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TF2: Canteen Crasher MvM Community Event Explained

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Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/valvenewsnetwork Watch my Streams : http://www.twitch.tv/valvenewsnetwork Steam Group : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/VNN I know I said Crusher. Potato Steam Group : https://steamcommunity.com/groups/potatomvmservers# Offical Event Severs : http://potato.tf:27000/TitaniumTank/Servers Today on Valve News Network, we take a look at the community lead Mann vs Machine update/event called Canteen Crasher, along with their previous work, such as the Mappers vs. Machines & Operation Titanium Tank. My Social Media : Twitter : https://twitter.com/ValveNewsNetwor Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/valvenewsnetwork/ Waffler Weekly : goo.gl/Fm28Ge
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Text Comments (277)
uoiuoiu oiuoiuoiuoi (1 month ago)
I m little suprised " no Video about the new event MvM ", because they did 1 AMAZING job, so much news maps!
Kaiser Rocket (2 months ago)
Competitive : where are all my players? Casual : they are bullying server Competitive : oh you son of a gun MvM : I was reborn and better!!!!! * 1 update later * Casual : where are my players? MVM2.0 : BITCH please they are not players they are gamers who appreciate good content... They are with me of course leader of tf2 good content, playing my updated content. Casual : bring my slave back you useless mode, only got weapons re-skin Valve : now there is a mvm campaign that you can get cosmetic and re- skins better then ever MVM2.0 : you were saying? Casual : fook u >:(
Kaiser Rocket (2 months ago)
Gabez (4 months ago)
And... not frontline this year? F*ck
ShadowNny (4 months ago)
Valve News Network don’t make a canteen crashed shoutout. Please man. RT game did the same thing when titanium tank dropped and made it impossible to get in server due to his lemming fan base flooding the potato servers to max capacity. That is the real reason the event was extended. The potato admins even had to issue a public apology and make up some excuses on his behalf because of their worry of his fan base backlashing. Don’t ruin this event like he did. You are better than that vnn
VerdeMorte (6 months ago)
I hope Pick.exe gets added...
[4LVAR] (6 months ago)
tf2 community is the best and the worst thing that happened to tf2
Robo-Poot (6 months ago)
This is gonna be great! Seriously can't wait for this.
Cactus Companion (6 months ago)
Ugh, I can't play TF2 at the moment. really wish I could.
Sweavy (6 months ago)
damn Valve gives a shit now
Egorence (6 months ago)
Titanium Tank? More like Titanium Torture
Dominic Corradi (6 months ago)
Skellybur Columbus (6 months ago)
What ever happened to the "Stop That Tank!" Gamemode? :c
Young BLP2019 (6 months ago)
*Latest new* Muselk is slowly crawling back to TF2's feat Fornite is getting raped by clickbaits Overwatch thinks adding news thing is gonna stop it from enabable death *all seems good*
XL B (6 months ago)
Is Canteen crasher new?
XL B (6 months ago)
Another MVM update?
Yume (6 months ago)
So glad there's more new content.
FlavorTown (6 months ago)
I remember the fucking hype when the MvM trailer came out. Everyone was flipping their shit.
EDITニック (6 months ago)
I need to fix my goddamn computer
Fallen Demon Shadow (6 months ago)
Can we please get half-life 3 or at least left4dead3
Shibe (6 months ago)
Valve New Network Can you do a update video on operation black Mesa and Guard Duty?
The Atomic Cherry (6 months ago)
It’s kinda sad. I got this game _because_ of MvM, and now it’s just been completely abandoned.
Wait how do I do this?
Wessel van Harrewijn (6 months ago)
Wheatshots (6 months ago)
Simon G (6 months ago)
Titanium Still servers were always completely full for me...
Captain Huzan (6 months ago)
If Titanium tank wasnt always fucking full i could
kill Sol (6 months ago)
I can't be the only one that canteen crusher instead of canteen crasher
mr black (6 months ago)
Amplified Hacks (6 months ago)
You should make video on Csgo’s trade ban and tell people to sign petition and email valve.
AGuyNamedWalker (7 months ago)
I feel like the Heavy update is centered around MvM, the reason why I think that is because they have been putting up blog posts about it, so maybe it's a hint of what the Heavy update will be on. Anyway, anyone else miss the old eviction notice?
