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Chinese Collector Accidentally Burns $3500 Skin in a Trade Up.. (CS:GO Skins)

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3 M9 Marble Fade Giveaway: Like, Comment Tradelink, & Subscribe Checkout CS:GO Magic: https://csgomagic.com Apparel Shop: http://goo.gl/4GqSbH My Twitter: https://twitter.com/OG_McSkillet My Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/McSkillet My Steam Group: http://goo.gl/8AVC8b Disclaimer: I own CSGOMagic and this has been disclosed on video since the beginning of my promotions
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Text Comments (4420)
McSkillet (1 month ago)
Winners: https://gyazo.com/6a345cd59ff58765e1d9a45d9a52babc\
Neon Socks (1 day ago)
Fuck off, it's like I can't even avoid Fortnite because of morons like you talking about it 24/7.. piss off!
Neon Socks (1 day ago)
What are you talking about 'it's not Fortnite kid'.. fuck off with your unrelated Fortnite bullshit, get a life.
GamingWithWasted (1 day ago)
Neon Socks it’s not fortnite kid
GamingWithWasted (1 day ago)
Neon Socks ?
Neon Socks (6 days ago)
Take the L, loser.
Geo (12 hours ago)
Not banned anymore https://steamrep.com/search?q=https%3A%2F%2Fsteamcommunity.com%2Fid%2FMcSkillet
elmeri (12 minutes ago)
Geo nice
Mr.CandySkull ! (1 day ago)
rip mcskillet
world of GAMES (2 days ago)
0.000001 dollar inevtory https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=446229629&token=wyXErWZe
xCookieSlayer (2 days ago)
Good that you lost all those skins, gambling to make money. Most of the people on your "sites" where kids. Shameful.
dude you are gay (3 days ago)
Can you give me a knife
marcos longoni (4 days ago)
Sk Sk (4 days ago)
Rip inventory rip Chanel
snackhydra (4 days ago)
Get trade banned you fat fuck
Elhami Musliu (4 days ago)
xeTyk xd and he lost all of it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
xeTyk xd (4 days ago)
his inventories worth more than your 3rd world shitholes economy
PaulaSeeexy (4 days ago)
Hey, can you tell me how much my knife is worth about? https://steamcommunity.com/id/luemmeltuete_original/inventory/#730_2_14641601658
JamalGoatVEVO (4 days ago)
Where tf did you go?
Alex Snow White (4 days ago)
Check my mate RalfWhite he got the first saphire in panorama update https://youtu.be/DRmqMNdcWTA
Crash (5 days ago)
You aren't dead again are you?
Emon jhon (5 days ago)
dude can you give me skin plss
Neon Socks (6 days ago)
Laughing at the guy for losing 3.5k huh? Well now you lost your whole inventory! KARMA! GET FUCKED SCAMMIT :)
Neon Socks (3 days ago)
He got trade banned which means he cannot sell/trade all of his skins in his inventory, so they're basically not worth anything. He lost around 200k dollars I believe.
Henry (4 days ago)
Neon what happened
SK8ZAR (7 days ago)
Is you ded?
John Cena (6 days ago)
You know you can read the comments to see what happened.
John Cena (8 days ago)
Rip McDumbass Invested 200K into skins and lost it all.
G9NOCIDE (8 days ago)
i miss this guy..
MrTurtle799 (9 days ago)
rip trade banned..
hbk.riskyy (9 days ago)
is he trade banned
Ken Mets (10 days ago)
Then theres me who doesnt even have a skin but 400 hours :(
Barn Van die Bos (10 days ago)
Rip mcfuck. Boring counter strik game
TheCrazyGinger (10 days ago)
200k down the drain shouldve cashed out sooner my friend and i dont see why you ran from youtube kids dont care about the website drama
Kak Hoo (8 days ago)
he probably made millions from csgomagic why would he cash out only 200k lmao
xXd1am0nd m1ner 85Xx (10 days ago)
plz gimme skin i have no money and i just want to look cool so people think im good...
Bunzi (10 days ago)
Are you dead?
ôff (12 days ago)
I was hoping I could get my 50 dollars worth of skins that I can't withdraw..
