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The Gabe Newell AMA Explained

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Text Comments (650)
FoerdiTheBug (1 year ago)
From TF2 channel "Uncle Danes" video "I visited valve" we actually know that from the 16 TF2 developers only 4 to 5 are actual programmers.
Matthew BPBuds (1 year ago)
Game engines cannot do that unless you refactor the code. If they mean basically copy-pasting, then yeah, of course, but it technically wouldn't be the same code anymore.
Martin Barakov (1 year ago)
aye home is fucking amazing:))
TheMagnificentBearGuy (1 year ago)
All I want in TF2 is v_models and making the bird heads being able to be seen even if it's not halloween
Albenation (1 year ago)
I did not know Gabe swears
Hootlicious (1 year ago)
You didn't mention the question about VNN where Gabe says "first i've heard of them"
zzrog (1 year ago)
Thanks for the great video and I checked out your girlfriend's channel. Ive got to ask, is your are you datting a 13 year old boy?
Cricket Potjar (1 year ago)
What's the name of the music piece in the background from 1:08?
Danny Freeman (1 year ago)
does anybody still have faith in valve?
Axipixel (1 year ago)
Yes they can, Tyler, on your game engine question. Imagine GoldSrc and Source. Source2 isn't nearly as much of a huge difference as GoldSrc and Source and yet you can do all kinds of stuff between GoldSrc and Source. Infact, Hammer can be used to edit some assets and maps from HL1. It's part of the reason Half-Life Source was so easy to make. The same kind of difference is how we can understand some of the leaked Source2 files now and then, like the zipline from a long time ago, or the Dota 2 glass breaking code.
Sir.Crocodile (1 year ago)
did J.J Abrams ever said that the Half life movie is a remake ? Maybe we get a oposing force 2 or directly half life 3 :O that would be sick. Still i would more like it if i could play it not watching it.
Toni Franjić (1 year ago)
whats the song at end ?
Big Daddy (1 year ago)
my ex, elektra... oh how i miss licking and fuckin her ass
Reece Duh (1 year ago)
3:36 Source 2 is based off of Source 1 but has major changes which is why things like ui will need to be redone however for things like models and textures they can be ported which with a batch script is as easy as clicking a button. As seen from the half-life 2 leaked beta valve loves batch scripts that do everything.
YaBoi Goku (1 year ago)
Steam support is terrible. Few months ago i tried to download the steam app and it wouldn't let me sign in. Tried to use support and got as a response "Please restart your computer and then follow the steps in our Troubleshooting Network Connectivity FAQ"
KeeganDitty (1 year ago)
No that's not how game engines work, especially not with source. If you want to use source 2 features you gotta use source 2
r4rev2 (1 year ago)
Why Unity and not Unreal? Especially for VR.
ArmouredLemming (1 year ago)
First time I've ever heard of it... First time I've ever heard of it... *FIRST TIME I'VE EVER HEARD OF IT!* *Tyler wakes up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat*
Evon Alexander (1 year ago)
Love the channel keep up the good work!
Pikadaboi (1 year ago)
What happened to your birthday video?
Am I the only one who thinks these clips from Portal are used way too much?
SP2G 50000 (1 year ago)
5:47 Look! There's a Pewdiepie comment moderator!
Linkenski (1 year ago)
Source 2 is just an upgraded version of Source. Maybe they built it from scratch but kept certain "recipes" for code and design.
swifterik (1 year ago)
First song is Background Radiation, not Bonfires... If anyone's interested: soundcloud.com/home-2001/background-radiation
that youtube channel (1 year ago)
I don't know why people hate Zen. It wasn't the best part of the game, but it certainly isn't the menace that some like to entertain.
theendofit (1 year ago)
tldnr: hl3 cansled
Lennon Pender (1 year ago)
anything about the interview?
Yessica Haircut (1 year ago)
paid sprays
SUNR1SE (1 year ago)
Петр (1 year ago)
No video about that hl3 info. Meh, Tyler
homchom (1 year ago)
I don't want to get my hopes up, but the small portal 2 bugfix update 2 weeks ago sounds like portal 3 to me, or at least a step in right direction.
Kum Ante (1 year ago)
valve is too stupid to realise people are loosong interest in them because they're too tired of waiting...
alexGamer frosans303 (1 year ago)
unterned sur xbox one or ps4
EPM 101 (1 year ago)
I burst out laughing when he said "game development."
Delcan (1 year ago)
As far as game engines go, you can stick bits of the old engine into the new engine if they both support the same language. Other than that, it's quite difficult.
