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How to Get All Steam Games for Free

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➤NOTE - This video is a joke, but I have switched to only making REAL tech videos, see some here ▶ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFr3c472VstzAUSTygS0YZKoqjNQCESAI In this video I'll tell you how you can get every single game on steam for free, using a secret developer console in steam. You'll get every video game for free that you want, and even future video games on steam for free. ▼ More Videos ▼ Get an Xbox One S for Free: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U15n1t1PyqI&list=PLFr3c472Vstyzq3WECllYHH7qxOHYSdZG&index=8 Double Your Phone Battery Life: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BW2sLYFU8g4&list=PLFr3c472Vstyzq3WECllYHH7qxOHYSdZG&index=2 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
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Text Comments (23463)
Jarrod Tanner (2 hours ago)
fake AF
Mike Shelton (10 hours ago)
no console
Lenvex (14 hours ago)
dark king (1 hour ago)
Stinky7896 (21 hours ago)
this shows how corrupted the internet is. over 3 million people wanted to get free games... haha
michael barberan (1 day ago)
is this real?
ZwariowanY (1 day ago)
Like. You Know Why? Not Cuz It Works, BUT. ,,This Film Is A Joke'' How The Desc Says. I Hope Ppl Will Get This For God Sake.
MrJaks plays (1 day ago)
Defiently works.
Sky Hawk (1 day ago)
Just wasted 11 minutes and 10 seconds of my life...
FBI (2 days ago)
Mr Bear (2 days ago)
After doing it all you notice You got virus! Check replies
Mr Bear (2 days ago)
And in the future Someone still do it And saying it did not work
whitepanther1342 (3 days ago)
Yay now i can play csgo bots
Edward Trần (3 days ago)
New message from *Dad* why is the fbi here
McFuzionPlayz (3 days ago)
your voice is really innocent lol
Jeff Himself (5 days ago)
Why aren’t people just being normal and buy games like your supost to
In the discription says ➤NOTE - This video is a joke, but I have switched to only making REAL tech videos
MJ Griffiths (5 days ago)
and all
MJ Griffiths (5 days ago)
on steam out app_mark_validation and app_start_validation
lol lem (5 days ago)
Cmd did not pop up help
Reza Hidayat (6 days ago)
this is works thank you very much
Dalino (6 days ago)
I can't open console status can you help me please??
GcstudioYT (7 days ago)
is it working?
Dead Memes (7 days ago)
Damn, thought it wouldn’t work, thanks
It DiDn't wOrK
Kevin Zhang (8 days ago)
did not work i did everything correctly, you are a scammer
neon cat (6 days ago)
Really? You believe that this would work?
GreenBit (8 days ago)
Guys read the description
mohamad sedighi (8 days ago)
fucking noob
AdranGo lz (9 days ago)
Look desc hahahaha
TheDeadlyChicken 102 (9 days ago)
steam don't lets me go to properties
zKillinqz (9 days ago)
Nura Rikuo (9 days ago)
GG reported
Faith Shubin (9 days ago)
it wont let me propertie steam on task manager
LCD JoshT (9 days ago)
roses are red violents are blue I got click bated as so did u
DEMIRHAX (9 days ago)
You should read the **description**
Kamil Kostek (10 days ago)
Is this legal?
naimish yadav (12 days ago)
You bastard.wasting our time
Mark Villa (12 days ago)
You should read the description before watching videos like this. It can help ALOT.
huzaifa waqar (12 days ago)
DAD: Son i am gonna blow that dumb look of your stupid face. why do everyone lie's.Just tell us man that you need money to buy steam games for free and stop wasting our time. "My Ass"
George Stef (12 days ago)
why i cant open the properties at steam bootstrapper?
popeyed banjo (13 days ago)
i done it and my pc turned into a potato..thx bud your a genius.
Onur Tunay Aşgın (13 days ago)
there is no cmd validation screen.
Canal Fechado (13 days ago)
my steam console status don't open
Clickbait if u hanvt figured it out yet u need help
Saurav Prasai (15 days ago)
far cry 3 cd key plz
Dude Random (15 days ago)
read description ya smart pips
FREB SoW (15 days ago)
отчего наименования российское а ютубер британцев
GamesAreUs (15 days ago)
Can i please have the batch file i need to troll my friends :).
Dispecx (15 days ago)
Fake. You can't get all those games free, try it and gaben is banned you, and you'll fucked up.
