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Chinese Collector Accidentally Burns $3500 Skin in a Trade Up.. (CS:GO Skins)

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Text Comments (34385)
McSkillet (3 months ago)
Winners: https://gyazo.com/6a345cd59ff58765e1d9a45d9a52babc\
Gyzelle Garcia (4 days ago)
Death:1 Killed:2 Heaven:0 Hell:1
Diogo Nucci (5 days ago)
rest in peace my boy
Al-Dawg (9 days ago)
Rip to the two people u killed
Jose Hernandez (10 days ago)
Fucking cunt
1337ParadoxTV (13 days ago)
+Farquar Winterbottom the thing is we liked him as a person and commiting suicide and taking 2 lifes with him is fucked up but it is still a rest in peace for the mcskillet who was making so much inspirating csgo skin Videos!
Tycho Frensch (21 minutes ago)
This is Sad Alexa *delete* Despacito
Adonis (1 hour ago)
welp... he killed himself...
Emp1re (1 hour ago)
R.I.P mcskillet he is dead
Persobe (1 hour ago)
azz kikr (2 hours ago)
Zeus 23 (2 hours ago)
Why you die !!!! Omg im so sad, :(
Bagus Lazuardi (3 hours ago)
quezcatol (5 hours ago)
So Steam locked his steam account for trading, and the baby decided to end his life? at 18??????????????
Peter Parker (4 hours ago)
Do you even know what depression does to a person?
Access1233 (5 hours ago)
The people still commenting because of the two women he killed that no one would have cared about if they weren't killed by a popular person are retarded:)
JopoS (5 hours ago)
McFaggot kills whole team, terrorist win!
IjeskrewRB MC (6 hours ago)
Rip mcblyat
RazerTracer Overwatch (6 hours ago)
Im glad he died
YAYAxROOKIE - (8 hours ago)
Mcskillet was Bhopping between lanes
Jeppe Aagaard (8 hours ago)
THAT FUCKING PEACE OF SHIT? Talking you own life, it what it is... BUT KILLING A YOUNG GIRL AND HER MOTHER? I wish he didn’t die, så he could go in prison FOR FUCKING EVER! I cant belive i looked up to you... Peace of shit
Rickson Marquez (10 hours ago)
*vrooooom* *CRASH*
Kingofthegames (11 hours ago)
no wait what the fuck? He died? When? How? i used to watch his videos all the time
Shad3 (11 hours ago)
Only 2 people phhhh... you could of killed 3,000+ with a couple of planes and some buildings!
Shad3 (11 hours ago)
I turned on post notifications Incase you upload again! Loved the face reveal!
Whale Horse (12 hours ago)
My mom said he’s a Murder and killed him self on purpose...
Kidney Beans (14 hours ago)
Stat-Trak mclaren Confirmed kills: 3
Vision (14 hours ago)
Now that's a victory royal.
S U R V I V E (16 hours ago)
This comment section is full of kids.
Unicorn Betrayal (16 hours ago)
he shouldntve done this at all but if he had to, he shouldntve taken lives with him
Reddude256 (16 hours ago)
Make sure you turn on post notifications guys you wouldn't wanna miss the next upload.
Emp1re (1 hour ago)
Reddude256 he is dead
Reddude256 (16 hours ago)
Hopefully Mcdonald's took his dead body in and served it
Danny Tranny (17 hours ago)
Souls - (17 hours ago)
Posts a new video* me wtf?
