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CS:GO on Source 2 - Everything Known

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Sponsored By SkinSilo - Promo Code : PAIDSPRAYS iPhone App - http://bit.ly/AppSkinsilo Android App - http://bit.ly/AppSkinSilo Website - http://bit.ly/SiloWebsite Today on Valve News Network, we take a look at all the information we have on Counter-Strike Global Offensive being ported to Source 2. My Social Media : Twitter : https://twitter.com/ValveNewsNetwor Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/valvenewsnetwork/ Waffler Weekly : goo.gl/Fm28Ge Download the Beta Dust 2 Map : http://www.mediafire.com/file/hh3gfzu5b5lc25m/de_dust2_remake_s2beta.bsp Thanks to Jackathan for the work on the map : https://www.youtube.com/user/jackathanone
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Text Comments (447)
JAKE14 (4 months ago)
Wait this map isint was maked by this guy from turtle rock studio ?
™« кεnzøя »™ (4 months ago)
Only me hate new "weapons sounds" ?
vgo gambling (6 months ago)
Skins and market continue source 2?
Alberto Goșea (6 months ago)
I just want vulkan
Cato Malgus (6 months ago)
For fuck's sake, it's never simple with VALVe. No full engine SDK release, no new games on the engine, only modules put working on an existing titles.
goSuspicious (6 months ago)
THEY SHOULD be better PROTECT their game AGAINST CHEATERS! Fuck you can even found code snippets for wallhacks in the MSDN!
Beau Broussard (7 months ago)
I wanna see them port only source games to it like tf2 good, left 4 dead and shit like thay
Topi Sahlman (7 months ago)
How much source pay?
lhbr1980 (8 months ago)
Wounder if Volvo will fix the bulletlag and recoillag in source 2? Now they havent fix it in source. I only hope but lets see I still doubt that developers will fix the problem. If they do nothing to the lagcompensation interpolation and server hit registry this will also be a hitreg lottery joke game as csgo on sounce engine.
Yankee TM (8 months ago)
This message is for alen- fuck you
The0Zero (9 months ago)
small critique – Making the inserted text and forum comments smaller so that they doesn't take up the entire width of the screen would make them a lot easier to read.
spaceman1980 (9 months ago)
what we all really long for is counter strike source in source 2
Cameron jeffrey (9 months ago)
I wish you the best of luck, I saw you on the news. Good luck in collage.
Osclala (9 months ago)
hammer source 2 please
Cryppablezx (10 months ago)
Valve: As far as a roadmap is concerned, our priorities for 2017 are to replace the UI with panorama. And, I'm sitting here at the end of 2017 with no signs of "The Panorama UI"
Chopper_oni (2 months ago)
Mathias Perillo well they took their time but its here now lol
Mathias Perillo (8 months ago)
Cryppablezx me too, i'm disapointed...
Andrew boogiemann (10 months ago)
with less words your saying that csgo will get into source 2 but with slow moves instead of making a new game
Jonathan50 (10 months ago)
Hammer 2? We already have Hammer 4! And what's the problem with working with brushes?
reptilian (10 months ago)
Captain Blyat (10 months ago)
Finally a half decent use of Source 2. Can't fucking believe that they used DOTA 2 as the first source 2 game...
Michael Wentworth (10 months ago)
Don't get your knickers in a twist, Half Life 3 will be on Source 3
Evan N (10 months ago)
that gameplay in the background though. who tf uses aug and galil. ak and m4. wtf
JotaPe (10 months ago)
I dont speak english but I want know when the source2 come?
ExO (10 months ago)
Drow Ranger (10 months ago)
We need Half-Life !!!!!!!!!!
RetroMochi (10 months ago)
That is not the dust2 remake.. thats ugly as fuck.
techsimmons (10 months ago)
They need to bring back client-side bullet impacts. They basically ruined  the game because your VAC system can't detect nospread cheats. Why have the client show where bullets go at all? So misleading. Especially when you dink someone with an AK, thinking they died, so you can move onto the next target.