Asassinator (7 months ago)
You know... all of your news giving about TF2 always makes me smile. I don’t know what about it, but I always smile when I see it
Invisible (7 months ago)
Beat the tour in one day :)
Clox (7 months ago)
I seriously want to join dammit but i can't since there are no servers in south america ... AND THAT SUCKS MAN :(
a purple dragon (7 months ago)
This event will end on my 18th b-day. BETTER GET ON IT THEN!
Peter Gill (7 months ago)
I loved playing MvM back when it first came out! Glad to know it isn't completely dead yet!
Shotgun9009 (7 months ago)
Anybody know what music Tyler uses in the bg of his tf2 vids? It sounds like remixes of the tf2 ost
Bartosz Skorupa (7 months ago)
I like how channel such as VALVE NEWS NETWORK decided to not say a single thing about this commnuity event earlier. Yeah, good job.
SEX-POSITIVE GAMER (7 months ago)
"Canteen Crasher" should be joyous news... and many ways, it is. But in some ways, it's a depressing reminder of how poorly Valve nurtures its own games, forcing its fan base to do so for them. At this rate, we'll get a fan-made "Epistle 3" before Valve finishes its next "Half-Life". :-(
Harvey Ganea (7 months ago)
already got the genuine potato badge and i can say i enjoyed it a lot
Kato Kirishima (7 months ago)
I only have 1 hope... And that's ASIA SERVERS Please oml I cant stand playing MvM on 300 Ping
Questionable Logic (7 months ago)
Like you're going to get on these servers when it comes out, I've been trying for the last month.
just some guy (7 months ago)
i thought this was real....i almost had a heart attack
Mr.Moonmann (7 months ago)
American Berserker (7 months ago)
I don't like MvM. Its not bad by any means but there is no real skill to it. If you have a competent team and you know how the robots work then there is no real challenge. K mean there were 4 people who beat wave 666 as all demo knights. Robots don't give me the same challenge as real players
Chroniclilskip27 (7 months ago)
I thought it meant Titanfall 2 at first. How times have changed
Wolvenworks (7 months ago)
ppl gvie a damn about MVM? personally i hate it.
XD betyar (7 months ago)
Artur Dawid (7 months ago)
Thank you Tyler. You will be awarded for your struggle.
155 Pilots (7 months ago)
i've been trying to play The titanium tank maps , but It is really hard to find people that doesn't rage quit
Infomaniac (7 months ago)
I am everywhere and you can't escape me
Dabesh Gamer (7 months ago)
I think what hurted mvm the most was the need for "tickets". I don't really buy that much from Tf2 store so ended up playing a few custom mvm maps instead which lacked progression and rewards of course.
Blazin' EG (7 months ago)
does anyone play on their pug faceit anymore
NOTH1NG (7 months ago)
I just need to finish round 5 and 6 on the steep map it hurts that almost nobody is on that map
frivvle_my_nivvle (7 months ago)
Is it difficult for Valve to add these missions as official missions?
Carlo Emanuele (7 months ago)
Almost half life 3.
KamiJoJo (7 months ago)
Who even plays MVM at this point?
Kiss My Ribcage (7 months ago)
this has got to be the most useful piece of information i have received in a long time
I still remember the day MvM came out. Ah nostalgia~
Lolcat (7 months ago)
Little suspicious that this releases right when Overwatch Retribution is up
gmecha11 (7 months ago)
the campaing is nice. if the servers weren't full 24/7
Jiří Pechman (7 months ago)
A tf2 mvm update coming is that what are you saying? Please let that be yes!
Lilac The Pyro (7 months ago)
Fun fact: the only reason why I even got TF2 on PC was cause of MVM since at the time I was only playing the xbox 360 version of the game.
Forgotten Syrup (7 months ago)
yeah a video that is almost not a blatant spreading of misinformation, you got some things wrong but i'll give it a pass, I know how hard it is to actually report on real news :)
Holy Doggo (7 months ago)
I thought it said crusher too
Holy Doggo (7 months ago)
It has been 6 years? Damn
TheLegendOfJoey (7 months ago)
I would play Titanium Tank, but the missions are just ridiculous. They often feel like expert level.
