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TOP 3 TH9 BEST WAR ATTACK STRATEGY 2018 (Updated) | 3 star any base | Clash of Clans

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Clash of Clans: TOP 3 "2018" TOWN HALL 9 / TH9 BEST 3 STAR WAR ATTACK STRATEGY (UPDATED) | 3 star any base. How to 3 star any town hall 9 anti 3 star base guide. SUBSCRIBE for more attack strategies: Mass valkyrie, Witch walk, Low Level Heros, Hog riders etc. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMb6jQ1PZpY1zBL3dMFikqg
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Text Comments (169)
JOHN ECHON (10 days ago)
Joy attack kana
Luis_agar agar (16 days ago)
Qualche italiano con th 9 ed è in scalata?
iShyne (1 month ago)
Was I the only retard trying to move the screen in the replays?
Joseph Warren (1 month ago)
how to heck do you farm up enough dark elixir to lv up your heros that much at th9?
Jose Aguilar (1 month ago)
Joseph Warren use a goblin knife strat my guy
Kakadu CZ123 (2 months ago)
I can say, I've never meet 2/3 enemy base you showed .,...
Shibu Biswas (2 months ago)
Plzz Now attke
nico99 - (2 months ago)
Goval 3°?! Wut?!?
theboy 1006 (2 months ago)
Are you made atleast write army quantities 😡😡
ELIT3_ GHOSTz (2 months ago)
Use 2 rage 1 heal
ELIT3_ GHOSTz (2 months ago)
Oh you were using quake use jump
Karan singh (2 months ago)
No.3 were the worst strategy...only goho works better than this fukin strategy
Max Looter (2 months ago)
what is best troop for looting
SUMIT 8.9 (3 months ago)
Y you use eq if you havejump spell
the minecraft box (3 months ago)
how much all of those 3 stratagies you showed cost?
_Sabathia _ (3 months ago)
Not just this content provider
_Sabathia _ (3 months ago)
Yes unfortunately most videos posted have maxed (gemed) heroes.
Brad Fuller (3 months ago)
Gavin level 30 queen and king help a lot too. Haha
Narmada Bisht (3 months ago)
Powerful attack
FAtube rocks (3 months ago)
Xtra Mile (3 months ago)
That valk in the thumbnail looking hella fine tho
I also have a video https://youtu.be/BLVFlKk1Pe8
Cruz (3 months ago)
Nice name
Md Furkan Khan (3 months ago)
Tq bro
bleach hhh (3 months ago)
I use 15 valkeries and 2 pekkas also a few wizards
Juel chakma juel chakms (3 months ago)
Nice base
A1 GAMING (4 months ago)
What is Song Name
barath kumar (4 months ago)
Nice bro
A1 Status (4 months ago)
5:16 it should be 3rd
Yug Kochar (4 months ago)
CLASH IT (4 months ago)
best farming attack here:::::::https://youtu.be/DkS_A-tDoC0
parbin roy (4 months ago)
Gamer's Corner (5 months ago)
I use go wipe and it works most of the time... or maybe I should do lava loon? Please give me advice.
Nandan Dutta (5 months ago)
I need a coc aacc i cn make ur 100 subscriber more
Poonam Lakdawala (5 months ago)
Helpful for me to get 3 stars thank you and I love this video clash on guys
GAMING STUPID (5 months ago)
Boi you place the witches first 😂
Silent VAIKA (5 months ago)
Nice......also watch my channel
Максим (5 months ago)
dude u've got 30 lvl heroes, video has no sense
Narendra Patel (6 months ago)
Isaac Stoor (6 months ago)
walls are just a suggestion anyway
GOWTHAM THE MASS (6 months ago)
9cryglqvl check this and how to attack this please i sub u plz tell CRUZ
ShinyButtMan2653 • (6 months ago)
What the minimum level of the Valkyrie needed?
Kurenomoto (6 months ago)
Do you have any videos on new tier TH attacks? For instance if I were a maxed th8 and after I got my TH to 9 it started putting me against basically maxed th9 based in clan war. Basically how new th9s could 3 star experienced th9 bases
Deep Singh (6 months ago)
#RRYGCL98 join us Daredevils
Lone OWL (6 months ago)
Undefeated best th9 war base 2018 anti everything... https://youtu.be/wXAzXwU4J3Y
Mẫn Hồ (6 months ago)
Music 7:22 please
PUBG WITH HARDIK (6 months ago)
What is the name of back ground songs plzzz replyyy
Jonah Emery (1 month ago)
What’s the back ground song for the queen walk?
