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Top 10 Fake CS:GO Mobile Games On Android and iOS in 2018!

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There are many FAKE CS:GO Clones and Mobile Games on Android and iOS in 2018! Some of them are even Free to Play and have strong Competitive and Pro Player scenes! Today we look at the Top 10 Fake Counter Strike Games in 2018! (These include CSGO Copys and Blatant CSGO Knockoffs!) In this video we talk about: CS:GO Mobile Mobile Counter-Strike Games CS:GO Mobile Smart Phone Game Critical Ops iOS CS:GO Android ▼ STAY CONNECTED! ▼ Follow Us on Social Media! ★ Twitter: http://Twitter.com/UltraGuides ★ Discord: https://discord.gg/ultra ★ Twitch: http://Twitch.tv/UltraGuides ___ That just about does it for this video guys, if you liked Top 10 CS:GO Mobile Clones, hit that like button, if you want to see more videos like this as they are made public, subscribe. If you want to enter in some sick CS:GO Knife giveaways, you can follow us on twitter @UltraGuides. If you wanna hang with me and the other UG members, you can join our Discord server. Thank you so much for staying till the end of the video. Stay amazing, and we will see you, in the next one.
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Text Comments (1026)
SAM_the_ FAM (1 hour ago)
C-OPS is da 2nd best game in mobile =) no.1 is pubg mobile
Peter Chan (4 hours ago)
Standoff2 is better then c-ops
XJ9 07 (5 hours ago)
4:57 pffft made me laugh
DzBangz YT (10 hours ago)
Standoff 2 and Critical Ops👍👍
commander dank memes (14 hours ago)
Standoff 2 doo doo
coco Freddy !!! (14 hours ago)
5 plese
Ur Mom (18 hours ago)
This games aren’t fake cs:go they are just another game based on fps theme😒
Angel 8x8 (19 hours ago)
Forward assault?
FDGOD-LONELY YT (22 hours ago)
for me standoff2 is More alike
rolo3321 (1 day ago)
3:57 lol royal skyline
Csgo is also available for PS3!!!!!
Uganda Knuckles (2 days ago)
Crisis Action
fnafmystery (2 days ago)
Where is forward assault ?!
PATU (2 days ago)
cant believ you didnt say pixel gun 3d
DiamondGamerSa (2 days ago)
I like trying these games but I will still play csgo it's a drug for me ^_^
The video would be normal if “fake csgo on pc” But the title is “fake csgo on mobile” So 1 dislike
I AM ADRIAN PRO (3 days ago)
CoCo Puffs (4 days ago)
what about forward assault?
You forgot... Critical Ops Forward Assualt Bullet Party And some popular fps games of ripoff CS
Gaming Minati Is Here (4 days ago)
So2 has added marketplace also which is milestone for mobile fps games.I dont think there is any fps game better then it
Gaming Minati Is Here (4 days ago)
So2 deserves 1st spot
Cs is also on xbox
ChaseTVs (4 days ago)
Wot u mean u can play it on xbox
Sayan Dutta (5 days ago)
Name of this games is empty fuck
Efe Karadeniz (5 days ago)
This video has been sponsored by c-ops
기현 Arikadou (5 days ago)
Standoff feels more CSGO to me because of the mechanics feels a lot smooth like the original while Crit Ops is a better game by the actual games but it feels more clunky and the AWP equivalent doesn't even come close to the CSGO and Standoff version (Doesn't have the umph is what i meant, the satisfaction of flicking and killing the enemy xD)
SoLdIeR98 gaming (5 days ago)
Can somebody explain why forward assault wasn't in here??!?!?!?!?!?
lol (6 days ago)
would suggest checking out Forward Assault it's a better clone than bullet force
Yudi Plays!! (6 days ago)
The Merc (6 days ago)
Mobile games aren't great now, but it's slowly having a positive future with the likes of pubg and fortnite mobile, as well as rainbow six siege mobile and Can of duty mobile on the horizon thanks to Tencent games. More and more companies are starting to realize the potential with mobile platforms that I wouldn't be surprised if you can play AAA titles like Halo on mobile. Xbox even announced a new program that allows you to stream Xbox one games on mobile and even went as far as to make custom hud specifically for those who don't want to use a controller. Overall mobile gaming has a great future.
Jerald Paul Dagonano (7 days ago)
Fuck they made that game why are yoy rude >:(
ImNew BieYT (7 days ago)
At Number 9 It Was The Pixel Gun 3D Map
ProGamerYT -GAMING (7 days ago)
so royal wass here to lol
065art _c.e (7 days ago)
So you are saying that every damn fps game is a fake Csgo. Come on no one claimed fps game. It's just like Csgo is the first fps game in this world. Standoff 2 didn't even copy the map of Csgo they just use Csgo as a reference to make fps mobile game
Win Graal (7 days ago)
Im not suprised in the list. Standoff 2 is actually my favourite game, but the internet connection is bad. I always encounter desyncs throughout the matches i played.
lol xd gaming (7 days ago)
I am pro at critical ops rlly pro
Emon Khan (8 days ago)
Well i think standoff 2 is the best fps
Nope UGAE (9 days ago)
u forgot Forward assualt
Vickry kusumo (9 days ago)
Standoff 2 is no.1
7 xP (10 days ago)
U forgot forward assault this is the best cs go clone on mobile
Nano REVIVE (10 days ago)
Im c ops eSportler
Pushpa Shrivastav (10 days ago)
Forword Assualt
Pushpa Shrivastav (10 days ago)
You forget for word assault it is copy of CS:GO
Ullash Hossain (10 days ago)
standoff 2 is should be no 1 cause it's better than critical ops
sid24 (8 days ago)
+creatively made In you're talking about every aspect of the game, Standoff 2 is way better. Ofc C-ops is better for competitive players but it is extremely unhelpful for newer, casual players
sid24 (8 days ago)
+creatively made Nope,it's way better
creatively made (8 days ago)
In ur dreams
Zero Two (11 days ago)
I play C-OPS bcs it has better gameplay compared to other games
dudge neon (11 days ago)
I think standoff 2 should be #2
demon GH (11 days ago)
Forward assault is the best and most close to csgo and it does not look like crap
Mikołaj Dłużak (11 days ago)
3st ??
best among all (11 days ago)
sfg is better you fool. It can be slightly compared to csgo
Tywreckogaming (11 days ago)
Get away from c-ops.