Elite Films (1 year ago)
Half-Life 3 actually confirmed seriously this time?
Fatih Korkmaz (1 year ago)
Ok AMA means in Turkish language but. interesting
Cory Riesen (1 year ago)
after a barrage of questions he agrees to a proper interview. i'd take that as a compliment
Brenden Miller (1 year ago)
Source is a very bare bones modular engine. It provides a framework to build on top of with other modules. It would make sense that source 2 operates in much the same way. Also, It would make sense that some objects from source 2 can be interchanged with source. Most programmers or developers in general utilize resources that they have made in the past. This means that there is probably a lot of source 1 source code in the source 2 engine. Why rewrite 400 lines of code when you can just get something that you've done before and reuse it. Since much of the code is similar in some modules, they don't have to change much of anything to go between the 2 engines.
TiagoTiago (1 year ago)
Are you worried that now that Valve is aware of you, they might be forced by the copyrights law bullshit to do something about the name of your channel?
GuyOnAChair ​​ (1 year ago)
Tyler News Network barely updates.
darkfire321000 (1 year ago)
as much as I love valve, all their products, and steam, I still cant help but think that my wishes for a new regular PC game (one that does not require VR) or... a game at all from valve will never become true. It has been over 5 years since any real games from the company (im not counting "The Lab" because its more of a showcase for VR than a fully fledged game), 6 years for a true single player game, and with how things are beginning to look, Valve seems to have more focus on VR/Game tech and Steam rather than any actual games. With most companies, they need to release games, that is how they make money, but the same cant be said for Gabe Newell and Valve, in all honesty and my opinion, I believe these leeks are just... false and made up documents/code that have been jumbled up to keep the masses at bay and that we will never have another Gabe Newell masterpiece, let alone a conclusion to the half life series. Valve can at least count to 5, because that's how many years its been since we've had anything new game-wise. I wish the same could have been said for their addictive series, and in all honesty, I really, really, really, really, hope I'm wrong
Thy Flesh Consumed (1 year ago)
bla bla .... bla bla bla .... bla bla bla . Shit News Network
Jose Villegas (1 year ago)
My biggest fear is dying before half-life 3 is released
My biggest fear is dying before Valve releases a new game, or anything at all.
JNH1225 (1 year ago)
This has restored my hope, I feel like we're not in the dark so much anymore. I feel enlightened. It's great to see them finally getting things done again. I've been waiting so long for any kind of announcement regarding the actual game development they're doing, just hearing him give us a definite "yes" on single player games coming in the future, new Source 2 projects, the Half-Life/Portal movie(s) being effectively confirmed, this is just wonderful to me.
Micky Sarge (1 year ago)
That zooming, tilting Gabe face was pretty distracting. I would have preferred a wall of text if the quote.
Jim Tsitsiklis (1 year ago)
what hapeened to tf2 robot asteroid and payload cactus canyon?
Le Matty (1 year ago)
*half life something* i saw the hl3 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
rawr261 (1 year ago)
Liked the music for the video, no offence but its nice to hear something other than the tf2 theme song for the 100th time
Spooky Ghost (1 year ago)
Source and Source 2 are not 'independent game engines'. Just look at Source and GoldSrc, one is just a fork of the other. They added some new fancy bells and whistles and called it a different engine. When Source 2 hits the public you will see that it's the same shitty engine that Valve has been reusing for 20+ years, which they stole from Quake in the first place. What triggers me the most is that Valve didn't even fucking make CSGO.
thefoolishgmodcube (1 year ago)
"While the engine served as the basis for GoldSrc, Gabe Newell has stated that a majority of the code used in the engine was created by Valve themselves, not taken from Quake" look that up in the wikipedia. The engine isn't properly multithreaded, so what? Many games were made from that engine, none of them had major bugs (if there are today, Valve tends to fix them or it doesn't have a big impact on gameplay) and modding is easy to do with the updated source sdk bases, you can even start the coding from scratch if you want. What's impressive about Source 2? The real question is: What's *going* to be impressive in Source 2? Remember that the engine is not finished yet, but if you look at the screenshots of the l4d2 level, dota 2 and the aperture lab into Source 2, you get an idea of what Valve will make at the very end, and it's not just a graphic improvment, but also a software improvment, don't forget about the new version of Hammer, Valve plans to make Hammer simplier for the mappers.