Идеи (15 days ago)
Анна Фёрст (15 days ago)
EZ EZ (16 days ago)
Wow this really works but you forgot one thing, you have to delete system 32 for it to work
Need help it’s not working
Eryk Kaczocha (16 days ago)
I failed to do it so it just screwed up steam client bootstapper
badguy (17 days ago)
Witzig geworden ?
Alfa Gaming (18 days ago)
it doesn't start any cmd/Steam console status pls help me
Onur Tunay Aşgın (13 days ago)
me too
Clint Cannady (19 days ago)
Is this true yes or no it cant be
Jezreel Jeremias (19 days ago)
Wow i finally got CSGO for free
Im Рейх (19 days ago)
ADAMSKI DZ (19 days ago)
nik mok bel kahba
G a l a x y (5 days ago)
Om omek a9ra description
mockingblade king (20 days ago)
On win 7 dont open steam console status
Weep Gaming (20 days ago)
Stuck at 1/10000
Stathis Theodosiadis (20 days ago)
by his voice i know tthis is fake that is why his voice sounds so nervous some times
Shikeb Mahjor (20 days ago)
Is this real or fake
SQUIDYMAN (19 days ago)
Kurumi Tokisaki (21 days ago)
just buy the games mate don't teach kids and other people to pirate ok
The forever gamer (21 days ago)
Charles Canlom (22 days ago)
Edgars aufm PC (22 days ago)
Austin Lockridge (22 days ago)
*You can obtain STEAM GAMES easily from WIN1CODE .PW* steam
kip kiepje (14 days ago)
+CraftCreep thx
CraftCreep (14 days ago)
+kip kiepje No it doesnt work
kip kiepje (14 days ago)
does it works?
Sheng Famularcano (23 days ago)
Thank you very much. IT WORKED.
Days with Delone (23 days ago)
THIO You a legend bruh!!!!!!!!!
Tjp Perkins (23 days ago)
You shit joe.. Really big shit.
Egor Emelianov (23 days ago)
xX/SpAcEoUt\Xx 7 (23 days ago)
keve :D (24 days ago)
Konstantin Brezovski (24 days ago)
will you get banned permanently on steam for this? or get blacklisted?
JP7 (24 days ago)
This Gay guy is a retard
Я задумывался российский стиль
FC5B Gaming Studio (25 days ago)
Thanks it works!
YE olden dayes channel (25 days ago)
why not working
Mam Ati (25 days ago)
Nice man i got Iphone 10 . Thank you !
Ambol (25 days ago)
Console can't open
super guest (26 days ago)
you imbecile
NAVYU GAME HUB (26 days ago)
I need at least one games... Please
NAVYU GAME HUB (26 days ago)
Need some help
NAVYU GAME HUB (26 days ago)
It doesn't work
vitalie Gal (26 days ago)
Roses are red Violets are blue I got clickbaited just like you!
Mad Snipe234 (27 days ago)
Shoax l (27 days ago)
Easier is just to buy game
G- Eazy (28 days ago)
i cant press Property its grey
Hang12123 (28 days ago)
Lukey (28 days ago)
Johnleslei Trinidad (28 days ago)
hoy kamo dira ba
hemant thami (29 days ago)
fake is real hahahhaahhahaha ,, dumb ..
Ziro Favory (29 days ago)
Ню ню ню ню мю мю
Its a joke
Nate Lobdell (29 days ago)
Wow I got pubg for free
deepali patil (29 days ago)
Roses are red Violets are blue I got clickbated just like you
hey me from the future im from the future
Its Ya Boi Wiz (30 days ago)
Guys after you enter the console thing fo back into Steam and the CONSOLE dont pop up just reboot your device and you will see it pop up
KB KB (30 days ago)
it not working in my pc What i do it
Fr0s7y (1 month ago)
Roses are red Violets are blue I got clickbaited just like you!
Tech (3 days ago)
Fr0s7y look at the description.
PiGiKiNg (5 days ago)
+CRoyale Oyuncusu Roses are Black And White Violets Are Black And White, Why i can't see colors wich Are more bright?
CRoyale Oyuncusu (21 days ago)
+Cannolo Roses Are Red Violet are blue You are gay. İs that true?
Gracjan Tyrlik (22 days ago)
This video is from 2 years ago i think valve blocked it in this time

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