TheNamesDemon (12 days ago)
He lost 3500 you lost over 100k lol that’s why you don’t spend irl money on a dogshit game especially that much
John Cena (8 days ago)
I bet he invested all of his money into csgo skins and now has to take a loan
Jason Tong (12 days ago)
Literally I feel so bad for u, the csgo skin is ded
xes (12 days ago)
best csgo youtuber ever <3
Rocco Horvath (13 days ago)
RIP mcskillet
Marito Plays (13 days ago)
I would like to try the site
Marito Plays (13 days ago)
please can you give me a skin to bet on the site csgo Magic, if powers asks in friendship in the steam Squad Team Marito and do not presisa to be very high skins ok
PBStormForce (14 days ago)
Haha.. enjoy your trade ban greedy piece of shit..you broke the rules clearly set out because you thought you were some type of badass above the law. Sad really :D
Reithez (14 days ago)
Matthew Gravius (15 days ago)
Ah, my favorite YouTuber; Spoiled White Kid Who Borrows Mommy’s Credit Card To Buy Multi-Hundred Dollar Guns On A Video Game
Tazer (16 days ago)
Come back please.
Neon Socks (6 days ago)
He won't, he doesn't care about his fans, he's a scamming gambler.
Worlds_Storm (16 days ago)
Well rip mic died 2018 rip half of csgo traders died when he died and rip csgo died cuz it sucked to much ass
Elhami Musliu (4 days ago)
Worlds_Storm why do you think CSGO is dead?
Poison Production Game (16 days ago)
Momma Annie (17 days ago)
Nathaniel Johnson (18 days ago)
where are you :( come back
NeilHere Youtube (18 days ago)
Man this trade ban on you is complete fucktard
darklordzerato7 (19 days ago)
it seems its true this guy got banned and is kinda in trouble lol
Dapperdeath (19 days ago)
It’s been awhile Mcskillet :3 miss your vids
JELLYBEAN GIANT (19 days ago)
Hey Mcskillet, your dick is sooooo big• from your side bitch
JOTTA yu (20 days ago)
SnakeThief (20 days ago)
Post something
John Cena (8 days ago)
He can't since he's trade banned :D
SnakeThief (20 days ago)
Dude it’s been 3 months
Obama’s Uncle (21 days ago)
https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=406296952&token=pIVjFisA deadass
IMP (21 days ago)
https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=862836820&token=JfQflLQw beast youtuber
Illumi Thor Hoops (23 days ago)
bro this dude is copying ur ass man https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vdtFp5lCtY
HenryG (23 days ago)
omar cervantes (24 days ago)
he trow all 4 a simple trade ban how pussy losser
Danx (24 days ago)
Well 3 M9 Marble Fades will never be in a giveaway :,(
CSGO xrii (25 days ago)
Come back
Jx 0251 (25 days ago)
Rip x
chairshoe81 (26 days ago)
mcskillet is in an alleyway with a needle in his arm rn
John Cena (4 days ago)
It was a shadow trade ban, so his profile looks normal until you try to trade, in which case it says he's banned.
Henry (4 days ago)
Lmao what happened did he get trade banned
John Cena (8 days ago)
"I'll give a dragon lore for 4 shots" -Mcskillet
El fred cervants (26 days ago)
The legend says he still crying
mrxun (26 days ago)
he is not traded banned?
Adenis (26 days ago)
So no more youtube i guess?
Shit post videos (27 days ago)
were are you?
Ultim8_tk Lol (27 days ago)
danman1012 (27 days ago)
Haha enjoy the ban bitch.
Josh (27 days ago)
Will you ever be unbanned?
John Cena (8 days ago)
No cause he broke the rules
Niklas Huhtala (27 days ago)
Josh never know
RyRy XX (27 days ago)
Sux to be you mcskillet, you got banned.
R7 xAces (27 days ago)
Serssius (28 days ago)
wassup guys trade ban here.
GazeusePlays (28 days ago)
Did you kill yourself or what happend?
