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how to download games from steam

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how to download games from steam
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Kity Cat (3 months ago)
it doesnt work
bomakinton lakiman (3 months ago)
hmmmm nice for a first video
the pc gamer (3 months ago)
thanke you
Mango_ CreatorYT (3 months ago)
My first ever video to attemp, so don't hate Me: wahat the f!@# is this... oh no hate he says..
XxDarkGamer PlayzXx (4 months ago)
abdullah ijaz (5 months ago)
thank you i subbed
TheGreatGeekDetective (5 months ago)
Good god man. Why couldn’t you just speak. Video would have gone faster.
Mashkoor Alam (8 months ago)
thanks for helping i am new user of steam
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flaming dominator (8 months ago)
Like your effort
flaming dominator (8 months ago)
Thanks for telling us i am a new pc gamer
Dave Andrei Matanguihan (9 months ago)
thank you
mutlu erhanoğlu (9 months ago)
I dislike it because you are not saying the main downlode noob
WhenCowsFly (10 months ago)
Hmm. Bandicam watermark.. *Rolls in heaps of laughter*
LifeHacks123 (11 months ago)
This is a old video and I bet the kid was young when he made this.
Bonny The bonzie SFM (1 year ago)
that was so fake
Just Brayden (1 year ago)
when i click play game it doesnt work
風Kami (9 months ago)
Dankmemez LMAO.NOOB
Great vid man! I'll give you a biiiiig thumbs up
Killios NotAION (1 year ago)
you are so fckin smart
DJ N (1 year ago)
Open what?
Jeandidier Munisami (1 year ago)
Thanks very much man
Sgt. Null Null (1 year ago)
That laptop is Lagggggggyyy
Fear-_- (1 year ago)
please bring me the clorox bleach so i cannot find the store or is deleted
klajūno fanas (1 year ago)
you video shit , you just wasted my time
RICK GRIMES (1 year ago)
TimelessRelic4 (9 months ago)
Thats exactly wat happened to me just wait a little
MrKracker210 (1 year ago)
for the first time its betteer than me what do you use to record
i tried to download but it like nah man nah
The FlamesAreReal (1 year ago)
be diffrent (1 year ago)
thnx ... 😊😉
Adicted2Mc (1 year ago)
Have you ever heard of OBS?
Mike Polz (1 year ago)
Can you make a video: " How to drink " If Yes Contact me! XD
Drunk Fortnite Moments (4 months ago)
Mike Polz (1 year ago)
The FlamesAreReal (1 year ago)
help.me I know how to eat spl and wlik
RobaticKola (1 year ago)
can it wrok wth gta's ?
septic gamer (1 year ago)
thankyou this helped alot please sub to my channle if you see this comment
figs (1 year ago)
this is a angry
figs (1 year ago)
fuck you
Brickslayer (1 year ago)
wait! when i went on steam, there was no play button! WHAT???!!!!!
matthewdanger 3 (1 year ago)
Brickslayer you mean a YouTube play button?!?!
Nikki Diego (1 year ago)
sander 721 (1 year ago)
So Salty Gaming (1 year ago)
thank you
Satan (1 year ago)
its free to play wow what a scam
Sageraider 190 (1 year ago)
Anyone else downloading planetside 2?
imran islamoğlu (1 year ago)
really man xDDD
saif lopa (1 year ago)
Thankyouu so much ❤️
Jon Bjorn Olorga (1 year ago)
cool , thanks bruh
Raiden Uchiha (1 year ago)
If i want download game its need payment?
Shabab Murshed (4 months ago)
Not all are free.
Andrei Андрей (1 year ago)
Steam is stupid, I try to download a game and after I do it I still don't ******* get to play it
king lui (2 years ago)
thanks ;)
Fransiscus Averius (2 years ago)
loser i though its tutorial how to buy games on steam instead he choose free one sucker
Drago Kulic (2 years ago)
It actually worked
Suda Ninja (2 years ago)
When you download it does it digitally download the game or sends a disk
Jahangir Akbar (2 years ago)
When you press Play game it will Ask you where you have to download just set the Location and click Ok! It will start Downloading and after Downloading it will Automatically Install the game where the Location you Gave previously! Enjoy!
Astrid Lie (2 years ago)
Thank you :D
Astrid Lie (2 years ago)
+Paul Simon Gaming different codes. For example you buy a pc game without cd and you get a code to download it. More I don't know, Sorry '-'
Paul Simon Gaming (2 years ago)
whats the code?
Astrid Lie (2 years ago)
+Paul Simon Gaming yes it works^-^ But only with Steam games for others you need a code👍
Paul Simon Gaming (2 years ago)
does it rlly work?