Anonymous (17 hours ago)
McSkillet more like Mckillit
GhostKnub (17 hours ago)
bro it feels weird that he's dead i loved him so much but like to kill the mother and daughter is just sad :(
I Like Fish (18 hours ago)
Why are people not unsubbing
Pandaman (18 hours ago)
vroom vroom
I Like Fish (18 hours ago)
McScunt man that's what you are just shut up and stop getting in my fucking mindd
ShadowSerpenTV (18 hours ago)
When are you gonna make a video on the best London 2018 souvenir weapons? I'm dying to see it
1 Rex (19 hours ago)
Ok cut the slack guys If he was ending his life it was a terrible way to do it because it ended up with two others dying as well But can we all pay some respect I get what he did was so wrong But what must of been going through his brain at that time him knowing he’s going to die His mum ok think of his mum If your down here commenting awful stuff how will his mum feel She just lost her son Someone who she looked after protected was proud of through everything She won’t get to see him or text him no more I get he did that so wrong ending two beautiful ladies lives and I pray for their family but I also pray for his He is dead and all of youse can’t even say RIP Like come on If he did actually do it because he wanted to end his life can you show some respect He couldn’t handle life anymore And I bet he didn’t mean to kill those people But he was that hurt and his mind was that blurred he ended his life in a horrible horrible way which must of been very very painful His mum that day wondering round hoping to get a call from him saying how she is but se got a call form the police okay I get we’re all mad and confused as to why he did it this way And the fact that he killed to innocent people But you got to show some respect If that was you And your mind was so blurred you ended it like this Think of your mum how she would be right now And here you are commenting mean stuff Imagine your mum and dad and all your family crying hurt and confused and then comment something mean RIP MCSKILLET🙁💜
Ethan Bryant (19 hours ago)
someone give me his skins
BelgiumGaming DHD (19 hours ago)
now has a BS ST mcclaren with 3 kills, you should sell it *öH wAIT*
BelgiumGaming DHD (19 hours ago)
upload more you fuck
BelgiumGaming DHD (42 seconds ago)
TastyHam (18 hours ago)
he's litterally fucking dead by killing himself in his car
KAMIKAZZyyyY (20 hours ago)
Lindsey C (20 hours ago)
MATPAC (20 hours ago)
Jonezy (21 hours ago)
Fucking retard
Jonezy (21 hours ago)
What a piece of shit money isn’t everything but because you lost all your money in virtual skins doesn’t mean life is over
Jonezy (21 hours ago)
I understand that he had mental illness but fuck you for taking two innocent people and being so selfish and hurting all your friends and family. Sorry for being so harsh but this is very unfortunate and fucked up.
He didn't killed anyone! You guys are crazy! Dude he crashed the car,then the people in it died,and I think its not %100 because of mental issuies,maybe he just drove to the wrong way by accident?U guys just need to respect him,daughter and the mother. Rest in peace to everyone who died on that car crash, people can do things like that because of mental issues,if it's because of mental issues,that's not his wrong,mental issues can do everything bad to people,that's why people that try to suicide....İt's that powerful that it can force you to suicide. He didn't killed people,if he just drove to the wrong way by a big accident,the innocent people were unlucky,If mcskillet died from driving the car to the wrong way,u have to know that he didn't let them kill with his own choices, respect who died in that car crash,I think they all deserve a rip.
Stop being childish,son of a bitch.
Justin Gerde (17 hours ago)
You're wrong.
Justin Gerde (19 hours ago)
and it was not an accident. So fy 🖕🖕🖕🖕
Justin Gerde (19 hours ago)
no he is a fucking dumb asshole (oh wait luckily that cunt is dead) we should shit on his grave( he does not deserve one)
francuzz_ (22 hours ago)
has a car worth 200k, probably a house worth 5 times that, suicides and kills people because of 100k$
Kevin valli (23 hours ago)
Triple Kill
DeBEEER (1 day ago)
Official PetrioT (1 day ago)
RIP McSkillet and the two others.
DJ Jacrispy (1 day ago)
Why doesn't this guy post anymore
Kyrpäjooseppi (19 hours ago)
+Justin Gerde lmao
Justin Gerde (19 hours ago)
Read through the comment section
Kyrpäjooseppi (20 hours ago)
He killed him self
GoatMF (21 hours ago)
No he’s on vacation
KebabTV (23 hours ago)
I think he took a short break
Oliver W (1 day ago)
I’m still waiting for that new chap skin review
Oliver W (12 hours ago)
Kyrpäjooseppi that’s the joke
Kyrpäjooseppi (20 hours ago)
Hes dead
Owl Plays (1 day ago)
R.I.P :(
Knight Sepehr (1 day ago)
What’s depressing is he died just before he was about to reach 1 million, everybody sub to him to complete his life and get him that sweet 1 mil
Helldrumz (1 day ago)
Adam kraft (1 day ago)
Vad sa bibliotikarien till eleverna? Läs mer...
Chano Christensen (1 day ago)
K/D 2.0
Dave Hardesty (1 day ago)
Rip mcskillet, everyone has their demons, it sucks he killed those two as well
SL4RK (1 day ago)
when a new video mcskillet ?
SL4RK (18 hours ago)
this rofl ))))
Kyrpäjooseppi (20 hours ago)
Hes killed him self and 2 other people at car crash
SL4RK (1 day ago)
Когда новые ролики скилет ?
breakdown zzz (1 day ago)
YouTube psychopath purposely burns two innocent people, his McLaren, and himself.
