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ArmA 3 - Zombies & Demons: Aegis IV - Resolution

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Aegis has fallen. After an unforeseen attack, and despite a bold resistance, the stronghold has been overrun by the undead. Now, cornered in the control tower and running low on supplies, the outlook seems grim for our remaining survivors. Download mod here - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=501966277 "This video was created using content of Bohemia Interactive a.s." "Copyright © 2017 Bohemia Interactive a.s. All rights reserved." "See www.bistudio.com for more information."
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Text Comments (566)
Mack Ray Paredes (20 hours ago)
But how about the ones who parachuted from the crash helicopter at the beginning?
Xander Wallace (22 hours ago)
4:29 FUS RO DAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
next part plz
Auxyn (1 day ago)
Waiting to see what’s next 🤪😳
tosti23 (1 day ago)
Laggy ftw!
O jogo é muito bom mas agora eu também quero jogar
Brians side (1 day ago)
Great video
Dinkleberg (1 day ago)
I neeeeeddd moooorrrreeee
tom drumpf (2 days ago)
Great video!
Christian Quilaton (2 days ago)
Part 6 to 10 please or more above 10
Dika Bellamy (2 days ago)
that guy is chain headshot killer 6:10
Rocketeer097 (2 days ago)
Plus i love the blast shadows from the carl gustav's in the previous episode that are still there
Rocketeer097 (2 days ago)
Whats the song called when the carrier shows up and everyone is looking at it?
Rocketeer097 (2 days ago)
i found it, its appropriately named Fighter Jets
Tragikomix ftw (3 days ago)
NEVER GIVE UP (4 days ago)
Wow 😮 Superb Awesome 👌👌👌
Sunil Salunke (4 days ago)
sunil salunke
Grand Moff Tarkin (5 days ago)
So, I thought I heard somewhere the you can add zombies when you create scenarios. Is that correct or are videos like this all thanks to mods?
Im Handsome (7 days ago)
Matthew Malvasii (7 days ago)
I love what you do man keep it up 😁
Pierre Zani (7 days ago)
did you make this vid using AI with waypoints or with some friends?
Jimmy Delavega (7 days ago)
Fuck you dude you're the best
허브 (7 days ago)
WHAT?, How zombies can move under water?, what are fuck?
Crisanta Cunanan (8 days ago)
request plss More Videos.
zMatty428 (8 days ago)
F35, why not VTOL fire? Lol
Sudhansu Rai (8 days ago)
Epic want more loveee from INDIA 😃😃
Red Star (8 days ago)
The end .
Aiman Ahmad (8 days ago)
zombie - mission fail get back to the base
Aiman Ahmad (8 days ago)
zombie - mission fail get back to the base
Aiman Ahmad (8 days ago)
zombie - mission fail get back to the base
Макс Фролов (9 days ago)
Переживал за боец больше чем за свои дела.
Eric Dennis Setiawan (9 days ago)
Someone should take this seriously
ĐLH (9 days ago)
Gf ( good film)
TEC Gaming Network (10 days ago)
HUYA!!!! .. Nice Work .. the Carrier & Mini Gun Action was nice ..
Van Tran (10 days ago)
Alan hernandez (10 days ago)
Seko 361 (10 days ago)
Pls this is not the end
KoeoeCAE (10 days ago)
I love it.
AAVICTORCHAT (11 days ago)
king long (11 days ago)
Love the series keep up the good work
Lidltraut (11 days ago)
6:08 holy fuck what is this sorcery?! regenerative wall tissue?
The Black MAN (11 days ago)
Next part plss
Arcenius Immanuel (12 days ago)
Keep doing this video bro that great🔥🔥🔥👍👍
Zamna Tumana (12 days ago)
WaZerTV (12 days ago)
Hello do you use a mod to improve the AI? If so, which one please because it would be very useful.
jonathan bourdajaud (12 days ago)
Nice Vidéos ♥
darlan pereira (12 days ago)
O jogo e bom
Samuel Zapata (12 days ago)
that game as I succeed??
