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*UPDATE* We screwed up and ran out of money. Watch Season 2: http://bit.ly/MB-Season2 BEHOLD, THE WORLD'S FIRST GIANT ROBOT DUEL, BETWEEN MEGABOTS, INC (USA) AND SUIDOBASHI HEAVY INDUSTRY (JAPAN)! Science fiction fantasies become reality as gigantic robots, piloted by their creators, go head-to-head in this historic battle! Help MegaBots become even better! https://www.patreon.com/megabots SUBSCRIBE TO MEGABOTS SOCIAL MEDIA TO SEE WHAT'S NEXT! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/megabotsinc Twitter: https://twitter.com/megabots Instagram: http://instagram.com/megabotsinc/ Twitch: http://go.twitch.tv/megabotsinc
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Text Comments (16277)
Xsosa-glo Sub (3 hours ago)
Sorry but this is fucking trash
Fish_ Chop (19 hours ago)
it's like watching 2 grannies fighting over a blueberry pie :/ It's hard to see without feeling embarrassed
Hannah Matiga (1 day ago)
Yes theyre slow but, imagine if those weapons are loaded with real bullets
mineshaft 121 (1 day ago)
Wow. That second fight was anticlimactic
Hunzobob (1 day ago)
It’s mari
maria zurita (2 days ago)
Wasnt really a fair match since the other guy only had 1 robot and the other had 2 robots to fight with
Tommy Channel (2 days ago)
coberon zephile (2 days ago)
one quick question. Why.
Hong Kuang Ng (3 days ago)
Their celebrating just a few dents of each other
Boiling Ramen (3 days ago)
I almost died when I saw the paintballs not even get close what do they even do anyways?
Angelofdeth20 (3 days ago)
we need more duels. this is one helluva sport!
Marley McPherson (3 days ago)
Bender is dissapointed
Pizzaroni (3 days ago)
real steel knock off
eyescreamcake (3 days ago)
The best thing about this was the purple hair.
Sukesh Shettigar (3 days ago)
The Japanese robot should have got the chain saw for the chain saw that was unequal side though thank you Jài Hind
Rico Balboa (3 days ago)
It's actually not that bad for a first fight. Needs i.provement but mayne in 5 to 10 years is gonna be quite cool
Garfie489 (1 day ago)
Its pretty bad when you realise the entire thing was scripted and thus about as realistic as a power ranger zord battle
R4Z3 INB14Z3 (4 days ago)
Soo am i supposed to be entertained?
Jhevon Costa (4 days ago)
Chain gun with paintballs vs chainsaw The USA is so full of shit
Kieran Dansey (4 days ago)
more weight near the tracks on iron glory would give it a lower centre of mass making it more stable and harder to knowck down
tus gas 2 (4 days ago)
Japan looks lika sentry bot fom fallout 4
Jimenez Garcia (5 days ago)
What a fucking waste of more advanced technology
John Smith (5 days ago)
I just saw this "fight" and Japanese team got ROBBED on every level. First off 2 Fights? It's the human equivalent of having a human fight your Grizzly bear after he fights you and wins. Second, USA team had CORPORATE funding! Not some guys who used their own money. and lastly, the USA robot was a modified BULLDOZER. They cut off his hand to prove a point! His robot was more Humanoid, while theirs was Construction equipment! I'm going to follow the link to season 2 and see if they got some evenly matched contenders.
J Luis XD (5 days ago)
estoy bastante decepcionado
ervin esmeralda (5 days ago)
unfair fight
Nina Rizal (5 days ago)
IF YOU WON BY CHEATING LIKE 2vs1 you’re really a piece of Shit!
Ronald Williams III (5 days ago)
It was really anticlimactic but I admire the time, effort, and passion both teams put into these robots. I don’t expect them to be really good because it’s the first of its kind but it was pretty cool to see these monsters in action.
