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OPEN! :^) If you want 15$ for FREE in Skins go here: http://bit.ly/FreeCsgoSkins - My League of Legends Channel: » http://www.youtube.com/c/EnvyProdz - Subscribe for more awesome Videos! » http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=envyeeh - All my Videos in Playlists! » https://www.youtube.com/user/Enveeh/playlists?&ab_channel=enveeh - Connect With Me! » Twitch: http://twitch.envyprodz.net » Twitter: http://twitter.envyprodz.net » Facebook: http://facebook.envyprodz.net » Steam: http://steam.envyprodz.net » Teamspeak: envyprodz.net - Music used in this Video: » NCS © Enveeh (CSGO, Counterstrike, Gaming, Reaction, WTF, Drops, Medusa, Dragon Lore, Awp, Skins, Gambling, Best of, CRAZY Reaction)
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Text Comments (146)
_Mity_ Core_Junior_ (6 months ago)
TenOutOfTen (6 months ago)
this TheBritishCunt sounds a bit like MCSkillet
shame (7 months ago)
i bet this guy sold the medusa for like £20
private channel gaming (7 months ago)
what is the intro called
Krypton (10 months ago)
my medusa is better
obCT (10 months ago)
1208 wins level 69 rank: supreme still best drop deagle kumicho dragon :(
D R A G O S (11 months ago)
music from this intrp plsssss
GARDEN SALAD (11 months ago)
https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=90312568&token=GtVtDs4A feel free to give me crap
Unskilled (1 year ago)
Top 5... so funny... HE DOESNT KNOW THE AWP MEDUSA
Jeramy Perillo (1 year ago)
wow medusa ez drops
Frank Castle21 (1 year ago)
Nice vid man
D R A G O S (1 year ago)
what music is 0:00?
korkz808 (1 year ago)
lmao. u got a shit computer
Yeet Yeet (1 year ago)
I hate when ppl don't understand how much a very expensive item is
Alp Gez (1 year ago)
I was no Valve only gives crappy skins. First video HOLY SHIT OMG THEY GIVE REALLY EXPENSIVE ITEAMS
ヨナヨナ. (1 year ago)
To my friend dropped a DragonLore FN. Its real
German PyroTM (1 year ago)
cool video
Howl (1 year ago)
I love the medusa because it never changes its wear, only the brightness
ScatterBrained (1 year ago)
Do a Dragon Lore drop video
Gustavo Lazotti (1 year ago)
arian arian43 (9 months ago)
Gustavo Lazotti BR ganha arma assim uma vez na vida
Alan Miller (1 year ago)
That's how to get good drops...you play like crap and don't try hard and let the actual good player carry you, then you get a beast drop
Rumiani CS:GO (1 year ago)
8:27 what
Yeah no (1 year ago)
I like the fake 15 bucks
Virtus Pro (1 year ago)
Aarnaud (1 year ago)
Scam description??
Pranay Gawde (1 year ago)
song name ?
McCringy (1 year ago)
Kmrx (1 year ago)
Lucky bastards
Priyanshu Maurz (1 year ago)
how to get these types of drops?
TenOutOfTen (6 months ago)
Buy pass and play and with a bit of luck you get one
Dustin Majo (1 year ago)
PriyanshuMaurz play.
god of cookies (1 year ago)
whats the song between the clips oh man your videos are so great and the music the it is an half orgasm
Berin Musa (10 months ago)
No way
Luka Zagar (1 year ago)
so fake.. he is mge and says what is this
Kamex (1 year ago)
yossip playz (1 year ago)
The first guy got a big surprise when he found out how much the medusa was worth. "is that even good? It's a red." "Yoooo duuuude it looks sick!!"
Enveeh (1 year ago)
+yossip playz 😂
Christian Pavlock (1 year ago)
I love your intros btw
Enveeh (1 year ago)
+Christian Pavlock ty dude
Framosh (1 year ago)
*"YEAR2017" --S-C0de for/"csgopolygon"./3000Coin./Roulette./Match_Betting/Tournament/*
Cyde (1 year ago)
music name pls
Luuk_8817 (1 year ago)
8:28 new editing style?
Mads Svender (1 year ago)
That Beia thing tolk too long
Maoki (1 year ago)
yo envy, how the fuck you getting g this many views with 3k?
PARACETAMOL TEO (1 year ago)
Chip Onfroy (1 year ago)
most of the people didnt even know the prices wth
Darius Darius (1 year ago)
Enveeh nice scam sites idiot
Enveeh (1 year ago)
+Darius Darius what scam? U dont have to use them if u dont want to
frky (1 year ago)
Darius Darius sites are legit , a lot of videos by big ytbers were made on those sites , do ur research before u comment faggot.
Kallissimo (1 year ago)
Dont post old things
Enveeh (1 year ago)
+Kallissimo why not ;(
Wiliam Donatzky (1 year ago)
When video gets famous, i was here, and i wasn't at the same time
Enveeh (1 year ago)
+Wiliam Donatzky lol
TheRealPrimetime (1 year ago)
why the life is so unfair..
bechir jaballah (1 year ago)
is that even good. k brah
Bulbo Toro (1 year ago)
Nope, by not using punctuation right you actually spelt it wrong. Go back to school.
