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DayZ OverWatch | When Cars Attack | Stream highlight

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Untowing a Car in DayZ has some funny consequences ----------------------------------------­------------------ Social Media -------------------------------------- Follow ----- http:www.twitter.com/captainskepy Follow ------http:www.twitch.tv/captainskepy Like ---------http:www.facebook.com/captainsk­­­­­epy Buy games -http://www.gamefanshop.com/partner-Ca... use promocode Skepy5 for 5% off already discounted games Visit our site - http://www.midnightgaming.tv
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Text Comments (5)
Pieguy (5 years ago)
Hilarious video man :D
Skepy (5 years ago)
I have to picture a big alaskan dude with handbars saying this
Soul Survival (5 years ago)
Welcome to the world of towing!
Daniel O'Donnell (5 years ago)
ThePessimistPrime (5 years ago)
It looked like a good stream.

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