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How to Get Good CS:GO Skins, Cheap!

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If you've been eyeing that cool skin, but you don't want to drop the big bucks, check this out. Did you enjoy the video? Why not subscribe or even leave a like? It supports me and is greatly appreciated! ► Subscribe - http://bit.ly/Subscribe2Gamerfreak ◄ ● Twitter - http://bit.ly/1jVEAkb ● Google+ - http://bit.ly/KcYCqz ● Steam Group - http://bit.ly/1h5mdqS ♥ Join Maker Studios - http://r.mker.tv/tqHH3x
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Text Comments (527)
powerplayer75 (2 years ago)
3:02 When she's got a small ass but god tier head game
[MG]Smasher (1 year ago)
powerplayer75 $40 is not cheap 10 is cheap xD
Stan Smallenburg (2 years ago)
Gamerfreak (2 years ago)
First comment to actually get me dying xD
FISH# Mr.RectoR (3 months ago)
nice rank
XavierTheGreat (5 months ago)
Thats a lot of money even if it is 40$ still it is..I would just use it to buy food, I mean come on its just a game xD even if you're rich still its expensive
GenericSpeedruns (5 months ago)
Sounds like Dizzy :I
Jamie Winter (6 months ago)
Fire (6 months ago)
Wow, this is actually really good
SonOfABench (6 months ago)
classic silver 2
D Kyle (7 months ago)
firet one is 100€ is black scope
Quantum Lightning (7 months ago)
wow dumbass, says an awp blackiimov is shit? its worth as much as a dlore
Jearold Hansen (8 months ago)
Doesn’t work in 2018 RIP
GoodGuyJeffz (9 months ago)
Sorry.. i gotta press the dislike button because i gotta make the number 666
alex lam (9 months ago)
Use third-party trading sites like OPSkins and by it cheaper but same quality I found an Awp Asimov Field tested for around $35.
minipixel (9 months ago)
Bruh theres not even a FN or MW asiimov 😂🤦‍♂️
gaming lemon (1 year ago)
bro your getting like 30 fps litteraly
gaming lemon (1 year ago)
dat fps your getting lol
mario (1 year ago)
Duuuude u skipped some blackscopes
Alex Timms (1 year ago)
It would actually be better to get a super bs awp asiimov with a Fv of over 9.3
Snio Er (1 year ago)
Bro awp asiimov is available only up to FT😂
Zvmbie (1 year ago)
$40 is not fucking cheap
there is no fn asiimov xDDDDD
Hybraide (1 year ago)
focus on the fucking game, not skins. fucking silver shit
LootDiscounts.com (1 year ago)
The best way to get cheap csgo skins SAFELY and cheap is on OPSkins. That website is not involved in gambling, has two-way account authentication, a spambot check before you enter their website and you can also ban yourself in case you suspect that someone else got access to your account. And lastly, you can choose to payout with PayPal, which is the safest method to pay because if the seller fails to deliver you can file a dispute on PayPal and easily get your money back. They offer discounts for many games that offer ridicolous discounts. And I mean up to 25% ladies & gentlemen. Best Regards, Phil
Minse Bimse (1 year ago)
Dude..Black Scoped Asiimov is freaking rare..
TheBetterButterLTU (9 months ago)
that one wasnt black scoped though.
