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CS GO - Rarest Knife Collection Ever! (Inventory Showcase)

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Crazy cs go inventory worth over 100k $ with the biggest ultra-rare knife collection I have ever seen. My Twitter: https://twitter.com/OG_McSkillet Trade With Me! https://goo.gl/g7WkUQ Home Skillets Steam Group: http://goo.gl/8AVC8b Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/og_mcskillet
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Text Comments (759)
Yuki (8 months ago)
god how i wanted a butterfly
Royal (1 year ago)
still love this in 2017 as this collector now we know as the Qatari collector
Chase's Channel (1 year ago)
How the fucking fuck is this his non main account!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Royal (2 years ago)
OMG that is St4ck i finding his showcase in youtube and now is here
ᅚᅚᅚ ᅚᅚᅚ (2 years ago)
"good skins more wins"
Zeradius (2 years ago)
HAWK from dubai has the rarest karambit to exist. StatTrak Karambit Doppler Ruby with white handle (yes I never knew it exists either)
will (2 years ago)
My Ak red laminate has a Mouse sports Katowice 2014 foil ($6) and a gob b Katowice 2014 foil ($1.5) Anyone wanna trade? My steam Is CollectableLunchables offer up!
EpicFrex (2 years ago)
Alllll these knivesssss..... I wish I cud get like the cheapest knife hahahaha
Anton Rasmussen (2 years ago)
Hey mcskillet, tjeck out this inventory, it is insane http://steamcommunity.com/id/Timur1214/
DankCatFood (2 years ago)
I like watching videos about things i cant afford :C
Gloft (2 years ago)
/profiles/76561198218243965 check this one
NiesQue (2 years ago)
This looks like st4cks inventory
Dominik Majdloch (2 years ago)
give mi one :D
F16 (2 years ago)
Doppler skins are so nice.
Matthew S Halim (2 years ago)
I have a stat trak m9 bayonet fac new night, Minus the m9 Then the night The fn And the bayonet Add the flip knife Add damascus steel Add ft
BOWTZ PROS (2 years ago)
ALLL kindzzz of knifes all kindszzz
sellasbot (2 years ago)
Just imagine if this guy eventually ended up on one of McSkillet's biggest VAC banned inventories. Holy shit.
SandY` (2 years ago)
Watched this,went to open few cases...best thing i got ump grand prix ft stattrack...
T V P (2 years ago)
I have awp safari mesh FN WHAT your problemo??
Diogo Coutinho (2 years ago)
Mcskillet i got a flip doppler Fn with some green on it, i think like 20% do you want to trade with me or tell me how much is the value please?
XNotix (2 years ago)
It starts at 147€ on The market
XNotix (2 years ago)
It's a phase 3 Doppler
Rulio :P (2 years ago)
your inventory costs more than my mums car... Honda Jazz 2015
Rulio :P (2 years ago)
Motar2k, can you please give me a free knife for csgo, it can be any, i don't have any knife in csgo :(
Zeus King (2 years ago)
He is my bros friend i swear to god
Alex Welk (2 years ago)
Like how this guy has like 5 times the knives that I have of any skin XD
Ana 14 (2 years ago)
you can give me some skins please?
UltraNLGaming (2 years ago)
'This is only his smurf account ..' Ah hell nah
UltraNLGaming (2 years ago)
'This is only his smurf account ..' Ah hell nah
Rick Harrison (2 years ago)
HOLY FUCK 7:38 That is the most expensive csgo item ever it used to go for 22.000$ like how the fuck can u not react to that!!!!!11111!!!!111!!!!!1!
Rick Harrison (2 years ago)
+BestGamer CZ Same idk He must be rich AF
YUNG RESTAAR (2 years ago)
But i still wonder who has the the first one ever..
Rick Harrison (2 years ago)
+BestGamer CZ yeah i guess so
YUNG RESTAAR (2 years ago)
+McGaming Power it might be duplicated so it won't be woth as much
phobical (2 years ago)
meanwhile my most expensive skins is p250 wingshot
João Nogueira (2 years ago)
who is this inventory?
