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Text Comments (5017)
Chris Klaffi (6 hours ago)
Checking profile... kid. grow up... o m g.
K3zZUu (19 hours ago)
Are you Romanian man? omg
Andrei CSGO (22 hours ago)
Ciorba de burta zici, mi e imi place supa cu găluște..
xpression111 (2 days ago)
9:02 how the fuck.....in the god s name dat one shot miss....???
Woodster Gaming (3 days ago)
yeah the thing with the starts are bullshit xD, I think he just had a rank revealer and they were DMG or something... what an idiot
SegevT (3 days ago)
lower! lower!! lower!!! lower!!!! lower!!!!!
Alex Joaca (3 days ago)
Salut romane Ca știu ca ești Și eu sunt și te ador Succes în continuare
Dragos 56 (3 days ago)
Ba esti roman? Balega de vaca
Alina Suciu (4 days ago)
Ou mai gad ce balega de vaca,waAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUw
Aquatics Expert (4 days ago)
The guy On the enemy team named In memory of derek is my Friend :( R.I.P Riddlebox Aka Derek
Biskrem Romania (4 days ago)
are u romanian???
BluePanda 21 (5 days ago)
2:41 wtf dude? Awp name is cat poop:))
Sp ectr (5 days ago)
I ever faced a cheater in casual . it's pretty weird tho.
Alces (5 days ago)
rosu ca focu :D
GB_Hyp3r (5 days ago)
Please use my code on CSGO empire.com Gustav3137 I will sub to you
Lil Txper (6 days ago)
im just walling tho
Reloading Psycho (6 days ago)
btw it doesn't show a star. i have been a cheater aswell. And i have met alot of people with the same cheat
Frederik Myrhøj (7 days ago)
And the Noob Nickbunyun taking advantage of the guy cheating.... what a pleb.
iLino19 (7 days ago)
Are You Romanian?
winterhawk. (8 days ago)
I'm fucking silver and his plays were damn fishy
AEON (8 days ago)
Of course there are u have low trust benefactor
George Rosca (9 days ago)
Romanian alert: awp dragon lore : balega de vaca , karambit : rosu ca ficu
Petry Fundeanu (10 days ago)
nick are yu from Romania
Kaizerdidrik YT (10 days ago)
dust 2 wall hack only work on the ct you can only see ct not T
Iulian Sacuiu (11 days ago)
that gold on theyr profaile .......its an aplication for that you cand download from google
EvacTouch (11 days ago)
JeStEr = worse hacker I have ever seen.
NightFly (12 days ago)
Ehy is your awp name in romanian?? Are you romanian....
Alufia (12 days ago)
You kinda cry a lot when someone is cheating, report mute and ignore, don't cry like a little bitch
Rusu Gaming (12 days ago)
Esti roman???
Sunep Lemtur (13 days ago)
Simple he had a oracle on his side.
Teodoe Balan (13 days ago)
Cred ca esti roman deoarece am vazut dupa numele depe skin
Gaming Jolly (13 days ago)
old csgo soo many hackers but now all hackers are soo hard to hack in csgo last game someone got VAC BAN lol
Thunder Kid (14 days ago)
Ciorba de burta:))
Lula Goodwin (15 days ago)
so basically the only reason to play on prime is if you want longer queue times
Artifind Tech (15 days ago)
I have cheated on csgo, prime accounts are so easy to make just use a auto walk script and a aimbot
Fury (15 days ago)
you are romainian you have skin in this language
DugleMugleNugget (15 days ago)
Baaa tu esti roman!! Succes in continuare!! Dacă vrei sa jucam add me: AWPidar PRO PedoMeter
McLovin (15 days ago)
The cheaters do ruin the game
McLovin (15 days ago)
+Artifind Tech yes you are ruining the game. If you cant earn them properly then what's the point? It's just makes you a shit cunt
Artifind Tech (15 days ago)
McLovin I cheat in prime for skin changers I am not ruining the game am i. Sometimes I toggle full spinbot if the other time is obvious
Scylla IsSpooky (15 days ago)
You guys are slow thats not toxic thats facts same as i told u that u are wasted sperm
TheAndyRo GAMING (16 days ago)
Dovada ca ești Roman balega de vaca 2:54
SAPRAtheGREEK (17 days ago)
so when i play with silvers and they 1 tap me all the time they have aim bot right?
Webcomari (17 days ago)
De ce te reaemnezi in usa esti un roman adevarat desteapta-te la romănie plz omule nu trebuie sa uiti tara care te-a facut
Harvey Ganea (17 days ago)
wait are you romanian? I saw the tag "balega de vaca"
Bugatti KING (18 days ago)
Balegă de vacă is cow shit
A_ ZerØ (18 days ago)
Hes not getting banned?
theblack cat14 (19 days ago)
what if his friend told him? you can enter in competitive by only spectating you know
SinZeHD Gaming (19 days ago)
Dude are you romanian because I saw your dragon lore name Edit: and now I saw your karambit name
TheBooSRo (19 days ago)
Cred ca și eu o sa vorbesc engleza de acuma ca vad ca ai ceva abonați :)
Soy (19 days ago)
i use to hack on tf2 not anymore but what jester said was true. it told me that he was using the same hack
DAnnY (19 days ago)
Silvers can do that
Grim Reaper (19 days ago)
Man you're romain I saw the nickname on the awp and karambit.
fortnut compilations (20 days ago)
I like that the awp name is cow shit(Romanian)
Adel Hijazi (21 days ago)
Like cine este roman
Thomas The Dank shit (21 days ago)
Are you Romanian?
