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Css | surf_euphoria | wr | by NiyhM

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song = Shorterz & Enigma Ft. Little Palm -- Rag Doll Sorry for demo lag :S NiyhM doesn't like to be demo'd Habi was being a mega-butthurt faggot in chat just after this^^ Map by Billy [KSFClan.com] #1 24/7 SurfTimer! [KSFClan.com] #1 24/7 SurfTimer! [Expert Only]
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Text Comments (13)
DahzbaG (5 years ago)
holy shit.
GenoClysm (5 years ago)
Fucking sick ass surf on an awesome map. Gj niyhm. Nice music choice jordan :P
King RootReages (5 years ago)
me gusta
Dzenan Seferovic (6 years ago)
at the end: hi tube xD
blehmaestro (6 years ago)
fucking bagitat
connamctoenail (6 years ago)
Dont fuck up Niyhm...
Pand3mic (6 years ago)
i was laughing at tioga's comment
methepeoplebmx (6 years ago)
Pand3mic (6 years ago)
dat tioga when
methepeoplebmx (6 years ago)
it's not edited you fucking retard, the demo is just laggy as fuck.
notd3javu (6 years ago)
oh my
T. J. (6 years ago)
wow nice done !! :o
brettshaw9876543221 (6 years ago)
ABSOLUTELY pathetic sportsmanship shown by -Habitat there. Although SICK run from Niyhm I wasn't a very big fan of that "lagging" effect you put in your video! -7ft_tAnK_dUdE

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