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Basic Mapping: Counter Strike Source Hammer Tutorial, Your first map

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Basic Mapping: Counter Strike Source Hammer Tutorial 1 Brand new to mapping? This tutorial shall help you learn the basics and get your first map up and running.
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CyKickGT (1 month ago)
PeperoniKiller can ya help make a aimbot map? i really hope u would make one...cuz i cant find any aimbot maps for cs:s
Lil Zeen (9 months ago)
Bro thats not how u make a skybox ok it works your way but there is a much easier and better way by creating a brick that is bigger than the map and making it hollow
Nguyễn Đức Ý (1 year ago)
Mapper be like: don't have you, we don't have any job
Eddie R (2 years ago)
I made a 500 yard shooting range with terrorist as targets. I made it so that when they were hit they spun in an axis.
Morphy (3 years ago)
You need to go to your Counter-Strike folder and open bin then open hammer, it works with all valve games besides csgo and portal 2.
AmPalp (3 years ago)
how do i put it on the workshop?
AmPalp (3 years ago)
+San San Thanks!
CineMusic (3 years ago)
+Forgenewton login to main menu csgo, open console and type workshop_publish
Chowder908 (3 years ago)
"The command failed. Windows reported the error: "The system cannot find the file specified." how do I fix this?
impactmixxed (3 years ago)
+LGG Chowder908  you gotta go under ur folder and run it manualy :) (hammer)
Brett (3 years ago)
same here im getting them too
HeroMaster4fun (4 years ago)
hello, can u tell me configuration for css?
TehMondasianSpartan (4 years ago)
does it work with the latest version of Steam?
Half Way Lambda (4 years ago)
how can i do it without steam?
CineMusic (3 years ago)
+GEORGE HORXE Offline mode.
Sniffy (4 years ago)
Don't think it will.
Shean Ong (4 years ago)
how to download it ? reply me da link please :( i need it
SKRilLRGfu (5 years ago)
xDD just look at he's date 1/13/2010 ? :D
Jeremy Jk (5 years ago)
Launch your hammer.exe from css/bin folder, and ur lagg is totally gone, ur welcome. and nice tutorial btw
peperonikiller (6 years ago)
Glad this video helped! You're welcome!
OwaiN (6 years ago)
Ty man, Just made my first GO map!
Not sure what the fuck happened but when i play it, everything is messed up, its all blury and the objects follow me as i move?
96Vule (7 years ago)
In hammer program i have jost one window. How can I open other windows???
peperonikiller (7 years ago)
@jkiller199 I believe after you create the object you have to apply the skin, re-watch the video I go over on how to do that.
jkiller199 (7 years ago)
i need help, whenever i create an object for some specific reason on the camera it doesnt show up with the skin. please respond
Lichkinng (8 years ago)
Omg! Thanks! You helped me alot! But there is still one problem. Do you know how to fix the teams? I added the Terrorists and Counter Terrorists, but when I start it, it says Teams are Full. Do you know why it does that?
minigooshey (8 years ago)
thanks man, helped me alot.
peperonikiller (8 years ago)
@muglertf2 your welcome?

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