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Marvel’s Spider-Man – E3 2018 Showcase Demo Video | PS4

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https://www.playstation.com/en-us/games/marvels-spider-man-ps4/ Pre-order now! Available September 7, 2018 Learn more: http://Spider-Man.playstation.com Marvel’s Spider-Man features your favorite web-slinger in a story unlike any before it. Now a seasoned Super Hero, Peter Parker has been busy keeping crime off the streets as Spider-Man. Just as he’s ready to focus on life as Peter, a new villain threatens New York City. Faced with overwhelming odds and higher stakes, Spider-Man must rise up and be greater. Sony Interactive Entertainment, Marvel and Insomniac Games present Marvel’s Spider-Man exclusively for PlayStation 4. © 2018 MARVEL © 2018 Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC Developed by Insomniac Games, Inc.
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Text Comments (11375)
Charles Mann (3 hours ago)
Batman sitting in the Batcave watching "You're welcome for the new game, kid".
cambo95 (4 hours ago)
Digging Spidey's new suit! 😎
WavezHP (5 hours ago)
Is this ps4 pro recommended or no cause I only have a normal ps4
A Table (7 hours ago)
The person at the end is likely The Green Goblin
Paul Leepoy (7 hours ago)
Only on playstation!
Pintinho375 (10 hours ago)
I miss Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man 3 on PS2 so much. Hope this lives up to the hype.
Roberto Silva Dos Santos (10 hours ago)
Show Time!!!
Nehwon Wondor (11 hours ago)
Four Villians vs Spiderman... To Be Continued? What Happened Next!?
NationalPjVillain (10 hours ago)
Nehwon Wondor 5* with another arriving at the end
fernando souza (12 hours ago)
In the finish, he see the Spider Girl 🕷
christopher o donoghue (10 hours ago)
Nope its a villain also why would you think that?
Games4Fredy (12 hours ago)
I think Doctor Octopus is the secret villain at the end. To begin with, Norman Osborn is running for mayor, Harry is off in Europe. Yuri says in this gameplay that 5 of his worst enemies from the jail/raft have broken free, so why would Green Goblin be the secret villain? This is just a theory of mine
Chocolate Thunder (12 hours ago)
I think the secret villain could be yuri she went to the main control room with all these villains around?
E7A EnergyZ (13 hours ago)
Thats safe batman in the end kappa
It's GamingTime (13 hours ago)
The best game of all time !!
Nuuska Muikkunen (14 hours ago)
Jakob Burtscher (16 hours ago)
Doesnt he say "gwen" you?
christopher o donoghue (12 hours ago)
No he says "wait you?"
hulkbuster 103 (16 hours ago)
No it is "what, you
Dion Ace (16 hours ago)
2.62839289 months 80 days and 1920 hours to wait
That1Friend04 (16 hours ago)
Guys come on......its obviously All Might at the end!
Timothy Howard (16 hours ago)
Insomniac also did Arkham Asylum and I can tell the combat was influenced by it
Timothy Howard (2 hours ago)
Yeah the combat style is different but their are some elements that are similar to the Arkham games I played the Arkham games so I know what I’m talking about
Timothy Howard (2 hours ago)
I’m meant physics wise like how in Arkham knight you could use environmental attacks also I can hear the same snaps after you defeat an enemy
christopher o donoghue (12 hours ago)
Insomniac didn't make arkham
SicParvisMagna123 (12 hours ago)
Timothy Howard Err no they didn't. Rocksteady did Arkham Asylum, the same with all the Arkham games.
Rhys Is The Joker (17 hours ago)
I’m looking at the comments and I think you guys are missing something, the lights and sound, someone wanted to introduce himself in a dramatic way, so here’s what y’all are missing it can’t be Kingpin, might be Osborn but probably not, but the villain is Mysterio! Has to be, he’s the only one who would want to show himself like that, the one thing though no smoke, but you never know!
That1Friend04 (17 hours ago)
Hey, why is my wallet crying?
