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Bullsh*t Pro CS:GO

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FOR MORE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/NadeKing?sub_confirmation=1 In this video I cover CS:GO Pro scene and watching their suspicious moments. We all know that Valve has made the cheating on big events almost impossible. Although this video features possible CS GO pro cheaters, aimlock fails and different ways to hack in-game. I am the right person to say who is a cheater and who is not. My critical thinking is just on point and the main question would be - why their crosshair is moving so much at the walls (happen to be on enemy)? Also in CS 1.6 there were not this kind of crosshair placement "style". This cheating and hacking topic should be Valve priority to find a great solution, so this unreal and inhuman aim flicking would stop. I created this video to point out this kind of "playstyle" Counter Strike Global Offensive pro players nowadays have and these are not a few cases rather than every team have their own really suspicious moments and possible hackers in team. Compared to CS 1.6 playstyle it is really strange. Think about that. I tried to keep this video funny and entertaining as this is what real bullshit video should look like. Credits for the footage: Jns - CSGO Dan M Na`Vi.CS:GO Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education and research. ★ SUBSCRIBE TO SEE MORE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5_YHkJ1i5E7E5J5wuU7oyw?sub_confirmation=1 ★ INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/nadekingofficial/ ★ STEAM TRADE LINK: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=33757486&token=Q66Mytdz De_Dust2 Bullsh*t tips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihK8ck38lQU De_Nuke Bullsh*t tips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83MheTBW-Eg NadeKing channel - 2017
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Text Comments (420)
NadeKing (1 year ago)
Hope you get the sarcasm fam! Some footage taken from other channels. Credits to Jns, BananaGaming, Dan M and NaVi CS:GO channel. Also, sorry for bad visual quality. Stay frosty!
Awpfa (11 hours ago)
they are not cheating they are just guessing where the enemies are and aiming through the wall so they can hear if there will be screams from the audience.
Btw flusha looked away in case of a flash
ESTEGIETA (1 month ago)
Virtus end when cheats saw light daily, first was France players, scream not machine cheats ends to for him ALL we See
Lorax (7 months ago)
so in all the clips the players used cheats? stewie, coldzera, im disapointed
Mnh Lnh (39 minutes ago)
forsaken lulz
Gideon Micah Peters (1 day ago)
kennys seems to not be cheating lol
Llama (1 day ago)
1st time here after seeing someone linked this on reddit. U are funny so u earned my sub. 2:10 was funny. thank u for the laugh
dine vater (3 days ago)
Will the real slim shady please stand up... i repeat: will the real slim shady please stand up
Francisco Ferreira (5 days ago)
Fallen heard him jump
For those who think there are a few cases of cheaters. There are a few players who don't cheat but does great. Shorud, kennyS, s1mple, etc. They just have pure skill implemented in them; reaction time, reflexes, and coordination. Do not suspect somebody without proof, do not send hate to Nade. He's just being sarcastic in a way.
Dio Brando (8 days ago)
Everyone chiiill, they just have really good gaming chairs
TheDragonINFINITE (13 days ago)
Nice you dont even play warowl's video
Nadeking seems to be upset in this video🤔what could it be🤔
Re L Rayford (21 days ago)
best sarcasm
Milton Smith (21 days ago)
The number of pros is depressing.
Joseph Daguman (24 days ago)
if you swear to me i'll give you a sub
NetherOnFire (26 days ago)
florian miftari (28 days ago)
4:10 CSGO 1.6? DID HE MEAN CS 1.6?
Ones and Zeros (1 month ago)
Flusha was about to check behind him a main but then he’s like nahhh
LOLIPHY (1 month ago)
"Banana guy"
Abhinav Yadav (1 month ago)
0:17 Banana guy didn't teach me this 😂😂😂
SakieE 007 (1 month ago)
u roast gud man...
Andrewww_ (1 month ago)
Poor WarOwl
Roizad nuri (1 month ago)
its why i luv u.
ExtremeLuka (1 month ago)
Funniest cago clip i have ever seen
Emile RB (1 month ago)
owwww tewie is my fav
Filip Anić (1 month ago)
And this is the reason why i stoped watching profesional cs go
Seph Geodynamics (1 month ago)
There is no cheater in matchmaking
lehjhund (1 month ago)
sad to say ... i make hacks for living and i can tell that these are premium mouse cheats that are basically low fov aimhack and are only activated by click switch ..... a key that the 'pro' binds to the cheat and whenever its clutch time or maybe he wants to get info he will activate it and sometimes it gets blatant it is happening more than u realise . i have broken aimware and skeet users on my hvh account and i am strongly not in favour of using hacks in competitive gameplay ... also my hacks are external {cant give info} and thus not detected by highest of cheat detection available and this justifies byali's mobile phone..... rest have it on there mouse....... i operate anti aim and spin bot on usb .... so not difficult.... just that we need to get rid of these player in the pro scene.... I KNOW NADE KING WONT APPRECIATE THIS WRITE UP.................
