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New Left 4 Dead Beta Campaign Released!

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Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/valvenewsnetwork Watch my Streams : http://www.twitch.tv/valvenewsnetwork Steam Group : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/VNN Download Dam It Here : http://www.augerresources.com/l4d/damit.html https://talk.turtlerockstudios.com/t/trss-lost-l4d-campaign/106720 Today on Valve News Network, we take a look at the recently released beta content for Left 4 Dead 1, taking the shape of a complete cancelled campaign Dam It. This along with 2 unseen survival maps and concept art for the campaign itself. This may be the last L4D thing we see until Left 4 Dead 3. My Social Media Links : Twitter : https://twitter.com/ValveNewsNetwor Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/valvenewsnetwork/ Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/valvenewsnetwork/ Snapchat : valvenewsnetwor
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Text Comments (424)
NoName (1 month ago)
Download link is dead :( plz update links.
Big E Chez (10 months ago)
For l4d3 Maybe the military tried to control a tank and managed to escape and had some stitched up skin and metal shackles and a spin brace. Maybe the military managed to capture a Hunter and he would have some surgical stitched and wounds on the legs. And had some broken wrist and ankle shackles and had a jaw brace to ensure he wouldn't bite
RedLogicGaming (11 months ago)
Where does cold stream fit between in the chapters? And don't tell me that non Canon shit
Rowan Kneeland (1 year ago)
https://www.twitch.tv/videos/5213576 Except the fact it was leaked by Ashton.
Aidan Quinn (1 year ago)
My ideas for Left 4 Dead 3: •A Special Infected (Can't think of a name) that would pick up Survivors and throw them, either at a wall or another player to deal a lot of damage •New drug items that go into the Pills/Adrenaline slot: •A damage-resistance item that you drink and gives your character the ability to withstand more hits, and allow hits to do less damage. •A Bandage item that your character uses to turn their temporary health (From Pills and Adrenaline) into permanent health. If you have Pills on hand and find Bandages, taking the Pills and then Bandages is a big advantage, but it's rarer. •A new Backpack item that goes into the Healthkit/Defib/Ammo pack slot. This small Backpack lets you carry an extra throwable or small health item of your choosing. Cant find a healthkit? A second container of Pills might be helpful. Or maybe carrying a Molotov and a Pipe Bomb. •4 new Survivors (obviously) and have a start of 6 campaigns. Make them work better than L4D2's group. I love both games' Survivors but Left 4 Dead 2's were fun but didn't always work that well. They didn't feel like a team. But they should follow the path that the other games have. •The older, leader character (Bill/Coach) •The wise-ass and tough guy character (Francis/Nick) •The positive character (Louis/Ellis) •The smart-thinking, light-hearted but firm female character (Zoey/Rochelle)
Cydeamon (1 year ago)
403 Forbidden?! WTF?
Michael Deez Nuts (1 year ago)
ikr i was so excited until.... this
Poorly (1 year ago)
Why is Dam it only available for the First Left 4 Dead? Why can't they put in into Left 4 Dead 2?
fallout5 (1 year ago)
Left 4 Dead 3 will come out of nowhere.
Plaid Tyreese (1 year ago)
Is this only available for pc
Josh Jackson (1 year ago)
Will it be on console vnn
rocke star (1 year ago)
Access denied, maybe they're working on it? Probably not maybe valvo wanted it taken down.
BLAZED (1 year ago)
The website says I have forbidden access to download it
Jean-Pierre Jam III (1 year ago)
I wonder if this is a genuine good sign for a possible Left 4 Dead 3. It proves that SOMEONE in the developers is giving the franchise some much-needed love. Is it a possible hint to future updates? I guess we'll have to wait and see!
Cheese Sticks (1 year ago)
it wont let be get it for some reason
MrTophatreaper (1 year ago)
sorry if this sounds dumb, but is this option only for l4d on steam? or steam and Xbox 360?
Distinct (1 year ago)
File is restricted from downloading now. Any mirrors please?
Nemesis T-Type (1 year ago)
downloads not working help
Tom Dabek (1 year ago)
doesnt download, tells me it's forbidden?
Green (1 year ago)
Blu vs Red (1 year ago)
Valve said that they will support and update Left 4 Dead 1 after the release of Left 4 Dead 2. They did, and still do support it. Nice.
Toni Montanito1566 (1 year ago)
I think that Valve is going to remade this and put in to L4D3
Yonti Yontz (1 year ago)
IMO this is Valve poking at us with L4D comtemt
John Bendy Demon (1 year ago)
Well dam it
BruhItsRaid (1 year ago)
thats why it says i dont have permission to download it
Drone Goblin (1 year ago)
It says You don't have permission to access /l4d/damit.zip on this server. when I click download. What can I do?