Spooky Ghost (1 year ago)
First of all goldsource did not have more original valve code than id software code. Both are open source, go look yourself. I think the word you're looking for is "innovator" but that's not remotely accurate. Valve did not 'invent' HDR in the slightest. The only thing that was remotely impressive about Source Engine's physics are things that aren't even used in the most popular Source Engine game (CSGO) and were gimmicky at best. After nearly 20 years of recycling the same engine, it still isn't even properly multithreaded. What the fuck is mind-blowing to you about Source 2???
thefoolishgmodcube (1 year ago)
It doesn't matter how low the quality was on the initial engine, goldsource had more valve coding than normal quake engine ending, but the source engine grantly improved by the time, it had better performance, it invented hdr and it has better physics than doom 3 and quake 4 physics combined, and now valve is working on source 2, this is a mind blowing, remember that valve is a renovator, you want it, he names it.
Spooky Ghost (1 year ago)
They could but it would be trash compared to John Carmack's engine. The thing about that is that John Carmack has made multiple excellent engines since then while Valve is using one of the shittiest engines of modern gaming. If you think the Source engine is quality compared to what an actual competent and intelligent programmer could do, you are not a smart person.
pntg0n!kyuu (1 year ago)
Spooky Ghost The only reason valve took quake engine is because they didn't want to spend so much time working on the base. If you really think a person, who worked for microsoft can't make a game engine using OpenGL, you are not a smart person.
TheKakazoo (1 year ago)
And the fact that people steal accounts via steam support... My friend lost his account for a week. It was sold on a fucking russian site...
someone (1 year ago)
Did tf2 hit detection will be fixed? Nope
FrosTy theNoob (1 year ago)
took you this long to post a video Tyler xD
Blue Beefalo (1 year ago)
Personally I haven't needed much steam support thank god but when I purchased gta again and with a 8 million card after being banned cause I thought I would get another account with it however it wouldn't sign out of my other account cause it was linked they generously refunded it and the card when it shouldn't be refunded due to the situation and I now can play in my other account.
Luuk de Wijse (1 year ago)
A new SP Valve game will make Gabe a Messiah, instead of the god we have sacrificed to for years with our wallets.
Farrison Hord (1 year ago)
according to the background music it seems like Valve NEws Network is also into vaporwave... ;-)
zynius (1 year ago)
If you want to know how Source2 works just look at Dota2, Robot Repair and Destinations. Basically it's this; Source(1) has been taken apart and every subsystem has been put into separate external modules (DLL's on Windows) that can be replaced on a per-game basis. For instance "the big" change, and something that Source modders couldn't do was to replace the actual render system, for that you needed to have total source code access. If you modded Source with the official SDK you were stuck with Valves BSP format, and their DX9 render pipeline. In Source2 the render pipeline can be configured and replaced as the developer sees fit. Every Source2 subsystem lives in a separate external library, and if you look at the API they are all identical (there's 2-3 API calls including a way to enumerate the capabilities - not dissimilar to how COM on Windows works). This allows every part of the Source2 engine to be used externally, for instance in the level editor. The new Hammer is capable of loading and using the new physics engine, the sound engine, the configured render system, directly without the actual engine running. It's worth nothing that the render systems used in Dota2, Dota2 VR mode, and Robot Repair / Destinations are actually three separate ones, since unlike Source you're not bound to a single renderer and map format. The render system used in RR and Destinations is actually very simple. It's a single pass forward renderer with similar capabilities to the one used in The Lab that they released for Unity. It doesn't support things like area portals, BSP trees, or other fancy culling algorithms and it's completely unsuited for an actual FPS game. It can really only do small levels since there's no support for a pre-computed PVS of some form. The renderer used in Dota2 VR mode is similarly made especially for that singular purpose (it's called DotaVr or similar in the config files). Similarly the renderer used in the Dota2 main game was specially made for that purpose as well (top down, special culling requirements, fog of war support, etc). In Robot Repair they throw the entire level onto the GPU (everything is prefabs / 3D models) and use Lua scripting to do the geometry culling. Whilst you're in the room and the walls are up, the GPU render distance is clamped with the help of a Lua script (it simply sets a cvar). Also the entire room with Atlas and P-body is flagged as invisible until you open the door at which point the script toggles the geometry to a visible state. When the walls come down and GLaDOS reveals herself, a script increases the draw distance to encompass the entire level. Apart from that everything is the same as Source, just better isolated, and no doubt a lot of code has been refactored and rewritten. The netcode is the same. The physics engine is new (replaces Havok). The UI code is new (replaces ScaleForm), the material system is updated. Multithreading has been improved. The render pipeline can be replaced. Hammer can use the subsystems directly for WYSIWYG editing, etc. And the reason why CS:GO on Source2 doesn't make sense like Ido said; To port CS:GO to Source2 would involve either porting the current CS:GO DX9 render pipeline into Source2, or make a new BSP capable renderer for Source2 (maybe with DX11/Vulkan support) but that would require rebuilding every single map and material in the process. It makes more sense to pick parts of S2 for integration into the CS:GO branch, which is in fact something they are doing. Similarly Source2 is getting improvements from CS:GO, like the netcode improvements.
