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ScreaM's Back

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The ScreaM era of Counter Strike has begun. https://www.youpak.com/watch?v=WtQPoHM4afM (For Germans) "They know me as the headshot machine. They know me from the highlight they see. They know me from the matches they watch. They talk about my one taps and they think for me aiming is so easy. I just go into a match and that's it. But my aim, it's comes from more than just a game. For me - aim - it is about precision... This part people don't see. This part, it does not show up in highlights. When I sit down to play everything already is a part of me." - ScreaM New Update video by Tharix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=upGkfBG1L3I&t=0s If you need a video clip, just message me, they are pretty self explanatory to find for the ScreaM highlights. GERMANS, IF YOU CANNOT VIEW THE VIDEO, CHANGE THE TUBE TO PAK AND THE VIDEO WILL WORK. https://www.youpak.com/watch?v=WtQPoHM4afM Music: Breathe me - Sia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFGvmrJ5rjM Hall & Oates ~ You Make My Dreams Come True https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_I4wtNPv5w Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheRickyRays
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Text Comments (600)
reddog (5 days ago)
Hey. Mind telling me how you got the gameplay footage to look that smooth?
Most (2 months ago)
Sad to see this in 2018
R Kanava (3 months ago)
0:33 That was from starcraft 2 :O :O Footage from has vs violet match.
netherfail04 (3 months ago)
Hotgps (3 months ago)
Young matafaka (3 months ago)
They talk about my onetaps
- (6 months ago)
1:08 not even same map ffaq
1:11 but its dust2
cap7ainskull (6 months ago)
Ian_Daily (7 months ago)
People said scream should stop 1 tapping but the commenters doesnt know how to 1 tap
Klasby. (7 months ago)
Josh (7 months ago)
[]"ScreaM got a buff" he was an alredy unstoppable force now hes a god
SqueezY- tube (7 months ago)
Fuckin best vid ever seen😢😍😍😍😍
King Gaming (8 months ago)
what is the clip of get right hitting the table
Brex Autismo (9 months ago)
Slap dat asss
NCRRANGER (9 months ago)
They talk about his one taps
Awais Shaheen (9 months ago)
they talk about my 1taps
HaxiumProduction (10 months ago)
title says "scream is back", first clip is from the begining of CSGO in 2012 with VG vs NIP. Well done
Xtra Gay (10 months ago)
Bet ScreaM can one tap wih the negev
Pete090789 (10 months ago)
ScreaM the DreaM
Dachieo (11 months ago)
this looked like it took little to no effort lol sorry
Pavelka (1 year ago)
Емать я российский
Pr0xy (1 year ago)
iBP now unbanned, god have mercy for Brax's opponents.
Rakha Tube (1 year ago)
scream and kennyS:best team ever...
abdulkareem (1 year ago)
90% of these clips are old and before the one tap update.
Pertti Jormala (1 year ago)
ScreaM's Vac
Frankwoods28 (1 year ago)
what is this song called
Prakhar Saxena (1 year ago)
They know for my wun taps?? The eadshut maashin?
Captain Wooshitposts (1 year ago)
;o 0:30
It's impossible ScreaM don't make a hs
Brad Maxwell (1 year ago)
scream looks like a fuccboi
Ralph Kinterro (1 year ago)
TitaNa'Vi :D
Pose1don (1 year ago)
What about ScreaM's back?
dolphy (1 year ago)
Back? he was never gone.
Mega Boss (1 year ago)
They talk about my wun taps
Gönczöl Zoli (1 year ago)
Hi dude, can u write down the name of the meme videos u used in this video?:D thx
dom (1 year ago)
what the fuck is spraying anyway?
T u n i o (1 year ago)
aaaaaaand hes gone
Shubam Pawar (1 year ago)
he is still shit
muleke dinâmico (10 months ago)
shit like coldzera ??
Cereal'sGames (1 year ago)
Aaaand he's gone
Yiğit kaan Eren (1 year ago)
are you son of supersitiuM?
Lasse K (1 year ago)
he hax im sure
Lasse K (1 year ago)
he hax im sure
Joshua Sng (1 year ago)
hahahahah you're making my screams come true
JANUSH (1 year ago)
Taz the best look my YouTube channel :D
Kigoz4Life (1 year ago)
1:07 clip on cache but get right mad on d2. nice job Ricky.
Daydreamcub (1 year ago)
what was he practicing on at the very end what map is that?
ScaRy NGU (1 year ago)
When i grow up.......i want to be just like him.
Asian4Life Official (1 year ago)
🎶 you make-a my ScreaMs come true 🎶
Smajlツ (1 year ago)
This video doesnt make sense ... cuz when they did the update with 1 taps and spray he didnt play in VeryGames or Titan and you are showing old videos from when he was playing in VG or Titan ...
