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History of Counter-Strike - From Beta 1 to CS:GO

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A detailed history of Counter-Strike. Beginning with Beta 1 all important versions are mentioned including the spinnoffs for the asian market by Nexon. CS:Online 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5RXpCMl8lN8&feature=iv&src_vid=WCrl1Bqqy_4&annotation_id=annotation_2517101815 An updated version is in the makeing, the overall quality will be inproved... specially the voice recordings and the pronunciation of the word engine :P Special thanks to HSnMv1's Channel for the Beta 7.1 gameplay. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xG4CJhe5vH8
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Text Comments (2083)
perplexedmoth (11 days ago)
SuperMarioPlayer4 (12 days ago)
0:16 You mispelled History as Histoy.
Birds (13 days ago)
6:53 DAB
kakokapolei123 (21 days ago)
Counter-Strike Zombies wtf? Just play Left 4 Dead lmao
Marclej (26 days ago)
Snowflex PxP (1 month ago)
I remember binge playing a browser game that extremely looked like counterstrike, it had a console and everything, but it had completely different maps, but its kill feed reminds me of cs portable. Can you help me out? Were talking about 2009.
Titonix (1 month ago)
Engajne,whats up with that xd
ResisT 愛 (1 month ago)
no it started from cs xbox edition
CrazyFeverDream (1 month ago)
robertlefou (2 months ago)
siege, mansion, militia,nuke..strafejumping, punkbuster..dude..memory lane.. when the weapons where still on the ground after new round started..oh man.. i am so old..
Rocketman0 Ggglog (2 months ago)
exdi lul (2 months ago)
Sourc engain
mr. anonymous (3 months ago)
I still have the old update!!
yes yes good boy (3 months ago)
Dabadibadooba (3 months ago)
Before:hey guys let the best man win :D After:AL OOF U R FOOKIN DED U AL SUK U AL BLYATS
bulldozer 1 (3 months ago)
Hast du auch ein deutschen Kanal?
Brian Zheng (3 months ago)
Kacpa2 (3 months ago)
CS Source is based of CS1.6 they sadly didnt use updated and fixed animations for weapons from Condition Zero. M4 reload in CS Source still has this retarded animation of pulling hte forward assist instead of the charging handle and dust cover flip flops around with each round, closing itself every time which is stupid(CS CZ fixes that), there are many other fixed and animation tweaks(mostly primary weapons). It's so bad that they didnt reuse this, nor CS CZ gloves...
frog of frog (4 months ago)
*histoy of counter strike*
RobertMoo _________ (4 months ago)
CS:S is still the best. CSGO has only better graphics and ugly guns
WiNNiep00h (4 months ago)
lol i started with Beta 7.1 ....but i didnt know it was the first version^^ because of the 7.1 i thought its a newer version. ... but i did't play much after 1.1 i think...i played much more day of defeat
Beat Crazey (4 months ago)
Let's all appreciate how his character model ragdoll'ed beautifully 6:52
Lil Blyat (5 months ago)
I have heard of mansion, actually.
_jeff _ (5 months ago)
Holy shit a stg 4 lovely germany
_jeff _ (5 months ago)
Thanks for showing my the histoy of cs
_jeff _ (5 months ago)
I got counterstrike condition zero on christmas 2017 i love it old but good game
The Spy (5 months ago)
AltF4Games is a great channel! I like him too!
Jdotcdot (6 months ago)
Counter Strike:Extreme anyone?
SkittletasticsStuff (6 months ago)
soorc enGIEN
meme-sama! (6 months ago)
the best CS game i play was counter strike extreme
Flex Gopnik (6 months ago)
Hey pls update the video...for the PS4 cs go (I base it on 3click's video)
Zajko Maniak (6 months ago)
I also love assault.
Benedict Anims (6 months ago)
I Never Knew In The Beta Terrorist Can Move While Planting The Bomb.... Seems More Realistic
Is it true that the beta 1.0 is totally lost? I heard that from some veterans on team fortress classic. I did managed to get the half life first retail version and then update it to the first patch. Then i looked the cs beta 1.0 on moddb and downloaded it, but it has wpondepot and mansion maps included, so that wouldnt be beta 1.0 as the folks on tfc told me. They said that beta 1.0 is totally lost forever.
Netric (7 months ago)
0:10 Altf4games...
Best Gamer Veys (7 months ago)
6:01 which version ?
Bucky•JaKRBT (7 months ago)
What's with fellow europeans who don't spellcheck english words ? That's not how "engine" is pronounced buddy!
Zerozone Zz (7 months ago)
*MinLee/Jeffley:* CS mod was a mistake..
ugly (7 months ago)
Mânzoliu (7 months ago)
1:10 i heard and played 3 of them
Dynamic Flight (7 months ago)
Histoy of counter strike?