Nina Rizal (5 days ago)
JAPAN WON! You just sliced the metal but it did not fall while your AMERICAN ROBOT IS K.O.!
Magallanes 2540 (6 days ago)
A battering ram would have worked a lot better for a lot less money.
Binuwara Bandara (6 days ago)
Love the kuratas
lightning9 (6 days ago)
Wonder what would happen if South Korea's Method 2 got a bit modified & did such fights...
slyfox toons (7 days ago)
But there not robots,there mechs
Trason jones (7 days ago)
The first gen mobile suites
The Dubya (7 days ago)
I want to see Boston dynamix challenge them next and beat the crap out of them haha
Eric Jones (7 days ago)
😂 That punch literally came from a mile away. Just horrible
yeeto cheeto (7 days ago)
when americans are too american
yeeto cheeto (7 days ago)
also, low blow guys, the robo-balls? cmon.
wassup395 (7 days ago)
The only people disappointed are fucken 14 year olds or 20 year olds with minds of 12 year olds. The technology advancement is amazing from when I was a kid the bots were so fast.
Zachary Boling (7 days ago)
Ey Mari
Yuuki Homura (7 days ago)
this is better than the robot wars in axn they are just remote control with a weapon how boring
Garfie489 (1 day ago)
Robot Wars are weaponised robots designed to destroy each other - whats not to like? These are just mechanoids having a fake fight that was entirely scripted. Might aswell watch power rangers.
Awesomeness TV (8 days ago)
They need dog versions of this. But still. It's like when u have a transformer, and ur friend has a better one and he beats ur booty down, and then u just find another and your like, TRY ME BOI
Mohd Azlan (8 days ago)
Even a moron also can tell this fight is unfair.. find robot with ur own size man.. the difrent is too huge.. obviously the japan robot cant fight with that robot..
Leman Letoy (8 days ago)
Leman Letoy (8 days ago)
adriiPortillo (8 days ago)
a chess play in morse code would had more action, Hell, yesterday i saw two tortoises jam. It was way more interesting.
WYZMaro 97 (9 days ago)
"One Punch Man!" LMAO
Alien Intruder (9 days ago)
giggety goo (9 days ago)
Thank god for the comments section. Skippededooodaaaad my way thru this sad shit, saved some of my life.
ctrane meme (9 days ago)
noobs, colinfurze did better https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AshvBTw5Z84
Jaenal Arifin (9 days ago)
Cyber Guardian (9 days ago)
Isn't the battle is bias to america?
ATTA gaming LEGEND (9 days ago)
Did is 1 to 1 or anyone win
OutermindZ _Music (9 days ago)
Soon we'll be shooting 100 ton cannon balls :P
kughaho sumi (10 days ago)
This is the dumbest video I have come across YouTube. And the commentators are like this is an epic battle... Haha
Scott Karry (10 days ago)
So anticlimactic! Seriously laughable just how hyped they were trying to get for this lame “battle”.
igor5982 (10 days ago)
Reminds me of Hiroshima.. not to be messed up or anything. I love Japan! But they try something and we come back harder and stronger. Their robot looks sick as hell reminds me of an anime
Nefal K (10 days ago)
lmao trashy move by megabots, bringing a 12 ton robot to fight a 6 ton robot, and lets all just ignore the beatdown kuratas gave to the 6 ton bot. the kuratas won in my book.
Red Rabbit (10 days ago)
Kid James (10 days ago)
What are you talking about your the robotic expert 😑😑😑
Yujo Gaming (10 days ago)
The war robots game is bow real
Homar Juan (10 days ago)
que aburrido
Rishi Raj Jain (10 days ago)
First Rule of Wrestling : Weight of the Opponents should Match. Second Rule of Wrestling : You can't PumpUp (here; Upgrade) between Rounds. Third Rule of Wrestling : 1 Vs. 1 This is How US Suppressors behave, You call it a Duel, when it was 2 Vs 1, plus Upgrades. I Believe they were upto anything to win. Attacking the Cockpit with Chainsaw. Do you wanted to Kill him? I believe the also have a Real Cannon in their Arsenal.
aldwin aldwin (10 days ago)
US can't play fair xD
Joshua Ordesta (10 days ago)
Where are the swords... These robots must have swords!!!!