Arpan Rathod (1 month ago)
fucking crap video ever
Arpan Rathod (1 month ago)
dont try to explain cheat with skill,please
lauris Lauris (1 month ago)
They turn on cheats when they press ctrl
Majd AL-Husainy (1 month ago)
Why you made this vedio ?
Mathias Lui (2 months ago)
most of em aren't even seen by the esp
Vasco Mickael (2 months ago)
Man, this is because csgo (and 1.6 too) is one of the most cheated games, even pros cheat and Valve don't do nothing... Thats too sad.
Avalon Well (2 months ago)
They are all Hacking cheating all Pros
TurboSync (2 months ago)
BananaGuy XD
wayfaring stranger (2 months ago)
wow your accent and conent have improved much since these days
Esskay (2 months ago)
Sad truth is, every single cs go pro player cheats...(r/VacSucks)...TheConcept(Youtube Channel), make your own decision.
Rizz CS (11 days ago)
r/VacSucks is full of salty silvers that don't know wtf they are talking about :)
Stiched Remix3D (3 months ago)
This shit is so fucking funny! Testing out his new mouse XD...... they get a mouse other than their own at lans lol
Matiz - "Life is brutal" (3 months ago)
this game would be beautifull without cheaters ... if one start cheat everybody will do it
Ian Qu (3 months ago)
charging the phone bit has got to be the funniest LOL
Lila Prajapati (3 months ago)
Are you fightening to say the truth
Grand Admiral (3 months ago)
NadeKing why u speak in this video idk not like in another videos?
Jeff 2 p (3 months ago)
And here i thought it was possible to become pro without cheating
Ismail Israfilbekov (3 months ago)
I thought I am the only who sees all of this. Last time I used wallhack was on COD modern warfare pirate server and it’s too obvious this guys are cheating
OddTuber (3 months ago)
Thanks for signing my profile :), that's why i love u
dust2 (3 months ago)
CSGO as an esport is fraud and deception. It will die when the cheating scandal is unveiled
kang seulgi (4 months ago)
Jernej Klancar (4 months ago)
holy shit is not aim bot is programing lol
ZanFlix X (4 months ago)
They didn't drink vodka that is why
Stan Stanev (4 months ago)
2:34 aimlock ?
A.R.C Guitar (5 months ago)
... All of them?...
No0b (5 months ago)
i no do dis mistake and i a nub
U MAD BRO? (5 months ago)
I love the sarcasm by the way ... yea you are right "THERE ARE NO CHEATERS ON PRO SCENE" XD
Kristijan Jozić (5 months ago)
4:08 Csgo 1.6
-〉Wires and Fires〈- (5 months ago)
Scream is one of the best aimers in CS yet I've never seen any supposed cheat clips of him. Cheating isn't everything (although I do believe that no one really cheats at pro levels anymore)
GameNation (6 months ago)
Csgo 1.6???
MARK (6 months ago)
What about Subroza?
SqueezY- tube (6 months ago)
When we get the new version?????????😙😙😙😙😙😙
Emil Elander (6 months ago)
Wow I can't believe all these cheaters! I thought they were legit but no. Guess you can't trust your heroes after all.
Mathias Lui (6 months ago)
even i dont have aimbot fails so it cant be aimbot fails. you just tick "checkWall" and turn your FOV down sufficiently and voila you're legitimate aimbotting
Kek U (6 months ago)
Ah so every csgo pro cheats good to know
vini cius (6 months ago)
''nothing inhuman there, just nationality'' something to say nade?
BHT hub (7 months ago)
Unwritten rule: Most kills on team=best player. What are roles?
Eskir (7 months ago)
I think it was olof who talked about this, but when you aim at walls randomly and get close to an enemy in actual (grand-) matches, the crowd will get loud actually indicating whether or not they're aiming at someone. There has been some controversy around this regarding the fairness of that aspect. Before anyone replies to this, I'm not saying cheats aren't at play. It's just something I thought was interesting.
dust2 (3 months ago)
back in his day olof was the master of aimlocking. plus he played with flusha
ElKraloo Live (7 months ago)
He have trigger bot
ElKraloo Live (7 months ago)
Flusha is the biggest hacker
Kurt Frias (7 months ago)
Funny Content (7 months ago)
All off those are flick boyy
xpression111 (7 months ago)
5:51 i saw enough....
