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Exclusive Artifact Interview, Unused Content & Card Reveal

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My E-Mail : tylermcvicker@yahoo.com Twitter : https://twitter.com/ValveNewsNetwor Twitch : https://www.twitch.tv/valvenewsnetwork Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/valvenewsnetwork Discord : https://discord.gg/P9WxjG9 Today on Valve News Network, we have one of the most important videos I've made in a long time. Today, we are taking a look at everything that has happened in the last few weeks for Valve's upcoming DOTA 2 card game, Artifact. This includes exclusive information to VNN, an interview with the Artifact team, a look at the earliest builds of Artifact, along with my own card reveal. Such a crazy week. Music By HOME : http://slimetony.com/tagged/music My Social Media : Twitter : https://twitter.com/ValveNewsNetwor Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/valvenewsnetwork/ Waffler Weekly : goo.gl/Fm28Ge
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Text Comments (233)
Adrian (3 days ago)
The hell with artifact and Valve's newest techniques to make money off skins / microtransactions. When is enough money enough?
TheAmazingTortellini (4 days ago)
I would really like to see beta footage of Artifact. It won't spoil anything because well...just look at it.
Dumb Jason (5 days ago)
the only question for a developer of Artifact is "why?"
Please, Kill me. (16 days ago)
I had a dream last night, that valve realsed a new story driven first person game. Weird.
Individu λambda (18 days ago)
Ogger Corps Tosser? Tossing allies dead bodies on ennemies? Dude, that's me playing GMod!
PhoenixPalmer (21 days ago)
Have you seen the borealis leak?
Chuckles (21 days ago)
*borealis ship* 🚢
Bunrong 2389 (22 days ago)
Can you please make a video about Project Lambda :)))
Ahmad Abderrezaq (24 days ago)
traaash game
Gerhard Wasowski (24 days ago)
Developers usually make sequels for money. Valve is not like that
itslauren (24 days ago)
I need Portal 3 content asap
Captain Farrell (25 days ago)
Man, VNN is so Rad.
Hero: *CAT* Ability: Pisses on your foes cards and answers one game related question your foe has
Ji Soo (26 days ago)
7:15 good to know that Valve still has humor.
Bleak Tomorrow (26 days ago)
Fear GX (26 days ago)
I can't wait for this game to be Mostly Negative on Steam. Its fucking trash.
Nphekt (26 days ago)
This is awesome, and you are awesome. I am by no means a card game enthusiast but enjoyed your report nonetheless.
Dabesh Gamer (27 days ago)
>Cat pisses on stuff >Gets Beta access Best cat piss scenario to have ever occurred.
Ninjagai (27 days ago)
You know, recently, I was going to work on making a cutting edge shooter. But then I decided to make a card game.
Katakuri (26 days ago)
The game industry has enough shooters, no need for more.
Gamzat Abakarov (27 days ago)
Everything that is done is done for the best.
NicolBolas2 (27 days ago)
So... Ogre-istocrats deck confirmed???
Yukun wang (27 days ago)
what a cat
Marc2344 (27 days ago)
I know valve can seem like they're assholes or cold hearted or whatever, but you gotta admit when they're nice, they're really nice.
JPav91 (27 days ago)
What is with the glitch on the picture at 4:07 ? It looks like a distorted picture or text.
יותם זיק (27 days ago)
can you use your new comunication options to get info on tf2?
Timothy McKane (27 days ago)
That cat will unlock Jarate mode one day.
Videokl0wn (27 days ago)
Mr_sloopy (27 days ago)
yo dude thats amazing congrats finally valve employees communicating with its fans/content creators :)
Zipboom and Chocopots! (27 days ago)
I suddenly need some GabeN card sleeves.
Daklr (27 days ago)
*waits for artifact TF2 taunt*
tomol6 (27 days ago)
Wouldn't giving away the codes to random people break the NDA and very likely lead to leaks?
Farrison Hord (27 days ago)
Kehrt hier irgendwer?
censor (27 days ago)
Farrison Hord 9
Dankglas Quaid (28 days ago)
"uhh, what cat?"
The game isn’t even out and we’re already talking about unused content
Please, Kill me. (16 days ago)
Seems like in artfact, there is not much unused content. They found somthing that worked, and went it.
Smelly Ham (21 days ago)
I will rape you
Ok to be honest I still don't care about artifact but this was the first artifact video of yours that I actually watched all the way through having a good time. All the others I just kinda watched a bit and near the end just fast forwarded it to give you the watch minutes. So I'd say that's a really good thing.
that's pretty much just what I did, I really just meant I kinda let it play and didn't watch or listen.