Mhao Yeager (13 days ago)
I'm hooked
cucamonster (13 days ago)
Turns out one of the civilians that were rescued is infected and they only realize it when its already too late and the whole ship is take over by the infection =D
3시오후 (13 days ago)
Good! We can survival
GetTpOrDIE (14 days ago)
Still better than twd.
bionasard (14 days ago)
4,33 like a boss
VIRTUS K (14 days ago)
Close the door god damn it
zoey margera (14 days ago)
is this the end?
Jake Donpher (14 days ago)
Honostly I would be fine with this being the last episode but I hope you do more
Bryan Sterge (14 days ago)
Fantastic videos!
Justin Leasure (15 days ago)
What about the other team on the island?? WTF
WhiteShadow230 (10 days ago)
Maybe their nightmare is only just beginning 😯
Arthur medeiros (15 days ago)
very good bro is better the world war z
Sam Fisher (15 days ago)
Coming again to save the modafakin' day yah!
RoyalGaming (15 days ago)
what mod did u use for the cluster bombs from the jets?
Alberto Montes (16 days ago)
And what happens with the guys in the other island, of the first episodeo
S AMW (16 days ago)
지금 당장 아르마를 구입하고 스팀 창작마당에서 구독하세요!
slen derman (16 days ago)
Helicopter legend headshot
Xavier Bates (16 days ago)
Another plz i love these vids
Thanks you so much I was waiting for for part 4 , I like you , I have already watch part 1,2,3
Neversee (16 days ago)
Damian Jones (16 days ago)
When the Aircraft Carrier appears, and the troops wake up: Troops: "Daddy?"
Inf Scream (16 days ago)
Jean Fernandez (17 days ago)
Yeah boys! Air support!
Mastha Fistha VII (17 days ago)
What happened to the guys that landed on the island? O_o
HcH Manao (17 days ago)
hera a (17 days ago)
Love zombie1
Specter US ARMY (17 days ago)
I've seen that area when I was on an op.
Diles46 - AIRSOFT (17 days ago)
Really enjoyed, good work
P.D.R (17 days ago)
5:53 *Don't close the door*
asesino 96 (17 days ago)
Sos el mejor vi tu serie desde el principio sigue subiéndolo está re copa
Mark Lapuh (17 days ago)
Make more 😁😂
C.A. old (17 days ago)
good job keep going
Dr.Fluck Channel (17 days ago)
R.I.P 3 guy
sahil Haque (17 days ago)
This episode is unbelievable. ....👍👍👍👍✌✌✌.... sir please make other parts. ...we request please 😊😊😊
sahil Haque (17 days ago)
This episode is unbelievable. ......👍👍👍....... Sir plzz make other episode. .....please we request. ..😊😊😊😊
джон коннор (17 days ago)
nice )
Manuela Balteanu (18 days ago)
Good,fan arma 3
randy censon (18 days ago)
That was one mighty fine rescue.
J MMiranda (18 days ago)
Another part pls
M0ŠHo0Śh (18 days ago)
Rose Black (18 days ago)
i think ruleplan to help man and drop ganbox.i think don't need airmy to attact Zombies.
Adhi Ngampel (18 days ago)
Hell yeah!!! Finally they escaped!
DESKEJT x (18 days ago)
mikE mendeS (18 days ago)
I can play online? Nice!
Gustavo Silva (18 days ago)
galera passa la no meu canal por favor
_ UniteLife _ (18 days ago)
Афигенно 😏👍👍
NOMI Layyah (18 days ago)
:-):-(:-):-P:-):'(:-!-):-\:'(:-*:-P:-\:-\;)3rd:);)3:):-C:-\B-):-\:-vdkrgrUp TX k\
Shadowgamer8097 (18 days ago)
Amazing content as usual LOVE IT
VVFC TV (18 days ago)
Falta algo y las unidades de la isla

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