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8 Useful Tips For Every Map In CS:GO

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https://csgoempire.com/r/guides Insanely useful hidden tips for EVERY map In CS:GO (2017). Because there are about a bazillion maps in CS:GO, we will only cover the active duty maps and of course dust2.. You can’t forget dust2. Without any further delay, let’s get right into these. In this video we talk about: Best Smokes In CS:GO Best Tricks & Tips CS:GO Hidden Spots In CS:GO ▼ STAY CONNECTED! ▼ Follow Us on Social Media! ★ Twitter: http://Twitter.com/UltraGuides ★ Discord: https://discord.gg/ultra ★ Twitch: http://Twitch.tv/UltraGuides ___ That just about does it for this video guys, if you liked Useful Tips For Every Map In CS:GO, hit that like button, if you want to see more videos like this as they are made public, subscribe. If you want to enter in some sick giveaways, you can follow us on twitter @UltraGuides. If you wanna hang with me and the other UG members, you can join our Discord server. Thank you so much for staying till the end of the video. Stay amazing, and we will see you, in the next one.
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Text Comments (276)
MaiEdits (1 month ago)
I havent realy played a lot and was thinking maybe this could help me catch up to those 1200 hours playtimers
Manufes (1 month ago)
cs:go empire is a scam stop advertising it go to skin hub instead and ask for a Spencer there
Bearpoop Project (1 month ago)
rip nuke tip :'c
CkaDier (1 month ago)
what about agency :(
Chillest Bill (2 months ago)
you left out canals...
Depressed Demons (2 months ago)
Stop stealing from ug
Ben Refaeli (2 months ago)
so useful!!! not like nadeking
Jeroim3142 (2 months ago)
Video starts at :50
The only Juan (2 months ago)
I got kick for the inferno wall bang they thought i was hacking
Bambelbi Schröder (2 months ago)
This Code laso works:GUIDEEXTREM
Alvin Thompson (4 months ago)
3:03 Does this one still work?
Dominik Varga (4 months ago)
3:26 I got banned by doing this thing
johm /. (4 months ago)
These videos have been helping me out made it out silver finally :)
Protocall TV (5 months ago)
Video starts at 00:50
Javs Javs (6 months ago)
Is the one on inferno patched?
CJ Russell (6 months ago)
Bro i can snipe from B sight easily (because of the cover)
ratonlaveur79 (6 months ago)
This shot on inferno is insane
Predator lol (6 months ago)
Title is misleading
Sagnik Nath (6 months ago)
No window in nuke now!
Hunter Long (7 months ago)
RIP Nuke hut nade
TheeAdeptBranch (8 months ago)
Click bait.
Dodolipop (2 months ago)
*8* useful tips for every map on cs go but he only mentioned 1 on every map
Dominik Varga (4 months ago)
Kian Kovacs, he is a idiot
Kian Kovacs (4 months ago)
Noble_Dragon (8 months ago)
I want to try the inferno trick but I’m scared because if I hit it I might get reported by the entire enemy team for hacking.
LeOpard-2 T (7 months ago)
NobleDragon777 me 2 xd
BluGlaxian (8 months ago)
I tried the trick on inferno and someone accused me of hacks I did not record it but it was so funny
Fortnite Daily-Dose (9 months ago)
that inferno one could get you banned
Alex Cazacu (9 months ago)
5 got me banned perm :((
Bryton Marshall (9 months ago)
This isn’t 8 tips for every map, it’s 1 tip for every map
Lucasmulberg03 (9 months ago)
you gonna get VAC banned if you use the tip on Inferno... looks just like you have some wallhacks...