Woodenwakka (27 days ago)
Fast-forwarding a video doesn't count as minutes watching, I tested in an unlisted video where I watched it once myself and just skipped back to the start many times and the average watch time was several times that actual length of the video. You actually need to be playing the video and YouTube will record how long you watch it for.
RCool B (28 days ago)
Valve is making a comback with Artifact. Now people can't say that they don't make games, cause they make them quality! Remember when we first saw Artifact leak and it said a Dota card game and all of us pissed AF? Now, is the time to apologize to Valve.
T-1000 (27 days ago)
Artifact is not a real game
deadmeh (28 days ago)
Dead game that hasn't even been released. It's already confirmed that it will be another pay to win shit game except now it will be attached to steam market. Great meme, fucking grade A+ trash.
deadmeh (26 days ago)
Yeah except I spent $0 on hearthstone when I played and I was competitive. Maybe artifact would of ment something if the next gen of fairer card games didn't come out 5 years ago like shadowverse LOL no it's still pay 2 win since people who won't be paying more won't get better cards. If you pay to get more or better cards it's pay to win. You fucking kidding me with pay 2 play. Pay 2 play would be if you bought the game and had all the fucking cards jesus christ. I call out shit when I see it and this game looks like shit and is a fucking half decade late to the party. Yeah and hl3 has been in progress for like fucking 15 years who gives a shit how long they claim they worked on it. It's fucking late. Yeah I'm glad I don't' have to read more of your shit. Fucking pay to play what a retard.
Katakuri (26 days ago)
Hearthstone is a lot more expensive if you want to remain competitive and keep up with the meta. A free2player has no ways of building god tier decks every expansion even with grinding every expansion. In Artifact if you buy it for 20$, you get 10 packs, each worth of 2$, so you actually gain as much as value as if if the game was free and bought 10 packs. Each pack has a guaranteed rare, which is the highest rarity here, unlike in HS you barely get a legendary. Pack have more value here and you get 13 cards from a pack, which means that you get 130 cards at release and 4 additional premade decks. You also have a market here, where you can sell and buy cards, while in HS you can only dust your cards. This game is pay2play, as with everyone paying, there won't be free2play players, who will whine constantly. And it might be true some players pay more, but it doesn't matter, because at release you get many value of the packs, and u can just sell the cards you don't need. This game is clearly superior to Hearthstone and you clearly didn't do much research and just shit on this game, because you got salty, because you can't move on from RNGstone to other games or just angry you didn't get HL3 or something. This game has been in the making since 2014, pretty much after Hearthstone was released. This is my last comment with you. Period.
deadmeh (26 days ago)
Yes it is, you download it and you play, here you pay and then you get a paltry amount of packs and a few shit starter decks nice meme.
Katakuri (26 days ago)
"It's like hearthstone" ... Do more research :) Ps: Hearthstone is free? Nice joke
deadmeh (26 days ago)
Already did, dead shit game, it's like hearthstone except at least that game was free, didn't have a cancer game design choice and wasn't half a decade late to the scene.
Blurns (28 days ago)
I still have nightmares about that cat.
LegendaryRQA (28 days ago)
Awesome to see the development of the game from the very start, you seldom get to see that kinda stuff for games. It's also sooooo refreshing to see these Valve employees be so communicative and willing to answer questions. I wish they did it more for their other games as well :/
AlphaEnt2 (28 days ago)
And people said "dogs are man's best friend" XD
Kruk 666 (28 days ago)
the power of cat piss XD
nights _ (28 days ago)
ur cards look so good mate
Kaos (28 days ago)
Lol, gaben is a meme even inside valve
Doctor (28 days ago)
Even the cat knows aetifuck is garbage.
MonsterTic (28 days ago)
Why do HL3, Portal 3, L4D3 when you can just make a card game ...
Badolf Pittler (28 days ago)
Cap'n Walrus (28 days ago)
I'm actually excited to play a card game. Send help
GrandPa Joey (28 days ago)
MediArgentum (28 days ago)
As much as I don't care about Artifact, I'm still glad that Tyler is really excited and happy about it. For all the work he has been putting into reporting anything Valve related, he definitely deserves a reward like this, maybe even greater. Keep doing what you do, Tyler, you're the best.
Conga King (28 days ago)
Hey Tyler, this was a really good video, but I couldn't read the Patreon credits even when I paused the video. It felt like there was some shutter speed effect on it, and I couldn't make out many names. Just wanted to let you know in case a patron gets angry.
