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CS:GO's New Radar with Panorama

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Panorama has also rolled out some changes to the radar. The old version of CS:GO could have had these new radars, but it didn't. So there. 0:06 - Decoy update 0:37 - Simpleradar did it first! http://simpleradar.com/ 1:13 - What's the new CS:GO radar design like? 2:34 - Comparisons between old and new Thanks to Simpleradar for doing it before it was cool - And to joao7yt - https://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/8sqvkg/not_mentioned_change_on_panorama_ive_spoted/ Check out my channels: ● 3kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/3kliksphilip ● 2kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/2kliksphilip ● kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/kliksphilip Other information you might like: ● Website: http://3kliksphilip.com ● Twitter: https://twitter.com/3kliksphilip ● PC Specs: Ryzen 1800X, 32 GB RAM, Geforce 1080
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Text Comments (1051)
Ben Garden (11 days ago)
Happy tenth anniversary on YouTube, Philip!
Mark (10 days ago)
Ben Garden 😮
Mathieu Gouin (11 days ago)
Only 1 like
Sqwirmie (17 hours ago)
nah gonna have to disagree about the credit being given. thats all tho good video
Abel Omar Serú (1 day ago)
Hi Philip. I would like to share with you some bug in Panorama... Have you tried to write "ok" (no quotes) into the chat of a MM lobby? Probably you will see "Accept" (no quotes too) into that chat. I saw tihs bug for the spanish version (ok -> Aceptar). Would it be more "secrets words" like this? Thanks for all your work about CS:GO
Aminuddin Ansari (3 days ago)
This new map style confuses me every time I play
Blade0427 (5 days ago)
Aaaand, Panaroma isn't available...
Blade0427 (5 days ago)
...kinda sucks.
Maps are so dark it's hard to see them clearly.
DpD Fanta (6 days ago)
What’s the point of decoys now
Sunil Maharana (6 days ago)
Sir , after the panorama update rolled out the demo files for South East Asia region comes out to be corrupted.. and due to which there a increased number of hackers again .. please could u make a video or just simply notify the valve soon.. please help us sir. Thanks!!
Fury (7 days ago)
is it just me ro did the game become even more broken since the update
Hail_fire27 KPB3 (7 days ago)
I'm colorblind damnit! Philip you probably won't see this but do you have any suggestions for how to use the radar effectively without color vision?
fortoxals (7 days ago)
cobble deserves a new radar
selppkez (7 days ago)
i just wanted to say that when i look with AWP through low gaps when there is like inch between walls and shoot with quickly swapping QQ with AWP i can sometimes experience graphics bug that lets me see whats behind walls to left and right . fps is above 60 around 100-140ish but the screen is only 60hz i think?
Gabezilla Copycat (8 days ago)
How do you get panoramic
Jānis J (8 days ago)
My game loads faster after the update tho
Colin (8 days ago)
Is it just me or everytime I drop a weapon when I go to pick back up the gun or any other gun I don't see the gun in my HUD but I have the gun
trolol (8 days ago)
some polish youtuber literally has the same thumbnails as you only changed titles
Fox Hound (8 days ago)
Why is CS:GO leagues behind in everything? It's just not fun. It's a sterile husk surfing on the esports hype. You can't do anything creative like shoot a damn barrel or some "pro" might get their jimmies rustled because it ruined a round. Boo fucking hoo. Don't even get me started on the shotguns. What kind of self-respecting FPS doesn't have a satisfying shotgun?
ThelolipopCreeper (8 days ago)
StevenIsAsian (8 days ago)
Philip what vpn do you use? Any recommendations towards any free vpn that works well? (Not expecting it to be subpar with a membership vpn)
LichtZ (8 days ago)
What nation are you from?
Dj CcowCow (8 days ago)
Can you make a video about if the weight of a weapon have an effect on how high you jump? Please
Snok McBleach (8 days ago)
The lines when you're inside are too confusing
Snok McBleach (8 days ago)
I didn't have panorama on but I still got the decoy squiggle in the radar
Reyiz (9 days ago)
Brother needs urgent csgo sdk tank-panzer model, please find me and send it to me
Tauran Berryman (9 days ago)
could u please make a video on if the new steam messenger thing uses more or less fps than the old one coz i wanna use the new one but at least for 4+ months im stuck using this potato so fps could be a massive issue, if u could that'd be awesome and thank u :)
Ritish Rai (9 days ago)
Oh so still this game is alive !
