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Chinese Collector Accidentally Burns $3500 Skin in a Trade Up.. (CS:GO Skins)

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3 M9 Marble Fade Giveaway: Like, Comment Tradelink, & Subscribe Checkout CS:GO Magic: https://csgomagic.com Apparel Shop: http://goo.gl/4GqSbH My Twitter: https://twitter.com/OG_McSkillet My Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/McSkillet My Steam Group: http://goo.gl/8AVC8b Disclaimer: I own CSGOMagic and this has been disclosed on video since the beginning of my promotions
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Text Comments (36389)
McSkillet (5 months ago)
Winners: https://gyazo.com/6a345cd59ff58765e1d9a45d9a52babc\
R I M P (7 days ago)
zeta (7 days ago)
a fucking mclaren
Christopher Harding (13 days ago)
+Sweet Garbage no you wont he is dead
An den (13 days ago)
Velja Spasojevic (2 hours ago)
Guys get over it everybody dies and did u know that mother and daughter probably no so don't shit...
Romeo Slupp 1 (6 hours ago)
Rest in piece
Gabriel Walker (9 hours ago)
How long does it take to start a new game?
Colin Howells (11 hours ago)
Plazma (12 hours ago)
Rest In Peace mother and daughter
Bambisquad (14 hours ago)
Whens the next upload its like you died or something
LowRes (18 hours ago)
f :(
Banana Joe (18 hours ago)
R.I.P for all
Leonpeli kanava (1 day ago)
gonna unsub no new videos coming >:(
MäximillianMus Mus (18 hours ago)
Leonpeli kanava hes fucking dead your ass Hole he drow hes mclarean the wrong lane and crached sertch mcskillet dead
Caleron South (1 day ago)
you son of a bitch i hope you burn in hell fat piece of shit i fuck your mom in your grave
Элитный -_- (1 day ago)
Very Loki (1 day ago)
Everyone commenting, on his death, but has no clue about mental health issues. I'm not saying what he did was right but some people have it really bad when it comes to mental health, and if you don't have the support around you, it can be very hard. Though I am surprised YouTube hasn't disabled all the comments on this account, doesn't really make any sense to berate a dead man.
MKX beast (11 hours ago)
Where can I get more info on this?
MintyMiku (20 hours ago)
I have metal health issues and people should think twice before they killed themself. This guy is rich as fuck and he killed himself because his $100,000 steam account got trade banned. He don't have to trade it if he get a trade banned, he can just keep them and stop trading item. HE HAD LIKE EXPENSIVE KNIVES SMH.
WatarouDesiderus (1 day ago)
While yes it is very unfortunate and disgusting he took two innocent people with him, its also sad he felt the need to do what he did. I feel sad that he had to battle what he did that caused him to lash out. I dont expect people to emphasize and its understandable, Im just saying we should let them rest in peace.
I have an usp-s cortex battle scarred 0.9887 float is this spensive or not
Harry Baals (1 day ago)
Epic victory royale, default dance*
Resolute (1 day ago)
StatTrak™ McLaren Kills:3
Endii (1 day ago)
I really liked those april fools videos, and i am still waiting for them.
turgut erbulak (1 day ago)
Newt (2 days ago)
this us very very wierd to watch him R I P
Newt (2 days ago)
not really cus he killed 2 ppl
SparkGX (2 days ago)
Dang I stoop Csgo several months ago and today I came back tryna see more vids until I noticed his list vid was 7 mts ago rip
a (1 day ago)
He ded m'dude.
Pozitiv (2 days ago)
well, be sure to subscribe and we will see you in te next .
Pozitiv (2 days ago)
SplashyFlashy (1 day ago)
Dude just let him rest in peace
stfu nigga get over the deaths
BlackMamba132 (2 days ago)
Was a good youtuber rip mate As for the daughter and mother i didnt know them so i dont give a fuck at least my boy went with style
Izlemder (1 day ago)
Sonic the Edgyhog up ahead
Luckyz Productionz (2 days ago)
R.I.P mom and daughter plus the inventory and car
fools (2 days ago)
Man why the fuck isn't he posting?
a (1 day ago)
He died
sevxn (2 days ago)
bro this guy kinda fell off what happened
Ciminan (2 days ago)
I wonder why he doesn’t post anymore
SplashyFlashy (1 day ago)
Pan Jogurcik r/wooosh
Pan Jogurcik (1 day ago)
he died
skimoo (2 days ago)
I may go to hell by laughing at these jokes in the comment section.
turK'z (2 days ago)
Why did he kill two people, he could of just gone into a school
I_aM _Lakky:3 (2 days ago)
Руские либо конечно?