Rogas34 (1 year ago)
Lumaxi Gaming (1 year ago)
Impressive... -.-
Tyler Holman7 (1 year ago)
Lmao fac new asiimovs don't exist
Alaa FJ (1 year ago)
Itz Rainy (1 year ago)
I don't play this game but I wanna ask does this cost real money for buying skins
Wacky 2 (1 year ago)
Wtf how
CS:GO FREE SKINS (1 year ago)
sxnny (1 year ago)
Vansh Girdhar (1 year ago)
Bro I am really your biggest fan man
Kevsa (1 year ago)
Sos el mejor gracias por la ayuda amigo. Thanks for the video Now i can buy a lot of weapons's skins with 5 usd
bjarne schuerwegen (1 year ago)
dat fucking vac tho
Ryan Clapp (1 year ago)
"3 cheapest AWPtions"
Windoge 8 (1 year ago)
lol awp asiimov is field tested highest and thats like 20$
Ectos (1 year ago)
trading for s1
Bubble Cum (1 year ago)
got csgo this Christmas can u guys give me some skin :3
Illés Henrik (1 year ago)
I swear the bs asiimov is sexy af
flights4ever (1 year ago)
it actually is BS its just got a good float
Cakesss (1 year ago)
or you can just go to opskins.com or bitskins.com and get em for much lower price
Andy_Blue_Ninja (1 year ago)
Did anyone median that the first asilmov he looked at was a blacksilmov
Andy_Blue_Ninja (1 year ago)
Emre Akkaya (1 year ago)
asiimov dont have fn
Backonja (1 year ago)
awp electric hive field tested costs around dollars and it looks better than assimov
rossen14 (1 year ago)
Nice try to fake your rank ;)
Yanis Ji (1 year ago)
why cant I inspect skins inside the game?, help
Timothy Mata (1 year ago)
Yanis Ji well Idk, it's supposed to inspect when the games open and you click inspect
Yanis Ji (1 year ago)
THE_L0NE_W01F 22 yeah man
Timothy Mata (1 year ago)
Yanis Ji do you have the game open
valence (2 years ago)
The AWP Asiimov dont exist in MW/FN Noob
Blocky Cubes (8 hours ago)
when you copy someone else's comment and you think you are cool
Lachlan Brazier (2 years ago)
even know this a good vid the logic is fucked
maiX STREAMINGCSGOEGG (2 years ago)
maiX STREAMINGCSGOEGG (2 years ago)
worst video silver guy with much fps.ur destroying yt
Jim Clark (2 years ago)
btw if u want to trade some alright skin ask me. if u want 😊
KnoP (2 years ago)
FN asiimow?? umm. ok i have a stattrak™ souvenir dragon lore xD
Czips_RB (1 year ago)
im afraid i just caught u lyingu cant have a stattrak dragon lore
Monziaa (1 year ago)
L4undry you may never know
L4undry (1 year ago)
+FireBoyBG No you can't. +Monzia Gaming, he was being ironic. It is obviously a joke.
Midnight Tempest (1 year ago)
Monzia Gaming You can
Monziaa (1 year ago)
KnoP yeah u cant get a statrak souvenir or even a stattrak dlore
LeoPers (2 years ago)
Bro there aren't any fn asiimovs
swag 4life (2 years ago)
the asimov battlescard with the black scope is a rare skin but it looks shit like tat so it beter to take the other battlescard one
Baspect (GFX) (2 years ago)
Silver 2 with 34 wins XD
Ryan James (2 years ago)
you can get knives that are worth $65 (CAD) for the $38 lol that is awesome
Andrew Taylor (2 years ago)
0:31 An AWP Asiimov Factory New. They don't exsist
Albon (1 year ago)
well you are brain-dead af
CrowLikeTheBird (2 years ago)
dumbass they dont exist
Andrew Taylor (2 years ago)
No they don't look it up
Lucas Campos (2 years ago)
its true
Lucas Campos (2 years ago)
i checked 2 ak 47 field tested predator. 1 look a battle scarred and the other look a minimal wear
channelofgames (2 years ago)
those ppl selling their battle scared asiimoves are fucking insane. $35 blackiimov. make 500 dollar profit
GamingBeLike (2 years ago)
factory new asiimov yes yes stupid kid
Eren T (2 years ago)
Blaciimov bruh
Rian Pretorius (2 years ago)
factory new awp assimov?? wow.... just, k.
Nate Kan (2 years ago)
CS:GO theme ▶️ 🔘一一一一一一一 2.56
Pedro Cottim (2 years ago)
+Nate Kan Kys
Nate Kan (2 years ago)
There was a new youtube update check it out on the app store!
Zeg Arena (2 years ago)
Black scope is worth mill
Jonas Saddique (2 years ago)
i hot a real awp asiimow minimal wear for 22 euro XD
Aaron Fricker (2 years ago)
no they dont exist retard. the float on asiimov awps dont go below ft range.
Floppy Fish (2 years ago)
+Aaron Fricker they do, there just very rare, because valve removed minimal wear and factory new, so yes, they do exist, there just VERY rare and VERY expensive
Aaron Fricker (2 years ago)
No you didn't cause mw asiimovs don't exist
DANK FAM (2 years ago)
I don't know why but buying skins just seems like cheating in my opinion =P
Keanan P (2 years ago)
Bruh your so stupid xD
Vawp (2 years ago)
+Keanan Petersen So dude how are you doing , going to school in a bit join me we'll have coffe and slap some bitches in that party
Keanan P (2 years ago)
+Vawp yes dude its old now
Vawp (2 years ago)
Ridho Cheryanto (2 years ago)
you're *
Andrew Taylor (2 years ago)
You're so stupid idiot
kev bromage (2 years ago)
This helped me so much I managed to get the golden coil battle scared it some scratches on the back for 5 used
DImitris Kalenis (2 years ago)
dont waste our fucking time
T0ast (2 years ago)
There doesn't exist factory new ak redlines
Potsky Siregar (2 years ago)
hahaha.. i just buy field tested.. only if thats have many sticker.. so u cant see scratch anyway..
keyshon Glover (2 years ago)
God (2 years ago)
+keyshon Glover that's expected
keyshon Glover (2 years ago)
It's sad .
