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100 Thieves Signs a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Team

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We're so proud to share with all of you that 100 Thieves is officially entering into the CS:GO community... we signed a Counter-Strike team! We're partnering up with kNg, Lucas1, Hen1, Bit and FNX for the 2018 season and many years to come. 100 Thieves: ► Website: https://100Thieves.com ► Twitter: https://Twitter.com/100Thieves ► Facebook: https://Facebook.com/100Thieves ► Instagram: https://Instagram.com/100thieves ► Discord: https://Discord.gg/100Thieves
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Text Comments (877)
Diego Calvo Rodrígez (3 months ago)
UNLUKO MALUKO, signed to play at the major, can't go to the major
Michael Fitzgerald (3 months ago)
thanks kng this could've been cool i hope that 100T comes back to csgo
alex lam (5 months ago)
I really thought 100 thefts, signed some counter strike logo game
sleepy pineapple (5 months ago)
i love the league team of the 100T org...not sure about these guys- i dont want them tainting the name :/
zion punzalan (5 months ago)
this has to be the wolrds fastest disbanded team
Sniperclysm (5 months ago)
I don't like CS:GO do a COD team dude.
Justyn Kormendy (1 month ago)
Sniperclysm cod fell of there is more money in cs I don't thinks he's cares if you don't like csgo tbh...
pueblo Nakahmora (5 months ago)
You should sign a rainbow team
SaintAlmighty (5 months ago)
What happend at dreamhack?? Im a lol player only play csgo very casualy
ViiiZiiO (6 months ago)
hey bro what are the requirements of joining as a content creator i know how to snipe and hit clips i use to run with alot of the faze members mainly Kross
Landon Dickey (6 months ago)
how long did this team last? lmao
Jason Liao (6 months ago)
kNg hehehehe
Jake Game's On (6 months ago)
You'll prove it or ill kill you.
Caleb Herman (7 months ago)
This video aged well
JohnnyLeeFilms (7 months ago)
you need to sign a r6 team, its a win win, all you have to supply them is jerseys and ubisoft pays the rest! flights , acom all paid for
TekinWYD (7 months ago)
e morreu...
paul roben (7 months ago)
ImDelightv (7 months ago)
probly regret it now
Tony H (7 months ago)
And a month later they drop the whole team.
Mathias Hendrikx (7 months ago)
Poodlecorp (7 months ago)
well that team lasted long
Jeremy Carlson (7 months ago)
Rip 100 thieves Cs go, shouldn't have signed kng
felipesozza (7 months ago)
Nice done ;)
petr malý (7 months ago)
rip free agents
Mads Mikkelsen (7 months ago)
Well, this kind off failed hard...
Teh Potato (7 months ago)
RIP 100Thieves CSGO.
Varod (7 months ago)
Well....r.ip. to 100 thieves in CS:GO lol lasted 1 month
J0riS (7 months ago)
RIP 100 thieves csgo
WicKED (7 months ago)
And now its new name is called 0 theives, yay...(sobs).
Its Atomic (7 months ago)
joanollasPN (7 months ago)
Someone please make a curb your entusiasm parody of this
Debob (7 months ago)
Hahahahahahahha no
Devyn (7 months ago)
Well that was short lived LOL
Stéfani Delbon (7 months ago)
PieLord (7 months ago)
Lets go cs!!!!!!
Fluskar (7 months ago)
Mike Condomitti (7 months ago)
You should join R6 pro league
DarkRavenLM (7 months ago)
thorin bosta culpa tua que kng foi kick responde ai pra todo mundo ver isso mds QUE MERDA DE PESSOA
DarkRavenLM (7 months ago)
fica magoado por qualquer coisa esses caras veu eu n acredito que ele fez kng ser kick que lixo de pessoa vei pode estragar a carreira do kng um god player por causa de 1 discussao
JaHmes_ (7 months ago)
good luck to kng cant wait to see him play...... oh wait
bohnny jewnami (7 months ago)
lmao rip
Marcin Pogonowski (7 months ago)
We wanna se CS GO Team in action!
Swift Edo (7 months ago)
Will there ever be a call of duty team? Cause I would love that if u can u know I know it’s a hard job
Wes Kennedy (7 months ago)
Thieves Den
Gabriel Martinez (7 months ago)
i think that outro should become the intro ^^!
kpop is bae (7 months ago)
kng about to threat some people
Jimmy Rustle (7 months ago)
this team is going to be so underrated
MiseryS (7 months ago)
Wait, wtf happened at dreamhack im confused af and im on cs rediit 24/7 and didnt see any of this
ChilledSparklez4 (7 months ago)
DD Hassan (7 months ago)
Where do i get this merch
Dabuu (7 months ago)
Should have made a rainbow six siege team.. CSGO is booty.