Left (5 months ago)
Darude Sandstorm
All in One (6 months ago)
+Cruz Great Vid bud. I was wondering which editor do you use or the name of the font at 0:16
Adnan Shahriar (7 months ago)
because you don't need king queen for lavaloon it's the best 3 star forever
Adnan Shahriar (7 months ago)
Lavaloon is the best medicine of getting 3 star in any th 9 base
Football Arena (7 months ago)
Which software you used to edit this video??
bandicam, is what he uses
Omar Ahmad (7 months ago)
Best th9 war strategy 2018 https://youtu.be/NcfOPa8NduU
The Music Virus (7 months ago)
U should write the army composition in description
JeffYourBoi 21 (7 months ago)
is it possible to queen walk with level 12 queen
GAMING STUPID (5 months ago)
Jefferson Lopez no
Dean Griffiths (7 months ago)
I am truly terrible at this game i love it but when im in war only get 2 stars on each attack i always alls it up i cant get my head around what side to attack or what troops to use .I fear i may be a dumbass good video thx peeps 👍👍
Inderjit Bhadouriya (7 months ago)
Queen walk lalo is amazing
SWITCH BLADE (7 months ago)
This guys an idiot I say! Top 3 list I only saw #3 #2 #2 lmao
Dalibor Floric (7 months ago)
Kelvin Blanco (7 months ago)
Wtf gowiva?
Super Trump (8 months ago)
What are the song names?
Beatrice Joseph (8 months ago)
Did anyone else notice that there were 2 2’s? Lmao 😂😂 but good video keep up the good work
BHAGWAN DASS YADAV (8 months ago)
Bhae witch aur hog wale mai dragon aa gea to koi problem to nahi hoga na
The Power of COC (8 months ago)
Solid attack ..Truly great war😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
StopJerkingOff (8 months ago)
Lol damn these look all very effective but I wonder how effective they are with the levels I have my troops on. I am a new town hall 9 and only maxed out troop I have are balloons and wizards. Most my dark troops are leave 1 so I guess I gotta catch up
dexter (3 months ago)
StopJerkingOff how r ur dark troops now? i’m in the same position, defences maxed elixer troops mostly maxed spells high level but dark troops level 1 apart from level 2 hog hahahaha
Kurenomoto (6 months ago)
I just asked if he could make a video on new tier THs lol I was a maxed TH8 with maxed troops and all but as soon as I hit th9 itd putting me against max th9 accounts in clan war and I'm getting rekt
Adnan Shahriar (7 months ago)
StopJerkingOff upgrade lava and loon you will destroy any th 9 max base without king queen it's most powerful
StopJerkingOff (8 months ago)
Zack Gittere yea maybe just my dark troops but everything defense and wall and normal troops maxed out spells as wel
Zack Gittere (8 months ago)
StopJerkingOff you're rushed buddy
SUMAN BANERJEE (8 months ago)
What about goboho
Vaki (8 months ago)
Shreyas Gore (8 months ago)
Vax all the dark spells take one space only whereas the normal spells take 2 spaces th9 can take a capacity of 9 spells so he took 4 earthquake 2 rage 1 poison and 1 spell from the clan castle .
G. Red (8 months ago)
I'm not a fan of wallbreakers with walks
AK GAMING (8 months ago)
brow pls I req u pls invite me In your clan pls brow my tag is #9989CJORL full maxx th9 my base pls invite I suscribed your channel and I download and share ur video
JITHIN DAVID (8 months ago)
Bubblefor2booty (8 months ago)
Count down...... 3 2 2
JTB (7 months ago)
Bubblefor2booty just noticed it😂
Lhingchin Lhouvum (8 months ago)
Lost Souls (8 months ago)
RahuL saha (8 months ago)
There are super over power OMG when I use it I am new th 9 but bought 3 star on max base OMG try mass valk sure it will give a cross your expectations of valks
Swagman350 (8 months ago)
same music evey damn time
Arber Numani (9 months ago)
Possibly the worst list i have ever seen .
Trekk_ (3 months ago)
haha r u aussie cause if so i can tell.
