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CS:GO - Zombie Escape Mod gameplay on Titanic Escape map - Mizapro

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Zombie Escape mod online multiplayer gameplay on the custom Titanic Escape map. (ze_titanic_escape_v2_3_p) on Mizapro server. ► CS:GO Zombie Escape Playlist: http://bit.ly/CSGOZE ► Previous Video ( CSGO ) https://youtu.be/er5M7svSPhg ─── MAPPER ─── Creator of the map: Doomsknight & Mousey ─── SERVER ─── Name: Mizapro IP: ─── SKINS USED ─── M4A1-S | Heat M9 Bayonet | Azure ─── MORE ZOMBIE MODE ─── CS GO Survival (ZM) videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwKF962A9VUjzv3JOKCRHi2y9GBn9CVcC CS Source videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwKF962A9VUg43EQC-pVxxLmgmH9yh5BM Popular videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwKF962A9VUhpzRRZ1EXwZOU1ixz7ouIF ──────── INFO ───────── How to play / join zombies servers you can find in axonek3 steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/axonek3 Video 1080p 60fps // PC Specs: Intel i7-3770K | Geforce GTX 750ti 2GB | 16GB Ram
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Text Comments (147)
Darryn Yee (7 days ago)
Someone remake the Titanic movie with zombies, please!
Timur тv (7 days ago)
0:01 Music Titanic lol respect
glen goh bei lai (12 days ago)
I like how for all the videos i have seen so far, whatever team this guy is in, he wins hahah!!
Vitoreto314 :V (16 days ago)
New world 2004 (16 days ago)
I like you videos very good
keR1 (16 days ago)
The singing guy lmao
sean sk (17 days ago)
8:11 that sounded like the wro in rules of survival NETEASE EXPOSED!?!?!?!?
Felipe Perez (17 days ago)
4:15 Ho pinche Korea!! XD jajajaja
Narcis Codreanu (17 days ago)
The best finish:)))
قمر الدين (17 days ago)
Jonas Henry (18 days ago)
Play lord of the ring. Stage
Janekk (18 days ago)
Początek zajebisty
jethro pronuncial (18 days ago)
Titanic 😂😂😂
Dwayne〜 (19 days ago)
*How survivors escaped the original Titanic.*
Farex :D (19 days ago)
Press f to respect guy who sings titanic
Fahmi Fadillah (20 days ago)
Nice gameplay
The Assessin (20 days ago)
sv_gravity 0 :v
Ken Erick Madeja (20 days ago)
0:01 Rip headphone users
Pompus Lompus (21 days ago)
Why do the zombies have so much hp?
uxiha (21 days ago)
it would not make the game fun
uxiha (21 days ago)
because its an zombie escape how can u escape without zombies
imelda muham (23 days ago)
- Agonbbagadon (24 days ago)
4:02 필승코리아~
Parabellum /Seeker (25 days ago)
Жалко что не на российском
Swatlemur (28 days ago)
omg im in the video
Swatlemur (28 days ago)
it is my freiend who sing
Seth Leoric (1 month ago)
I remember as a kid i played crossfire and they had this zombie mode and one part there was these 3 guys were defending on top like a bunch of wooden boxes and oil drums and it looked awesome
Tomori (1 month ago)
Press F to pay respect
michael nolasco (1 month ago)
Ahahahahahhahahaga music titanic top
goku ultra instic (1 month ago)
Singing titanic
Jenny Wakeman [XJ-9] (1 month ago)
Wow he is so pro
Louis Nacion (1 month ago)
Fuck this man ok lets go nananna ok legs and this other guy and others
CooDex Gaming (1 month ago)
ack sonic 3 is the best
DUCATI PANIGALE (1 month ago)
Along Bulat (2 months ago)
good vedio
Along Bulat (2 months ago)
good vedio
Along Bulat (2 months ago)
good vedio
Golias ;,; (2 months ago)
XD wahe Thatcher on Theodorels have you ongot's onm got
TSEG (2 months ago)
Starkz (2 months ago)
depstor (2 months ago)
Этот сраный глас поющий в начале , отбил все жажда глядеть видео
Amamiya Brothers (2 months ago)
My heart will go on
임철균 (2 months ago)
3:50 오 피스 코레아
Thanh niên Phê Cần (2 months ago)
LOL! Titanic... And music :v ( 10:00 )
Hoon Middle (2 months ago)
Dozzier (2 months ago)
Jack noo
NotUrTypicalGuy (2 months ago)
Liked the video for that theme song
小明Ma.小光的粉絲 (2 months ago)
0:05 ..........What the fxxx
Fire Flame Nicheles (2 months ago)
이재 (2 months ago)
oh pilseung korea hahahahahaha
StairGuy 29 (2 months ago)
This is how the Titanic sank
david yu (2 months ago)
how to join that server?