TourFaint (28 days ago)
man, i would like a beta key, but watching Vnn's awful twitch stream is not worth it.
SpaceBean 420 (28 days ago)
About that cat!?
Cameron Brown (28 days ago)
I really hope we see more beta content, fascinating stuff
A Freaking Axe (28 days ago)
Would have been great if you asked whether the heroes in this game will be ported to dota 2
Nico (28 days ago)
Some will get ported later on, but not all of them. This info is known from some interview months ago.
DeswerMono (28 days ago)
Can i have that pee bag?
Sbrevolution Dota (28 days ago)
I know what to do with the artifact keys, but I’ll need one to test my theory ;)
Equis Igriegazeta (28 days ago)
No more dota 2 videos. Rejoice, tf2 players. Now we get artifact, the dota card game videos.
16 Cards!! LOL love the Artifact team.
Katakuri (28 days ago)
16 *keys* you mean
Federico Silano (28 days ago)
Time to get my cat to piss on my stuff
The Cereal Guy (28 days ago)
Cat saves the day
dark0ssx (28 days ago)
so★ (28 days ago)
Game will eventually fail quote me
René Stesl (28 days ago)
I am actually no card game player, but i am very interessted to try this game.
Nico Valente (28 days ago)
Sadly, i have no chance of being modified with a key coz of timezones. Gg
ashardian vgrebeggebeg (28 days ago)
10:29 i thought this was a trading card game
Nico (28 days ago)
You don't trade in the sense of card for card, but by buying and selling single cards on the market place.
aqualung (28 days ago)
So are you a god of destruction?
Cole TM (28 days ago)
Vittamar Akbin (28 days ago)
modify box with piss: modify player with beta key
Rusyaidi R (27 days ago)
Cat piss:Modify Tyler with beta key ,deal DMG to your artifact cards.
Rage Killer (28 days ago)
never forget that half life 3 left 4 dead 3 and portal 3 died for a card game
Gordon R (26 days ago)
thank goodness
Enceladeans (27 days ago)
Good riddance. I'd rather have Artifact.
PulsatingShadow (28 days ago)
False statement.
Renato C. (28 days ago)
Damn, great video! That piss was MVP
isakillo (28 days ago)
And we didn't even see the cat, the box or anything at all. What a master play by Tyler. :D
Mr Sleepy (16 days ago)
We do see a bit of the cat's leg on footage
Jules (28 days ago)
I don't want Valve to have trust issues
Mick van der H. (28 days ago)
Make your cat piss on your htc vive
Lucky Viking (28 days ago)
01:40 the full video does exist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKNQDqqAnJY
FootSoldier51 (28 days ago)
So, is that Whis as in the angel? If so, that seems very fitting.
Nice video
Jacket Richard (28 days ago)
You should make update video about canteen crusher
Islarf (28 days ago)
What's your alt channel again? BethesdaNewsNetwork? Or?
MBMephisto (28 days ago)
"because i'm still having nightmares about that cat"
UnfortuneLess (27 days ago)
"Did you hear a cat just now?"
owen Smith (28 days ago)
"Uhh, what cat?"