Clutch (1 year ago)
Can't seem to download it :(. I don't have proper permission to download the file
Cheezumz002 (1 year ago)
What's the rescue vehicle at the end? Like, how does it transition into blood harvest?
holozlaer 235 (1 year ago)
its not alowing me to downloawad why
typingbacon (1 year ago)
guys I can't download dam it, it say forbidden what do I do? :(
tobcyxob (1 year ago)
In my opinion L4D1 is far more superior game than L4D2. Setting, characters, the campaigns themselves are just perfect. Like a good horror movie. L4D2, however, it makes makes no sense at all with a story so whacky making movies like Zombieland in comparison feels like a real-life documentary.
Thomas Carrino (1 year ago)
A steam user by the name of Ryan has already uploaded Dam It on the l4d2 Steam Workshop
InsertCleverNameHere (1 year ago)
The add-on also works for L4D2. I just dropped it in the same folder as other mods, and it works just fine.
InsertCleverNameHere (1 year ago)
+max damon True. I'm old fashioned, I suppose, I still dive into the files and add it manually instead of using Workshop. Old habit, I suppose.
Max Damon (1 year ago)
Nice. They also already made a port on Workshop.
Skyward (1 year ago)
what a guy vnn saving magic nipples.
#1 Battle Medic (1 year ago)
Damn, dude, how did you even get Magic Nipples to play with you?
Cesar Alvarez (1 year ago)
Port it to Left 4 Dead 2!
InsertCleverNameHere (1 year ago)
It already works for L4D2, I downloaded it directly from the site and dropped it in the same Add-Ons folder that all other mods go, it works just fine. The only thing is I noticed is that L4D2 items like melee weapons and adrenaline won't spawn
WarDaddy (1 year ago)
The download link is broken. I click download and it won't work and says "You don't have permission to access /l4d/damit.zip on this server"
NBrad (1 year ago)
Being someone who only has L4D2, I'd love to see this ported!
Cupa hella (1 year ago)
I got a 403 forbidden error
Benny Boi (1 year ago)
Oh god Left 4 Dead 1 - If that anit nostalgic.
TacticalBananas (1 year ago)
lol i watched bolloxed's playthrough before watching this so i watched the actual game.
Vault Boi (1 year ago)
I'd like some magic nipples too......
ole neo (1 year ago)
when i wan't to download it, it says 403 forbidden. how to fix it? can somebody tell me?
no permission now
mike k (1 year ago)
When you click on the download button you get a forbidden error . Link down ?
Going2kilzu (1 year ago)
It would be nice if it would let me download it.  I keep getting  .  "You don't have permission to access /l4d/damit.zip on this server."
CorkScrewDood (1 year ago)
ANNNNND MY SWORD BROKE. I mean its broken. The link. To download it.
Gameplayerwatch (1 year ago)
I "don't have access" to the download. DAMNIT!
lizardlipsohio (1 year ago)
keep getting a "403 forbidden" error when i try to download... says that "you don't have permission to access /l4d/damit.zip on this server... help?
Sukataro Morishige (1 year ago)
will this be on Xbox sooner or later for left 4 dead
Yikes (1 year ago)
Maras (1 year ago)
I'll actually wait till you Tyler port this to l4d2. Take your time and start whenever you feel like you want to :) Also will you be fixing bugs that are stated on the page with download for this campagin? I'm talking about code changes that broke some stuff etc.
Sentient Anomaly (1 year ago)
This guy said he'll try to fix the bug and port the map for L4D2? Awesome!
Chris Finotti (1 year ago)
with every video he takes longer and longer to say "adios". in a year we should expect him to just stay silent for a whole minute.
Jimbo Jones (1 year ago)
Make it available for part 2 on console NOW! That'd be super, thanks
Magic Nipples terminaste tu tarea?... Tu ya sabes, en MODDB
DedSec (1 year ago)
I can't to download it ):
Holy Peanut (1 year ago)
JTCPingas (1 year ago)
I get a forbidden error when trying to download it. Anyone else?
Silent Woodfire (1 year ago)
Yeah, the link currently is no-good. VNN, got a alt link available?
lizardlipsohio (1 year ago)
Максим Г. (1 year ago)
Lol, "Forbidden" error.
DDZH (1 year ago)
i cant download it says i dont have permission
Neco The Sergal (1 year ago)
QP QP (1 year ago)
Can this also be added to Left 4 dead 2?
Antarata (1 year ago)
Tyler Mcvicker is an ugly idiot.
Hm, seems that they are testing the waters, gaugung public interest.expect L4D3 soon.
Daniel (1 year ago)
Very cool!!
bryanc2ka (1 year ago)
I dont have permission to download
KoreanKebab (1 year ago)
lol vnn's friend was named magic nipples
Corinthian (1 year ago)
It says I'm forbidden from downloading it.