StealthyTNT (3 months ago)
Mr. Beagle I'm referring to Arber Numani's original comment. Meaningless opinion because he didn't say why nor put in his own list. His defense you have a problem with is valid. All he's doing is calling out someone's bullshit
Mr. Beagle (3 months ago)
StealthyTNT what do I need to back up? My problem is with his defense, nothing else
StealthyTNT (3 months ago)
Mr. Beagle It makes you look like a tool to criticize and not offer your own counter solutions or answer. Back up your words. If not, then fuck off and go be useless somewhere else
Mr. Beagle (3 months ago)
Sam_gwest Gaming fuck off with the 'you do better's argument. Makes you look like a tool
Mehar Nabeel (9 months ago)
Asalam o alikum bhai ma new clan baniya hai...#202YVU9UL yeh tag hai tu plzz help.kr den member ki zarort hai plz halp me
Heptic (9 months ago)
How bout jump instead of earthquakes
Saingayai Sharon (9 months ago)
Cruz u mind tlling me ur clan tag...ide like to join
Saingayai Sharon (9 months ago)
Cruz attacks were nice but would have been btr if it was u attacking...its ur war opponent an ur clan mates...ull b more Famous if u upload ur own attacks..no ofns Bro...
BrysenPlayz (9 months ago)
Lol, you did 2 Number 2 spots
Swaroop Samantray (9 months ago)
I liked ur all attacks nice strategy
Mr March Gaming (9 months ago)
Please Check out my th9 war attacks.
Alvin Cleetus (9 months ago)
Nice strategies, good work, well done!!!
Massive Gaming (9 months ago)
nice attack strategy
BBOY LERY0-OFFICIAL (9 months ago)
Nice but I need tawn hall 10 atack strategy
Benjamin Wagstaff (9 months ago)
Loving the content
CRUZ (9 months ago)
+Benjamin Wagstaff Thanks😊
MOHAN Karki (9 months ago)
nice please make new stragety for coming event of valk
MOHAN Karki (9 months ago)
ok bro
CRUZ (9 months ago)
+MOHAN Karki on the way my dude!
AZZAM DESIGNER (9 months ago)
Very Good❤️
CWKGaming (9 months ago)
Hi Cruz Gaming- Nice Video. Would you mind come to our clan and record Q walk Dragon attack and Witch Slap on Maxed Th9 bases .. If yes please let me know. I will drop the clan tag here for you..
Nitin Patel (9 months ago)
I love witch attacks and hghb
Raafat Ali (9 months ago)
Can I join in your clan
Harry Makes (9 months ago)
Aur haramkhor kaisa hai ??
Harry Makes (9 months ago)
Virgin hi marega
Gaming with Mr. UNKNOWN (9 months ago)
nic video bhai.... wese konsi recorder aur editing ke liye konsa app use karteho???
Gaming with Mr. UNKNOWN (9 months ago)
Cruz n bro how can I export my recorded video to Gallery or powerdirector.coz there no option for export videos in any screen recorder..?plz help bro.
CRUZ (9 months ago)
+Gaming with Mr. UNKNOWN I use vegas pro.✌
BBOY LERY0-OFFICIAL (9 months ago)
I need th 10 atack strategy no hero
GAMING STUPID (5 months ago)
BBOY LERY0-OFFICIAL BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you rushed af if you have no heroes
Adan Berlan (9 months ago)
You can visit our clan attacks Cruz...just visit our clan TH9 BOOM BILAT #V28G92Y9 after our wars and put CRUZ in your request
CRUZ (9 months ago)
+Adan Berlan ok
Adan Berlan (9 months ago)
Sorry Cruz they rejected you...I didn't inform them...just accept my request and I'll invite you whenever your online
CRUZ (9 months ago)
+Adan Berlan I would like to visit your clan but its always full 😂.
CRUZ (9 months ago)
+Adan Berlan Okay cool!
CLASH WITH ALEX (9 months ago)
These ain't no Top 3 War Attacks strategies
Bubblefor2booty (8 months ago)
CLASH WITH ALEX 😂 damn nigga what happened
Eye on the Sky (9 months ago)
Hey Cruz. I want to know about the recruitment process of these TH9 clans you feature.
CLASHER_DASHER (9 months ago)
Great video man!!!!I like the attacks !!!
sai venkat (9 months ago)
Can u pls do a video on th9 war bases it can help us a lot... Pls i have been asking u from long time!! 👌👌
Entertainment Tube (9 months ago)
sai venkat watch it https://youtu.be/ARqrfBnBuHs
Re Za (9 months ago)
Pro 30k haha
ac milan (9 months ago)
Gobolalo is the strongest 9TH attack.

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