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Medal of Honor Allied Assault Breakthrough HD Gameplay Walkthrough Mission 2 - Bizerte

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-UrMedicoreGamer (UPDATE: October 22, 2015); Want to earn some money from home by clicking ads? Check out the website here, NO SCAM; http://www.clixsense.com/?8204934 If there are any questions do let me know! Always here to help. Give it a try, IT IS FREE! Difficulty : Medium Recorded : 30/12/11 Mission 2 : Bizerte (April 20, 1943) Medal of Honor Allied Assault Breakthrough Developer: TKO Software Released: Electronic Arts Plot Breakthrough is the second expansion pack for Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, this time developed by TKO Software where the player takes the role of Sgt. John Baker of the US 34th Infantry Division. This campaign covers the Battle of Kasserine Pass, the turning point of the North African campaign, the fall of Bizerte and the Allied invasion of Sicily in 1943, followed by the amphibious landings and defense of the beachhead at Anzio in 1944. Breakthrough adds Italian weapons for single player and multiplayer as well as the British and Soviet weapons from Spearhead. Also, additional British weapons are included, to complete the British arsenal.
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Text Comments (11)
whats the name of soundtrack in 15:51?
Mohammad Nabil (1 year ago)
wait Adolf Klaus was a german spy working on spain
what are the tanks firing at?
Fulop Kurucz (4 years ago)
pont it akadtam meg mer leheztetlen megőlni az emberket a lépcsőházas résznél ahol az embert meg kelet védeni és kiséni
Doctor HaZem (4 years ago)
i love this game but i want a higher graphic
Nikola Vuckovic (4 years ago)
I finished those MEDAL OF HONOR games at least 10 times each part back then. After this i might download again this and finish it again.
slobodan martinovic (5 years ago)
I finished the MOHAA on easy,medium and hard (took a little longer on hard),now i have to do the same with the Spearhead and the Breakthrough (not gonna be easy on hard, missions look even mre interesting. This is the best game I've ever played :)
k1nqQquz (5 years ago)
Beretta ?? WUT ????
BrandonLink2014 (5 years ago)
Do you have a mod to increase visuals?
TK2008BEST (5 years ago)
Now try in the hard difficulty (and if you make it, call me:p)
zisoul (6 years ago)
It be cool if you zoomed in the far shots of the bad guys.

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