Jake Welsh (11 days ago)
The guy that does UFC is probably like "I'm just here to bang the purple haired girl" llol
Your Mom (11 days ago)
the first fight was funny
game corp (11 days ago)
so these dudes feels like they won the game. That's a fucking cheating.
Big Boi (11 days ago)
lets hope godzilla doesent wake up early.
BobRooney (11 days ago)
slow and clunky. there's a long way to go to get to be a Dark Knight clan mech. reactor online. sensors online. weapons online. all systems nominal.
Sammy Jones (11 days ago)
Ue ue ue c'jan kto ktu mor jao !?
Andrei Yanos (11 days ago)
Andrei Yanos (11 days ago)
that not kiratas
ZOMREX O (11 days ago)
Why megabot have chaisan
gustavo ferraro (11 days ago)
tenia que a verle metido un misil para aguantar esa piña jaja
a Anonymous (11 days ago)
Best. Graphics. Ever
Lauer Saylor (11 days ago)
Is this a joke
Jona Adventure (11 days ago)
The guy commenting is overdoing it
Y sont dans le turfu
Star Dew (12 days ago)
This was amazing Science fiction is now reality the future is now.
Jose Gomez-Hernandez (12 days ago)
Not a fair fight and even tho I live in usa I choose the Japanese team.
crazy dogs (12 days ago)
The Japan won because it's unfair the USA got weapons and the Japan is unarmed
abc xyz (12 days ago)
New olympic sport..? I think so
abc xyz (12 days ago)
Whens the battle shiit
Já avisei que vai dar merda
maximus Barlow (12 days ago)
WOW SO INTENSE said no one
Ricardo Martinez (12 days ago)
How stupid is this ???? I'll keep the dislike until this be removed. This is technology going backwards
だれも (13 days ago)
technically these arents robots, more like mechs
kirin 8920 (13 days ago)
the world just changed this will cause other states other country's this will be an awesome future
Lapsem Weaver (13 days ago)
8:54 One punch is all I need
Redwolf Films (13 days ago)
Titanfall 2 in a nutshell
Redwolf Films (13 days ago)
Update: Holy shit its ronin vs legion lets fucking go then, bitch!
Craig E Pennington (13 days ago)
Kuurash (13 days ago)
The Japanese is not using the speed of his robot.. if he target the back of US robot he could win this battle.. US robot is a massive and heavy mech so they cant just turn around easily... Btw, he used drone, why he didnt put some paint to explode so he can blind his enemy.. US win head on, easy win.. Japanese have mistake in his tactics.. He thinks he can win just to knock down his opponent using that punch.. I repeat US mech is a massive and heavy robot..
Bennett Crozier (13 days ago)
Battle bots XL anyone?
Tejas Pophale (13 days ago)
Something Smells (13 days ago)
The Last Orca (13 days ago)
This thing is completely staged
Normal Sweden (13 days ago)
Probably the most boring fight I’ve ever watched
diem monsther (14 days ago)
Boring! In equal terms Team Japan wins. i hate that blue guy.
Paul Perocho (14 days ago)
U S A thats cheating you have 2 robots two pilots and even more weapons then kuratas only uses a gun and fist and 1 pilot
Sandy Sampinto (14 days ago)
Just watch the real steel movie it is about robot boxing
Madison Van Herk (14 days ago)
I know a excavator operator that could take a stock mini-ho and topple both of these machines.
Chan Min Kang (14 days ago)
i thought second fight, Japan will swing out a giant samurai sword as WEAPON.... Paintball aint weapon against steel...

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