Meenit (1 year ago)
Ayy, it's Conman!
Conman Epicness (1 year ago)
+Linkfinite That's not the point and it's completely relative to what's on the map
Linkfinite (1 year ago)
So.. can Source 2 run bigger maps?
Meenit (1 year ago)
My gosh, thank you for the wonderful comment!
Joshua Salles (1 year ago)
"It's worth -nothing- noting*" *Edit:* Great comment though I've already gone back and read it a few times. Should be pinned!
Kum Ante (1 year ago)
left 4 dead 3 confirmed?
Antonluisre (1 year ago)
How's the interview with Gabe?
John Doe (1 year ago)
they also should work on tf2's hitbox in general, specially pyro's hitbox, since his class needs a rework and theres the balancing and new weapons update.
saint gales (1 year ago)
Guys the song is not ''HOME - Bonfires''. its HOME - Background Radiation
Sebastian Weber (1 year ago)
God damn you've made so much progress since I found your channel about a year ago.
ZeroDucksGiven (1 year ago)
Why don't you use saveglitches? far faster than those portal peeks.
Brenden Clark (1 year ago)
gabe newell interview when
War Viper 25 (1 year ago)
has anyone else noitced that tyler uses the same portal footage when he talks about somtheing relating to gabe?
GFreeman515 (1 year ago)
Thanks Tyler
Benrob0329 (1 year ago)
Depending on how the engine is written, you can use one component without needing the whole thing.
Tanner Mckenney (1 year ago)
To answer your question about game engines: Source and Source 2 are both written in C++. From what I've seen, Source 2 is just a gigantic refactoring of the original Source engine. Most multi-purpose game engines out there are built with *some* sort of modular architecture. That being said, I think it's safe to assume that you can forward port features from the original Source engine into Source 2 provided you "rewire" it to work within the newer engine. As for back-porting features from Source 2 into Original Source, well, i'm not too sure. It depends on what they changed, added, or removed between the two. It's usually easier to forward-port features than back-port them. If you want to get *really* nitty-gritty, considering again that they're both written in C++, it wouldn't take much to half-ass glue the two chunks of code together. Stability, though, is another question entirely. Bottom line: Basically, it depends on the feature and how good the programmer (or team) is at porting features between code bases. Hope that helps, I'm sure someone more experienced with the two code bases can give more accurate details.
Sir Caco (1 year ago)
I have to say the TF2 comics are incredible. I love them and I can't wait for the final issue.
Anyone still hoping for HL3?
At this point it's stupid to hope that Valve will come up with a new game, let alone HL3.
Mib (1 year ago)
Switching Engines is no easy task. If you, say, switch from Unity to Unreal... you'll have to rewrite. But from Source to Source 2 it might not require a rewrite, because of their similarities. From what I know they're both based on C++ too (source 1 is atleast) so unless they make major changes, compiling the games would work fine.
neoKushan (1 year ago)
Well designed software can indeed share components from other bits of software. It's not quite the same as "Two different game engines swapping bits out", it's more like how two different cars from the same manufacturer are ultimately made up of individual components that could be shared across several models. The engine in those cars might differ, but the nuts and bolts used to assemble it will be the same. The seats are probably easy to interchange and so on. A lot of people are saying that a game engine is split into individual components like Display, Audio, input, etc. but the reality is that they're split into a lot more components than that and abstractions are used on top of those areas to keep things sane. Imagine UI - it's going to rely on display, audio and input to work properly, but the display engine (for example) isn't going to want to care if the bits its been given to draw on the screen came from a UI component or an ingame scene or whatever - it's going to just want to be given a list of display data it understands so it can process it. So imagine then you have a UI system that spits out 3DContentForDisplayRender to draw - well, if someone has a better/newer UI subsystem, as long as it ultimately spits out that same 3DContentForDisplayRender then the underlying systems generally won't notice.
Turdbundy! (1 year ago)
Wuhpooosh. That's the sound of a whip cracking.
connor S (1 year ago)
looks more like Mads Mikelson then Gabe Newell
GXD (1 year ago)
answer, portal or half life?
Badolf Pittler (1 year ago)
valve really needs to hire alot of people, seriously
Alternative EFG (1 year ago)
Wait, what was that footage in the end? Is it a mod of something?