Mark Sloan (17 hours ago)
This does look great, but also a lot like the fighting mechanics of Batman. Even the enemies with shields seem like a direct copy. But it looks like Batman extreme with the moves.
NationalPjVillain (10 hours ago)
Mark Sloan no. It barely looks like it at all. And it barely plays like it. It was influenced by it with some of the enemy types, but those types also aren’t really exclusives to Batman and make perfect sense to have for a game like this anyways
Assassin 16 (18 hours ago)
This game’s freaking O.P.
souper awsome (18 hours ago)
But spidr men de...
Lord Turtwig667 (18 hours ago)
I like how electro has marking on his face that mirror his mask on his original costume (you know like the green suit and yellow mask? Helmet? I dunno what it is)
McJota Plays (22 hours ago)
wow this reminds me alot of arkham games. the combat is similar and the enemies seem to act kinda the same. not bad
Dovahkiin KhajiitMaster (22 hours ago)
I don’t think the game will make you feel like you have full control while webbing your way through the city
this Bubbly Goodness (17 hours ago)
well... yeah? i mean, almost every spiderman game does that, what's the problem with it?
Dovahkiin KhajiitMaster (21 hours ago)
this Bubbly Goodness i think the game chooses where your web goes
this Bubbly Goodness (21 hours ago)
how so?
Wolfgang Hunter (1 day ago)
It’s almost like a superhero game can use the prison break angle without evacuating the city
T-800 Model 101 (20 hours ago)
Game looks amazing but... is it just me or does the villain designs (except Electro)look kinda tacky??
T-800 Model 101 (20 hours ago)
this Bubbly Goodness I do like how Electro looks with the scarred face instead of his mask.
this Bubbly Goodness (21 hours ago)
vulture and electro look great personally, Rhino and Scorpion look a little meh and cartoonish, but i have a feeling they'll still be cool in their own ways
Wilmer Carmona (1 day ago)
Who arrives at the end?
this Bubbly Goodness (21 hours ago)
most likely green goblin
MAJofficial (1 day ago)
venom coming !!!!
larry ajumobi (1 day ago)
Almost the the same story as amazing spider man
NationalPjVillain (10 hours ago)
larry ajumobi what? Not even remotely close
Esto me recordó a infamous no se porque!!, que sad!
BlueKnight V2.0 (1 day ago)
Now this is a completely overhauled, evolved, complex Spider-Man game to date this definitely outdoes Spider Man 2 on PS2. Even the transition between cutscenes and gameplay is so smooth that as soon as a cutscene ends your thrown right back into the action with no black screens between cutscenes and gameplay like in Ratchet & Clank PS4. And now with a brand new cinematic story that feels like your in a movie. This has got to be the best Spider Man ever made. But I hope Insomniac Games releases another Ratchet & Clank after this.
this Bubbly Goodness (21 hours ago)
i also hope they at least do one more Spiderman game after this too, just to see if they can outdo perfection
Shah Bilal (1 day ago)
Is this game only for playstation 4 pro or it can be played on ps4 original pls answerrrr!!
SicParvisMagna123 (22 hours ago)
Shah Bilal There's never gonna be games just released for PS4 Pro, that'd be stupid. Especially as the next consoles are coming in at least 2 years too.
Shah Bilal (1 day ago)
out standing thx! For the info man, appreciate it!
out standing (1 day ago)
yes for both only for ps4
DiamondArmor05 (1 day ago)
I like being bad... it makes me happy.....
DiamondArmor05 (18 hours ago)
i know man..
this Bubbly Goodness (21 hours ago)
the most cringiest line in spiderman 3
separator94 (1 day ago)
Does anybody know if you get to play as Peter Parker at all when he's not Spider-Man? I think it would be cool if they mixed in some story missions like that.
this Bubbly Goodness (21 hours ago)
yeah there's certainly missions that involve peter's gameplay
Dante Pabon (1 day ago)
I think it's green goblin because it sounds like thrusters coming out of the glider
Tdubs 0K (1 day ago)
R.I.P xbox
iron man ??????
Kevin Luis Batista (1 day ago)
Kevin Luis Batista (1 day ago)
Matt H (1 day ago)
I can only assume that those inmates are mutants.