Pilluw (7 months ago)
HOnestly Nadeking. I love your old mic :D this one. cuz you can hear different and i just like it for some reason. sometimes its harder to hear what you say. but i still understand :D
Paperclippy (7 months ago)
If you think these pros are cheating, you're brainwashed. They just developed the super secret echolocation ability that not even Valve wants you to know about, so they got some bots to accuse them of hacking and then banned them. If they're cheating, then the Earth is round ✌️
ZYPHER (7 months ago)
Most of them are not even suspicious, even i with less than 1000hr of gameplay, tend to place the crosshair the same way ,like pro players( ur so called cheater). I ain't pro ~_~'
Quein (8 months ago)
some of these looks fishy for sure, but not all of them. The MSL and f0rest ones doesn't really look fishy at all to me. MSL's looks pretty natural for a tight situation like that, having to make sure you're hidden with such limited cover, and in the f0rest clip, he already knew there most likely wasn't gonna be anyone mid, so he just half assed it. He probably already had the info needed for it, and how often in high level cs do you see someone deciding to stand out in the open in mid in a 2v1?
Dingo the Duck (8 months ago)
That shox one tho XDDDDDDDDD
Yasuo Rampage (8 months ago)
oh my god everyone cheats XDD
j4ck (8 months ago)
I was confused at first, then realised he was being sarcastic..
JajaMata (8 months ago)
I think some pros are cheating..
Estrels e tal (8 months ago)
Its not impossible to shear. You can put the cheat on phone, mouse and keyboard
001many (8 months ago)
in 70% of the clips they're not even aiming at the head
-LukeBurgess- (7 months ago)
001many it is because they have offset, which moves it just off the head, to make it look less suspicious. if you knew your offset correctly, you could gather the same information as using aimlock straight in the head,
DaNNN. 1337 (8 months ago)
This is legit aimlock, don't kiss they ass, is obvious.
HDsTiiG (8 months ago)
And guys.... this is The reason nadeking didnt Go pro. Calling cheats on pros :-) Lets think about flusha, How long has he been in The pro scene?
tomfom11 (9 months ago)
3:15 The judge found that he was a cheater xD
Kmantheaxten (9 months ago)
I️ feel like stewies was a little weird since it did look like a swipe but maybe not
Ricardo (9 months ago)
soooo... top level csgo is like WWE?
phillip jensen (9 months ago)
Didnt know that Stewie and Kjaerby hacked :(
Erisi Rrahmani (9 months ago)
you just know that nade was trolling
kalle olson (9 months ago)
128 tick smh
TK (9 months ago)
priceless. hahahaha
NeroDJ _BeasT (9 months ago)
wtf are you talking on this video how can you aim trow the wall at head every time and fire. Plzz don t make that stupid videos.
Gleb Perch (9 months ago)
*Looks at ct from across the map for 2 miliseconds* WOW CHEATER VAC BAN HIM
JeJeMoon 123 (10 months ago)
maderpaker I thought he wasn't being sarcastic
Doobie Ricollo (10 months ago)
Great video man! Can't believe I only just found it now!
Horsedick.MPEG (10 months ago)
I smell a big sarcasm in this video
StarTXT (10 months ago)
Wtf they are all cheating !
Jannis Kern (10 months ago)
I loled so hard, when you showed the clip from Maxime 😂😂😂 Fuck earned a like after I almost died 😅👍🏼
kr4zyy (10 months ago)
Bananaguy lmao
Dean Greenbaum (2 months ago)
i cracked up lol
Sebastian Reinholdt (11 months ago)
well edward was suspicous
Pandagasm (11 months ago)
@1:10 no its not because hes "flickshot master" thats such a dumb remark, hes most likely doing it (looking at the wall) so its easier for him to identify areas the sound is coming from
JuicyBaycon (1 year ago)
no pros are cheating... problem solved...
J Kiuper (1 year ago)
For anyone actually wondering about the first part, that was him expecting a pop flash, so he looks away to not get blinded. You might ask. But he is still in view of the doorway. Not in 4:3 res. He will get flashed but not as bad.
SaVaGeY (1 year ago)
Stewie2k is not hacking though. He streams Daily and does this everyday
thall (11 months ago)
and what makes you so sure he's not cheating on stream as well? would be less obvious there because there's no x-ray.

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