Astrotanker (7 months ago)
so will it be official? i actually enjoy mvm
NUTCASE71733 (7 months ago)
considering the comics are reaching the finale of the MVM story they HAVE to release an update sooner or later.
Ethan hornbeck (7 months ago)
Just make them official YOU TWATS!
Pássaro Azul (7 months ago)
I love Mann vs Machine, i play it more than normal servers, it is a fun gamemode that makes the player tired of the fight, really does, but in the end is so rewarding.
TDA Gamer (7 months ago)
give... me... robot... max head... NOWWWWWW!!!!
Cartoonshi シ (7 months ago)
I just got a Fortnite ad on this. I can’t even watch a TF2 video without it haunting me.
V.I.P. PyroTM (7 months ago)
Wait so is this an update coming soon? Hopefully it's not just some mumbo jumbo thing.
Toaster (7 months ago)
now the servers are gonna be stffed full of fuckin retards. thanks
gamer12464 (7 months ago)
Wasted a good 12 hours in one of those servers for one map never getting far with team. I say it's more of a luck based play-through if we have to wait for people to leave for almost ten times longer than casual and competitive matchmaking times. Is all good but not worth the one medal or to play the custom gameplay that it gives. Just my shared opinion
mrcomp (7 months ago)
Man, titanium tank was fun! This event just goes to show how much we still want more mvm updates.
KombatClashing YT (7 months ago)
Possibly new Australiums?
Anthony (7 months ago)
I couldn't play titanium tank because all servers were full 100% of the time... It sucks.
Luke Starkiller (7 months ago)
UnusualBut ARar3Fag (7 months ago)
Holy shiz MvM is alive
Roet's Animations (7 months ago)
idk, i just finished my 16 tour of duty tickets. Not in the mood to play mvm
I like mvm till I get kicked 10 times for being a low tour
Sviatoslav S. (7 months ago)
The MvM Update? May I play TF2 Main theme?
Stylish/Blitz (7 months ago)
Couldn't play Titanium Tank, the Server were full 24/7. Hope i can play this...
The Bro Gamer 14082 (7 months ago)
MVM Is Finally Getting The Attention It Deserves... Get Readdy Boiss!!!! Mann Vs. Machine is commin back!
Wolf Warrior (7 months ago)
God I still need to to complete the final missing missions for oil spill to have atleast one tour done
LensLoL (7 months ago)
Hey VVN, so to play MvM you don't need to purchase those tickets anymore?
Butter Butt (7 months ago)
Why don't they just make it an update? I still haven't been able to play it.
TheMacco26 (7 months ago)
So happy you're joining the small group of YT evangelists for the MvM Community. Those Potato's MvM guys deserve much more than what we could bring to their servers without you.
Redstonek 55955 (7 months ago)
Potatoes servers are OVERFLoWED bad idea
Local (7 months ago)
Thanks Tyler, mods and potato group
Sgt. Kirby (7 months ago)
I love these kind of MvM events, but no one ever tries. The dead line is not nearly as long as it should be because I was only able to beat one mission and every time I joined the next, we would never win despite me actually trying to win
Maci (7 months ago)
i play tf2 since may of 2012 i just dont play mvm because for me tf2 is a pvp game i dont care about killing robots
the_crusader (7 months ago)
Tf2 News Network, I subbed for VALVE news
Kpba32 (7 months ago)
Defining all the Titanium Tank tour maps Teien: You can never ever hold the front Waterfront: If the robots don't go down the choke path, you're semi fucked Steep: Fuck you Engineer Down town: Fuck. You. Power plant: The only time using mini sentrys work in MvM Dockyard: I got nothing for this one
Krunoslav Tretinjak (7 months ago)
Ruski25 (7 months ago)
I stopped playing MVM since it was occupied by elitist cunts with 100+ tours, indicating to everyone what to do and what not to do, and kicking all at the slightest disobedience or attempting to try the way the game beyond pathetic MVM meta.
osidufg (7 months ago)
raise up the popularity of machine attacks mode (basically mvm but played like multiplayer campaign)
D-ray Ent (7 months ago)
I would love to play titanium tank, if i could enter the servers!

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