ExoticGamer (7 months ago)
CS: 1.6 for life
lolfunable (7 months ago)
I played siege and mansion in 1,6 :O I think I am old :S
Jin Phoenix (8 months ago)
CS Nexon Zombies is pretty fun with good community i played over 100.hours really good one
nagget (8 months ago)
I guess Counter Strike 1.6 is now Counter Struck... Okay maybe that didn't work..
Andrew Spears (8 months ago)
Remember when they came out with all those crazy Warcraft mods for 1.6? Haha good times
GhostyGame (8 months ago)
Pokémon : GO
Miguel Vale (8 months ago)
A competitive game should be based solely on skill and not RNG. Thus, 1.6 > CS:GO.
DobryZiom #musical (8 months ago)
cs source have the Best graphic
Hobo (8 months ago)
Histoy? Or history.
Khôi Nguyên da Exy (8 months ago)
Chinese comes over, and rip em off...
Angry People (8 months ago)
0:16 HISTOY. xD and Hisory at the end. XD
M4RKO22 (8 months ago)
Does anyone know thw name of the map at 5:00
M4RKO22 (8 months ago)
ESCalation tnx
ESCalation (8 months ago)
That is de_prodigy
Tomori (8 months ago)
Who Created Counter Strike Xtreme???
Aaron (8 months ago)
1.6 had the best engine easily. Source is cringy.
Marcus xd (9 months ago)
19999 hehe
The Damn Train (9 months ago)
12:00 nazi weapon
jlae111 (9 months ago)
csgo is the best still
Zoran Zoran (9 months ago)
People are globally offended by "global offense"
Cat Master (9 months ago)
Ich liebe es einfach wie du engine sagst! I just love how you say engine!
Brian Freeman (9 months ago)
Sickman (9 months ago)
cs 1.6 and source are better then cs go
Feli002 (10 months ago)
are u a german??
The OddPirate (10 months ago)
The OddPirate (10 months ago)
The moment when u need to find the CS that u used to play
Nuggerops (10 months ago)
7:09 pc mac xbox 360 and (ps3)????? Wtf
Nuggerops (10 months ago)
Aidan tobeck (10 months ago)
who still plays cs:s?
Novo W (10 months ago)
Abastrax • RDW (10 months ago)
you are german?
Blaze Trail (10 months ago)
In 0:15 The History is Histoy! Good Spelling Bro!
ESCalation (10 months ago)
Yup, fucked that one up good. 3 years ago my frist english video ^^
Noxian Will (10 months ago)
creativeboy1 (10 months ago)
CS ProMod should been mentioned.
wertia3 (10 months ago)
Btw the mod was made by a bunch of people, valve likes it and released a official game, btw the guy that says "terrorist win" and counter terrorist win"was the actual guys voice...
TedNeeTed (11 months ago)
6:54 uhh alot of people loved css idk where you got this from but i guess yeah 1.6 was good too but still, alot of people played css also.
Harry Stallone (11 months ago)
Olika120 (11 months ago)
محمد رضا معلم (11 months ago)
Oooooo God This Is Amazing!!!!!!!!!
DragTeam (11 months ago)
i like cs 1.6 <3
Hobo (11 months ago)
The fact that the chat in 1.6 was serbian... It's funny. Jebem te ne igra cs 1.6 od davnina. Xd
Zero001 LP (11 months ago)
So... Is global offense a meme now?... Jut look at the comments...
Muhammad Luthfi (1 year ago)
Csnz/cso is epic bro
florin ioan (1 year ago)
is big
PeTi FoT (1 year ago)
i love how he says sauce endzsajn
pigeon (1 year ago)
Css is the best hands down. Who wouldn't take a remastered version of the best cs?
The Chinese Russian (1 year ago)
8:04 "Continuous updates for it's titles" tell that to the TF2 community
diwiak (1 year ago)
nice video thanks
JokeDeity (1 year ago)
Nexon is obsessed with adding terrible zombie modes to games.
xVirus Overloadx (1 year ago)
4:45 what map is it?
Massivebenji21 (1 year ago)
Omg i still remember counter strike cobditiob zero
david (1 year ago)
Cs 1.0 beta cs 1.6 csxbox live cscz cscz ds css csgo csnz csco
I nut in a fort (1 year ago)
nice vid
How about Tactical Intervention?
SuperJayXD (1 year ago)
1:15 Why are Americans fighting the IRA?
JoshCYeet (1 year ago)
i learnt alot about this video
FL T D Train (1 year ago)
the 475 Dislikes are minecraft players 😂
Will there be Counter Strike Global Defensive?
Ducky Gr (1 year ago)
ESCalation: the first beta was released in june 1999 Terrorist : Roger That
SirWoozy (1 year ago)
offensivEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! junge das ist nicht so schwer
Bryan ブライアン (1 year ago)
But, Nexon Zombies, Online and Online 2 is not available in my country because CSO and CSO2 discontinued at Malaysia and Singapure due to the players migration and they go and play CS:GO instead.

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