MrJakeJimmy (2 years ago)
For virtual skins EleGiggle
Sp1x (2 years ago)
What was he talking about black pearls having their own gray icons? I didn't see it
John White (2 years ago)
virtual skins in a video game! godda buy em' all! what happens when this game dies, and you've spent thousands of dollars and thousands of hours of your life on this money scam of a game?! when u have an inventory worth as much as that guy then the game gets replaced and ppl stop playing, then what? dont waste money on this ppl....
John White (2 years ago)
gl with that xD
Hemani Kapoor (2 years ago)
I don't need or want a knife in real life, but i do want a virtual knife i can resell for 20k usd
John White (2 years ago)
let me give you the twat test, a knife in a video game or a knife irl
John White (2 years ago)
it was dead for a long time then some ppl started playing it and it got big again
Hemani Kapoor (2 years ago)
It's counterstrike, not dying out anytime soon. People can spend their own money on whatever the want, that's the point of having economic freedom
King Sain (2 years ago)
+McSkillet i suggest you check out this guy's inventory https://steamcommunity.com/id/cArecsgo/inventory/ , its amazing
NightFall Games (2 years ago)
@McSkillet http://steamcommunity.com/id/BoomTw1tch/inventory/ nice invetroy check it out!
Isso Beats (2 years ago)
Its all just pixels but still an new car!
okb0ss (2 years ago)
Stealing mums credit card prank gone wrong! Unable to refund money!
RELO ! (2 years ago)
just got 16 p250 battlescared sand dunes :)
VoidTheMiner (2 years ago)
Magic Slayer (2 years ago)
how do you know if it is dup or org
Jonas Larsen (2 years ago)
How rare is it to get a R8, amber fade drop in-game? Just got one, got hyped even though its only worth like $5 now..
Meek (2 years ago)
and here i am with a $13 inventory because of csgo wild :(
Max Haartman (2 years ago)
He has my dream knife: Stattrak factory new butterfly knife night
Roy Andersson (2 years ago)
I need his inventory link . For research purpose ofc :> ty
Shashank Singh (2 years ago)
can u give any one knife i think its not gonna effect your collection..
Robert Ešek (2 years ago)
Whats the point of making this video? Linking the steam account profile would do the job I guess.
I Hope You Die Unhappy (2 years ago)
I'm interested in your Blaze Deagle
Eversky CSGO (2 years ago)
4:06 foreskins
dimo nedelchev (2 years ago)
lol he has no p250 sanddunes....
Alexandru Bleau (2 years ago)
Hy McSkillet the moste expensive inventory its this i think. ( http://steamcommunity.com/id/cArecsgo/inventory/ ) You can do a video with this if you want. Good luck
josh badis (2 years ago)
the fact that he probably never has and never will use any of these hurts me.. :c
a v i a l (2 years ago)
gets vacd*
Junglist Martin (2 years ago)
Music in the back?
youngs (2 years ago)
When you said it was only his smurf account...... I cried inside.
Enrique Pereira (2 years ago)
what song is that playing in the back round
Elkpone G (2 years ago)
pls gift me a knife pls
Austen Fincher (2 years ago)
+McSkillet can you start linking the inventories you showcase in the description
YUNG RESTAAR (2 years ago)
who is that?
vasyasol (2 years ago)
no Karambit CMW ST FN ? lol shit collector
BLD (2 years ago)
Jordan shat is on his friends list confirmed csgo team
simskj123 (2 years ago)
background song?
simskj123 (2 years ago)
yeah m2
Omar Williams (2 years ago)
Idk I can only find the actual song
simskj123 (2 years ago)
yeah, but where to find it
Omar Williams (2 years ago)
Mick Jenkins-vibe instrumental
Devon1337 (2 years ago)
Darn then you wont review my extreme sand dune collection XD
powek (2 years ago)
http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=552495490 Can i get a price check from U? I think its awesome falchioin its FT one
TheHoneyBadger (2 years ago)
what's the Music?
Omar Williams (2 years ago)
Mick Jenkins-vibe instrumental
Eliah Leroy (2 years ago)
I like the porn music on the background.
Hickaren (2 years ago)
is it cares inv
Piotr Stachowiak (2 years ago)
Piotr Stachowiak (2 years ago)
+BlackSun Pengin Thanks!
