next to the weapons in the HUD. someone please help
Drew Oxmix (3 years ago)
Hey Jack how do you get your crossair to be like that? I cant seem to get it
Steve mc (3 years ago)
Didn't everyone hate CSGO when it first came out?
BlackWACat (3 years ago)
It was garbage on release/beta. It got better after some time tho (not going to lie, the whole skins thing kinda saved CSGO)
RookieN08 (3 years ago)
This is disappointing actually. I am expecting Valve's own developed games especially CS:GO to be on Source 2 engine not DOTA 2.
Caliaton (3 years ago)
Go back to competitive cs Jack, the UK scene needs you. I know you still got it in you, let the source legend return to csgo!
RadarOfFdd (3 years ago)
Played today and didn't even realize xO Thought I saw some weird wires though, so thanks for explaining! :D
Vikterr (3 years ago)
I stop playing CS:GO after M4A1-S nerf...they destroyed the legend :(
Lo Patrick (3 years ago)
IMO apart from decrease in damage, everything is still fine for m4a1-s, and zeus is is awesome
danewgui2 (3 years ago)
I used to feel like I shouldn't have hit someone. Now I feel like I should, a guy who barely plays at all.
Falloutmaster5050 (3 years ago)
I love the new M4 I just wish they added more ammo
Skrekzooo | (3 years ago)
In my perspective, I think the M4A1-S is better now, they lowered the fire rate I know, but I still think it's good. Because before I couldn't get a 1v5 clutch with it for some reason, but now I can.
Nikitoz9595 (3 years ago)
Why are everybdoy so crazy about M4A1-S ? It's still rocks !
+SoulCypress thats now what he meant :P People are talking shit about the m4a1 and he doesn't get why :)
Y S J R (3 years ago)
+Nikitoz9595     Because they can't control the spread of the M4A4.
+Nikitoz9595 Indeed
Clayton Bigsby (3 years ago)
Crosshair Plz.
SGT Alchemy (3 years ago)
i hate that they nurfed M4A1-S, that T had their AK47 where it did low rate fire, high recoil but also high impact. We USE to have our high rate of fire, low recoil but Good impact. It just seems dumb to nurf a gun that already felt balanced in my opinion. People use to argue if the M4A1-S or the M4 was better now its just everyone starting to use M4
tony ngo (3 years ago)
why don't the 360 versions get any updates
TheAngryBlueberry (3 years ago)
fuck that C4 shit. been playing since the beginning of CS:GO, don't like that
Cup (3 years ago)
keep the hixboxes, lose everything else.
Jellymann (3 years ago)
i am not playing cs:go anymore after this update. I go back to CoD
Milo Padma (3 years ago)
Because you skrub
someone (3 years ago)
I think the m4a1 part is more a buff, or more like they did nothing to it. I dont feel a difference, from using it before and now. Except the rate of fire, i feel it shoots slower but it actually hepls save that ammo.
Patrick Abo (3 years ago)
I absolutely didn't like the nerf that the m4 silent got. I hope that it gets buffed back to its normal.
Hjembrent Kent (3 years ago)
CSGO evolving ayyy lmao ect etc
SaltyAsChips (3 years ago)
What resolution is he playing in?
CursedZebra (3 years ago)
So many flipping out over the M4A1-S change. Surely it makes sense for balance reason that the silenced version's stats are a little weaker to compensate for the fact it's silenced and fires no tracers. If they were perfectly equal in stats then there would be absolutely no reason for the M4A4.
ShootEmUpSteve (3 years ago)
uninstalled this peice of shit game last week tired of hackers honestly once you rank up far enough it just gets ridiculously boring solo queuing almost garuntees a loss
alejandro gonzalez (3 years ago)
Why you don't buy a console to play games that need skills like call of duty or minecraft pc is for idieots without skills
Muneeb Hanif (3 years ago)
can you share your crosshair settings i mean the color code i use the same size only need the color...and your video settings aswell
HAASSSSS! (3 years ago)
pause at 1:40
TheNunoTubes (3 years ago)
The new defuse animation.... THEM UMBILICAL CORDS.
Abloobs (3 years ago)
Lol same, although they could have done better with the animations......
ChenWong (3 years ago)
Yet they haven't fixed the karambit being backwards in third person.
