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The Best Xbox One Third Person Shooters

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Continuing our trend of highlighting the best of the best, one genre at a time, this week we're looking at the crowded field of third person shooters. As always, we can't simply include every great game from the genre, so we've tried to narrow things down to some of our (and our community's) favorites, based on ratings and reviews. The Xbox One is home to plenty of worthwhile third person shooters and the best thing about them is how varied they are. There's something for everyone in this genre and if you have a wide range of tastes, there's even more for you. These are our picks for the best third person shooters on Xbox in 2018. You can subscribe to news updates, check your game progress and compare your stats with friends by registering for free on TrueAchievements, TrueTrophies and/or TrueSteam Achievements. Comprising Xbox site TrueAchievements.com, PlayStation site TrueTrophies.com and PC site TrueSteamAchievements.com, the TrueGaming Network has the best communities for achievement and trophy hunting, leaderboards, gaming sessions and community events!
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Ak47 (1 month ago)
make some underrated third person game that are reallly underrated
TrueGaming Network (6 months ago)
Did we miss something from our list? Let us know what third person shooters you would add.

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