Jesse Krämer (10 months ago)
I would love to see the next cs franchise game, Like CS Source 2 or something creatively named and hope that it will be better than CSGO.
Kushothe (10 months ago)
2017, november - no Panorama UI - anti-cheat worse than it was - i guess it works in china
Matt (10 months ago)
"working on anticheat" dude there are so many hackers that evenI started hacking
Sleepy Martinez (10 months ago)
I only want Source 2 to be out so that Underhell can be finished.
eksmad (10 months ago)
Tyler is sponsored by a scam site. Cool.Do they really pay so good? Disgusting. :x
FreelanceDev4life (10 months ago)
I'm actually a huge fan of creating block by block by block to make a level. I've used various other engines, and I always return to Source because it allows so much more fine details to be added after the fact. The downside is that open area's become a very daunting task for the engine to compile, so if Source 2 can combine both in a way that feels like Source 1, then I think it will be a huge market asset. A "map editor" should be the end all of all game/mod building. It should be able to be create a mod while also allowing more creative people to use additional tools. Source engine allows me to plug my own models into them, or to build them into the map (which I love to do). Here's to hoping Source 2 using both techniques to create a highly customizable design tool that encompasses all aspects of game / mod development.
WooferJr (10 months ago)
Whats source 2? Plz explain it nicly to me :(
Nevie (10 months ago)
What Home Resonance remix is in the background?
Hug 44 (10 months ago)
bruh charge your phone lmao
f1re (10 months ago)
guys im kinda confused why is source 2 so important?
Watto (10 months ago)
Francopolo (10 months ago)
H O M E - R E S O N A N C E Background music in case you were wondering.
Mroczny Dark (10 months ago)
Cup (10 months ago)
You just agree to any sponsorship email you get?
arad fir (10 months ago)
the reason is: its hard for customers to realise new engines are just a bunch of classes. they probably can merge them
Mikael (10 months ago)
So its source 1,5?
Spooky Ghost (10 months ago)
You people really don't understand what source 2 even is do you? it's not an 'entirely new engine' in any way. You can tell this just by comparing the binaries of csgo and dota2. Your videos always seem incredibly uninformed. It's literally as he says in the reddit post "Source 2 is a bunch of system rewrites". If you don't understand what that means (you clearly don't) you should probably stop making videos on the topic.
Demonicious (10 months ago)
Its sad that most of the people hoping for Source 2 don't even know what game engines do. And why sometimes it might be a bad Idea to change the Game engine fully. Oh by the way Source 2 runs on a different physics engine so don't expect to use the same smokes and nades when the update actually arrives.
AJS i (10 months ago)
source 2 is also going to bring a lot of new players. this making it better for everyone who invested in csgo. these investments can include: cases, passes, and anything limited edition
CaptainMack1 (10 months ago)
Background music is on point my man
Thicky (10 months ago)
Is it just me or is it weird when Tyler play something besides the Half-Life 2 Beta
SzwejO5 (10 months ago)
Yea yea good good but still the source 2 will not be in team fortress2
Ziemen (10 months ago)
don't google "pre-leaking""
Patrick Lloyd (10 months ago)
So, maps in Source 2 themselves are models? The Physgun may or may not like this...