Omar Williams (2 years ago)
Mick Jenkins-vibe instrumental
SubZeroo7 (2 years ago)
hey MC. Skillet, the following link goes to a german streamer "Bibanator" with more than 50 knifes in his inventory e.g. Karambit Doppler, M9 Bajonett Night (FN), Bajonett Slaughter ... have a look maybe you are interested :) http://steamcommunity.com/id/bibaboy
SubZeroo7 (2 years ago)
just a look costs nothing ...
Finesse (2 years ago)
+SubZeroo7 Lol that inventory is so petty compared to like 100+ other peoples inventory's
Psychosocialnugget (2 years ago)
noone beats cAres inventory
Weeb (2 years ago)
Motar2k pls
Vaughn Ger (2 years ago)
in before he is silver 1
karlsveneriksson (2 years ago)
Can you do a Q and A? Just answering normal questions! :P
RandomName (2 years ago)
Aren't ruby/sapphire rarer than black pearls?
Nylex (2 years ago)
*shows inventory worth more than my life* "And that's only his smurf account"
Manassia Karasev (2 years ago)
Skillet, what is the name of that song, or link to it, or give me a download, PLEASE!!!!!?!!!
Omar Williams (2 years ago)
Mick Jenkins-vibe instrumental
Mylo (2 years ago)
How does this guy chose what skins he uses o.O
swegboy jenkins (2 years ago)
i like all knives.
SlinK GamingMovies (2 years ago)
Hey can u tell me how u can tell if a doppler is a black pearl or not ? where do u see that ? cause i rlly want a black pearl but i dont wanna trade/buy a fake one ... :P thanks 4 answeres
Quoub (2 years ago)
Hello. I am Mr. Clean's intern. I am here to clean your knives. Please send your knives to me and I will clean them and send them back. No scams I pinky promise.
DiscussionCA (2 years ago)
layout sucks ass , change it back plz
Cass256 (2 years ago)
meanwhile the best thing ive opened in a case is a min wear m4 hyperbeast
m3gamuff1n _ (2 years ago)
why do i watch these videos. They just make me sad. :(
Derpington9821 (2 years ago)
Does the ranks reset after a year?because currently i'm thinking about lvling up right after 2016 starts.
iamjw (2 years ago)
+Derpington9821 Just get the 2015 badge, you have so much time to get the 2016 one
Nihilist (2 years ago)
Funny because i'd die for any knife, even a gut knife xD
Samuel (2 years ago)
maybe the dude just work at valve in the cs:go dev team
Dani Luna (2 years ago)
give mi only ine knife only one plssss
JacksonCx (2 years ago)
https://opskins.com/?loc=shop_search&search_item=%22Falchion+Knife%22&type=k OMG i found a minimal wear falchion knife blue gem for $169 both sides blue
TheAfterPein (2 years ago)
The ST Night karambit and butterfly, plus the karambit black pearl made me drool. Those things are just AMAZING LOOKING!!!! Now, if I just had several thousand dollars laying around..........
iah48 (2 years ago)
You see a sick inventory, I see some serious mental problems.. even if you have the money, why would you have so many multiples of the same ultra rare knife? I mean you can only use one in game. Dude likes sitting there, flipping through his inv, rubbing one out
Mike Johnson (2 years ago)
Hey bro i have 2nd best FV for my butterfly knife safari mesh if you'd like to trade http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197982282120/
Mike Johnson (2 years ago)
+Mike Johnson Its MW and its FV is 0.0767159909
sentur (2 years ago)
what is with these dubai guys can you buy stuff using skins there?
Pleberino Dog (2 years ago)
i saw his flip scorched and i cried i had one but i got scammed :(
No No (2 years ago)
https://steamcommunity.com/id/muido. He have m9 bayo. Crimson web st. fn. and other awesome Knives.
Ryce (2 years ago)
This guy must get all the players ;)
meme (2 years ago)
How much would a Souvenir M4A1-S | Master piece MW be worth??
LoKi Moe (2 years ago)
GLHF when this guy stops playing some day, First option: His child's will have much fun with his inv or 2nd: He's gonna get a ton of money back :D
Nova Gaming (2 years ago)
Nice vid man, keep it up!!!
Niels Vanleeuwen (2 years ago)
100000$! I would get my ass fucked for that!
fajnoh - CS:GO Content (2 years ago)
I love the background music in your videos, always gives me a good vibe..
Adrian Ifejika (2 years ago)
I literally died at the "but that's only his smurf" part

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