Irodoku Puzzle (28 days ago)
4:20 AMAZING how they keep the ideas with out changing their mind constantly like most of companies usually do
Good to see the alpha built of Artifact. For me,I have never played Magic the Gathering despite seeing some "famous" cards like Arjani or Niv the red dragon. But Artifact does resemblem to Duelmasters for me. It's really nice to have a deja vu for that game again even there are not many dragons or over the top card designs in Artifact for now. But I'm really interest to see how this game goes. Now,I have some massive questions: -For Beta key: Does the Twitch account has to be registered a long time ago or something? Can I just registered today and still participated in the event? OR can I participate Twitch without making an account? I have closed my account a long time ago as I really can't watch anyone that has moderate-massive viewers (more than 50). \\ Do I have to be able to watch this till the end without ANY kind of uncontrollable interruption? (I'm neither living in the US nor any country in the EU. My internet is not 56k but every single time I watched anyone with high-viewer streaming on Twitch,it is super laggy and I felt so buggy be it Overwatch/DOTA/Battleborn/Rainbow Six Siege/or even not so mainstream games like Dishonored 2. I can watch livestreaming on Youtube just fine...From the just 300 people to one of the Pewdiepie's livestream) \\ Also what is your timezone so I maybe able to watch and pray for the buggy Twitch to not be buggy and or interrupted? //And,did they mention anything about the other way to gets Beta key than spamming "modify me a beta key" on PlayArtifact's Twitter account and other streamer Twitter? -How can the likes of Winter Wyvern,Storm Spirit,and Lion has the status of a "rogue" to the likes of Phantom Assassin I wonder? Or does Black means more of a cunning,strategic,Hero elimination gameplay? What about Pugna? Is he a bit of a sieger or improvement destroyer or something? What were the design principle for them to make them joining "the house of Cunning" like Phantom Assassin/Gordar when they don't seem to be cunning enough,especially Winter Wyvern and Storm Spirit? Is there any lore reason behind this? //Also will they have the balance team post-release for both buffing and nerfing the cards? I find Crystal Maiden in Artifact to be too weak for both stats and her passive..(I don't have anything for her by the way) -Is there any expansion/booster set release time post-launch? //Will it has any schedule time for booster set like every 2 months similar to the Japanese cardgame like Buddyfight or it's once per year? //Will base deck only introduced when purchasing the game and no base deck will be made post-launch? -Will players be able to play in other servers such as in the US/EU/Australia/Latin America/etc. for both in case of low player base within my region or want to play against other players in Spain or Latin America? I am really worried about the player base as my country seems to prefer nothing but mainstream shooting games or anything with anime female with less clothes on herself. I found some card game players in my country and it's quiet popular too but there are nothing but Yugioh and Vanguard,plus some female-centric aesthetic card games. //What will happen if there are not many people to play with or there are not many average players or at equal level? Can I change the server just like in Dota but suffering lagging? I found myself to be in that situation before. Having to play against the much higher levels is rather feeling unpleasant (especially the games that are still popular in other regions but totally low player base around here such as Heroes of the Storm or even Rainbow six Siege. The last time I played those games have the player base around 300 for Storm and probably around that or less in Siege). Or do I have to play against the bots forever if they don't have that option? I am not sure if there is any about the incident for gamers in my country to whine about "we want Half-life 3 booboo"/"waz dis? Diz succ outta my way"/"Why Dota card game?"/"this looks boring"/etc. like Artifact reveal booing incident but it does concern me a lot. I saw that trailer and I was really interest in it,but I am not really sure how many people in my region will really interest in it. If you have a chance to ask them again,would you mind if you ask the questions that I am really doubtful to Valve's Artifact team? I am thinking of investing my enjoyment,my time,and money for Artifact but I am not sure at all in those questions.
Mania From TF2 (28 days ago)
Valve communication? That’s mind blowing more than the game tbh.
PCVeteran (28 days ago)
Here's a YTP of VNN that I made: https://youtu.be/rXGttFay87E
Nazgul100 (28 days ago)
Im really happy this worked out for you Tyler, I remember seeing that stream and being heartbroken for you. Thank god Brandon Reinhart also saw and also took pity on you!
Reionder (28 days ago)
Tips from an experienced cat owner: Never leave boxes on the ground, cats WILL mess with them
Julián Iván (28 days ago)
Wow is amazing how Valve is starting to make games again only to make Tyler happy
Tainted Kril (28 days ago)
Okay yes but is Bowsette coming to smash?
SUPERSONIC129 (27 days ago)
Wrong channel, thats NNW
TheTartanTaylor (28 days ago)
At least he saw the email this time
Skyward Wolfman (28 days ago)
Zzzzz shartifact zzzzzzz another card game zzzzzz
Skyward Wolfman (28 days ago)
Lubie Placki It’s for not four, you’re saying the number. And plus what the hell makes Shartifact any different from Hearthstone or Magic the Gathering?
Lubie Placki (28 days ago)
THE card game* *fixed that four you
蛋非 (28 days ago)
well that mean I will never get the code, I am HK and it's -12 hours from your location, I always only watch your stream replay
Paul Kroll (28 days ago)
[modify me with a beta key]
Catowar Meowson (28 days ago)
Now THIS is a valve game im looking forward to
bunnyfreakz (28 days ago)
Tyler, modify me with beta key please.
Remember Nintendo News Network?
Kid Grit (28 days ago)
It's me sir, you're modify-able brother.
Zudexa (28 days ago)
Actually kind of looking forward to being able to try it out.
TheErazar (28 days ago)
Cat the boss. Grats Tyler, good job!
Hank Hill (28 days ago)
Here before Stickmaster 500
redd ztone (28 days ago)
Jesus that card lol
Jon Long (28 days ago)
Thanks Valve & Artifact Team for reaching out to people reporting on the game.

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