PrevosHD (10 months ago)
what about a video without sponsored stuff? -.-
craggy rocks (10 months ago)
source is garbage high CPU demand with shitty graphics and huge amount of stuttering +150 FPS and the game still not smooth !! what kind of shitty engine is that just use another engine for fuck sake
Moe Green (10 months ago)
i sometimes get stutters too. mostly in deathmatch servers i think. not sure i get much stutter in 5 v 5 competitive servers i always assumed it was because i have a 2011 cpu and GTX 560. cpu is i5-2400 quadcore 3.1ghz is stutter present on fast systems too? i'm not sure i've seen stutter happen during a major tournament with the pro teams though. have you seen it happen there? i got 8gb RAM. game installed on USB 3.0 storage drive, not a performance drive
Black Back (11 months ago)
Blackhole on dust2 explaned
Alexander (11 months ago)
Resonance <3
¿Wöãhy? Joey (11 months ago)
LMAO 2:15 that guy teleported
Wolvenworks (11 months ago)
*paid sprays* **gets triggered**
cheikh abd el hak (11 months ago)
Boneless points
fuck off
Big E Chez (11 months ago)
For l4d3 Maybe the military tried to control a tank and managed to escape and had some stitched up skin and metal shackles and a spin brace. Maybe the military managed to capture a Hunter and he would have some surgical stitched and wounds on the legs. And had some broken wrist and ankle shackles and had a jaw brace to ensure he wouldn't bite
Wersjon PL (11 months ago)
Steam have polish currency !
Wersjon PL (11 months ago)
FAGGOTWARE STUDIOS english is not my primary language if you are sarcastic.
FAGGOTWARE STUDIOS (11 months ago)
Wersjon PL piekna gramatyka
Chris Season (11 months ago)
would this not work to add collision to the model?: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/$collisionmodel
lol man (11 months ago)
I Currently am texturing that map. Like so tyler can see! gonna be a long time tho.
Anthony Ianitello (11 months ago)
What is the background music in this video?
sub .zero (7 months ago)
anyone manage to find the first song in the video?
Connor Dabron (10 months ago)
it's not Resonance lol but it sounds like HOME
Fness gaming (10 months ago)
really? It sound different to me..
Anthony Ianitello (11 months ago)
22Titus22 (11 months ago)
Anthony Ianitello HOME - Resonance
Lubie Placki (11 months ago)
Source 2 is garbage and it will kill the game when it gets ported SOURCE 2 HATE
05:10 I LOL-ed because O already knew where that was going.
Keddiels (11 months ago)
Sorry Tyler but I stopped listening to you because I was to busy grooving to my jam
whirligig12 (11 months ago)
as a mapper, hammer 2 sounds awesome. valve needs a new mapping software.
crazikyle (11 months ago)
could the accessibility sound files be for people hard of hearing? Those sound file names sound less like tutorial sounds, and more like directional and environmental sound. The north sound would chime when the player is facing north, ledge sounds would chime when a player is bumping into ledges, and I have very little idea what the other two sound files are. What would a sound file called "north" even do in a tutorial? Plus, many design features for handicapped people are called accessibility.
Amir S (11 months ago)
HOME music sweet choice also cool vid this type is pretty sweet (though I image it take a long time to compile)
marinesciencedude (11 months ago)
5:21 FINALLY! A map that I might be able to play (even though orange maps exist).
matthew hurley (11 months ago)
i thought that a game engine, was an indivisible thing... or that it couldn't have parts from other engines ported into it, is this just because of how similar (im assuming) the two are or is it a generaly possable thing?
Cryptiz (11 months ago)
Why should we care about source 2 its pointless to the currently best selling games
Dá Wéi (11 months ago)
Video starts at 0:20
virginityowner69 (11 months ago)
daniel wiles (11 months ago)
well since we all know lfd3 is in progress i doubt its on source 1 and not source 2 lol
Galko655e (11 months ago)
PaidSprays lol.
Ali Ekber Korkmaz (11 months ago)
100 Ways to die on tf2=100:upgrade to source 2
Lubie Placki (11 months ago)
Great, someone who understands the threat that is Source 2
Ed Jackson (11 months ago)
They could do this to TF2. A slow port over time.
leopolditowtf (11 months ago)
"It would take a crazy person to do this work... So, link is in the description" that's why I love this channel
Dawid Pietrzak (11 months ago)
I personally would guess, accessibility sound being for sight impaired people? Valve has done some work with deaf people, maybe they are now aiming for more accessibility? The names of the sounds make sense for such usage.
kosshi (11 months ago)
What a shit sponsor holy shit
Pachi (11 months ago)
That background music tho
Günter v. G. (11 months ago)
Good content as always. But 'm disappointed you endorse something like skinsilo. Websites like those are shady AF and won't get the user anything worthwile. I completely understand it if you plug some stuff before or at the end of your videos, but making kids download spywear on their phones in the hope of a Sand Dune is just not cool.