Shoto Todoroki (21 days ago)
9:17 when the worst player on your team is global
LightSpeed (21 days ago)
The cheat that I use is being used over 3 years now. And its still working.
Alex Marioplayz (21 days ago)
Nick romanian
Åđəłīń (22 days ago)
De ce pula mea ai pus nume la Dragon Lore Balega de vacă? :)))
laurentiu cotiuga (22 days ago)
Are you romanian? "Balega de vaca" :)))
Black Smoke (22 days ago)
Esti roman ? Gen skinul tau se numeste balega de vacă:))))
ColeTheGuy (22 days ago)
As stupid as this sounds, the anticheat should just be a client that spectates using all the cheats that tell you if others are cheating and if they're marked (in this client's case, with a star) they get banned. Idk I'm sure there'd be workarounds but that sounds like a really stupid and revealing feature to put into a client.
SimpleGamingF2P (22 days ago)
Im strugglin to get to level 25,too many cheater,one time i was in mirage and this guys always headshot and never miss and even headshot people with pistol from far away and has like 30kill and all headshot.
DariusLaComenzi (22 days ago)
Omggggg Balega de vaca is in romanian "balega de vaca"=cow shit
Tumppi4 (23 days ago)
Why would anyone get a prime account if prime servers are full of hackers?
Attac (23 days ago)
2:13 are you romainian or whose is that knife
Gigel (24 days ago)
I think you a Romanian. Cuz ur dragon lore name is Balega de vaca. And that in Romanian means cow poo and rosu ca focu means red like fire. Like I am a Romanian but I know very good English from you :)
Mario Stjepanovic (24 days ago)
you deserve a ban "where is the last guy"
xWauz (24 days ago)
0:55 he didn’t peek while reloading, he peeked after reloading. It’s a glitch where when the guy you are spectating is finishing the animation it starts over for the guy spectating..
The9thLife (24 days ago)
Whats prime
khalifa alhammadi (24 days ago)
The cheater is from a country OMG drop it ali a intro
Nick Rathke Berthel (24 days ago)
Love you man
MR GEKIN (25 days ago)
MR GEKIN (25 days ago)
Did you know that one of the rule of valve is if you have cheater teammate and you know already and did not kick you may also get banned
Artifind Tech (15 days ago)
MR GEKIN no it’s not you can cheat with a friend and if you vote no it’s your freedom to do so
Hikyu (25 days ago)
For normal people: First prime matchmaking - Are there cheaters? CS GO Competitive
Esdynu (25 days ago)
are these guys supreme? they play like gold novas
Kaiyajin K (25 days ago)
But this guy sounded nice though
Andrei Maciuca (26 days ago)
Tu esti roman?
Sammy (26 days ago)
at 3:29 he has a legit antiaim enabled, you see his ping spiked to > 100 so he twitched
Sander Hinna99 (27 days ago)
As i would say to all the salty little boys or girls that thinks people are cheating.. The reason why many people get headshots after headshots is because headshots does more damage, like legit everyone knows that. People go for the head cause it's more damage and faster to kill, yes some people does look fishy but some might just have good aim or might be lucky.
BeastComfortTV (27 days ago)
u actually said u flashing B but u are in LONG 8:41
NeoN Lima (18 days ago)
Bad callouts
Fragged (27 days ago)
Why is ur awp diffrent sound
Kenny (25 days ago)
Old sounds
Leon Sk (28 days ago)
5:33 best part. Your laugh and the no scope lol.
Ariana Sari (28 days ago)
If its cheaters call the vid cheaters on crime😂
Eminescu4EVER YT (28 days ago)
Are you romanian? Because the name if your weapons are in romanian
Eminescu4EVER YT (28 days ago)
White Black (29 days ago)
you are fat :)
The E L I T E Gamer (29 days ago)
Regardless there's no cheats in the world that will show that, skeet.cc ( paid 20$ cheat that needs invite ) he said "free cheat", so he's a liar lmao.... and a bitch ass cheater
Artifind Tech (15 days ago)
The E L I T E Gamer I find skeet kinda shitty compared to a good config on like Aimware
Gyozo YT (29 days ago)
Jeez YOU have awp dragon lore omg
John Chambers (1 month ago)
Ima be real... I cheated once and the star thing is bs it isnt real I did hvh in wingman and lots of people used the same cheats and it never happened
Pizza Attack (1 month ago)
Andreas Hann (1 month ago)
Nick esti roman dipa numele skinuri
swagger jeff (1 month ago)
first time i went on prime i met cheaters aswell…
Hot Memes (1 month ago)
I personally thinks that walls are not the worst to use on ur opp( still shit though) . But the worst is spinboting with the maxinium range , they can legit hedshot you from t spawn to ct spawn
Kenny (25 days ago)
Anti aim with maximum range? The fuck does that even mean
FortknightGaming/Music (1 month ago)
Omagah the name of that awp XD
Alex Gamer RO (1 month ago)
Ce faci?
Funny Cartoons (1 month ago)
Facem un schimb balenă ta de vaca pe un mortis ce zici?
that guy (1 month ago)
David (1 month ago)
Cred ca el e roman
SneakyPeePee (1 month ago)
Omg so sad Csgo is very good game and u ar very good player but There is a some guys that make the game badm
Darkyy (1 month ago)
Are you romanian? :))))
Alufia (1 month ago)
Nick you sounda like an incredible crybaby over this.. Just report him and mute him/block him and let him cheat till the game is over, like stop saying stuff like you're not helping the issue or stop cheating, is that really gonna do something?

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