DEATHMENACE04 (9 months ago)
The wallbang in inferno it was 2v1 I was alone with an awp I shot and hit both through they're head's. Sadly I forget to record it. Srry
Salmon Fish (9 months ago)
*IN AGENCY* At the ct side of the main. Use a boost on top of the orange bench and theres a easy AWP peek boost spot
CharlieSamSpruce (9 months ago)
Just hit the inferno wall bang in warm up after about 5 shots lol
Can someone tell me that crosshair setting Edit: the circle one from 1:39
Ludvig Holst (9 months ago)
The Inferno wallbang worked! Now I need to get a new account :D
prosterpaulo the csgo pro (10 months ago)
Guz the eneny flash me out and in inferno i kill in wall bang in inferno
Daniel Lisnjic (10 months ago)
3:02 That miss
Sietse Van Overstraeten (11 months ago)
Dust 2... is... invalidated...
Igam3plays live (11 months ago)
Dust 2 is outdated
XxroadburnerxX (1 year ago)
The inferno spot worked people thought I was hacking
Naked Mind (1 year ago)
sorry, i have to dislike every time i see that ad
LeOpard-2 T (7 months ago)
Naked Mind yeah its so long
Skittles (1 year ago)
Silvers went to dust 2 watched that part and clicked out of the video.
Jonathan Folden (1 year ago)
Whatsmyour hud called??
Bentley Kennedy-Stone (1 year ago)
#5 on inferno, you'd be reported by everyone in the server
Ted Danilsgård (1 year ago)
Wtf Its workt for me xD
Super Sinister (1 year ago)
If you're new to the game and don't know how to make a custom crosshair, I made a video on how to do it easily! Just tryna help :)
Martipaulo (1 year ago)
3:38 yeah enjoy a kill and tale VACations
Touc4n (1 year ago)
Lmao the guy whose playing is bad at aiming hee hee
Liyt (1 year ago)
I can't see the Dust2's Smoke position, Because it's blurry.
Amsal Tarigan (1 year ago)
Crosshair pls bradeon
folden (1 year ago)
"Without any further delay" he says, after 20% of the length of the clip is intro....
CaitNoScopedJFK (1 year ago)
How have I never seen that dust 2 smoke wtf. Thanks.
Marill Animations (1 year ago)
Please bust a nut
Nathan Sperling (1 year ago)
This vid is shit
Valentinas (1 year ago)
why does no one go to pvpro lol? there erent no gambling, you actually just play aim maps for coins (or just et 10 everyday for pvpro in your name) the skins are so easy too...i got a candy apple bigmac in 1 day
Brown McJuggerNuggets (1 year ago)
Always check your damn corners
KING I (1 year ago)
Can u get banned for the Inferno one????
Nathanael Sugiarto (1 year ago)
KING I depends on the guy who overwatched u
KING I (1 year ago)
Yeah well but if u just know the spots? LOL they cant ban you for skill
Nathanael Sugiarto (1 year ago)
KING I u can get overwatched
KING I (1 year ago)
That is literally impossible cause u can send them evidence that you dont use hacks ? cant you
Jonathan Folden (1 year ago)
KING I Yes You Can getbanned for anything but there is a big chance
My search for tits is finally over
EthaN (10 months ago)
The Purple Elder wolf '3' “tits”
Frosty (1 year ago)
I thought it was 8 tips on every map, not 8 overall ones
Verrückter Leon (24 days ago)
8 x 8 is 64, 64 tips in 6 minutes? Would be nice
Filiph Walqvist (1 year ago)
Someone know the command for the green crosshair
Verneri Savojoki (1 year ago)
Inferno wallbang in competitive: steam://rungame/730/76561202255233023/+csgo_download_match%20CSGO-xL7Jr-Dcu4y-mPEBv-CAoDR-tm7SA (second pistolround)
Im AJ (1 year ago)
dust 2 cyka blyat
Ephraim Boomer (1 year ago)
Not doing inferno one cuz I'll get VAC banned XD
Dnastyle132 gaming (1 year ago)
Some csgo players will probably think you are a waller by using the inferno wall bang spot
PyrottE (1 year ago)
da fuq? i didnt know any of these, thanks a lot!!