Fran cis (7 months ago)
forgiveness is a vertue
Sloanerman (7 months ago)
Ya5h Par1kh (8 months ago)
But still couldn’t gets visas for the ELEAGUE minors
Calvin Conway (8 months ago)
what you mean is "i know that what he did was stupid and hes and idiot but hes good at counter-strike so who cares" they had a chance to make it up... all he had to do was apologize and he couldn't even do that. good luck fucking up your brand
VacUntilHack (8 months ago)
Didnt yall drop out of eleague 2018? XD
Jeremy (8 months ago)
When can i join 100 thieves academy NA team? Ya boi has 5k hrs and im ready to grind. So sad the team couldn't make it to Boston
Stephen Ward (8 months ago)
Can't WAIT to see a 100T vs. OpTic match!!!! THE HYPE IS SO REAL
Simba (8 months ago)
Zach Fagerlin (8 months ago)
Dominic Cassidy (8 months ago)
Hope you are proud to have a team that goes out partying when they are at tournaments, show up to practice late. Oh and I almost forgot a player that threatened another and then went around the hotel trying to find said player. Won't mention any names though.... cough cough kng
ecx神 (8 months ago)
ApolLo_ (8 months ago)
Thats a RIP csgo sticker price exploding, 100 theives immigration fail. :(
Xande Gamer #AXG (8 months ago)
LMF (8 months ago)
eu quero uma camisa desse time em
NuKeS GAMING (8 months ago)
Yes! Cant wait for CSGO. Good luck with 100T, I truly think its gonna blow up.
Andrew Quezada (8 months ago)
Love the new thing that nadeshot is doing. He will always be great and keep going
sarom kim (8 months ago)
Schmit GaMeS (8 months ago)
Holy shit the amount of moves being made FUCKING EPIC!! although I am torn between talking support 100 Thieves in LoL or TSM sooooo imma just support both xD Its gonna be hard when and/or if TSM and you guys meet tho... idk who to the money on XD
Zip Zip (8 months ago)
REDSKITTLZ (8 months ago)
get a rainbow six siege team pick up like era
Draconic Craft (8 months ago)
If i were u id sign felps instead of bit and assign fnx as igl, but still bit is a pretty experienced player
Caiow_ PVP Channel (8 months ago)
Bobby Critz (8 months ago)
congrats on picking up a team...full of the most toxic players in the game
Willamys Claudino (8 months ago)
ty por confiar em nossos campeoes do Brasil... sucesso sempre pro time!
Tuấn Huỳnh Minh (8 months ago)
fan levi
Eduardo Orozco (8 months ago)
I do think what they did was more than enough to end their careers.
GANGMEMBER SLOOW (8 months ago)
#Team Villa mix q otaaa
g Willis (8 months ago)
what is he talking about when he says the controversies events that took place at dream hack and after??
Thành Long Võ (8 months ago)
I love levi 😍😍😍
Just DJC (8 months ago)
When 100 Theives gets a Cod team or a cod cadet team I will lose my shit
taffarelo33 (8 months ago)
Cold and the others of SK team can take vacations, but fnx and the others dont. They need to work hard not to beat the other teams, but themselves.
Akyo (8 months ago)
Nao sei porque , mas acredito que haveria melhores opçoes para o lugar do bit, mas vamos ver como corre
JAK3Y (8 months ago)
HEN1 will be a great awper again
Agonydebest 1 (8 months ago)
Start a gears team
SlothFizzi (8 months ago)
Im Ready For this Team
Colby Bryan (8 months ago)
You got HEN1 and FNX? duuuuudeee
Power Gekko (9 months ago)
FNX is back bitches, praise Nadeshot for bringing my boy back to me
Coolguy_luis (9 months ago)
I cant wait you just need a Call of Duty Team!!! Anyone else agree???!!
JewddleBot (9 months ago)
Let see how long this will last lmao
Sindre Haraldstad (9 months ago)
They signed the alcoholics? Kappa , much luv<3
Michel S. N. (9 months ago)
Caio Henrique (9 months ago)
Brazil is with you!
Fact Revolution (9 months ago)
Awesome announcement, NaDeSHoT. Good luck!
Kenny.s Kenny.s (9 months ago)
Villa mix era melhor
Wild Snorlax (9 months ago)
I don't know why people cry about this line up, Picking this line up will mean 100 thieves will secure a Major Spot You won't find any higher tier players on the market These players actually have synergy with eachother I feel like people judge them because of the dreamhack incident but Immortals as a organisation failed themself, where were they when these players showed up late? Majority of the organisation make sure their team is practising before the actual match hours in advance. Especially in a Major, as a coach or manager I would watch my players more closely during these huge tournaments. Or we are calling BS right here and they were never drunk, nonetheless FNS made assumptions without proof on Immortals and KNG responded without a dumb tweet. Boohoo, shit happens move on. Immortals fucked up, 100 thieves capitalized on it good choice, great players.
Caio Lima (9 months ago)
Coloca uma leganda em português porra!
FAZZA (9 months ago)
Build a overwatch team plzz
Saulo Silva (9 months ago)
Hell yeah!! NTC!
Jamey Reyna (9 months ago)
100 thieves perfect team name for the twins and kNg
WARSINDUSTRYS (9 months ago)
Worst name NA LUL
Hamlet0727 (9 months ago)
1:40 except this isnt the first time theyve been partying the night before a match

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