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Marvel’s Spider-Man – E3 2018 Showcase Demo Video | PS4

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https://www.playstation.com/en-us/games/marvels-spider-man-ps4/ Pre-order now! Available September 7, 2018 Learn more: http://Spider-Man.playstation.com Marvel’s Spider-Man features your favorite web-slinger in a story unlike any before it. Now a seasoned Super Hero, Peter Parker has been busy keeping crime off the streets as Spider-Man. Just as he’s ready to focus on life as Peter, a new villain threatens New York City. Faced with overwhelming odds and higher stakes, Spider-Man must rise up and be greater. Sony Interactive Entertainment, Marvel and Insomniac Games present Marvel’s Spider-Man exclusively for PlayStation 4. © 2018 MARVEL © 2018 Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC Developed by Insomniac Games, Inc.
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Text Comments (12857)
Roman Martin (1 day ago)
It looks that this will be like the Spiderman Ultimate comics. This is how a Spiderman game should be
SkyCore 123 (1 day ago)
Legit how does his suit not rip
Jamin Schmitt (1 day ago)
I'm still not getting a Play Station. Their loss.
Here before 4 million views!!!
Lorna Spiwaczuk (2 days ago)
Please Sony give it to Xbox please
Myron Baraka (2 days ago)
Terry Mensah (2 days ago)
I think the last one was doctor ouctopus
Bárður Magnussen (2 days ago)
Shout-out to the main villain of the game, Physics! Killing things since forever b.c
_AdiGames_ (2 days ago)
Can i get a demo for my channel please 😭😭😭
Muhammad Abdullah (2 days ago)
Wait, You ? GIVE ME RENT
Matriculon (3 days ago)
Electro … the Raft … New Avengers anyone?
SuperMarioFaceRad (3 days ago)
Who ever has Xbox is stupid
SuperMarioFaceRad (3 days ago)
It’s iron man that helped him cause in one of the trailers they showed the avengers tower and iron man is in the team and him and spider man are friends so agree
King of memes (4 days ago)
HypeHypeHypeHype! Hype train coming through!
Judging by the recent trailers, I'm pretty sure the person who shows at the end is Silver Sable.
Jonathan Mata (4 days ago)
Still don’t know if it will beat the Arkham games though
Jason Voorhees (5 days ago)
“Can’t Wait To Play This On The Xbox One! 🔥”
Ratul Mondal (5 days ago)
spoiler of spidergwen last scene
Ahmad Kamal (5 days ago)
What is E3
Sadra Jamal Omidi (5 days ago)
I wish Spider-Man far from home is gonna like this
Tyler Campbell (5 days ago)
This is orgasmic
Vincent Ly (5 days ago)
Marvel's Spider-Man PS4, from the game developers of Spyro series (PS1 Era), Ratchet and Clank series and Resistance series.
Seth Knights (5 days ago)
It’s gotta be Doc Oc
CyberTiger 45 (5 days ago)
Venom and Carnage are a must have, or at least DLC
THE BMB SQUAD (5 days ago)
Everyone saying that they copied Arkham just like the suit this is their combat and style the Arkham games are great they are amazing but this game can be too I see it like this all these different brands we shouldn’t want them against each other if we all get along then they could too furthermore creating better things for the people
Jason Cruz (6 days ago)
E3 u making want it IM GETING IT
Jordan David (6 days ago)
3:16 The feeling you get when ever you realize you don’t have a PS4
Joshua Saludez (6 days ago)
Marvel and playstation won, DC and Xbox is just done.
Juan Rivas Duarte (6 days ago)
I think it should be Dr. octopus
Angelus Nielson (6 days ago)
Did anyone else notice that Electro's scaring was in the shape of his classic mask?
رامي الشمري (6 days ago)
انا اقول الي طلع آخر شي هو التمساح مين يعرفه الدكتور الي عنده يد وحده
Armin Sanchez (7 days ago)
They should make a time traveler Spider-Man for the next game involving venom 😂
sky oot (7 days ago)
1.2k dislikes are from people who don't own a ps4
CSFJason Shank (7 days ago)
My weiner just EXPLODED.
Michael Brent (7 days ago)
Daredevil,Moon Knight and Deadpool(Ryan Reynolds) need their own game and WB need to give Plastic man, Freakazoid(Dexter Douglas) and The Creeper (jack Ryder) their online game.
Um Mestre Experiente (7 days ago)
Only 25 days... im very excited
N8cole34gamer Andrade (7 days ago)
vai ser ruim pq não irá ter para o Xbox one
Ndre Sadega (8 days ago)
wait you ? who ?
