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Preserved Steam In Black & White

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A Black & White view of a few clips I have filmed over the years at various places. Obviously quality will vary in the video as most of it was recorded on to VHS tape originally. At least 3 different cameras were used over the years. There is no comparison nowadays from VHS to SDHC cards.Modern day cameras are far superior. All clips were hand held. I put this together because I was bored and it's too cold to pop out. Hopefully you may enjoy.
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84asrd84boxy (5 years ago)
Gaz ,thanks for looking, from memory I think the oldest shot is from about 21 years ago. Originally they were all colour shots, but through boredom and the cold weather I thought I would play about with the software I now use for rendering etc, glad you enjoyed watching...Bill
GWR55 (5 years ago)
Amazing (not so) old footage, has a vintage feel about it, very enjoyable.
84asrd84boxy (5 years ago)
Ernie, thanks for taking the time to look and comment, glad you enjoyed watching. Personally I do like the black and white effect, others may not, it's just down to personal choice. Take care...Bill
Ernest Johnson (5 years ago)
Never noticed it was black and white untill the end, It was just great going back, well done Bill. Who said VHS wont last. Thanks Bill you can get bored any time mate. ,
84asrd84boxy (5 years ago)
Keith, glad you enjoyed watching, as I said I was bored that's why I put this together, roll on when the weather gets a little warmer, I can start popping out again. Thanks for taking the time to view and comment...Bill
The wonderful sight and smell of steam..Great production. Cheers for sharing.

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