WaschBaer (3 years ago)
better soultuin for cutting weapons wen walking to walls ??? yea fuckin make the weapons real items models like wgen thgey are dropped so they cant go trough wall but will block the player to go close the the wall like in REAL LIFE ! fuckin valve
GaNGPLank TheKeg (3 years ago)
Holy crap. I just noticed. When the ct is about to finish defusing and someone is going for it with an awper watching it. Then a second before he gets the defuse the ct stands up to tell you the bomb is almost defused. That means if he only couldn't get shot when crouching woudl be visible and killable because the ct woudl stand up a second before defuse
GaNGPLank TheKeg (3 years ago)
+SrslyDelirious OMG. I"M SO SHIT AT EXPLAINING. Ok for the love of god. Just next time u play cs go just watch the defuser that crouches while defusing and u'll see him get up during it without letting go of crouch :(
Klowdie (3 years ago)
+Fred Walsh what he's saying, is that if you hold down ctrl, you will stay crouched, rather than stand up.
GaNGPLank TheKeg (3 years ago)
omg. My explanations must be shit.  Ok. You know how when you defuse sometimes you crouch to reduce surface area while defusing right?? The update though made it so that if u were crouching while defusing, near the end of the defuse you will transition to a standing animation. This makes you more visible if u were just out of site while defusing. Sooooo. If you were out of a site dust II long only because you crouched while defusing. By the end of the defuse right before u get it ur model stands up. This gives the t less than a second of a chance to pick u with his awp from long. Unlike before where u will stay crouched(if u hold the crouch button) until u finish defusing. understandnow?!
GaNGPLank TheKeg (3 years ago)
If they were crouching before :P
rotormasher (3 years ago)
Wait, you have to pay for guns in this game???
Declan Sach (3 years ago)
No you have every gun but you can buy "skins" which are gun Camos. You can unbox them by buying or finding a case then buying a key for it and opening it, but chances of getting an expensive skin are slim. Regardless the Camos do nothing to the weapon stat wise it's just for looks.
Rich (3 years ago)
Multi meters are for reading information not inputting....
Angry Cheese Lord (3 years ago)
My only problem with this game is i don't have it.
Itzak (3 years ago)
dual berretas-!
Tiberiu Iancu (3 years ago)
it annoys me when i have a pistol in my hand and i enter a 1v1, but in that moment i pick up a weapon from the ground by mistake and it automatically switches to that weapon and i lose the duel. how do i stop that?
Tiberiu Iancu (3 years ago)
+Caleb Harris thank you very much
Caleb Harris (3 years ago)
Turn off "auto pick up" or something in the settings
d0p_m1n3 (3 years ago)
R.I.P "The Force"
At0m_ic (3 years ago)
I like the new m4a1 I think the spray is easier to control
Belchicola (3 years ago)
Great, now they just need to fix the awful endlag on the AUG animations, especially the draw animation. Either remove the endlag, or fix the broken animation. Come on valve, my gun shouldn't tell me it's ready to fire if it isn't ready to fire for another 1/2 second.
appe (3 years ago)
Rip no handed defuse since 1999-2015 You were good.
BlackWACat (3 years ago)
RIP telling the bomb to calm the fuck down
matthew abbott (3 years ago)
hit boxes are better animations are glitchy and retarded zeus price is good m4 need is uncalled far and God drops are at a high
Jack is right. Valve is just like NASA. Incomprehensive and secretive
potatoereach (3 years ago)
great vid! XD
GogurtSlayer (3 years ago)
they did all of this updating to the movements, and yet the haven't even gotten the Karambit knife position on the player models right.
SPAM (3 years ago)
My m4a1-s
Brawl (3 years ago)
All these beautiful skins that I'll never have :(
Mac·au (3 years ago)
I know spraying increases vertical climb but what effect does tapping have on spray pattern? It may still be useful yet.
Harry Chen (3 years ago)
before the nerf, I loved the m4a4. after the nerf, I'm using the m4a1s XD
casper pedersen (3 years ago)
shit update
Frey Kakumei (3 years ago)
Cts defusing bombs without hads since 1999.