XXMELLOYZEXX (8 days ago)
It would be cool if you could play for Peter to fly around the city without a costume as in Ultimate Spider-Man, it would be super.
bullwinkle524 (8 days ago)
What if the person at the end was Yuri? That would be a surprise.
RedGamer ThePvPG (8 days ago)
Maybe it is a iron fist spiderman crossover,since iron fist season 2 is the same day as spiderman release day
JohnnyOTGS (8 days ago)
Hmmm. Not sure about this. It looks like Arkham Asylum meets Shattered Dimensions. The Japanese woman: needs to grow her hair out and have a slight Japanese accent.
Borknut the Third (6 days ago)
My guess is, she was born in New York, so she has that accent, but why the hair?
alexbensam (8 days ago)
Was it reavealed if it was early in the game or far later in the main story ?
Matt Francis (8 days ago)
They should've put early access in this game since we waited a year for it to come out!
hesh mobster (8 days ago)
Ill admit it .....I'm an idiot for buying the Xbox.
deepa joshi (8 days ago)
I think it was Iron man at last when Spiderman said "you"
Abdullah Raheel (9 days ago)
I have a ps4 slim and this game is avalible for demo on playstation store in 6000 Rs ( pakistan currency)
Муса В (9 days ago)
What is the difference between standard edition and digital which cost more?
SuspectTwo (9 days ago)
The 7th can’t get here any sooner...
Camila Henk (9 days ago)
How much is it?
Jean Nguyen (9 days ago)
I seriously want to pre-order this game!! But my dad won’t pre-order for me! Any advice?
Break bad and get some money
b1nary_ c0de (8 days ago)
Jean Nguyen steal his credit card or rob a bank
Kara Zor-El (8 days ago)
Do something in return? Maybe you guys can work something out like extra chores?
Danny Gould (9 days ago)
Imagine after Spider-Man got jumped. Miles shows up in his spider outfit and helps
6:45 it is VENOM? or Green Goblen ? I listen one sound, or it spider web VEnom or Karnaje?
Trynstopme_Y (10 days ago)
It’s Adolf Hitler at the end, you dummy’s.
mike Connolly (10 days ago)
Mystery villain has to be doc oct. with the sinister 6
Saquan Melvin (10 days ago)
Why the green scorpion helmet look like the green ranger from power rangers
xifaskia59 (10 days ago)
Thats green goblin. He is Spider mans arch enemy it makes sense for him to be the one behind all. Also Elektro looks awesome compared with the garbage we were given at Tas 2
yumirei (11 days ago)
Ohhh, how strong I wish this game be and on pc Q-Q
Albert CadGame (11 days ago)
Nice ... all the best super villains are in this game. And the battles looked amazingly real too - like from a spidey movie. The punches and kicks looked powerful too - like Batman games. Great news for gamers.
John Ruiz (11 days ago)
Casey affleck would make a great electro
土田隆治 (11 days ago)
VIBES (11 days ago)
salih tools (12 days ago)
NirkaH DoesStuff (12 days ago)
salih tools nope
Asa Sparks (12 days ago)
Pizza time
Spot Gaming (12 days ago)
It’s a villain at the end. Probably Norman Osborn. Spider-Man said “Wait, you?” It sounded like he was surprised and mad.
kevin flores (12 days ago)
Una pregunta es exclusivo para Playstation?
ManWithaPlan (12 days ago)
A True Canadian (12 days ago)
Anyone else hoping maybe another symbiote shows up. (Carnage)
Gabriel Blume (5 days ago)
NirkaH DoesStuff You forget this comes out in September and the Venom movie comes out in October, so to hype up both the Venom movie and the game, they could announce a DLC where Venom shows up or at least Eddie Brock.
NirkaH DoesStuff (12 days ago)
Won’t happen, no symbiotes in this game
SkyCore 123 (12 days ago)
At the end of the fight when spider-man says “it’s you” there is a growling voice, it’s probably venom ,lizard or maybe hydro man for the 1990 series.
Omar Karim (16 hours ago)
Venoms not in the game (sadly) I don’t think Lizard would Lead the Sinister 6 and I doubt Hydro Mans in the game. now i kinda wish it was venom tho... Edit: Oh, and there was a supposed Doc Ock leak and to me the thing you heard sounded more like a mechanical sound or a jet booster from maybe Green Goblins Glider
SkyCore 123 (1 day ago)
I’m a big Spider-Man fan
ian duncan (12 days ago)
Is anyone else wondering how rhino dropped in on the roof??