Grumpy_Gordon (9 days ago)
Do a video about Sledge, an alternate to the hammer editor.
TukmanPC (10 days ago)
They should just bring back the original CS 1.6 radar. You would actually have to use your imagination
Masu (10 days ago)
New update panorama where is workshop map i need it
Rallymen007 (11 days ago)
i cried when you said not vertigo :( :( :(
David Cole (11 days ago)
quick question Philip: Do you think CSGO can be saved? If so, how (other than Valve caring about fixing major issues with the game, rather than add more cases, so they can get more money to not do anything with)? Looking at the steam charts I wrote this, there are 200k people playing it, and the peek today was at 400k, which is lower than usual. I love the vids, and hope you have a great day!
extra thicc (11 days ago)
I wonder what's the chance of getting a dragon lore drop
l xKuchenkillerx l (11 days ago)
Rip Vertigo :c
Toasted Vivid (11 days ago)
Hows Vexxsie doing nowadays? havnt seen any pdates on youtube from her for a year and I feel bad for her
Aditya Shaw (11 days ago)
When are we getting the full update, Christmas??
KCl4y (11 days ago)
thanks for signing my pants :D
Interestin g (11 days ago)
Why every Philip video have lens flare over the thumbnails
Rossebma (11 days ago)
Radar skins are too dark
Andrew .Trites (11 days ago)
Darkened all the radars... more of a nerf if you ask me. Seeing dots in an unclear area isn't much of a help.
Le Ka (11 days ago)
i got so happy when u said vertigo :(
inc HS# Jr. (11 days ago)
Let's just remember the empty radar in CS 1.6.
I still think simple radar looks better.
Tcba9 (11 days ago)
Has anyone else been finding matches quicker with the new map and ui?
Cyphi (11 days ago)
I cant see reason for wasting resources on new UI, when game has many other and more urgent problems, like barelly working Anticheat or 64tick and still lagy servers, etc..
Jeff (11 days ago)
Idk why after this update my music kits doesnt work in game anymore such as start round and bomb planted except for mvp song. Please help me
its the q (11 days ago)
the only trouble i experienced was seeing my team's decoils, which distracted me at the beginning. blue player dot = blue decoil dot on map :(
Dom (11 days ago)
-panorama crashes my game :(.
DixBfloppin' (11 days ago)
Hey philip, it was seeing you in Cologne. Hope to actually meet you next time. Greeting from that guy who screamed: "I LOVE YOU PHILIP!" at the MSI stand sunday.
Theodorus Dewa (12 days ago)
IMO,i prefer the old ones dunno why
VasiliQuiD (12 days ago)
This made the game really good. The game feels nice and much smoother, there for helps me play better.
AkasakaKV (12 days ago)
my computer barely run on panorama making 40-45 fps thus before it runs 120fps or higher
Kampy187 (12 days ago)
Still love how your videos suddenly-
M.R Penguin YT (12 days ago)
Hope all i supposed to know which is A and which is B
ContactingTheDead (12 days ago)
I’ve been having huge audio issues ever since this update was pushed through. My music kit doesn’t work right most of the time. If I’m the MVP at the last round, everyone can hear my music kit in the comp. lobby after the game is over with and it will play forever if you let it.
LAMukraine (12 days ago)
Simple radar or Panorama ? Which is better for u ?
Ethan Harrison (12 days ago)
Does anyone have the song he used at the end of this video?
Salad Splatoon (12 days ago)
ThangMD (12 days ago)
try on launch option "-panorama" you can play with it
HamptonCollabs (12 days ago)
Menus so nice that I switched from call of duty. Now I am a cs: go boy
Veggie Shield (12 days ago)
You actually got me at vertigo rip
Nemesi (12 days ago)
What's the point in having the enemies not see your decoy if you want to use it tactically?
Nemesi (10 days ago)
Also if the person has been flashed and decoys have been thrown, they can't tell if the enemy team is rushing them or not, so that info is kinda fucked
Nemesi (10 days ago)
Not if you're all throwing decoys going for a fake with some smokes and flashes. I always have to ask my team if they're pushing because... not everyones map is the same. Some are zoomed out far while others are zoomed in. Therefore across the whole map the red dots will be on the edge so you don't know if they're moving or not. This is why the argument that people bring up "The dots are still it's a decoy" is completely false and not a static argument that applies to everyone of any skill.
