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Game Theory: Ash's Age FINALLY Solved! (Pokemon)

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Subscribe to never miss a theory! ► http://bit.ly/1qV8fd6 What is Ash Ketchum's REAL Age? ► https://bit.ly/2KSmJKx How RICH is a Pokemon Master? ►► https://bit.ly/2JlD4do This is it Theorists, the FINAL ANSWER on the "age old" mystery that has haunted Pokemon fans for years! Ha, see what I did there? All of that binge watching has finally paid off! Today we solve Pokemon's BIGGEST mystery, how old is Ash Ketchum? SUBSCRIBE for Every Theory! ► http://bit.ly/1qV8fd6 Hang out with us on GTLive! ►► http://bit.ly/1LkSBnz More THEORIES: The Pokedex is FULL OF LIES! ►► https://bit.ly/2rRhfHW WARNING! Pokemon May Cause DEATH! ►► http://bit.ly/2FnHjRl The TRUTH of Fire Pokemon ►► https://bit.ly/2GuXuLl Humans are Pokemon? ► https://bit.ly/1rgbRGv Pokemon GO's TRAGIC END! ► https://bit.ly/2g39uao The Pokemon Multiverse Explains IT ALL ► https://bit.ly/2Kl6VUH Check out some more of our awesome video game content: Game Theory ►► http://bit.ly/1zz3t7E Culture Shock ►► http://bit.ly/1sw7aZ8 The SCIENCE! ►► https://goo.gl/GFK9EV
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Text Comments (40637)
Hail Whydra (4 months ago)
*Please Adjust your fan art accordingly*
Aboo Ram (10 days ago)
You notice to do a tournamentit’s a year and 3 months after April or was it August the 1 st son in the slowing of time it wouldn’t make sense to have a league in each series?🤨
Corey’s Main account (27 days ago)
Hail Whydra I
Christian Gibson (1 month ago)
yeah just no
Tristin Burdick (1 month ago)
+Toast Guy Oh My God
Lightgardian123 (1 month ago)
and ignore the possibility Serena Kissing ash in her last episode... (Cringe)
William Siren (4 hours ago)
11\2=5.5+7= 12.5 How do I date someone who is 12.5 years old that doesn’t even make any sense!
Razrfeng (5 hours ago)
Biggest question...... What in the hell happened to the art style when Sun and Moon came out?!
Gen. Snekaroo (9 hours ago)
New Theory: Ash has the big autism so he acts like a kid
George panchev (10 hours ago)
4:58 what if I am 2 years old. XD
Brandon Garcia (10 hours ago)
Made a wish obisly porbaly is in acomma
Olivia Mason (10 hours ago)
Ash Keptchup
Super_h_ Bros (13 hours ago)
wait would that mean that a ten year old in the kalos region kissed a 19.5 year old from kanto?
Shorty Sheep (13 hours ago)
12/2=6+7=13? i cant date other 7th graders?
Jamie Russell (16 hours ago)
WoogaChan (17 hours ago)
Super Glitch (18 hours ago)
Ash is 1,020 years old
Timothy Ramoso (21 hours ago)
the "same" character in different canons can still live the same life up until a certain point, or even to no point as they both live similar lives. would you say link in the "child link" timeline is the same as the link in the "adult link" timeline? (prior to BotW at least)
Etn Cutie (23 hours ago)
*I think we could all agree that matpat wore pikachu better.*
Goku ss9999 (1 day ago)
So 100 year olds have a minimum dating age of 57?
Michael Johnson (1 day ago)
It's impressive how much work and pain you were willing to go through to make this video.
Lena Oxton (1 day ago)
Couldnt...they have just made the girls older?...
Autumn Hargrove (1 day ago)
More GravityFallsCipher
Autumn Hargrove (1 day ago)
Ash is a peto
tigurius555 (1 day ago)
12/2+7 So the minimum age for a 12yr old to date is 13?
Potato Weirdo (1 day ago)
Miss Fampy the new drag queen
Maybe pokemon ages are different. Maybe their lifespan is longer, there maturity lasts for longer, and maybe their lifespans are counted proportinally to average human lifeslans, like dogs.
ak gaming (1 day ago)
Wait mr goodmen commented
Ender Pigs (1 day ago)
*may 22nd* Ash: oh boy it’s my cake day!!!