Musef , (1 year ago)
half life "something"
szymon kasza (1 year ago)
someone asked if gaben knows about vnn... he responded no
some weird nibba (1 year ago)
i dont care about half life 3 i would just like a new valve game it doesnt even have to be a sequal i just want it to be good
Monkey D. Leafy (1 year ago)
You are so interesting that you keep pulling us back for more VNN, which is one of my favorite shows on youtube btw.
The Man (1 year ago)
That's corvo not gaben on the thumbnail
Sintes (1 year ago)
If I was a CEO of a game company I'd ignore those two questions too. Look at them. They are huge walls of text. You should really try to state things more simply. People like him don't have a whole lot of time.
cb0e (1 year ago)
Unannounced products my dude.. not projects
cakebrin3r (1 year ago)
Game engines only really change lighting and physics. Actual game play functionality is programmed around the engine.
cakebrin3r (1 year ago)
eeeeeeeh its more physics are different. Gameplay functionality is the actual game itself which is what the developers make. so a fps and a platformer can have different gameplay but are bound by the same engine. Assets such as models and textures can be imported over super easy.
DrIvanRadosivic (1 year ago)
So Source 2 needs some physics programs for airstrafing, blast jumping and the like for TF2:Source2 version? And the market for the metal, keys and cosmetics might be started over, or just ported over.
GGTyler (1 year ago)
Love to see that interview. Also, suprised to see that no-one asked about a portal sequel.
Floral Shoppe (1 year ago)
the Vaporwave made this video even better
Paige Wilson (1 year ago)
you really checked your sources for this video. good job.
Darc Phansea (1 year ago)
TAKE THE FUCKING DEAL AND INTERVIEW HIM, just leave HL3 at the end or else he may just leave
Chase Harlan (1 year ago)
Most of my experience with game engines is through using the Unreal Engine and Unity. Most engines are made of a bunch of different parts that are all responsible for a separate aspect of the game (sound, rendering, interactivity, etc.). In the case of something like Unreal Engine 3 vs 4, both are actually separate programs that do not share the same codebase. They might be similar, or handle things in similar ways, but effectively they are only the same engine in that they are both named "Unreal Engine". In the case of something like Unity, its a little more complicated. To my knowledge, regardless of the differences between Unity version 4 and Unity version 5, they're still the same engine with the same parts just in different points in the development cycle. So newer versions of Unity have different rendering engines or different sound engines, but they all work off of the same code base so you can more easily port a game project to a newer version. It sounds like Source 2 is even weirder in its relationship to Source 1, but my interpretation is that it sounds closer to the Unity example? Because its an inhouse engine, they might have the separate parts (UI, scripting, rendering)of the complete game engines and they're compiling/packaging the games using parts of both Source 2 and Source 1. I have no idea how that works, but its possible I guess? I think the big thing to keep in mind is that like ido_valve hinted at, a new game engine will not automatically make anything about the game prettier or better necessarily. The reason why we move to newer and newer engines is so that we can take advantage of better and newer features. We can render more polygons, or the organization of the program is more intuitive, or the way texture rendering is handled is better. That's why Half Life: Source doesn't really look a whole lot different. Source had better physics, shaders and texture rendering, but without better art assets (textures, models), it still looks essentially the same.
BestServedCold (1 year ago)
Steam Support is abysmal. I locked my account once because I gt an email that someone tried to hack into my account from Russia. It took 2 months for Steam Support to unlock my account.
EthanRDoesMC (1 year ago)
3:27 Source and Source 2 may be compatible together. If what I'm thinking is right, then Source 2 is a branch of the master Source branch. If this is true, then the two can talk to each other easily. For example, the Portal 2/LFD 1 and 2 branch can interact with the Source 2013 branch with 3 lines of code. It can also just as easily interact with HL2/Portal's source Engine Branch. It's how Garry's Mod works.
SnapClapplePop (1 year ago)
Gaben has some nice teeth
our lord and savior
Patman (1 year ago)
really phoned it in while advertising your girls channel lol
runningwild09 (1 year ago)
5:10 I know thats some sort of half life thing, but I dont recall any of that being in the game. I assume its a mod, and if so then whats the name of it?
Reecekun (1 year ago)
I'm gonna barf if this portal speed run gameplay keeps running as the background footage lol
Declan Harrop (1 year ago)
Peter Kristo (1 year ago)
4:18 just made me uncomfortable.
Lockwert (1 year ago)
Your content is nice but I find it difficult to pay attention with the constantly moving Portal 2 background. I know it's kinda your style but would you consider changing it?

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