Jacob Anderson (2 days ago)
Thought he was meant to be a csgo pro but he only got 2 kills???
Vasco Santos (3 days ago)
Apart from knowing you took 2 innocent people, IK that depression is fucked up and you can’t control yourself. So, said from me and from all the fans and people who loved you, R.I.P OG MC Skillet
Zach Benn (3 days ago)
★ StatTrak™ McLaren | 650S Nametag: McSkillet's McLaren Exterior: Battle-Scared This item features StatTrak™ technology, which tracks certain statistics when equipped by it's owner. StatTrack™ Confirmed Kills: 3
MintyMiku (20 hours ago)
confirmed kills is 2, you can't kill yourself with your own weapon xd
ElHuevoATR (3 days ago)
Rip F
Flazzy (3 days ago)
R.I.P ❤ ❤ ❤
Kirxas (3 days ago)
Look up Carrero Blanco on youtube, he just wanted to recreate the first spanish astronaut flight
Jordan Torres (3 days ago)
Why don’t you post anymore?
Ryan Sawyer (3 days ago)
Jordan Torres can’t tell if you are joking or not. You probably are joking but in case you legitimately don’t know he died
NoahGotStyle (4 days ago)
can't believe this piece of shit actually killed others like a big piece of shit.. holyshit
f1re (4 days ago)
people dont talk as much shit as people that have shot up schools lmao theres a special kind of hatred for him. rip skillet
John Q Public (4 days ago)
Glad he's dead.
Sarcasm (4 days ago)
Omae wa mo
uzmbe (3 days ago)
JacobMusic (4 days ago)
Vapenation 695 (3 days ago)
John Q Public kys
John Q Public (4 days ago)
No he won't - he's a murderer
Cheep (4 days ago)
Is this nibba still dead
John Q Public (4 days ago)
Yes thank goodness.
OTS (4 days ago)
Oof that car is rip
djsniperwolf9 (4 days ago)
R.I.P You Will Be Missed
TitaNius PlayGames (4 days ago)
кто российский и из 2018 лойс. Прощай мсСкиллет. Пусть земля для тебя будет пухом....
Korsan Tube. (4 days ago)
McSkillet dies in a car crash DİED
Korsan Tube. (4 days ago)
McSkillet cs go items BANNED 7 months sad life
Şafak Boyacıoğlu (5 days ago)
Hey man when are you gonna upload a new video dont you have internet in hell?
Klaus (5 days ago)
man 😭😭😭😭😭😭
ImMo0N (5 days ago)
RIP Mr. Skillet Bought & traded Game Skins on yt Opened game skins on yt. Was rich via youtube. Died in car because his youtube made him money. Youtube killed mcskillet.
bananen021 (5 days ago)
When is the video reviewing the statrack mclaren comming?
Why did he Waste such a good car
I don’t think he deserves all the rips, well, he killed 2 people dear to his life just because of a virtual game, I couldn't facepalm harder than that
Фантом (5 days ago)
23 Августа 2018😢😵😱
Фантом (5 days ago)
Жаль что ты погиб сочувствую
Blitz (6 days ago)
Ik we shouldn’t talk bad of the dead but why kill yourself and decide to kill another two people while your at it
TheSuma RAMP (6 days ago)
Rest in peace!
Mako The Wolf (5 days ago)
Not to him, piece of shit killed a child and her mom.
Kezza Q (6 days ago)
R.I.P. McSkrrrrrrrrrrrrrllet
Muzzimal (6 days ago)
These Edgy jokes are disgusting.
John Q Public (4 days ago)
So is killing two people.
Konrad (6 days ago)
I used to watch this guys vids. He seemed like an ok guy. Idk what pushed him to do something so fucked up... condolences to him amd the casualties involved
STeVe (6 days ago)
atleast he left the server with a positive K/D
Shotgun Fgt (6 days ago)
Oh shit
The Dartmoor Witch (6 days ago)
Upload again nigga.
The Dartmoor Witch nigga he’s dead lmao
Malyngar (7 days ago)
My boy mcskillet the realest x fan out here got a speeding ticket just to visit him
DLR GAMES (7 days ago)
You deserved to die
Hellboylol (4 days ago)
+DLR GAMES i get it
DLR GAMES (4 days ago)
Hellboylol he kill a mother and daughter
Hellboylol (4 days ago)
+DailyÇøçø oh
DailyÇøçø (5 days ago)
+Hellboylol He killed a mom and the daughter just because he lost money
Hellboylol (5 days ago)
why would u say something like that do u feel good about your self?