Tom Portengen (1 day ago)
Mr Negative kinda looks like Black Mask
Masterminded Games (1 day ago)
Hey ill try the game if you need someone to test it
Jenfrank (1 day ago)
why does everyone think theres going to be avengers in a spiderman game they never did that
Tihomir Donchev (1 day ago)
If That's not Doc Ock in charge of the Sinister six I don't know what it is, the hype is real, wish I could play this ;-; sadly I don't have a ps4 ;---;
this Bubbly Goodness (21 hours ago)
i think it could be Green Goblin
ClassifiedRanTom (1 day ago)
"Wait, you?" Let me guess, Gobby?
Abdessamad Bouzaida (1 day ago)
I think that the person in the end is Batman
Abdessamad Bouzaida (1 day ago)
Or maybe green goblib I don't know
Abdessamad Bouzaida (1 day ago)
The person is uncel Ben every one know that
Abdessamad Bouzaida (1 day ago)
I am just joking bro I know
SicParvisMagna123 (1 day ago)
Abdessamad Bouzaida Unless you're joking, they're not even part of the same universe.
Dylan Patrac (1 day ago)
Qui vas acheter le jeux juste pour ce balader dans new york ?
Renato Nunes (1 day ago)
Iron Man? Kkkk
Marcus Barrera (1 day ago)
I Wanna get this game but I have a Xbox one so I can play it on my stepdad's PS4
Im buying a PS4 just for this game!!!
This reminds me of Spider-Man: Friend or Foe! All of Spider-Man's enemies coming together in the game.
bananajoelikesbanan (1 day ago)
mechanics look very shallow.
I'm calling it. Green Goblin at the end. This makes sense because of Spider-Man's reaction and also listen carefully at the end, I can hear the sound of a mask opening. Can't wait for this game! - Commented on 18/6/18
J -Zone (2 days ago)
Probably it's thanos at the end.........it doesn't make any sense
Mr. Popo (2 days ago)
I still can’t believe they managed to make the combat look way more smoother and fluid then Arkham
J -Zone (2 days ago)
We are getting a ps4 ...😍😍
ALG_Strawhat 12 (2 days ago)
Iron Man appears 🙌🏽 nah just kidding
Val Zod (2 days ago)
This looks beautiful and badass at the same time!!! My nerd heart can't handle the awesomeness.
ghostechful (2 days ago)
Guys I'm confused I have been waiting this game for ever so should I pre order digital deluxe edition or get the physical game a week early before the release date without anything extra?
Marcus channel (2 days ago)
i can tell the light in the ending is iron man
Aditya Sai (2 days ago)
Those six dudes are nothing infornt of... . . . . THANOS
Frekshun Kiri (2 days ago)
Main vilian sept 7 because the date is making us wait
Dimas Lespier (2 days ago)
As if Mr. Negative wasn't enough, now Spidey faces his most sinister fight yet, true believers!! 😨😨 and I personally cannot wait to find out come September when the creative minds @insomniacgames finish spinning the tangled web of a truly spectacular Spider-Man story. Ok, Collectors edition, here I come. Nuff said!
Eichro (2 days ago)
What about Big Wheel, you can't have a Spider-Man game without Big Wheel
DAN (2 days ago)
not bad at all
Niggaraqua Black (2 days ago)
That1Friend04 (17 hours ago)
Niggaraqua Black woah careful! The people might hear you!
TheRedeyes222 (2 days ago)
Let’s just all agree ultimate Spider-Man on the GameCube was the best spidey game.
POPINCONEJO88 (2 days ago)
the is like the arkham games for Spider-Man lol, can't lie you weren't thinking it when you saw this. but still awesome can't wait to play it
Kratos 25 (2 days ago)
It's Iron Man, the one Spidey see at the end of the trailer: Iron man'll save the day!
NationalPjVillain (10 hours ago)
Kratos 25 nope. Confirmed to be a villain
wut dat logic do? (2 days ago)
To anyone saying it's a Batman ripoff, chill. The batman series got inspiration from Assassin's Creed and Spider-Man 2 with the combat and physics-based swinging mechanics. Soooo..
