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How To Get VIP On Every CS 1.6 Server!

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Download link: http://kaitect.com/Aq6 CS 1.6 Download Link: http://kaitect.com/Aq6 ►Checkout: https://opencases.cheap/?ref=nick for free 0.55$ In this video, i'm showing you how to use steam id changer to get free VIP on every cs 1.6 server. Download link: http://adf.ly/1f347f counter strike 1.6, cs 1.6 vip hack, cs 1.6 vip, cs 1 6 vip hack, steam id changer, cs vip
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Text Comments (331)
carl johnson (20 hours ago)
gando ka bacha nahi howa
gabygaby gabygaby (9 days ago)
Thank you,man D.Daca esti romin multumesc mult :D
Kartex231 (18 days ago)
Yaniss Gamer (22 days ago)
Not working
AymenGamer (26 days ago)
No work
AcidicTV (1 month ago)
this Works on Paintball Server But I like paintball servers So thanks For giving steam id link :)
Niki Pro Gamer (1 month ago)
Only on open gl?
Mohsin Mustafa (1 month ago)
isnt working i cant join the server after changing id
Atharva Gaming (1 month ago)
My game crashes on joining server loading screen can anyone help
Talal Nazir (1 month ago)
when i start server it say this id is already in use
E & V TV (2 months ago)
Агент 47-й (2 months ago)
Like Nice
Ovde ima sve i svašta (2 months ago)
Adin Kalem (2 months ago)
ahahahahhahahahahaha you take that gameplay from serbian guy hahahahahahahahahahha HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH nooob
Spr1nt (2 months ago)
Look at the upload date.
Krisz Kozmix (3 months ago)
virus (
Haris Siddiqui (3 months ago)
guys it work but the problem is some server has secure system which server not let u change steam but other servers work if u have problem that Your SteamID is used in this server that means that admin is playing so u cant play with the same ID so wait for him he disconnect then u connect and play :) u will be admin :) AnyWays Thanks for that man for telling us ! Love You !!!
Haris Siddiqui (1 month ago)
Which server?
DapZap Play (3 months ago)
What is the IP address of the server you are playing
Jan Otero (3 months ago)
cs exits when i join server what do i do
Abdou Gaming (3 months ago)
WTf..... its worrkkk ohh thanks mennn
LanCer KoKa (3 months ago)
nice hack lol xD
Türk Oyuncu (3 months ago)
Türk Var serverda
Speed Gaming (3 months ago)
It's very bad it only works to the paintball server,it works there but in other servers...
Speed Gaming (3 months ago)
No I was worng it's very good thanks dude!
Mr. Bad Frosty (4 months ago)
You are serbian
Thron Gamers (4 months ago)
MoOS4 ЌhąN (4 months ago)
https://yadi.sk/d/-ugsvPB5bmj3v ;)
[SGMMA] (4 months ago)
muhammad basit (4 months ago)
Immad Khan (4 months ago)
It is not working (when i hack on and start connecting to server so it is not connecting as i hack off then it connects) please!!!! help me.
AndreiPro (4 months ago)
When I Try To Enter A Server The Game Crashes
FarexX x (5 months ago)
Wolferino (6 months ago)
ban !!! i am
ERROR GURU (6 months ago)
It says it is already in use
Dzeky YT (6 months ago)
He will not just kick me out of the game
Dzeky YT (6 months ago)
he will not just throw me out of the game
Groosey Man (6 months ago)
can i have ip of server?
MrVezhlys (4 months ago)
YolcioGT (6 months ago)
why IT VIRUS !!!?
_MàJéD_ -DZ- (6 months ago)
MysiX Music (7 months ago)
you have very potato computer
Spr1nt (7 months ago)
Thanks for the feedback. Since you have such a beast of a PC, I would suggest you to sell it and use the money from it to get an education or at least take a few lessons about grammar.
SpinX (7 months ago)
This work promise .
makh simou (7 months ago)
thx :))
Potato Gamer (7 months ago)
Guys IT Dont Work Couse Almost all of server pached this But it work
Khaled tahhan (7 months ago)
didnt work
HaCKeR GaMeR (7 months ago)
with that have unban LOL
Trolly_Face24 (5 months ago)
this is me but with glasses
you cant defeat me (7 months ago)
Bro your nickname on cs 1.6
Spr1nt (7 months ago)
D4rko (7 months ago)
merge 0 la mie sa te
KILLER gt (8 months ago)
Sheila Devi Prajapati (8 months ago)
ICY FROST (7 months ago)
IstinaLažDaily (9 months ago)
You can use this like unban because they ban your steam id you can easy change it . Thanks !