10:00 Da Singing tho 👌
0:00 9:58 Wft the song of Titanic XD?!?!
reyclarence ababa (2 months ago)
nice song titanic😂😂
Waifu (2 months ago)
Shinob is retarded
김영훈 (2 months ago)
this map is same with tf2 zombie escape mod titanic
jen alquizar (2 months ago)
wow how to escape
Granny 2 (3 months ago)
henchman (2 months ago)
die please
Весёлый Дэдпул this the spaish
Cristian Medina (3 months ago)
The best ending ever xd
Megumin (3 months ago)
Lol Intro :v
Bear (3 months ago)
😁😂 0:00
Force EV (3 months ago)
lmao that Intro was Lit af
Raihan Rahman06 (3 months ago)
I Laughted soooo Baadd
Foxy The Pirate (3 months ago)
It's the same map on Tf2, LOL.
Ahmet Polat (2 months ago)
Bosonaro 2018 yes
michaelgamer60 .DLC. (2 months ago)
Bosonaro 2018 AMAZING RIGHT!
Nadhif Novarian Ramadhan (3 months ago)
wow, I don't know there's no cooperation on CS:GO Zombie Escape mod just like Counter Strike Online
Facundo (3 months ago)
Buen vídeo amigo..!! Saludos
Valentino Alexander (3 months ago)
Axonek Why You Not Make A Discord Group?
ramzez lux (3 months ago)
Nice bro
Fridge (3 months ago)
Жаль ты неумеш гласить по российский
Gordim Br (3 months ago)
???br 3.703vizualizar 391adar like 54 a comentar
SB clone (3 months ago)
Do only holding Negev challenge so you go much slower
Amj CS (3 months ago)
XD the end of the map Min [10:00]-[10:18]
michaelgamer60 .DLC. (2 months ago)
Rip titanic
RaiLācis (3 months ago)
Nice vid! like👍👍
ultra poopstinks (3 months ago)
Lol that singing tho 10/10👌
GHANDI PACUL (3 months ago)
Aaagh its been awhile i played this map and csgo
나는남자다 (3 months ago)
3:52 오 필승 코리앜ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
보다가 흠칫함ㅋㅋㅋ
Thë Gäbzッ (18 days ago)
Oi chinguelingue
K.J Superior (20 days ago)
나는남자다 저도 들음 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
장용헌 (24 days ago)
ᄌᄋ (2 months ago)
Caleb Billing (3 months ago)
That was some fucking beautiful singing, there.
This My Döner Xd (3 months ago)
3:52 *Ohh Pilseong Korea* LoL
Sãmsärā (3 months ago)
I wasn't expecting that opening lol xD
Yudi Leylin (3 months ago)
Where is Jack and Rose?
teemo the trap person (3 months ago)
That's me teemo the gay who said shut uppp that was me xD
teemo the trap person (3 months ago)
Mr teemo
DeadByDawn (3 months ago)
Nostalgic map.
10:00 TITANIC hahahaha
+ŊøŅāmĕ ēпŦä при этом здесь российские?!
ŊøŅāmĕ ēпŦä (21 days ago)
Farex :D (3 months ago)
This guy who sings titanic 0:01 I'm need him for csgo game
HaizenN (3 months ago)
Damn the intro looks *Titanic* I mean terrific
Naoe Harama (3 months ago)
the fuck with that singing 😂😂
FS VAC (3 months ago)
Funny game))))
EZOVSKy (3 months ago)
Hahaha good vid :D
Michael Marcelo (3 months ago)
Noora -* (3 months ago)
Best video ever!!!!!
Ty's World (3 months ago)
The CoD is on the titanic lol
ME ME Player (3 months ago)
Hahahahah the titanic song though
Abyssall _gaming (3 months ago)
Lol :1 titanic music
Algio AzrielAnwar (3 months ago)
Titanic it's ez
Omar Elmakhloufi (3 months ago)
old days
Galaxy Milkyway (3 months ago)
Techno Darkness (3 months ago)
Beautiful opening scene

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