Niklas Huhtala (27 days ago)
GazeusePlays he got trade banned
Alex Durhamm (28 days ago)
Bro ur profile died:(
PSycho - Agario (28 days ago)
U should do another V A C C E D inventory vid Lmao
Theo Hallenius (27 days ago)
TempOfficial (28 days ago)
thats what you get for not posting anymore
Bill baggins (29 days ago)
Love how this tube didn't release a 10min video explaining his botting trade bn lmfao
Clayton K (29 days ago)
Jonah Kunis (29 days ago)
Hahahaha i loved your videos but I absolutely despise csgo gambling websites as they are scams and dishonest. I hope you've learned your lesson.
Gentle Poo (29 days ago)
trade ban rip lol
keith ng (29 days ago)
got scammed on ur site with server lag problem have fun trade ban
odEmppa (29 days ago)
HAHA RIP SKINS BOI !!! get rekt lol
HRVATSKI DOMOLJUB!!! (29 days ago)
Kakadu YT (29 days ago)
MobsterZ (1 month ago)
EvoteXHD (1 month ago)
Vape Zilla (1 month ago)
F for ur inventory
Soup time (1 month ago)
NerophoiX (1 month ago)
RiP oG McSkilLet inventory <3
AdaNOfficial (1 month ago)
Valve sucks man thats why i stop playing csgo you should be unban
John Cena (8 days ago)
They banned a scammer so that's why you left csgo? His gambling site had an algorithm to randomly steal from players by not giving their earnings or deposits back to them.
Rigister (1 month ago)
where are you dude i miss your vids....
Niklas Huhtala (27 days ago)
Rigister he got trade banned
Ne0 (1 month ago)
Man, just announce everyone, not everyone knows that you got trade ban, even if it is because valve is shit and banned you for no justified reason, just because you partially own a gambling site.
John Cena (8 days ago)
"Disclaimer: I own CSGOMagic and this has been disclosed on video since the beginning of my promotions" He says in the description right there that he owns it, not "partially".
bhwangy (1 month ago)
petersith (1 month ago)
rip 200k LOL
EduArdo (1 month ago)
Sorry for your trade ban bro
Anando Grgic (1 month ago)
im so glad that you get trade banned, instead of giveaway all of those fucking pixel to some people here, and make them happy, you decide to get it on youtube, and collect subs, and braging kids about it how expensive your inventory is!, NOW ENJOY TRADE BAN AND STICK YOUR SKINS IN ASS , FUCK YOUUUUUUUUUUUU IDIOT.
Jon (1 month ago)
Anando Grgic He is not obliged to giveaway thousands of dollars to everyone of his fan lol, a giveaway every video of hundreds of dollars is huge. Get a job and then buy your own shit, don't expect mommy and daddy to give you everything you own.
Rita Mae (1 month ago)
Lmao someones mad because he didn’t win a giveaway? Idk what’s wrong with you but him giving away 5 knives in a video is already a lot. So go and tell mommy to buy you a knife because you didn’t win a giveaway
? (1 month ago)
why did he got tradebanned
Niklas Huhtala (27 days ago)
? Hes own gambling site (csgo magic) was a scam
DENVIOUS MARS (1 month ago)
Next video: Mcskillet lost $200 000 because trade ban. Lol but seriously man I really feel sorry for u 💔
Hamood X (1 month ago)
press like to pay respects
Polly (1 month ago)
Are you gonna make a new video of most expensive inventories trade banned? :P
Peter Tijdeman (1 month ago)
RIP Feels bad that you got trade banned
1GbT-Sk (1 month ago)
Jubbernaut (1 month ago)
HAHAHA you called me a “lil minefag” in the comments of one of yours vids in 2015 and now you’ve lost a fuckton of money! xdddddd you fuckin gambling addicted noob
Jon (1 month ago)
The niggA called you mine cat and you wish that he loses hundreds of thousands of dollars? Boy lock your doors cuz I'm bout to fuck you up nigger
petersith (1 month ago)
Jubbernaut Where
B1LAL (1 month ago)
3per (1 month ago)
R.I.P. 200 000$
HIPCRITICA L (1 month ago)
Rip all your skins
Peter Peter (1 month ago)

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