Jdsh 324 (12 days ago)
Fwd assault!!!
The Vietnamese Mann (12 days ago)
steam link app?
Leo Chen (12 days ago)
crisis action anyone?
Fabian (12 days ago)
Personally i really like standoff 2
Nam Nam (13 days ago)
LadiesMan 217 (16 days ago)
Lol @1:43 very much wrong. The game brings the style of old classic counter strike 1.6 with a few different features. It isn't dead at all, it's possibly one of the stronger games on your list. Player base may even be higher than Critical Ops.
Cybernetic C - CC (16 days ago)
Wtf bullet force isnt anything like csgo
super craft (17 days ago)
spsail forse group 2 he has zomdie mod
RoCkShOrE (17 days ago)
its called clone not fake lol...
MasterlyGhos (17 days ago)
Yeah fuck those clone game
Tiger Xsniper (19 days ago)
Damn royal Is in standoff 2 :^)))))))
CheChenBoyYT (20 days ago)
Guns of shit is a pay to win crap cancer game.
The_Wolt (20 days ago)
Standoff 2 for me is number 1
Asyraf 13 (20 days ago)
1:01 look like pixel gun 3d i know this map
SenSite (21 days ago)
Um you forgot forward assualt
Matteo Cecconi (21 days ago)
C ops?
Aakash Waiba (22 days ago)
What about sfg2
pratham mittal (22 days ago)
let me tell one thing mobiles are getting so powerful that the can easily runcs on low setting at 60 fps maybe at med also
Mat5ku (22 days ago)
Standoff2 is best game!!!! 👌
fking_way_she_go (23 days ago)
Y didn't u put fwd assault in this list it's better then bulletforce even tho it's by the same dev but is like a clone to cs-go
sorrow.clout (23 days ago)
Whoever owns csgo on steam dm me @br0ke.exe
Dorian Ceasar (24 days ago)
Special Forces Group 2 is my favorite game is that better than csgo I still have the app and it's fun most of us play zombie mode one thing is good about it is there's a single player mode we can play all modes in there so you can have on the go if you were on the road trip
Dorian Ceasar (24 days ago)
The Critical Strike rip off the pool party members from Pixel Guns 3D you can tell because of looks it looks exactly like it not only did it rip off CS go it also rip off Pixel Guns 3D maps
Aifen (24 days ago)
I play bullet force and critical ops and they're both pretty good but critical ops is more competitive and needs actually claw-grip skill
Emotionless Editz (25 days ago)
You forgot forward assault
theduder301 (25 days ago)
I thought csgo if for mobile. Because i seen go which means play on the *go* but its not.
DanDi (25 days ago)
Where is the FWD Assault ?
Scorpion Jimmy Wei (25 days ago)
Counter attack connection are so bad Special force group 2 are ok but the graphics.... So I think standoff and cop are better
fenix (26 days ago)
Modern combat is the same but they made eSportLeague as well and it kinda sucks
NeBi GaMeR (26 days ago)
Guns of boom don't clone cs go
NeBi GaMeR (21 days ago)
+hariz IDK fix your mother's pussy
hariz IDK (22 days ago)
Fix ur English pls
Johan Lopez (26 days ago)
Lol there is another one is called fwrd assault
Jonah Zald (27 days ago)
Thanks for for not showing crappy mobile games it took to long to find a video like this showing mobile games please make more!😃
csgo doesn't have iron sights dickhead
Dzirt YT (27 days ago)
Not close to csgo at 10
Dzirt YT (27 days ago)
The 10 is not even csgo
Fahmi Rizki (28 days ago)
C OPS isnt like csgo
Suraj Singh 0510 (28 days ago)
You given wrong position for standoff 2. It's stand 1st in this video Critical ops 2nd and bullet force 3rd.
Om Sahu (28 days ago)
I love to play standoff 2 if u play join me my name is. UNIVERSAL_X_pR0
Pekka YT (28 days ago)
Critical ops is the best
VOLANOES -X (28 days ago)
Bullet Force is have in PC
Bullet Force is basically Call of Duty, Battlefield and Modern Combat 3 knock-off.
skeetmeister (28 days ago)
what about forward assault?
Tulca (28 days ago)
Anyone noticed that they used royal skylines gameplay
GamingWithWyls (29 days ago)
You missed Forward Assault
HackGamerHK # (29 days ago)
What about standoff 2?
HackGamerHK # did u even watched the full video? Smh
jacob angelo orbe (29 days ago)
Code Kenzou (1 month ago)
It's not FAKE. It's more like the devs of the games in this list made it so people without a PC and only a phone can have a experience of CS:GO
AK - THE PIANIST (1 month ago)
Bullet Force is best.
NUCL ERIC (1 month ago)
Crunch 18 (1 month ago)
Joker is the god of Critical Ops

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