Васко Петров (9 months ago)
5K ShaZera CSGO (9 months ago)
Dead Gaming Nation (9 months ago)
Møhá Mèđ AL haASSAnI (3 months ago)
Rohit Thorat (10 months ago)
server say *alredy use this id in game * what can i do ? :|
Top Best (3 months ago)
no its not patched its work on unprotected servers
BaneSRB (7 months ago)
Patched means its not working anymore
Rohit Thorat (7 months ago)
BaneSRB (7 months ago)
No it pached
Rohit Thorat (7 months ago)
So that's fake...
kashif khan (10 months ago)
in counter strike there is no directory
kashif khan (10 months ago)
dude can you tell me the name of link
[YouTube] kirambit (10 months ago)
_SRB Wolf (10 months ago)
William Emmanuel (10 months ago)
wth i got vip from nowhere, i'm so confused?
_TheZoOR_* (11 months ago)
Don't Workink...
[Game_Life] Rodrii` (11 months ago)
Dude that link is not warking can you send me the full link name ? HElp me
Spr1nt (11 months ago)
makh simou (11 months ago)
thx :))))
Sem Noção TV (11 months ago)
this only works in paintball servers
DaNuT BaNuT (3 months ago)
ur a fucking idiot
e (11 months ago)
Work :) how to hack admin not work you not entry server new video hack admin :)
Deleted (11 months ago)
just a virus
BaneSRB (7 months ago)
its false positive
KappA (11 months ago)
It's not f2p noob
The_C0mmunity (11 months ago)
The_C0mmunity (11 months ago)
eu sou um hacker do cs onilne vip
Pro Gamer (1 year ago)
It don't work in all servers... can u hack admin in ?
AMIN GAMER (1 year ago)
Cllean V. (1 year ago)
Jasin Manaev (1 year ago)
works i try this on all jailbreak server jailbreak server dont work
LOver PrO (1 year ago)
arnas arcisauskas (1 year ago)
server ip?
NightGaminG (1 year ago)
Miau (11 months ago)
shut up kid lol
Memz Is My Life (1 year ago)
password ?
Big Smoke (1 year ago)
everythinks is right but is don t want enter a server why ?
Big Smoke (1 year ago)
yes he say yo got banned from server
bayan omar (1 year ago)
its for banning if u got baned he remove it but its not good for me because i play in server codm4 so my lvl and rank will rest everytime i get out of the game
Big Smoke (1 year ago)
nothing! he out it with out saed anything
Spr1nt (1 year ago)
The shield What does it say when you try to connect to a server?
Matrix Gamer (1 year ago)
share ip my
Preskata23 (1 year ago)
Ok help me pls Skype Aleks.ivanova96
Anna RR (1 year ago)
Vidim da si Balkanac :D
Spr1nt (1 year ago)
SuperMan * HackeR (1 year ago)
Gabriel Suarez (1 year ago)
pana puedes subir un link por mega porfavor
Sandra Rudolf (1 year ago)
Stay Awesome (1 year ago)
Not working
DJGaming13 (1 year ago)
this shit it works only one server
R0man Heinem4nn (1 year ago)
ip server?
SonyAnimation GC (1 year ago)
Jaya Karunia (1 year ago)
thx ITS works
Zohaib Khan (1 year ago)
fake .
Mohey (1 year ago)
Thank you very muchhh <3 :) *_*
Skiller Dz (1 year ago)
dont word you need find a password for admin or vip for connect dont work noooooooob
Invader (1 year ago)
this is for steam cs 1.6 only??
Spr1nt (1 year ago)
game player installer Works on non steam too.
oyun aga TV (1 year ago)
ninza no pliz
abbe saheb (1 year ago)
hugo pineda (1 year ago)
m m (1 year ago)
That Counter - Strike has been patched in 2017?
Syed Hasnain (1 year ago)
both are steam id changers wtf??!
Michael Angelo Adanza (1 year ago)
Are you using Counter-Strike 1.6 Steam Update ?
Karavi (1 year ago)
working nosteam?
TriHard (1 year ago)
Yoo do you got Skype i need to ask something about CS 1.6 ID Changer, i got everything to work and in game i get the VIP IDs and put it as mine (it even says its set to mine) and it doesnt seem to work when i retry im not vip? (IM using the Steam Version)
Jordon Simpson (1 year ago)
Do you need cs 1.6 warzone or any cs 1.6?
Spr1nt (1 year ago)
It should work on most versions.
Daritos (1 year ago)
i found a problem when you put in the id it says your SteamID is alredy in use in this server
SAMP For Real (1 year ago)
It works :) <3

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