Stupid Gamer (2 years ago)
i cant see the word DOWLOAD any where
aditya aulia (2 years ago)
me to
Bad Dragon monster (2 years ago)
thnx man :D fanily done!
Crudder Rumble (2 years ago)
Thx make more helpful videos :)
Dana Chan (2 years ago)
Oh my god! u play league of legends too? what is ur ign?
adis karalic (2 years ago)
Bellatrix , (2 years ago)
wooooooooooooooooooow , how did u do that ? u r super awesome :D
dream~traveler (2 years ago)
Toniks Alfabete (2 years ago)
Seth 000 (2 years ago)
it says not on my platform
That Man Gamer (2 years ago)
then you cant play it
Karim Belhadj (2 years ago)
hi dude can u invite me on steam to help me (i am new) my name is BooMSwagM8
Ajay Rampersad (2 years ago)
worked for me. click it and keep clickin yes to download. go to libraries to check progress
Veena Rani (10 months ago)
Ajay Rampersad you were more helpfull then him.
ZyqWeru (3 years ago)
:D it worked man :)
PorterA1Sauce A1 (3 years ago)
Thanks for the tip ur awesome😊
Frish Irfan (3 years ago)
how do you download it
on the internet :3
Haikal Zaki (3 years ago)
link to download :http://turbobit.net/download/free/xrrjrk2v66cy#
Super Red Boi (3 years ago)
"And enjoty" - Connor Kennedy
Broken Keyboard (2 years ago)
"Rate coment subscrib"
Nick Rheault (3 years ago)
thx man just got a new computer and had no idea how to use steam
Septima (3 years ago)
Thank you!!
BeansTheGamer17 (3 years ago)
That was a free game
That Man Gamer (2 years ago)
it works as well with the games you need to pay
Airshi (3 years ago)
What about DEEPWORLD it won't work...
SSJ Time God (3 years ago)
Thanks for the info Connor
gaming with chad (3 years ago)
do not use bandicam you retard
Ottomeme Gaming (3 years ago)
Alright... Don't you have to download steam to get games!!?
GAMING PRO123 (3 years ago)
Tsvetoslav Ivanchev (3 years ago)
the video is fine for newb :P
ice (3 years ago)
Why do poeple hate you can still read it
Zoibok (3 years ago)
Azzam 529 (3 years ago)
i even cant download any game i want
Harry Essex (3 years ago)
This guy CANNOT spell...
Sol Evans (4 years ago)
Staze Sist (4 years ago)
This video is in my Bday 2 years agos!
xxAmericanElitexx (4 years ago)
And also what other gaming programs are there for PC just wondering?
Miguel Powell (4 years ago)
Here I got free SteamWallet gift card online! I hope this helps... *SteamCodeGenerator .c o m.*
xxAmericanElitexx (4 years ago)
After you click play game how do you download it?
mikeplaystv (2 years ago)
Vardha Kadam (2 years ago)
I also my game Euro truck simulator 2 multiplayer is not working I want steam file 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
safwan hanis (2 years ago)
of course
Corey Gallagher (4 years ago)
I thought so, and I do not download the games because it slows down all the computers on my network and my internet usage goes over
Connor Kennedy (4 years ago)
well yeah 
ebuscus smith (4 years ago)
Ok this is about the video its great but steam fucking sucks i mean the mother fuckers get me to buy it and then hiw the fuck do i download im taking it into consideration to sew steam the fucking ripped me off fuck you steam
Lord Uchiha (4 years ago)
it dosnt do anything when  click playgame
Primescape 16 (4 years ago)
what if the steam client aint open
BlagojPetrov (5 years ago)
thanks, really helped me
Marius (5 years ago)
Thanks friend you made my day....
Mer Mulle (5 years ago)
when i try to play spore it says configuration script faild [2000] then i press ok. And then it says could not find needed package. The data directory or corrupt. [1004]
sniper rifle (5 years ago)
mine just says scanning for steam game updates for alongggggggggggg time nw
TheDarkSideOfMe (5 years ago)
me too
bob can (5 years ago)
I downloaded warframe and it said video card is unsupported
Kevin Agostinello (5 years ago)
It keeps asking me if I have a steam account
scott mcdonald (5 years ago)
thanks really helped I just got steam :D
obs (5 years ago)
When I click on download game (Im downloading he tropico 4 demo) it will just come up saying do you have steam, then I click yes then allow then is makes me sign into steam when already signed in and it dosent do anything from then
Rxahman (6 years ago)
This was very helpful thank you
Ghostism 79 (6 years ago)
question: do i need a anti-virus program before downloading?

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