Cezar Spînu (11 months ago)
I just want tf2 on source 2
Lubie Placki (11 months ago)
TheJonny205 Some changes ARE that bad. Asking for Source 2 is like asking to get smashed in the face with a shovel. "Just expressing my opinion" isn't an argument when your opinion is so severely wrong and misinformed.
Cezar Spînu (11 months ago)
that's just my opinion man, changes aren't necessarily that bad, especially for a 10 year old game
Lubie Placki (11 months ago)
TheJonny205 No, it wouldn't be nice. 16,28% of the playerbase doesn't leave for nothing overmonth.
Cezar Spînu (11 months ago)
Lubie Placki yeah, because it would be nice, no?
Lubie Placki (11 months ago)
TheJonny205 But you said you want TF2 to get ported to Source 2.
2:20 I _need_ to know this name of the track playing in the background! I want to know every name of the track in the video because they're all freaking gucci :D
Can somebody please give me the names of the tracks used in this video?
Gnome Warlock (11 months ago)
Doing their work for them? I'd say they might get lazier, but I don't think that's possible at this point.
xxbr0txx x (11 months ago)
this dust 2 rework looks so much cooler than the recent one.
theNurky (11 months ago)
LOVE the Home's songs and especially Resonance in the background <3 :D
Serinity (11 months ago)
3:17 is someone clipping their nails in the background?
big nibba (11 months ago)
that's cool but when is tf2 gonna get source 2
Lubie Placki (11 months ago)
Hopefully never
DarkXylese (11 months ago)
Another dust 2 remake??? umad??
_Triger_ (11 months ago)
i have so low fps i can barely play cs:go but it's still fun *sees the video* are you sure you want to remove Counter-Strike:Global Offesive *clicks yes*
Of couse it has to be CS GO but not TF2. Dibshits...
Draken (11 months ago)
Tyler. Im pretty sure Valve is working on a CS:GO BR. BR games are dominating, and Fortnite and PUBG both have more active players than cs:go and dota combined. Even in the video you show of the Valve interview, the guy says they will 'follow what the players want'. Players want BR... This combined with your info regarding BR stuff found in CS:GO, im pretty sure Valve is working on CS:GO BR, that will need a lot of Source 2(Source 1 sucking at large maps) If they willing to work on a Card game, because they are so popular, i dont see why BR wasnt spoken about and considered.
DarkPatro56 (11 months ago)
What a lazy and boring approach... it's like having an alpha/beta game that finally hit its out-of-beta release. The surprise factor is gone as we were witnessing all those changes at a super slow pace. Valve sucks
suicidal.banana (11 months ago)
"Please get involved in gambling with virtual items, by using my code 'paidsprays'..." Dude.. do you not see it, or are you just really this daft? your code makes fun of Valve for trying to make some money on the side, while you do it in a much MUCH worse way...? Not that i like paid sprays or anything, just, wow, double standards much?
Fami Salami (11 months ago)
the fastest "adios" ever
RenTec (11 months ago)
Hammer 2!??? Oh sweet jebus gimme dat
omar oyt (11 months ago)
cs go is dead
Lubie Placki (11 months ago)
omar oyt Source 2 will only bury cS:GO deeper, nail the coffin, encase said coffin in concrete and glass and then throw that into the Mariana trench.
omar oyt (11 months ago)
Lubie Placki no it will not maybe for a month then it will go back to the grave
Lubie Placki (11 months ago)
It will be when Source 2 hita

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