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Text Comments (78)
Levmc28 Games (1 month ago)
Yordan is triggered now :D
crazpam (7 months ago)
ACNE (8 months ago)
jordan wu tang shirt <3
Schwanzus Longus (8 months ago)
"logan paul"... (does not realize what he ment)."is it?"...(realize it) "oh my gawd"
Schwanzus Longus (8 months ago)
summit > major
Rizz CS (8 months ago)
This is why i look forward to cs_summit.
Justin White (8 months ago)
RIP my n0thing X GeT_RiGhT ship :C
mellesupreme (8 months ago)
GOMke (8 months ago)
yust pure yoy!
Doughnut (8 months ago)
These videos are so much fucking better than any other CS:GO youtuber, I'm Impressed.
Daniel (8 months ago)
1 like for the thumbnail sentence. Yordan, i laughed so hard
zT Pure (8 months ago)
You fucked up. He's name is spelled "Jordan", not "Yordan"
Catlateral (8 months ago)
Bad Taco > Bad Fallen
Sagit (8 months ago)
CS_Summit, the best tournament of the year.
sundby (8 months ago)
it's so gratz
Cristian S. W. (8 months ago)
this tournament has the best videos.
Mologomo (8 months ago)
At what twitch channel can i watch cs_summit??
k4:DD (8 months ago)
Jordan btw
Boogi (8 months ago)
is this spawn?
Jack Danielsson (8 months ago)
absolutely love this event
BrianParody (8 months ago)
great video vladopard!
SanE (8 months ago)
Витас, лол)
Galih indra (8 months ago)
that daenarys targarean cosplay just killed me easly XD
Pinnacle (8 months ago)
Good Yob on this video
GraneN JohanssoN (8 months ago)
Pinnacle ay
Mystic Avereas (8 months ago)
I love cs summit
Gilang PM_ (8 months ago)
my favorite cs minor tourney lel
Alex (8 months ago)
i love sumit, so layed back and fun to watch
Gregory Lee (8 months ago)
2:49 Is that Draco Malfoy from harry potter?
Blu3 De2tiny (8 months ago)
What a cs_summit please explain to me
RyansGaming (8 months ago)
a meme tournament
Steven Swinkels (8 months ago)
is a tournament for pro csgo players, but not a major like eleague boston. So I guess it's like a minor
phy病気 (8 months ago)
in Sweden Our "j" is actually pronounced as "y" just telling if you dont know :p
Brix Francis Catinsag (2 months ago)
phy病気 it's kinda cool though to be honest :p
Dayne64 (8 months ago)
Same in rest of scandinavia but they actually speak english??
danny phenton (8 months ago)
phy病気 that's weird
Al 11 (8 months ago)
- (8 months ago)
when you cant spell jordan gg ez then
TheVtecPro (8 months ago)
- no u said why he didn't spell Jordan correctly
- (8 months ago)
thats what i said -_-
Zeolik (8 months ago)
Swedes spell a "J" as a "Y"...
TheVtecPro (8 months ago)
- The title is a quote from Get_Right XD
Username (8 months ago)
Bruh.... Because of the way he said it mah dude
Cleyton Bruno (8 months ago)
Hey man, Where is the best of 2017? :(
Marill Animations (8 months ago)
Top 10 sexiest women in anime 0:40
EXcember (8 months ago)
Gaderic (8 months ago)
Cut short at the end?
G87EM (8 months ago)
what song on the end?
MALISON81 (8 months ago)
VITAS - The 7th Element
Nikita S. (8 months ago)
Paul Andrew Gorby витас
Dark Potato (8 months ago)
Šimon Kovařík (8 months ago)
grow up
GnillePille (8 months ago)
Dark Potato 12 btw
Fitreck Cloud9 (8 months ago)
Frederik ELMER (8 months ago)
0:45 tidepods
Colin S (8 months ago)
*S C R E W Y O U Y O R D A N*
GwynLordCream (8 months ago)
0:44 ARE THOSE FCKIN TIDE PODS? Fallenberg with the forbidden fruit
Breaking Boltz
Miki (8 months ago)
LMAO the outro is hilarious
Miki (8 months ago)
check the description lol
ali soomro (8 months ago)
name ?
veternik5g (8 months ago)
outro 10/10
Vitas in the end was awesome!
Vincent (8 months ago)
True that was so fkin hilarious :D Chandram Brambachandra Chandra BendramChandram Brambachandra Chandra BendramChandram Brambachandra Chandra BendramChandram Brambachandra Chandra BendramChandram Brambachandra Chandra BendramChandram Brambachandra Chandra BendramChandram Brambachandra Chandra Bendram
Gafur (8 months ago)
Summsi (8 months ago)
your videos always fill me up with yoy
Pavel Skripko (8 months ago)
i've waited so long for this vid!
vount (8 months ago)
Can I get a heart from you?
Fajaxx (8 months ago)
junilog (8 months ago)
hmmm🤔🤔 why is there a 1 minute black screen
MsJanek2001 (8 months ago)
André Nascimento (8 months ago)

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