Bulbo Toro (1 year ago)
You´re retarded...Learn to spell.
frky (1 year ago)
bechir jaballah u retarded bro?
Stefan Chirita (1 year ago)
Well an ww Medusa is worth from 400 to 500$ so if that ain't good idk what the hell it is.
SqueepyPlxyz (1 year ago)
ENVEH ! Pls tell us your intro song ... Everbody wants that#
SqueepyPlxyz (1 year ago)
Thanks a lot !
Enveeh (1 year ago)
John Kenza - Wicked [NCS Release]
XxMACIEJOSxX (1 year ago)
Tajs The Dank Engine (1 year ago)
i droped icarus fell
TenOutOfTen (6 months ago)
you got it from a drop you drop it someone ?
Cooper Team mystic (1 year ago)
Tajsiwo XD and I got a sand dune get on my ... dammit a guy got a dragon lore on my match fuck u dude
Shashi (1 year ago)
Intro song? Great vid btw :)
Enveeh (1 year ago)
John Kenza - Wicked [NCS Release
Mark Kronberg (1 year ago)
Hello! Do you sell your channel for knife? Check my knife out here : http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198311607343/inventory/#730
Mark Kronberg (1 year ago)
Shashi i can offer 6$
Shashi (1 year ago)
Idk give me a price
Mark Kronberg (1 year ago)
Shashi but also how much u sell?
Shashi (1 year ago)
Mark Kronberg good luck :)
Mark Kronberg (1 year ago)
Shashi i need some more subs
Alexandra TheBest (1 year ago)
Whats the song called ???Please bois tell me
Alexandra TheBest (1 year ago)
Thank you so much!
flxd (1 year ago)
John Kenza - Wicked
Petar Petrovic (1 year ago)
Silver : Asiimov , Karambit Doppler , Vulcan , Howl ... Global : Deagle Mudder...
TenOutOfTen (6 months ago)
Ozy really ? Congrats
Ozy (1 year ago)
I can proudly say that i am a global and today after all these hours i got a medusa drop :D
Zuperdawg (1 year ago)
peki CS:GO & more well, you're correct about the Asimov ;)
Kyle Smith (1 year ago)
karkki (1 year ago)
intro music name?
flxd (1 year ago)
John Kenza - Wicked
Jeelmon (1 year ago)
music name pls
Curtis SadX (1 year ago)
Darude - Sanddune (joking)
Mark Nagy (1 year ago)
darude - sandstorm
flxd (1 year ago)
John Kenza - Wicked
EthanWit (1 year ago)
you keep too much unnecessary footage
Enveeh (1 year ago)
ur right
Ten Tîpek (1 year ago)
Drift Demon (1 year ago)
Intro song?
Curtis SadX (1 year ago)
darud-sanddune (joking)
McCringy (1 year ago)
Mark Nagy (1 year ago)
darude - sandstorm
flxd (1 year ago)
John Kenza - Wicked
Juke847 (1 year ago)
5:30 why does bottom get that good drop
-kGb- (1 year ago)
because she made rank up..
Can we still drop this in game?
Plant Pot (1 year ago)
McCringy (1 year ago)
xRUGZ (1 year ago)
xRUGZ (1 year ago)
ASPW3R ppugvvgy
Mark Nagy (1 year ago)
darude - sandstorm
Wuub (1 year ago)
darude sandstorm
Sea2gim (1 year ago)
intro music?
Mark Nagy (1 year ago)
darude - sandstorm
Seify (1 year ago)
Great vid
Enveeh (1 year ago)
+Seify ty
Ancient (1 year ago)
great top tens love them
Enveeh (1 year ago)
+Ancient ty dude
Jezreel Reyes (1 year ago)
I won with one of his referral codes and i cant even withdraw like its bullshit
frky (1 year ago)
Jezreel Reyes maybe bcs u need to deposit faggot?
MeatHead Jonah (1 year ago)
Girls reaction: Yaaay :) Guys reaction: YOOOOO DAWG HOLY SHIIIIIIIIIII
Kzone (1 year ago)
Your kind of a year late
Markus Kopec (1 year ago)
this. i like this.
HutZ (1 year ago)
inbefore like a mill views lol
Papa Meme Lord (1 year ago)
hes uploading decent content but is scamming his subs with the freecsgoskins
Enveeh (1 year ago)
Im not scamming anyone...
frky (1 year ago)
Rocco S nah , u will actually get 15$ if u take the money from all the websites affiliate codes and add them up .
Amar Original (1 year ago)
I didn't know that people still get drops that are good lmfao
Kieran D'Sena (1 year ago)
Amar Original nah this was with the operation, not anymore
Lesbian Lissandra (1 year ago)
RIP Headphone users
Embrio (1 year ago)
Nash (1 year ago)
What is the song between clips?
Nash (1 year ago)
What is the song between clips?
Mark Nagy (1 year ago)
darude - sandstorm
Spanky Production (1 year ago)
im here before video is famous
Berin Musa (10 months ago)
How one guy get a medusa
The physicS (1 year ago)
me 2
SuperPanMan (1 year ago)
Aaron Gallutia (1 year ago)
song at end?
stuck1337 (1 year ago)
Riddles master (1 year ago)
can u still do old operacions????
Bambi (1 year ago)
KarlJPilt123 (1 year ago)
Enveeh (1 year ago)

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