Olyvia Fenton (1 year ago)
Me too. :( Did the companies take it down I wonder?
The World Gamers (1 year ago)
Yes someone help us
Zhalos (1 year ago)
Me too
Corinthian (1 year ago)
I get a 403 Forbidden error.
FelixFTW (1 year ago)
Well, normally I don't call clickbait, but this video's title is. This campaign is not new, it is from several years ago.
EwE (1 year ago)
pretty sure there was a little custom campaign called the same, it has nothing to do with this one tho
Daniel (1 year ago)
FelixFTW I think there was something else, a custom camp, with the same name.
Baska Biceps (1 year ago)
plz port it to l4d2
Issac (1 year ago)
PC only though, right? RIP xbox users.
藤原拓海 (1 year ago)
Guys, something is really going on with Garry's Mod, involving this really bad backdoor system these guys are issuing on the workshop. From what I have heard, the thing opens up videos and messes with your computer, Tyler, you should look into this, because I can't post such a long comment here explaining everything.
Gene Worm (1 year ago)
I can also back up this claim. I have a Steam link with all of the collected information on this, and I've been looking into this case myself. 90% of witnesses appear to be credible, and there are multitudes of them. Script kiddie trying to draw attention or something that's actually bad, I think it's worth looking into.
Schnitzel (1 year ago)
Acually, I tried out the campaign on L4D2. It acually doesnt need a port at all. The Campaign works perfectly fine. There are some invisible barriers than can cause trouble getting around, but other than that it works fine!
Vincent R (1 year ago)
Its actually a decent map, and its refreshing to the more repetitive l4d2 maps.
Chiriac Puiu (1 year ago)
Valve creating hype for L4D2 Episode 1?
j1a2y3m4y5 (1 year ago)
SHouldnt valve make this an official part of l4d1 and l4d2? they have cold stream as "official" campaign so why not this
Madman Morton (1 year ago)
1:56 "Everybody should just go enjoy this whole new, offficial campagin, damnit!
Uzech Mapping (1 year ago)
Wait,Valve didn't release HL3 ,Portal3 ,and Left For Death 3 so,...... Iluminati confirmed
celdis floppertron (1 year ago)
it's on the l4d2 workshop now
ThePangia (1 year ago)
Gameplay in background gave me eyes cancer.
Utylike (1 year ago)
Dam It ? Got a feeling they are part of the PJO fandom XD
GeniusGT (1 year ago)
Ah yes, L4D1 - the superior Left 4 Dead.
Horace Benedict (1 year ago)
Theuaredead isn't gonna be happy about this.
John Ballerific (1 year ago)
cellophanezebra (1 year ago)
well shit its only for l4d 1
staryoshi06 (1 year ago)
But a campaign called dam it was released years ago.
staryoshi06 (1 year ago)
+GhostGiratina Steam workshop isn't the only method to find custom campaigns. Here: http://www.gamemaps.com/details/2141 This was uploaded in 2009.
Gh0st (1 year ago)
+staryoshi06 Really? Cause I can't find such a name on Steam.
staryoshi06 (1 year ago)
+GhostGiratina Now that I have more info: There is a custom campaign with the same name.
Gh0st (1 year ago)
no lol
Rat Skull (1 year ago)
not for left 4 dead 2? :(
HighOnRedvinezz (1 year ago)
Is this able to be downloaded on 360?
LoiTheMushroom (1 year ago)
TyLeR sToP cUrSiNg ThIs Is A kId FrIeNdLy SiTe
Bastian (1 year ago)
Alexandre Mead (1 year ago)
donnjuann (1 year ago)
>>>>>>Magic Nipples *the man himself*
Welverin (1 year ago)
It was not previously unseen, TRS actually played it during a live stream some time back, which is still on youtube.
Pix Tron (1 year ago)
TFW you only got L4D2. ;-;
the chosen one (1 year ago)
do i Need the full l4d to Play it ?
The Lazi One (1 year ago)
why would i suck a dick? i'm a a straight male.
The Lazi One (1 year ago)
No only a quarter
slat seag (1 year ago)
no only half
Wojtek Chaski (1 year ago)
It works for L4D2 just fine.
vectormanforever (1 year ago)
I'm good friends with an active L4D2 mapper, and I'm sure she could port this over with ease. I'll see if I can convince her. But in the meantime, you can still play this in L4D2. Kind of a one way backwards compatibility, but it will more than likely not spawn any of the L4D2 items, and with not be balanced with the L4D2 SI. So it is possible atleast.
GameOUT (1 year ago)
Are you going to play it on your twitch?
legend (1 year ago)
High rise looks pretty great, can't wait to paid sprays play it
King V (1 year ago)
does it have paid sprays
grapezzzz19 (1 year ago)
does it have useless non gamebreaking weapon noises
Juan Lopez (1 year ago)
King V of course

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