KaKKtaube (2 years ago)
of Course they are ?
Andreas Spanias (2 years ago)
factory new AWP facepalm
Big B Beats (2 years ago)
Awp asiimov best condition is FT lol
Neptune Plays (2 years ago)
I can't believe I haven't thought of that XD
Tyman (2 years ago)
This got me a lot of good and cheap skins thanks
Luleh (2 years ago)
Silver 2 lol
XeNo Sigma (2 years ago)
yall stop giving him hate he made a small mistake get over it
Jonesy (2 years ago)
Great tip man, managed to get myself a nice ak redline that is field tested but looks like a minimal wear. You've earned a sub
Daniel Fitzwater (2 years ago)
you're retarded in the head right?
Gr1nder (2 years ago)
also love when silver 2 with like 1 week of game teach you stuff x)
Gr1nder (2 years ago)
except there is not awp asiimov FN
Gab Cumagun (2 years ago)
yea guys, silver 2 with an "FN asiimov" teaching you lol
pally (2 years ago)
+Soldier some people are retarded we have to leave them alone
Sokol (2 years ago)
im so poor on cs:go my most expensive skin is like 0.03$
Pedro Cottim (2 years ago)
+Soldier Just bcs of that? lol skins shouldn't even matter my most expensive skin is like 30 cents (Sg pulse and Ak Elite Built
Sokol (2 years ago)
I actually stopped playing cs:go i quit after i did not win a knife on cs:go house for like 15 times
Pedro Cottim (2 years ago)
+Soldier Maybe after 10 win he got Gold and never ranked down so no not everyone was a silver
George Radu (2 years ago)
Silver 2 in 35 matches? -_- are you playing without a mouse?
TheMofoHeister (3 months ago)
George Radu I'm Silver one with 76 matches... Fml
Dannybutter (8 months ago)
I got MG2 in 14 :/
L4undry (1 year ago)
263 wins and in SEM :( At least I'm not making an excuse.
HarveyB Raps (1 year ago)
memeluck CSGO AND MORE se with 250 wins cause FUCKING silver teammates
spencer (1 year ago)
bruh im fucking SEM with 100 wins but i sould be out of siilver
Chroma (2 years ago)
this is a terrible tutorial
Dat Muffin Tho (2 years ago)
Nice SFMC Rank
Kr7 (2 years ago)
WTF asiimov doesnt exist in Factory New or Minimal Wear! Retarda
Kr7 (2 years ago)
+Melting Clocks hahaha look ur so mad cuz ur answering me all the time (hahahah)
Germs many (2 years ago)
+Combat lmfao you need some babycream to ease your butthurt?
Kr7 (2 years ago)
+Melting Clocks LOL ur so mad hahahahah
Germs many (2 years ago)
+Combat why you getting triggered bro?
Kr7 (2 years ago)
+Melting Clocks hahahah why u mad? Can u plz quit youtube?
beaut (2 years ago)
u piss me off
oTravis (2 years ago)
Bruh they dont have FN Asiimov lol dum ass
MachiFTW (2 years ago)
http://www.winaskin.com/52520.html free cs go skins guys
DazeDarkmatter (2 years ago)
Much click bait
Kvng Brave (2 years ago)
these sell for 20 $$ bro
ImmortalHat (2 years ago)
+gamerfreak you are a dumbass, the max you can get on a awp asiimov is FT not FN
6isbetterthan1 (2 years ago)
its because of the float of the skin
Joshua Warren (2 years ago)
thats the highest
Joshua Warren (2 years ago)
omfg you can only get a ft asiimov
Bigboi Weeb (2 years ago)
there is no mw or fn Asimov..... Dufuq man
Tom Scharf (2 years ago)
+Gamerfreak er dude no flaming but you know that the awp asiimov has no mw or fn skin?
MrScOut (2 years ago)
When u forgot what's the word "float Value"
Zarsa (2 years ago)
nice rank my dude you must know what your doing
owen no (2 years ago)
I thought awp doesn't drop fn
Zews (2 years ago)
2k vibe

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