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How To: Limit Download Speed on Steam

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Cheap games with instant email delivery: https://www.instant-gaming.com/igr/helpdapoorguy/ _________________ ***If you're looking for a URL or similar that I said I would include in the description, it is no longer here because I accidentally changed the description of 117 videos to only say "BOOP" to test out the YouTube Bulk Description Editing and I pressed the... wrong... button... SORRY!*** Please consider doing a Google Search for whatever I was talking about. _________________ Specs: Windows 10 Asus GTX 1080 Strix Intel i7-6700k (OC) 16 GB DDR4 RAM Misc: Røde NT1 Logitech G502 Corsair K95 Recording software: Nvidia Shadowplay (Geforce Experience) What The Hell is This Channel? Well, I am sick and tired of tutorials on Youtube that give you nothing but bulls@it. They are waaay too slow and waste your time. I do not want subscribers, since I only put up content when I stumple past stuff and it differs from many things, from gaming to editing to making a sandwich... So I make fast and easy "How To" videos. Extra Tags: F%&k people who do this.
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Text Comments (31)
iiV (3 days ago)
it keeps reseting to no limt
I like ME (1 month ago)
Thank you man
Correia Rui (6 months ago)
yo dude, i usually never like and comment but I just wanna let you know that you made my day <3
Daniel Baychev (8 months ago)
tusen takk
SpeckyNation (9 months ago)
Thanks, not I can finally watch streams without my downloads lagging them up XD
endre (9 months ago)
Thanks Dude
blazer (10 months ago)
thanks man!
Dominik Múčka (10 months ago)
Thank you,helped a lot :)
shah G (10 months ago)
MY internet is around 10 to 15mbs but im downloading gta5 on steam and my peak is 1mb/s and my current is 990kb/s i have change the limit also to 25mb/s :( but nothing happened my peak is still 1mb/s , can u help me ? im using my internet through wifi router . i thing that any how if could change the peak , it will allow mme to download faster will be waiting for your reply :)
DeltaDestiny (4 months ago)
shah G also 20mb wifi is different to 20MB. Your wifi is rated in megabites(mb) but downloads are megabytes(MB). Megabytes are 8 times larger than megabites. So that’s why you get slower speeds.
How To Do Stuff (10 months ago)
This does not increase your download speed, this is simply for limiting it. Say you're downloading with 900 kb/s, but because you're using all of your internet, everything else you do is slow, loading pictures and videos is slow because you're downloading. This way, you can limit your Download speed to, let's say, 400 kb/s and your internet still has some "room" for browsing the web or playing games without lagging.
fika feka (1 year ago)
Vasily Petrov (1 year ago)
Nice! Thnx!
Paul Bacon (1 year ago)
Thank you.
Sean Price (1 year ago)
simple as, cheers man
Giorgio Tomaselli (1 year ago)
Aphid (1 year ago)
Thanks. Helped a lot.
Sympath der Seefahrer (1 year ago)
great, thanks!
XMT (1 year ago)
i download with 9mb/s
weltraumvogel2 (2 years ago)
Where have you activated the Network-Usage-Thingy? I searched but can't find it :(
berkan402 (2 years ago)
not working for me. it still limitless
spy (1 year ago)
for me too 1.2mb max lol even if i go for 2mb or 5mb holy fuck :d
Bebo Negm (2 years ago)
:( my internet = 2mb
Bebo Negm (2 years ago)
Luqas (2 years ago)
i download with 200kb/s - 400kb/s at best so tschhh xDD
NoobTube Party (2 years ago)
TV Rust (2 years ago)
thanks now i can watch twitch and download my games :D
huldu (2 years ago)
Would have been nice if the allowed MANUAL INPUT into that fkn thing. You have a lot of options up to 1.5mb/s but above that it's way too steep. For example I have a 33mbit connection and I would have preferred to have it at say 2.6mb/s but the only option is 3!(I'd like to keep ~600kb/s for twitch source, which is enough to watch a stream without buffering).
How To Do Stuff (2 years ago)
I agree, I don't think there is a way to manually put in custom download speeds, unfortunately.
Sondre Heien (2 years ago)
thx :)
TastyNoodles (2 years ago)
Thanks man :)

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