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I don't know about you guys but I'm enjoying the new inferno a lot! Sure, it might be early, but everything screams awesome about this map. Check out Kinguin: https://www.kinguin.net/partners-cs-go-items?r=19346 Check out Alphadraft: http://alphadraft.go2cloud.org/SHEN Donate skins (only if you really want to): http://tinyurl.com/grvj75q Setup video: http://tinyurl.com/hbhxarh Crosshair: cl_crosshairalpha "255" cl_crosshaircolor "5" cl_crosshaircolor_b "255" cl_crosshaircolor_r "255" cl_crosshaircolor_g "0" cl_crosshairdot "0" cl_crosshairgap "-1" cl_crosshairsize "4" cl_crosshairstyle "4" cl_crosshairusealpha "1" cl_crosshairthickness "1" cl_fixedcrosshairgap "0" cl_crosshair_drawoutline "1" cl_crosshair_outlinethickness "1" Sensitivity: 1.3 on 800 DPI Viewmodel: Classic (might look different from your classic because I record in 1080p stretched) Twitter: https://twitter.com/helmutss
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Josh E. (1 year ago)
I like the new Inferno version very much and I can't say to much bad about it. Great Video as always <3
richy mlg kid (1 year ago)
i think inferno reminds me of overwatch. i havent played the game but it is pretty much the same shape of the colors and i like the old inferno more
helmutss i have a aquestion. im gn2, before i was mg2, and now that im playing on a lower rank, i see their crosshair placement, their skill, all that is lower than mine, but in some games they have more kills than me and idont understand why. when i see how they play i stay amused :/ and its not my aim, idk what it is :( maybe its because im playing more defensively? or maybe im rushing too much and dying? i really would like to see u talk about that
+helmutssss k ty for the answer
helmutssss (1 year ago)
Try taking a break. Sounds like you might be burnt out.
Mr.Jav1d! (1 year ago)
I got fps drops on infernew
Andrew Christian (1 year ago)
what is up with the sprays? i don't feel like they are broken (i might be dumb) van you expand this topic a little more?
helmutssss (1 year ago)
There are certain places you can spray them so that enemies can't see you.
K toffel (1 year ago)
I think Infernew is great it looks nice and it plays very well, on the other hand i experienced that the map is now a little bit more t sided and when we were ct we were like pushing every round thats the thing i like - you can play aggressiv as ct- so yeah the new inferno is fun, but i also think nuke is fun, its a different map layout with the bomb sites on top of each other, personally i hope they will rework Cobblestone, i liked the old version of cobble more nowadays its most of the time bRush every other round
u so stupid (1 year ago)
just saw it bro looks like a battlefield map
Roadrunner (1 year ago)
if u didn't played yet u can't say anything, the old inferno was ugly and unbalanced asf
u so stupid (1 year ago)
didnt play the game for more than a month ... when i saw that update , i thought i wont play this game anymore , inferno was so fun to play before , they killed it ...
K toffel (1 year ago)
+コスモ せんせい ! I think Infernew is great personally i like it more than the old one...dunno why but its more fun for me to play it now (LEM here)
u so stupid (1 year ago)
Inferno died
Bobby Doggy (1 year ago)
People disliking just because they don't agree with your opinion smh so stupid lol.But this new inferno is seriously very good especially the new b site at least imo
helmutssss (1 year ago)
Thanks a lot man! Really appreciate it
Gopnik Productions (1 year ago)
what a great video :D
Daniel Møller (1 year ago)
Helmutssss i think you did a great job on the video! And yes its much better than Nuke:)
ShreN (1 year ago)
Dumbed down = Dust2-ified
Adrijo norge (1 year ago)
i got 30 kills on the new inferno (im supreme) it was my best map back in the day, and it feels so good to play it again!

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