Darth Jahus (1 day ago)
What if we count Ash's age only from B&W's soft reboot and consider the time of the first seasons being wrong? He's only be 12 years old in Sun & Moon.
Honey xox (1 day ago)
Bmvcool277 (1 day ago)
u n o v a r e g i o n
I know this comment is a little late but from the points of the train that you put in your theory make some 21 not 20 it is like right after you mentioned the train you forgot all about it again and that is what I have to say
Taylor Whitaker (2 days ago)
By your logic ash and dawn are okay to play
Timothy Plaine (2 days ago)
I dropped my phome and the the paper background in the video made it looked cracked I wanted to die
Sea Unicorn .3. (2 days ago)
4:58 100 / 2 + 7 = 57 Think about that for a moment.
SabiLewSounds (2 days ago)
Lol wow
Ender Killer306 (2 days ago)
Fall is a Canada flag leaf
Zack Morris (2 days ago)
Now we wait for part three when Sun And Moon ends.
Inferno Phoenix 4208 (2 days ago)
Also people does Ash's mother really care about him? I mean, in almost every season she basically just drops here child off with some strangers
Kaleb Mozota (2 days ago)
Bat Cat (2 days ago)
Ash even uses charizard in black & white, one of his kanto pokemon.
Shizzle Shazzle (2 days ago)
Cant Sun and Moon be right after the first season of poker on?
Ali Khan (3 days ago)
I know that everyone knows this but, canonically he dosen’t age so it’s not that creepy
Ali Khan (3 days ago)
6:21 It will always be Heilex
Rad skaters Ropitini (3 days ago)
Rad skaters Ropitini (3 days ago)
Oh no matpat I took your logic so if I was 100 I could date a 57 year old??
Timothy Ramoso (22 hours ago)
https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/meet-catch-and-keep/201405/who-is-too-young-or-too-old-you-date oof
CreeperNils05 (3 days ago)
Wait... 13÷2=6,5+7=13,5 What?
A Random Warrior (3 days ago)
Ash is a pedophile, I knew it all along!
john wilbanks (3 days ago)
Manuel Maya Jeffery (3 days ago)
My Bday is Feb. 21 2009
Arfatun Begum (3 days ago)
You know he got his Pokemon tooken away by professer oak
Isaac Wong (3 days ago)
why dont you look up the year where pokemon anime started, subtract the year right now without research
Vanilla Bean (3 days ago)
#Pray4Cortana If Ash is 20, that means he's been walking to places for about 10 years, starting his journey when he was 10 in Kanto. When Ash goes to be, it looks like it's around 8:00 - 8:30 PM and wakes up with what looks like 9:00 AM, so that would mean Ash sleeps for an estimate of 13 - 12.5 hours. There is 24 hours in a day, using the estimate of a whole number, (13), he'd be walking in the daylight for an estimate of 11 hours, since 24 - 13 = 11. Now if he walks 11 hours a day, how much would he walk in a year? Well, a year has 365 days. 365 x 11 = 4015. But how much would he walk in a month? Using the estimate of a year, 4015, and the stereotypical span of a month, 30, to put it in a simple way without exploding your computer with decimal numbers, it would be 133. Which would mean, Ash would walk 133 hours a month. But then how much would Ash walk in a week? Well, a week has 7 days. Dividing that with an estimate of a month, (30), which would be 4 with a remainder of 2. I don't know the real amount of hours Ash would be walking by then, but it's less than a day's of Ash walking. So I divided 365 in 7's. which gave me 52 and one seventh. For the sake of my exhausted brain, lets keep it with 52. In conclusion, with all my calculations and making Cortana cry herself to sleep, Ash would walk 11 hours a day, 52 hours a week (without decimals), 133 hours in a month (without decimals) and 4015 hours a year. But thats just a theory, *A GAME THEORY* (Yo Matt, please consider reading this bad boi, Cortana would apperciate it.
