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Runescape 3 99 Summoning Glitch 2018

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Just wanted to share a little xp glitch on Runescape 3. Better use it before Jagex fixes it! Peace ~ NOTE: The concept behind this parody actually belongs to a friend of mine - Lucid. You can find him on OSRS, so please give him some credits. The only thing I did was make my own version from it and insert some jokes. ►Runescape 3 https://www.runescape.com ►Oldschool Runescape http://www.oldschool.runescape.com ►Runescape Classic http://www.runescape.com/classicapplet/playclassic.ws Runescape how to get a lot of xp Runescape how to make a lot of money Runescape glitch 2017 working Runescape how to use xp glitch Runescape how to make a lot of money
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Text Comments (22)
Jesper Söder (13 days ago)
song name?
Julio Trevino (10 months ago)
Tom Edwards (11 months ago)
Lots of porn
Rei Ferreira (11 months ago)
love this video xD whats the music of the start?
Jasper Turck (1 year ago)
Every tab is porn other than runescape
Young Brick (1 year ago)
Well done sir
Aowwl (1 year ago)
" *Wooooden shpoon* "
quincy godfrey (1 year ago)
surprised No one said anything about all that porn
TheBelgianBro (1 year ago)
Me too lol.
Lockns monstr (1 year ago)
so you gotta reset your prayerr and constituion for 99 summoning.. lol
TheBelgianBro (1 year ago)
Lockns monstr It's a joke obviously :p Don't take it seriously... lol
Chilled Dude (1 year ago)
ouais le belge au 5k dabo rpz la belgique :p
TheBelgianBro (1 year ago)
Infinitum 8 Ahhhh ik snap het hahah, ja dat is wel een goed idee :p
Chilled Dude (1 year ago)
oh nederlands excuseer me rpz wilt eigenlijk zeggen ik represteert mijn wijk bv xD
TheBelgianBro (1 year ago)
Infinitum 8 Qu'est ce que ça veut dire ce mot? "rpz"? (mon premier language est le néerlandais, Donc ma Français n'est pas bon xd)
Brandon Hax (1 year ago)
TheBelgianBro (1 year ago)
Random Brandon :p
knock knock (1 year ago)
sml material right here lol nice one.
TheBelgianBro (1 year ago)
Thank you very much ^^
Evan Kumar (1 year ago)
I was about to say why am I subbed again but I remember you helped me with the error gmod textures thanks again <3
TheBelgianBro (1 year ago)
You're more than welcome man! Yeah my pc broke so I couldn't make videos for a while... Though I plan to be uploading again soon (: Take care!
Evan Kumar (1 year ago)

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