Lucas Rene v. Zwieten (3 years ago)
M4a1-s nerg sucks
Cryzk (3 years ago)
Powerfilip Angeria (3 years ago)
+Jackfrags , maybe you can translate the heiroglyphs in the museeum in BF Hardline and see if they say anything special for an Easter Egg
Atozy (3 years ago)
I mean I think the new latter animations should stay for the comedic value
SPARTAN-115 IBRAHEEM (3 years ago)
.................................bombs got no chill now
Operators Target (3 years ago)
Reason to reinstall it i guess
HolyJosie (3 years ago)
Now you have an excuse
DrDepper LP (3 years ago)
I still like the M4A1-S even with it's new nerf.
Victor Achache (3 years ago)
I don't agree that the bomb defuse animation will change anything concerning fake defuses because the purpose of a fake defuse is simply to lure out a terrorist with the noise only since he is most likely hiding somewhere and cannot actually see you.
Jaykob McCallum (3 years ago)
At these moments i wish i had a pc
BloodShotGamers02 (3 years ago)
Cs go definitely needed some changes but they might have gone a tad to far on some.
Matthew Clifton (3 years ago)
You should do a review on a game called First Assault. It seems pretty good.
Adam Yang (3 years ago)
what's his steam id?
BadrO_RambO (3 years ago)
dem physics of dem cordes :D
Rest In Peep (3 years ago)
Noooooo not the M4A1S fuck u valve!!!!
MrShiftyhead (3 years ago)
+MuckedUpCow Well....
Your Senpai Desu (3 years ago)
Dinklebot #neverforget
Lenny. (3 years ago)
You forgot the new knifes
Mikkel Galsgaard (3 years ago)
Everything is good exept for m4 nerf, the new hitboxes is love! <3
SweetPotato (3 years ago)
i shot a guy in da head at dust II didnt killed him DA HAX R REAL
MrMango (3 years ago)
Yesterday I played soem competitive. Bought AWP in the warmup I killed few people then I shot one guy in to the dome (I heard the headshot sound and blood flew) but I got no fucking kill. This thing has happened to me in every game atleast twice so is it so fucking impossible to fix ''little'' bugs like this?
MrMango (3 years ago)
That started happening more freguently after the latest update but ty for answer :3
_ prkr _ (3 years ago)
man, i hope battlefield will implement that change to not let weapons and bodies clip through walls
Jacob Andrews (3 years ago)
Hitboxes are so much better! I'm actually killing stuff now.
Outlaw86 (3 years ago)
R.I.P. M4A1-S :(
Captain Peanut (3 years ago)
This is good and all, but what we all really want is 128 tick servers.
2manyusarnames (3 years ago)
you are quality jack
SwordBreaker925 (3 years ago)
The AK is the one that needs to be nerfed but sure, they nerf CT guns that are already not as good as the AK
Rafael ok (3 years ago)
Thanks for this video
xXx_yoloswag420_xXx (3 years ago)
M4A1 nerf is bullcrap #RipM4A1
CringeKills (3 years ago)
dont like defuse animation, dont like the nerf on m4a1-s god damn why does valve do this
Lil Marco (3 years ago)
I'm so glad I've always preferred the m4a4 over the a1-s. I've made so much cash off of the market prices ^.^
RapidTv Gaming (3 years ago)
Jack frags I saw your system on aria can it run most games at high settings?
Jonas Berger (3 years ago)
What is your viewmodel ?
p8nn (3 years ago)
Auckland Mag (3 years ago)
TeeDee87 (3 years ago)
Noob m4 is now noob m4. Good patch.
TheCatWithAPlan (3 years ago)
wow that awesome.. this makes me want to go and play it now xD
Jasper van Leeuwen (3 years ago)
i think they should do what far cry 4 did with the guns against walls, instead of them dissapearing in them or clipping through them just make it look like your pointing the gun upwards or downwards
Yeenosaur (3 years ago)
+Rickn'Roll Lol, are you?
CoffeeCat (3 years ago)
+Rickn'Roll wow
Paronax (3 years ago)
+pkmanlol6 are you 8?
Paronax (3 years ago)
+Jasper van Leeuwen ehh this is not far cry
Red (3 years ago)
The M4A1-S Is just shit now , it was perfect before : OP gun but not much bullets , now it's shit and doesn't have enough bullets , I'll rather play with the CZ now
James Kingsley (3 years ago)
@BkW Yeah a few games I had like 300 ping...

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