Bloody ChromeA (7 days ago)
Skillet you are a great youtuber if you can read this which you most likely cant you beought joy into my world when you posted your first video on giving away skins for some reason that made my heart worm up. R.I.P McSkillet may you rest in peace and for all we love you.
Shotgun Fgt (6 days ago)
He certainly did it on purpose you cunt. One does not crash with that speed on the opposite side of the road
Bloody ChromeA (6 days ago)
Its not like he did this on purpose you bitch
LOLZ _ME bro he took a mother and daughter with him. Let him rot in hell
HektikZ (7 days ago)
Condolences to both Mcskillet's family and the family of the mother and daughter who died in the crash, even if it was a stupid idea that Mcskillet's suicide had to take 2 innocents with him he doesnt need to be criticized since he is fucking dead himself R.I.P Prodigy
Rip Peep (7 days ago)
Rest in peace to this legend watched so many of your videos... :(
DanyFox 1441 (7 days ago)
MasterTNTPVP (7 days ago)
R.I.P McSkillet
库恩从月球EHOT17 (7 days ago)
KLAIDEX (7 days ago)
Is there any heaven youtube that i could watch McSkillet?
PunchBug2012 (4 days ago)
nigga he in hell lmao
Red Fox (8 days ago)
We remember you...
MRGreenieFTW (8 days ago)
still happy he's gone
влог влог (8 days ago)
Now video nabudet
Patrick (8 days ago)
What a twat
PerryOnMars (3 days ago)
Damsun Mon says the guy with the most copied picture ever thinking he’s cool actually I hate anime this isn’t weeby shut ur gay ass up
Damsun Mon (3 days ago)
PerryOnMars you have a anime profile picture you have lost your rights to speak weeb
Shotgun Fgt (6 days ago)
PerryOnMars stfu
PerryOnMars (8 days ago)
Patrick innocent people die every day who cares
The R3al Rush3r (8 days ago)
Well mcskillet is dead and there is a war in the comments
Curder (8 days ago)
JustGamingChair (8 days ago)
I love all of the jokes in this comment section even though they’re really fucked up, But those people who are saying he’s a piece of shit for killing a mother and daughter, you’re right, although he was very depressed. He had no emotion or logical thought, all he wanted to do was kill himself, yes he is a dumbass for not doing it another way but you have to understand his view
Zac M (8 days ago)
McSkillet committed death-pacito.
skippy 2k (8 days ago)
Ban one at the price of three.... rip ya’ll💤❤️💤❤️💤👌💤 ggwp bois ❤️😢
Elmo (8 days ago)
Wtf why haven’t you posted in 7 months????
PerryOnMars (8 days ago)
he killed himself bro didn’t you hear
Mcfly (8 days ago)
Read the comments man.. He’s dead. He drove down the wrong side of the highway on purpose and killed himself along with a mother and daughter.
XenoTube (8 days ago)
Shouldn’t even feel bad
HiHolT (8 days ago)
why no upload report
[GMM] Toksoman (8 days ago)
Помним, любим, скорбим.....(
Advinsson A. (8 days ago)
Вин помер в авто катастрофи
Hello I am Slav (9 days ago)
McSkillet commited not alive
Janne (9 days ago)
Damn, upload some new content or your subcount will *C R A S H* down.
Janne (8 days ago)
That's a shame... I was looking for a video on the best *A U T O* sniper skin...
The Great illusionist (8 days ago)
He can't upload. His internet connection *CRASHED* and hasn't come back on yet...
rfyaaful (9 days ago)
McSkillet dead 2018. RIP
Suicide_ Hill (9 days ago)
My name is MCSKILLET I am out to kill myself
Nigga bite (9 days ago)
RIP To the 2 people he killed
LumpySiren (9 days ago)
Doesn’t he have that super rare item a umm stat trak battle scarred mcclaren with 2 kills?
gabriel Septic boss (9 days ago)
Akentrus (9 days ago)
You still do giveaways? owo
Ghostcake (3 days ago)
He killed a 12 year old and a mother so Rest In Piss to him.
Akentrus (6 days ago)
+CrazyCSIW6 Oh. I'm sorry didn't know about that just wondering why he posted no Video for a long time thats sad man..
CrazyCSIW6 (6 days ago)
Is this a joke? If not, he can't do giveaways because he died in a car crash.
CharlieS (9 days ago)
Rip, I got very lucky to speak to you :( and your gone honestly fuck people who think he did it on purpose and hate him he was suffering from surveyor depression RIP ;( ❤️

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