Toninator (2 days ago)
Please the Green Goblin...PLEASE!!!
Wender Févoli (2 days ago)
To muito ansioso pra lançar!!!
Cobrasoom (2 days ago)
i hope doc ock and sandman appear
Jakob Matthews (2 days ago)
Tomi Fuentes (2 days ago)
Is Green Goblin, no doubt
Renalage (2 days ago)
Ik they said there wont be symbiots but it could venom he is spiderman hardest villain and there is a secret in ultímate Spiderman when you play as venom electro says i thiught this was a Chase and electro said it to spiderman
NationalPjVillain (10 hours ago)
Renalage why do you think this? They literally said flat out that he’s not in the game. On top of that, it’s a single line from electro that has nothing to do with venom
Playing as venom isnt a secret in ultimate spiderman
Emily Gines (2 days ago)
I wish it was on Xbox
Yasiel Escalona (2 days ago)
It's venom at the end
Purple Pony (2 days ago)
Mavold RBLX (2 days ago)
Or the mystery person at the end could be Dr. Curt Connor’s in his lizard form?
Mavold RBLX (2 days ago)
The one at the end could be Nick Fury? Nah, I highly doubt it. Since the Sinister Six is attacking Spidey it could be another Sinister Six member. It’s either Kraven or Dr. Octopus. It’s most likely Dr. Oct. And I also highly doubt it is Sandman, because Sandman hasn’t shown up in the Spiderman franchise in a long time.
Crows den (2 days ago)
Have they said what it’ll run at like FPS
Crows den (2 days ago)
oh welp lol thank u
Locked at 30fps
NationalPjVillain (2 days ago)
Crows den locked 30 fps
Brandon Baker (2 days ago)
This whole time I thought Mr. Negative was going to be the main villain, but from this trailer it looks like the main villain is going to be someone else.
Braulio Peña (2 days ago)
Thanos as the villain that sends them to kills Spider-Man. Or iron man to the rescue to aid him.
Why thanos?
Joshua Velasquez (2 days ago)
송명준 (2 days ago)
He was trying to say yuri
Giò Beretta (2 days ago)
In the end there is VENOM
Gone Chaos (3 days ago)
I feel like it’s green goblin well new green goblin
Legendary CAT (3 days ago)
I know it falcon
The Spartan 274 (3 days ago)
I want an appearance by Venom, ANYTHING relating to him I swear
Ivan Romero (3 days ago)
I feel like it's hobgoblin or green goblin
Raven Skin (3 days ago)
Man call me omen but I'm on spidys side
Gamer Studios (3 days ago)
The sinister six. I’m so happy that they are making a Spider-Man Arkham game 😁
Blue 777 (3 days ago)
I think the surprise villain at the end is The Goblin, the mechanical whirring we hear sounds like turbines slowing down and stabilizers coming into effect, and the light is pointed at Spidey but originating of to the side, and as Spidey is at the edge of the roof, these things support the probability of this being the goblin on his glider, flying in to attack the hero
Daniel Baker (3 days ago)
I have a feeling it’s doc and and isn’t apart of the sinister six
Don Guayaba (3 days ago)
Dexter Reed (3 days ago)
I could see it being hobgoblin too
Comedy Box (3 days ago)
Looks cool but be honest guys, just a batman video game rip off, although it does look better.
Comedy Box this has a lot of differences also batman was basically spiderman in this genae
SicParvisMagna123 (3 days ago)
Comedy Box By your logic everything is a rip-off of something else. Ridiculous nitpicking.
Comedy Box (3 days ago)
NationalPjVillain the fighting is similar and how he is traveling the city is similar and yes, the jail break is similar
NationalPjVillain (3 days ago)
Comedy Box it doesn’t though. It barely looks like Batman at all other than this one mission being a prison break compared to an entire game about a prison break. Everything else is different
InkLink (3 days ago)
Is this recorded on PS4 or PS4 Pro?

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