LVPRANIKS (1 year ago)
Damn, watching like 330 time this video.
Jesus (1 year ago)
They call me uwan Uwan deag
bartek potacala (1 year ago)
Everyone one likes screaM even more so after he got fucked by G2 I just want the best for him he taught me the best Molotov on inferno. I <3 screaM
Death Rager (1 year ago)
in compton they say: suge's here!!!! in friday they say: DEE-BO!!! in cs go they say: screams here!!! lmao
Japy (1 year ago)
All clips are from before the update
Aylo (1 year ago)
in 0:33
Aylo (1 year ago)
Flood (1 year ago)
who is that guy at 1:20
muleke dinâmico (10 months ago)
Flood taz
uZeeyn ! (1 year ago)
They talk about my one taps
iStilts (1 year ago)
Hearing all the old gun sounds makes me sad :(
Defective (1 year ago)
Scream quited G2! Sad. Hope he goes in a better team!
Rekt. (1 year ago)
Worse is that he got kicked because NBK doesn't like playing with him apparently.
Ricky Rays (1 year ago)
And ScreaM's gone again
cars (11 days ago)
Ricky Rays yup
Rollbraten 300 (6 months ago)
He fucking sucks nowadays lol
Kracxl (6 months ago)
aaand they out of the majors
LONGEV1per (10 months ago)
And he's tier3 again :)
LACRIZZE (1 year ago)
and he's fucking back! Envyus babe!!
awdio (1 year ago)
stew 5k (1 year ago)
How about the new French shuffle?
SurpriseHD™ (1 year ago)
Aceony 007 (1 year ago)
don't ever doubt the legend.
Trospher (1 year ago)
sucks how inconsistent he is
Miloš (1 year ago)
Kristo Tori (1 year ago)
if screaM's back why use Titan clips?
Iskhak Miizamidinov (1 year ago)
0:45 Where is he? Can u send me full video or link Thx
Blyat Cancer (2 months ago)
Darude sandstorm
Xtra Gay (9 months ago)
Исхак Мийзамидинов search "scream They talk about my one taps"
Caner Çolak (9 months ago)
krePP (1 year ago)
Исхак Мийзамидинов lg vs g2 scream 1tap dust2
Tabalukk (1 year ago)
This channel is the best content for cs.
ChrismoPrismo (1 year ago)
Scream at the majors tho kappa
john (1 year ago)
old nuke, i miss you );
Coodles Parks (1 year ago)
VG | Screamy in the kill feed. Scream wearing a titan shirt :thinking:
RyanGarrahan ' (1 year ago)
so whats this video about scream's back what about his back . sorry im a gramanazi
Sloppy Sosig (1 year ago)
Alot of these clips where before that update
lars Olofsson (1 year ago)
I was promised Scream´s back, not a montage ffs giff me softcorn plox.
Neko Ni (1 year ago)
Heyyy , Thats Pretty Good!
Kawa (1 year ago)
0:24 sounds like frodo fapping
max (1 year ago)
Am I the only person that cares Ricky rays used Hall and Oates for main song I love Hall and Oates lmao
Pipooo (1 year ago)
Guess who's back..
DeiDei (1 year ago)
HBM (1 year ago)
People always asks me "Whats your New Year's Resolution I say "1920 x 1080"
Gol de Perú (1 year ago)
I would be pissed If ScreaM kills me but its cool I respect ScreaM as a Pro players. feels good
Heaper (1 year ago)
Scream + accuracy update = footage from old nuke? Do you even counterstrike?
Dave Marcellino (1 year ago)
after update lol XD
Diplom Chiller (1 year ago)
Best of Mems confirmt ? :DDD
Banjo Jo (1 year ago)
You have Usain Bolt. You have CSGO ScreaM. 2 Legends that will never be ban as they are always legit. Usain fights drug users. ScreaM fights hacking users. ScreaM is the CSGO Usain Bolt.
Kakashi Hatake (1 year ago)
UnicornMilk seriously? no.
Raiyan A (1 year ago)
Usain Bolt retires. ScreaM retires. (hopefully not soon)
Banjo Jo (1 year ago)
Nice comment fgt.
Drugged Lion (1 year ago)
0:40 whats the fov?? ???
videfluffy (1 year ago)
They buffed scream and nerfed get right.
like a trailer of film XD
Просто капец... Просто головы будто семена щёлкает.
Christian Viali (1 year ago)
Can't stop rewatching this.
SupremeLefty (1 year ago)
NesTa (1 year ago)
Subscribe guys , thx
WayManlyWay (1 year ago)
why the fuck do you include clips from before the update... that's fucking aids man...
Fluskar (1 year ago)
are u gonna show clips from the future?lol
k4pral (1 year ago)
Best video!
GenericBauble (1 year ago)
Shrimps (1 year ago)
scream just a stupid guy

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