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Pure 5 minutes of adrenaline rush street racing between BMW 1000 versus honda repsol cbr 1000
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Arun kumar (26 minutes ago)
OMG ...very Dengerous.....😬😬😬😱😱😱😱😱
chazoclock (3 hours ago)
I ride bikes & I had to turn it off. I hope nobody died
Nuno Simoes (3 hours ago)
Not good 😬only guys like rossi should or do that
Skrapton (9 hours ago)
going fast yeah cool, what trips me out is when he turns. what if the road was slippery or his tires were rubbish or some shit
rajib mukherjee (11 hours ago)
Car lovers where are you? 😂😂😂😂😂
Paul Agnew (21 hours ago)
stupidly at its highest .....speed kills ..simple !
Casey Graham (1 day ago)
Hell yea get shitty wit it, we be tearin up the dfw.
asdfg123 asdfg123 (1 day ago)
Yenne murallek..Ali Kuala Talang
J Hearne (1 day ago)
Russian roulette!
raymille dawn bulan (2 days ago)
There's a technique in some races like this... From the starting line.. Let your opponent be first.. Because there is two things. The pressure is in the 1st and the worry of outrun.. 2nd. The 1st will be the shield of the 2nd.. So it is best to give all the best you've got 500 meter away from the finish line.. And just chase your opponent a while
sohail Shaikh (2 days ago)
Nice mantan with bike Salute
Johnny Watson (2 days ago)
it looks scary.
Miguel Hernandez (2 days ago)
Gofish (2 days ago)
Everyone is either loving or hating. Look at it this way. Yes this is dangerous for not only the rider but other drivers on the road and highly illegal. They are stupid for doing this, theres shit called a racetrack, which brings me to my second stance. The amount of concentration that is required at these high speeds is that of a brain surgeon, you are taking conscious inputs in fractions of seconds and deciding quicker than any situation ive certainly been in. They probably know the highway very well and have rode it several times. They should race for money. On a race track theres stuff that can save your life, the roads have guard rails and others cars.
Auto blipper (2 days ago)
These cocksuckers have no gear on good for them they will die quickly
Ryan Caines (3 days ago)
180mph in trainers and jeans = total fuckin idiot
Couldn't tell you how many "donor cycle" riders, I've had in my ambulance.
林泓嵩 (3 days ago)
Android9370 (3 days ago)
Это попросту пиздец
Cbrrr7 (3 days ago)
nithin km (4 days ago)
crazy...need extra two balls for riding like this
Rafael Rodrigues (4 days ago)
o video mais insano do youtube
damien odwell (4 days ago)
At 300kmh they look like there passing the others cars going 100kmh faster than them, assuming at max that the cars are traveling at around 100kmh that means there not really going 300kmh XD at the start 60 kmh looked like they were going 20kmh ahaha
Nature GOD (4 days ago)
wow that's crazy
Vu Luu (4 days ago)
Very fast speed. Very good!!!
Salvo Salvini (4 days ago)
Io darei un nuovo titolo al video....5 Minuti di pura idiozia e cretinagine" questa non è adrenalina e un video del genere non può darne, sorpassi a folle velocità in autostrada sia a destra che a sinistra delle vetture circolanti. Con il rischio di colpire una o + auto circolanti e rovinare la giornata (ed anche altro) di chi cammina tranquillamente per non parlare del mettere a rischio anche la propria vita. Queste stronzate da superman vanno fatte solo in pista ma sempre nel rispetto delle regole che i circuiti e il buon senso prevedono. vado in moto da oltre 15 anni e non mi sento in alcun modo rappresentato e vicino a chi guida in questo modo in quei posti.
Kya mast riding hai bandey ki.wah.........
Scott Leech (4 days ago)
Stupid dumb fucks. This sort of shit just adds to the laughs when I read those 'Think Bike..!' adverts. These two are selfish Fuckwits who don't give a shit about anyone else and although I would never wish ill of anyone, I wouldn't be surprised to read of their demise.
Alung 09 (4 days ago)
Gila tuhh motor
я неудачник (4 days ago)
I can see balls more than speed in the vid.
Wow it's amazing bro.
oetken007 (5 days ago)
Because of such drivers, the most beautiful routes are blocked for all motorcyclists. Thank you very much!
Teddi786 OG (5 days ago)
Crazy fuckers
Internet Explorer (5 days ago)
They stopped just to adjust their gigantic balls of metal.
lindo linda (5 days ago)
moto gp street fight :p
Bang Muklis (5 days ago)
Good good goood
Jeff Mccallum (5 days ago)
l watch this one, through the years, after a hard day. To help put things in perspective 😨.
Gareth Calm Down (5 days ago)
The Cunt on the Repsol Honda was craziest of them all what a looper... last minute and a half is Nuts... there's no seat belt in life to save you from this stupidity WOW
Biking Lifestyle (5 days ago)
Not the time for a snooze.
İlhan Karaca (6 days ago)
dancing with death.
lelin s (6 days ago)
who riders better, Honda or BMW
lelin s (6 days ago)
need for speed, bike version
Zincelec (6 days ago)
Why do people park their cars in the highway?