GamerPro (13 days ago)
Plz release it on Xbox one Plzzzzzzz
Justin Baggett (13 days ago)
Sorry kid, thats a no.
Cheesey Cheeser (14 days ago)
Man, he was not gonna let vulture touch him also CANNOT wait to get this
Jackson Mankowski (14 days ago)
Wouldn’t it be dope if you could choose what soundtrack you wanted to play in the background from any of the real life movies? That’d be crazy...
Jackson Mankowski (12 days ago)
Justin Baggett That’s dope. Thanks
Justin Baggett (13 days ago)
Well, you can. Playstation has Spotify app. You can listen to music while you play. I already have all of thr Raimi music set up. All you do is turn down the Game's music and pull up the sidebar and choose your song. Very easy.
alex fire88 (14 days ago)
The demo is avaibile on ps store?
GONZO WANZO (14 days ago)
Can someone tell me why electro looks like logic?😂
Mman60075 (14 days ago)
Literally waiting to get a PlayStation just so I can have this bundle
shervin saji (15 days ago)
uncle ben...you?!
Hodzic Edin (15 days ago)
Man the people will be so disappointed in this game.
Stickler (14 days ago)
Hodzic Edin what do you mean
Dylan Lewis (15 days ago)
Is Rhino a cyborg now?! That’s really cool!
Zack Jackson (15 days ago)
I have probably watched this video like 15 times already. So excited!
#1 Most anticipated game of 2018 1# best game of 2018 Your move Xbox? We all know what Nintendo has up under their sleeve.
André Mf Gatd (15 days ago)
Michael Mosgrove (15 days ago)
looks like its similar to the arkham knight games.
thexbat roblox (15 days ago)
This is just a ripoff of the arkham games
Justin Baggett (13 days ago)
Kill yourself.
KrakenGamer 04 (16 days ago)
At the end that better been doctor Octopus
KrakenGamer 04 (13 days ago)
Justin Baggett but like I said it could be the sounds of mechanical arms retracting. For example listen to the sounds doc ock’s tentacles make in spiderman 2. Also the headlights could be explained that in modern incarnations of doc ock there is a bright light in the middle of each claw. One example is in the spectacular spiderman show. Regardless if it’s him at the end, it’s likely doc ock will be in the game since rhino’s voice actor accidentally confirmed it.
Justin Baggett (13 days ago)
Why would that be Doc Ock? You can clearing hear two jet Turbines, and there are headlights pointing at Peter. Its Green Goblin...Norman is the main Antagonist in the game.
Luka Mijatovic (16 days ago)
Did Nick come for him
Cire Gara (16 days ago)
If mr negative is in this does that mean cloak and dagger are in this to
Hanzo Hattori (16 days ago)
This and smash bros ultimate have amazing attention to details and little stuff I hope RDR2 also has it.
Myles Hoglund (16 days ago)
I honestly don’t care if the combat rips off the Arkahm game. Even if it does rip it off, there’s a more focus on vertically and taking advantage of the environment compared to the Arkahm games.
Sonic 1216 (17 days ago)
This was the best trailer I saw at E3 and the game I've been looking forward to since 2017. I hope its as Amazing as I think its going to be.
sebi the roblox galaxy (17 days ago)
Îs War Mashin?
Elver Galarga (17 days ago)
Spidey: We don´t have to do this at all if you don´t want to. Rhino: We definitely want to. LOL
Diego Marquez (17 days ago)
I think it’s iron man when something appeard at the end(wait you?)
NirkaH DoesStuff (16 days ago)
Nope, confirmed ages ago that it’s not
LordzBacon (17 days ago)
Sony trying to grab that Arkham fandom.
Justin Baggett (13 days ago)
Not at all. You're a simpleton if you think thats the Case. Rocksteady never gave us a Fully realized Open world with pedestrians and a living city with a Day and Night cycle, and weather effects.
DiegoWG (17 days ago)
PlayStation Exclusive?
Ryder Barton (13 days ago)
DiegoWG yes.
23 (17 days ago)
Trash... 🗑🤷♂💯
Hater Wapeton v; (17 days ago)
batman arkham ??
Omega DeRose (17 days ago)
a spiderman who needs webshootes and cant creat webs out of his own hands what a lame idea
Omega DeRose (16 days ago)
no i played marvel games since the ps 2 and spiderman always did not needed webshooters so this with webshooters is a lame idea
NirkaH DoesStuff (16 days ago)
Omega DeRose joking?
Zadrin (18 days ago)
Where is big wheel?

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