Potat o (10 days ago)
Nemesi a decent player would instantly realise that a still red dot on the radar means a decoy, it is now harder to distinguish between a decoy and an enemy because the gun sounds are the same
Deloxo (12 days ago)
What happened to vertigo? I couldn’t find it when I looked for it!
Zion gaming (12 days ago)
No bots where harmed in the making of this video...
wangleebonerz (12 days ago)
I can’t fucking understand
Wish i could use it without very noticable screen tearing :(
Flippity (12 days ago)
You’d think they would update the map for office, right?
fitzij fjernsyn (12 days ago)
Russian pro teams (such as Flipside), often use grids instead of locations (or a mixture of both), when calling.
Scorpio (12 days ago)
Will be scammers ever be banned I am silver rank I am not very bad at this game but still can't rank up becouse of them
Jonathan Rae Crisanto (12 days ago)
Valve should an option in the menu to change the map style to your liking
4N4C0ND4 64M1N6 (12 days ago)
if you go underneath dust 2 during free move spectator you can see a tiny model of dust 2
3kliksphilip (11 days ago)
It's the 3D skybox, it's used to project places that are too big / don't fit well in the level itself for whatever reason.
ButtChunksOfDoom :D (12 days ago)
Insertion is pretty rad
XLandBroZ (12 days ago)
You can use panorama in the main game now with -panorama in the launch options
CloudOnYT (12 days ago)
I like how there is a red line around the radar when the bomb is planted and blinks faster as time goes down
ASTERMACHINE (12 days ago)
3:20 hehe look there is dick XD
gazara88 Tr0LL88 (12 days ago)
this game is already dead need real time admin new beter server not only 128 tick and lot more but yee we have PANORAMAAA its gona improve laging glich stuck in map its awesome useles game that still in DX8 era and 10 y+ old game engine omg :D
RarestJeff (12 days ago)
Juuzou Suzuya (12 days ago)
How do i use this 'panorama thing
Ooooo looks very nice
sirhenry0 (12 days ago)
oh waaaawwwww, what a sick update. Its even better than half life 3
Gargamel*#untaggable (12 days ago)
My Fps dropped to 25. Before update it was fucking 370 and steam support team cant help me -.-
Gerber Christoph (12 days ago)
Philip's vids are so good, I'm watching this at 1AM, and I haven't even ever played CS:GO, only Source.
Jose Rodriguez (12 days ago)
Bruh if they added skins for the zues, people would still buy it
CaptainShadowGaming (12 days ago)
Wait a fucking minute arent decoys supposed to distract your enemy? Then why the hell make it so that your enemy could not see it on radar?
Macin toshiba (12 days ago)
What's the point of a decoy if it doesnt show on the radar????
Dombow (12 days ago)
Eyyyy I use Gay spot and gay corner
Kally (12 days ago)
What microphone do you use?
Lightning Flash (12 days ago)
I want Radar | Slaughter Edit:and it must showing decoys ffs
Papa Smurf (12 days ago)
How's Vexxsie
Matthew Thompson (12 days ago)
Dumbasses in the comments really be out here saying the decoy is useless now lul
HowIsLife (12 days ago)
Why would they remove that the enemy team can see your decoys on the radar??Thats the point of a decoy.
CentralBeatBox (12 days ago)
Cobble doesn't get a new radar because it's out of active duty and they're probably changing it anyways
MoiZ (12 days ago)
2:51, FeelsBadMan
Neda Tomkevičiūtė (12 days ago)
after you finish a match in competitive you can't see the the enemy team's ranks, nor can you see the people that you haven't added ranks
IceTom87 (12 days ago)
hostage maps will recieve radar-updates....with the next CS game.
takahashi (12 days ago)
what is that track on 3:45?
Chris Lewis (12 days ago)
A while ago I thought how much better it would be to use a grid reference system in a team environment. Seems they beat me to it.
Lukáš Witpeerd (12 days ago)
They need to bring back Vertigo
DustyTV (12 days ago)
i get the simplicity idea but i have to say that i don't like the new radar. Something is missing for me
Phil Lord (12 days ago)
the only problem I have with the new system is that it is a lot darker than the old ones
Człowiek Nuż (12 days ago)
There is also a way to show other decays and also... opponents on this radar. What will propably get patched pretty quick

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