Rest in piece my dude
ZoWai (1 day ago)
deadlyswitchz ##### (1 day ago)
FNJazzy (1 day ago)
Harrison (1 day ago)
I love how this whole comment section is a bunch of like beggars that pretend like they care at all about the situation. Good stuff.
Mimile (1 day ago)
wow! (1 day ago)
lmao these comments are great, can't wait to see mcskillet's reaction :b:
soy sauce (1 day ago)
Hopefully he does a give away soon!
Damn dude how the fuck did things go this wrong this quick
Blake Story (1 day ago)
Wheres mcskillet? Hasnt posted in 5 months! Hope hes ok!
Justin Gerde (19 hours ago)
+Connor Strilchuk he killed himself
Connor Strilchuk (1 day ago)
Blake Story he died in a car crash not to long ago
ISuckAtGames (1 day ago)
Hold F to pay respects.
Electro_Yellow (1 day ago)
Rip mcskillet
Grandulf (1 day ago)
So when is the new frag video comming out about your extream new glitch you found in cs:go where you can use a car?
Forgot (1 day ago)
You Don't Deserve A "RIP"
GaMer tv"Orsk" (1 day ago)
Kakka Ukko (1 day ago)
When come back man.
WhiteEagle Tube (1 day ago)
Antonio Varga (1 day ago)
when is next video comming?
breakdown zzz (1 day ago)
+Alina Virk but when's his next video
Alina Virk (1 day ago)
He is dead..
Panda Gaming (1 day ago)
Rip mate! hope you are good up in heaven :(
Justin Gerde (19 hours ago)
he killed an innocent child and mother. Nope that bastard deserves hell if one exists
Garga (1 day ago)
Heaven doesn't exist, sry mate :((
Sentium (2 days ago)
We know that McSkillet took two lives with him and that's just pure evil , I know that but who wouldn't feel suicidal losing 500k++ dollars. Same incident happened to a Singapore gambler who lost 1-2million dollars and commited suicide but didnt take lives with him. Do not say he rot in hell or he deserved it or no rip . Just keep it all to yourself. Whatever bad stuff u say out from your mouth will affect other people.
Sentium (1 day ago)
+Garga wow then u must be one of those people who's so patriotic of their country , they dont give a shit towards other countries
Garga (1 day ago)
Who gives a shit about Singapore?
Sanbii (2 days ago)
Why does video has alot of dislikes ?
Cooky (1 day ago)
He committed suicide but he killed 2 others at the same time.
Zack William (2 days ago)
There are lots of good way to die but guess he does it the douche bag way
DoOdO , (2 days ago)
Dummy Account (2 days ago)
_New Item_ *McLaren (FN)* _New Item_ *McLaren (BS)*
Ace The Puppy (2 days ago)
Great job you got 2 kills but you did killed yourself
jon bay (2 days ago)
Wafaz D0nzer (2 days ago)
Lord Husky 411 (2 days ago)
RIP That means rest in piss incase you didn't know
JackCrZy (2 days ago)
clutch double kill, good job with the 2.0 kd
Calciumz Gaming (2 days ago)
Damn, seems like you purposely burned people
Naname Takaiku (2 days ago)
KUSHTALIN (20 hours ago)
Lmao who tf came here to do the same
Miska Härkänen (2 days ago)
I've just been scrolling around the comments for several weeks now and i just gotta say even thought what he did was absolutely useless and horrible if your smart you can understand why. Depression is hard and it makes you do alot of stupid shit, you have anxiety, you have thoughts. You just don't know what to do. No one of us noticed this, we can't know what he was going trough and no one probably helped him. Finally he probably was just driving around casually and then maybe got mad at something in his life. He drived and drived until he just couldn't take it anymore, and probably didn't wanna suffer alone. This is my opinion on his thoughts. I've been through alot of shit but i know no man deserves this disrespect. R.I.P to the Mother and Daughter and also. McSkillet.
Brandon Donnelly (2 days ago)
R.I.P McSkillet ((((
*CedakRC C.* (2 days ago)
He has become a skillet in his car. Then Mcdonalds found it.
*CedakRC C.* (2 days ago)
Well, how did he die when cars aren’t in CS;GO
BANDIT Youtube (2 days ago)
Andrew Ricklefs (2 days ago)
I just came to this video to say, fuck you. That is all.
my name (2 days ago)
guys chill in the comments. I talked to him on twitter yesterday and he's taking a break
Murry Oliver (2 days ago)
my name 😂 keep thinking that bro
r o t (2 days ago)
lol hes dead

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