Meister2k (1 year ago)
Can't see the smoke he did on dust 2 because it was blurry and the text blocks the crosshair
whosechildisthis _ (1 year ago)
Jinsang's music in the background tho
Jigar Rajput (1 year ago)
I tried that inferno spam .. got reported :/
Michael Vu (1 year ago)
got reported for that
Konic (1 year ago)
3:33 imma record me doing it in a live match and post it on my main account, if it does well I'll send it to you
SnickerOfSteel (1 year ago)
the cbble boost tip is bs.. in high ranks there isn't any spot that isn't getting checked usually
Linus Karlsson (1 year ago)
Almost Good (1 year ago)
Old Nuke on thumbnail nice tips !
Sneaky Squirrel (1 year ago)
8 useful tips for every map? More like 1 useful tip for each map. Lame
Impizen (1 year ago)
Top 10 Pro Player Rage Moments!
GHOST (1 year ago)
0:14 the first USEFUL tip
Le Ka (1 year ago)
Every map? where is Vertigo?
Riften City Guard (1 year ago)
Leonidas Mandela every ACTIVE DUTY map
Heeboman (1 year ago)
i have gotten many aces with the cobblestone spot
Voqe (1 year ago)
Sorry but... who are these videos made for? Silvers? Novas?
lol csempire
Abdul Garrari (1 year ago)
Guys does Last but not least mean it's the last but it is not the worst?
Hinata Hyuga (1 year ago)
Gotta love finding the music i love more and more often on youtube :) Im so happy Lo-Fi is spreading! AND NUJABES <33
Hundway Fury (1 year ago)
todos esses spots ja foram usados pela sk kk
Broz Gaming (1 year ago)
5. got vac'd
Saundis (7 months ago)
Not how vac works but ok
Raiden Sengmany (10 months ago)
Broz Gaming restart pc,it makes you unbanned
SilentReaper (1 year ago)
I m here for amazing tits XD
SilentReaper (1 year ago)
oops i mean tips
stydi1 (1 year ago)
These tips kinda suck.
MrSkelly (1 year ago)
can you do the inferno trick with an ak
Nicklity (1 year ago)
yeah, train still looks good fk off.:D man don't make them to do something like they did whit nuke please.
lightning Crafter (1 year ago)
You're wrong at the nuke part. . . Why not just smoke the vent of whilst you opening the door? i always do that and no ct knows:)
MeraK Moustafa (1 year ago)
Baxter Wilson (1 year ago)
are you *SURE* that csgoempire is the leading site for fun entertainment?
Александр (1 year ago)
Nice anti-cheat(no)
wilbyy (1 year ago)
these are so old lmao.
Mine Master (1 year ago)
Video starts at 0:49
JK (1 year ago)
Go to HsTop as well they r really good. You guys are awesome as well keep it up
Solaire of astora (1 year ago)
Need help my friend got a vac bann but he dindt even used hacks so why he got banned?
Bloody Knuckles (1 year ago)
I made $20 on empire, deposited my knife, tried to withdrawal a better one, but it wouldn't let me; it said u must bet this much to withdrawal. I recommend gambling on csgo, but withdrawal the skin that depletes your csgo empire money, and go to a skin trading cite, like raffletrades.
Steve Zero (1 year ago)
fantastic d2 smoke! too bad you didn't fucking actually show how to do it..........
IAmJeenyuss (1 year ago)
Those lo-fi beats tho...
SkinniBoi (1 year ago)
you should seriously call this channel CSGO guides
Emil Rosengren (1 year ago)
I like that csgoempire scammed my friend
Karl Emil Engh (1 year ago)
What is your viewmodel? In love😍
Yaranaika Execute (1 year ago)
You can't make a video with tips for every map is cs go, because people still make these and each time you'll invent a tip for one, a ten new will be made. Think of your fucking titles, is putting "active duty maps" in the title that hard?

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