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CS:GO - Frag Montage {Pillowtalk - Zayn (No Sleep Remix)}

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Thanks For Clicking On The Video If You Enjoyed Leave A Like Share With Your Friends If You Dont Have Friends Share With You Grandma Don Forget To Comment Aswell. www.twitter.com/carbonbeatz Song - Pillowtalk - Zayn (No Sleep Remix) I Do Not Own This Song
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Text Comments (7)
Maqic JoKe (2 years ago)
You can make montages?
elijah (2 years ago)
but im not an editor i work for myself
elijah (2 years ago)
i made this
Maqic JoKe (2 years ago)
+Carbon Beatz like are you an editor or somebody else made this
elijah (2 years ago)
i dont think i understand your question
KODA (2 years ago)
Good Shit Xd
elijah (2 years ago)

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