C & C Miller (3 days ago)
0:24 Charmx!!!
diggable (3 days ago)
is this sopose to be the film theorists
Scooter Guy (3 days ago)
Jordan Owens (3 days ago)
Spencer Schnell (3 days ago)
So if you were 10, your minimum age would be 12
So then brock and misty are also so old
jame4830 jame4830 (3 days ago)
4:10 OK so imma be honest here, I know Dawn has blue hair, but those two yellow clips and that hat make me think it's blond hiar, with blue at the ends. That aLWAYS MESSES ME UP! arg ggghhhh
No in sun and moon it’s an alternate universe right after Kanto
Oz Wald (3 days ago)
Now the question is, how old is Brock?
How much of a nerd you are
20 years old damn...
Shock wave (4 days ago)
u are a genius
Any one else find it odd that brock is only 15
Dima T (4 days ago)
Ash starts his journey when he's 10 well I'm watching it he should be in his thirties
Little Wolves (4 days ago)
What if I'm dating someone of the same age?
Aldona Gilruth (4 days ago)
Y is charmx here
jadon castro (4 days ago)
There is a theory that when ash hit him self when he fell of the bike in the first ever episode he had a coma and is dreaming all of it and is not real
Bat Man (4 days ago)
14:59 look at mr mimes hand
Jalen Valentine (4 days ago)
The seasons change alot, so does ash just not go to school?
Lottie Wright (4 days ago)
This theory can be explained away by considering *parallel universes* . This would explain when nintendo randomly kicks back his age, but he still retains his memories. In that universe, the adventures with his remembered friends may have happened in a much shorter time span or something.
DreDrippin (4 days ago)
you should've put Jigglypuff as Pikachu in that one cue the mystery music scene.
Candog (4 days ago)
Or maybe......... he is just one of many cartoon characters who don't age
Frozen Trooper (4 days ago)
Pokémon is legal animal abuse
bunnygirl1a studios! (4 days ago)
W-wait... isn't ask 12..?
Type1 Analysis (4 days ago)
Ash is a timelord..
The Groovy Exeggutor (4 days ago)
this is a messy theory
iRoniceDoge (4 days ago)
I don't think the thing with the minimum dating age works bcs if I was a 12 year old boy the minimum age would be 13.
JT Allen (4 days ago)
22 / 2=11, 11 + 7 = 18. Yeah, that sounds pretty reasonable to me.
coolsans 50 (4 days ago)
12 % 2 = 6 + 7 = 13
Sonic Master (4 days ago)
In XYZ the flashback scene had Ash and Serena around the same age so that would mean they're both around their 20s.
Game5Plays (4 days ago)
Than that person is 1 1/2 years older than me
Cat\Ari is an artist (4 days ago)
Your Intro song Moved me to tears
Johnny W (5 days ago)
Do another part😂
Benjamin Matthews (5 days ago)
I know this is an old vid, but I just want to see an Ash's dad theory that addresses the post on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/FanTheories/comments/1bv2j1/giovanni_is_ashs_real_father_long/
Silent Walker (5 days ago)
Going by this logic , if Ash had aged than all the people around him would have been aging as well so its not that weird
Silent Walker (5 days ago)
The only thing I could think about during this entire video , was how much I felt sorry for the people who had to research this
Brittany Paschke (5 days ago)
GRAYRAPTOR13 ! (5 days ago)
Wait what about the sun and moon it’s doneish now
Macie Chan (5 days ago)
Asgnadon mage (5 days ago)
the theory is good, it has just one problem. the 10 years describe the world time progression not the maturation rate of the living beings in the world. hmm
I am JayRts (5 days ago)
4:58 so someone who is 100 years old can date someone who’s 57? What?
MooseFlames (5 days ago)
Or is ash the guy that's not that mortal here
crazy cat skits (5 days ago)
FBI: He's how old?
Jayabugg (5 days ago)
The minimum dating age for me is someone older xd
kool kat (6 days ago)
Are we just ignoring that beautiful singing at the beginning?
David Fields (6 days ago)
just awful, superbly awful
If you want a reboot never do a soft reboot do a reboot with a new charecter it’s fine if it has the same plot but when you do a soft reboot your probably gonna mess up with ideas cause you can’t get rid of there memories ...
Soviet Quinn (6 days ago)
do something about detective pikatchu
Demonic Films (6 days ago)
I got 18 years 5 months
alex taram (6 days ago)
Kavi Sanghani (6 days ago)

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