Rodrigo (7 days ago)
O maluco da repsol é piloto.
Mhbub Ulum (7 days ago)
Helen Mcginn (7 days ago)
It's thrilling
Santas Mamadas (8 days ago)
Gotta be a total moron to ride like that without full gear
Chí Tâm Huỳnh (8 days ago)
Ở việt nam éo có đường nào chạy được tốc độ như wây.👏👏👏🕯🕯🕯🕯☠☠☠☠😭😭😂😂
LalitPandey pandey (9 days ago)
I like cbr repsol edition
Manny Henry (9 days ago)
I live through you guys the bikes are not for me. I love muscle cars. I love speed. God bless you. Stay safe
pokemo oon (10 days ago)
more speed pl
Hasibur Rahman Shanto (10 days ago)
Looks like 299km speed is not enough for them
Agnaldo Moraes (10 days ago)
E roleta russa!!!
Jonathan Romanel (10 days ago)
Único q realmente soube acelerar uma cbr , isso sim
vaibhav vashisth (11 days ago)
love honda
vaibhav vashisth (11 days ago)
just a little more and you will take off....
Elian Santos. (11 days ago)
Aiwass (3 days ago)
Elian Santos. Brazilians ...Nuts
bob (11 days ago)
Bateu morreu
Rezan Aygun (11 days ago)
Hahaha is cool😁😁👍💪
Amir jahan (12 days ago)
woooow! man 299 km !!!!! thats full adrenaline
желаю всем хрустам скорой погибели об стену
amit singh (13 days ago)
you both have some serious guts....impressed
prashant kumar (13 days ago)
break will work in this speed?
Pawg17 (14 days ago)
Usman Haider (14 days ago)
Death Drive
go2hell76 (14 days ago)
damn stupid fucks.. this is why insurance rates are so high
BUDAK PAHANG (14 days ago)
Perghh boekk lah 33j view.. Admin dpt brape duit dr utube?? Kasi info skit nnt nk wat vid gak
rob moris (14 days ago)
I remember kicking down several gears and living in the red, it's as alive as you can feel, it's down right addictive.
Tamizh Trader (15 days ago)
I think he is the slowest driver among all
Tamizh Trader (15 days ago)
High speed driving is a skill
CricketTech (15 days ago)
Why it's stopped at 299
Nice vídeo
Mukhtedar farooqui (16 days ago)
Evry time this shows on my scren I can't ignore so much fun and great control
Kay Mutua (16 days ago)
bae: babe comeover biker:cant babe im riding with my homies bae: my girlfriends and i wana have an orgy biker: ^^^^
แอค สตู (16 days ago)
Ajit Kushwaha-_- (16 days ago)
Wow. But I even fear going above 110kmph and I mean ,who want to take a chance!😂
Jermaine K Allen (16 days ago)
Please be careful guys. Don't want any of you guys to die
Its thrilling but why must using the emergency lane?
ANTONIOKERO (18 days ago)
200+ km/h on 2nd gear...!!!
Robson Lourenço (18 days ago)
Tudo chupeta das ideia.
Jure Klanac (15 days ago)
Robson Lourenço wjhdnsj gsjhgnsndn gnsnsnngns toahiajbd h siei
Karthik (19 days ago)
Awesome and Ridicules
Karl Müller (19 days ago)
We´ll see you on Liveleak...
João Paulo Aboim (19 days ago)
Epic stupidity!
Malf Meister (19 days ago)
What a waste, of fuel and donor organs in equal measure.
IR W (20 days ago)
what a pair of idiots
Collector Guy (21 days ago)
Fuckin mental!
DerpEye (21 days ago)
'how to die 101'
Juninho Barollo (21 days ago)
Careca Terrorista BMW e Zica na Repsol...os caras tocam muito..
Richard Rios (5 days ago)
Show o pega gostei muito e outra coisa essa CBR ta ajustada andando muito ....sou fã das duas máquinas... Mas amo uma CBR ainda mais a nova agora ta um foguete
Jure Klanac (15 days ago)
Juninho Barollo djfncnnkckwk fozkrks cyka blyat
Nick Wells (21 days ago)
Your coffins await you, hope your both organ donors, thats not what biking is about. Hope no other riders try this.
Bouaziz Jan (10 days ago)
There is no usable organ after a fall at this speed
Om Ram (21 days ago)
Sitara Sitara (21 days ago)
Bruno Serra (21 days ago)
Un gros coeur jen tremble encore
Jure Klanac (15 days ago)
Bruno Serra eujsnfnd sjrnnsje fnkgjen r f dndjdjfdj
Бля, отмороженные ребята...
Rally Alper Transalp (22 days ago)
GEgreek (22 days ago)
Eddy Rectem (22 days ago)
Hanan Fujimori (22 days ago)
Apollo 17 (22 days ago)
And that’s how you end up in coffin
J HOLLY (22 days ago)
Great riding. I do the same need to get a GOPRO

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