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Counter-Strike: BreakThrough Edition International Update 23/06/2016

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Versão Portuguesa: Atenção! Está versão é desenvolvida por novo membro da CS:BTE porem, esta em fase inicial então espere bugs ou conteúdo incompleto. Todos os créditos para Linuz Appz. Endereços: Cliente (Jogo Completo): http://adf.ly/1bVJmm Visitem para mais informações: - http://csomania.blogspot.pt/ English Version: Heads up! This version is developed by new member CS:BTE Team however, this is early stage so expect bugs or incomplete content. All credits to Linuz Appz. Links: Client (Full Game): http://adf.ly/1bVJmm Visit for more information: - http://csomania.blogspot.pt/
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Text Comments (430)
Jeison Lopez (30 days ago)
link del juego pliz
Gunga CSOMania (28 days ago)
Check video Description...
Emir Faruk Vatansever (3 months ago)
hi, i have a problem about my game. Problem is when i start a new game, i choose a map and press start, everything's ok (for now), when my selected map loaded, game is crashed. How can i fix it?
Unknown GuyINDO (5 months ago)
Why it always crash when i play gun deathmatch mode?
Kevin55 HUN :D (6 months ago)
mother fucker
Kevin55 HUN :D (6 months ago)
thanks virus :))
Overise Gaming [CZ/SK] (6 months ago)
Hey Please help.. I downloaded latest version CS BTE and i run Launcher. Choose Zombie Hero Rework and its not run.. Please help :(
Aykut (7 months ago)
Hey! can u guys fix the Slimi Cs 1.6 link is broken? http://cs.slimi.lt/csdownload/Counter-Strike-1.6.exe please?
Mr. Boclox (7 months ago)
Mis Respetos al quien Hizo Este Modo De Juego
s-mc s-cs (8 months ago)
Hello I have work download link http://www.counter-strike-download-cs.com/breakthrough-edition.html < new version!!!
Fatih Erdemli (8 months ago)
how do i build up the game i am opening but could not launch game only one instance of this game i can get a time error please help please :(((((
Fatih Erdemli (8 months ago)
Please helllp
Kayfe S4 (9 months ago)
cd key?
Ikhwa HasanSatria (9 months ago)
what is the cd key
DexterGaming (11 months ago)
latest cs bte 2018 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivHx-fVvGEI&t=65s
卐NeverMind卐 (1 year ago)
rip cs 1.6
Z-Frost Pro GM (1 year ago)
Pega offline???
Brezzyy HD (1 year ago)
Does it have zombie scenario answer fast pls
Hilal Ahmad (1 year ago)
cso mania when i load the game it says this error runtime library abnormally terminated
LeanN Zk (1 year ago)
cd key ?
RazingBolt (1 year ago)
0:04 what's that weapon called? cause it looks like PP Bizev from CS:GO
Hero Killer: Stain (1 year ago)
Does This Self Update or have to Redownload
esse é melhor que o sme muito melhor que o sme
SOUL BREAKER (1 year ago)
hello gunga i have a problem when i buy the uzi akimbo its nowhere to be found when i press 1 or primary weapon selection key there's nothing help
SOUL BREAKER (1 year ago)
is there other pages for example like the assault rifles have a 2nd page
[GD] Nyol (1 year ago)
how do i turn off the effects? my game is running so slow
Im Epi (1 year ago)
it runs smoothly and no problems... but when i play for a long time, it crashes. why?
Leni leni (8 months ago)
this happen when you infected by the zombies And, Press q Previous weapon the game just white screen. and also your hand character is white
Sly Fox (1 year ago)
The Nub ..........yeah. me too and the games also crashes when load all weapons. why? this games need to fix
Siebalz (1 year ago)
what password winrar?
off line
แตกไฟล์ แล้วติดตั้ง ไช่ไหมคับ
XD xXTiToUXx XD (1 year ago)
does it support online gaming???
Thăng Đỗ Hữu (1 year ago)
I am confusing , too many versions , which is the newest version of this game ? Can u give link of the newest ?
S4DiZ (1 year ago)
Thanks You So Much Man I Really Like This Game And U Modified So Amazing!! Keep It Up I Follow Your Updates Always! Love Ya <3
Shaheer Kashif (1 year ago)
does this have more guns than the update of 3/6/16?
c57prime7 nel* :v (1 year ago)
why Avast delate and block? :c, any solution,?
Leni leni (8 months ago)
delete avast Turn your pc in savemode then go to my computer, Press program files then search avast then delete
J Jesús Rams Srco (9 months ago)
cada vez que entro en una partida zombie scenario no me salen los zombie :"v
SatoshiMoshi (1 year ago)
Hey i get problem i have only .rar and i dont know what do with this i dont have launcher :( plz help
SatoshiMoshi (1 year ago)
Sly Fox (1 year ago)
Karol Głuchowski do you extract already? if you already extract then go search for the csbte launcher and play
meu anti vírus disparo aqui todos os modos que tem ele fala que é uma ameaça oque eu faço ?
Medeiros L (1 year ago)
POR FAVOORR , ta pedindo a key :/
Alan Arrativel (1 year ago)
press all "A" ok?
este trae mas armas
Exe77 (1 year ago)
hey upload the new update on this game plz..
DarkRedBlueGaming (1 year ago)
i cant play other gamemodes
Panzermann11 (1 year ago)
Please tell me the problem.
Im Epi (1 year ago)
sorry to ask.. but is your blogspot outdated? cuz the newest update is 2015...
HELP ME BUG REPORT or fatal Error
how to make high graphics ?
Nabil Aiman (2 years ago)
cd key pls answer?
Mike gamer (1 year ago)
MattHats (2 years ago)
my sloww!!! controll pls
Marco Macasaet (2 years ago)
Metahook plus has stopped working Help?
khafidz jamaludin (1 year ago)
press windows + w then search compability and choose cs bte
Sly Fox (1 year ago)
Marco Macasaet...... you must change the screen to windowed
Marco Macasaet You Computer Not good
Thăng Đỗ Hữu (2 years ago)
In this update , devs have remove so many guns , but now this game can run smoothly , no often freeze or crash like older version
Alien Eyes (2 years ago)
wtf counter strike source O_O
Dark Cry (2 years ago)
But i belive it is a modding game from Nexon. They must have modded the files by copying the Counter Strike Nexon one's official game
Dark Cry (2 years ago)
Ye. It changes by the years into something even more awesome :P
H102 Modding (2 years ago)
no meu nao quer baixarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr affffffffffffffffffffff
lalaik Aparecida (2 years ago)
o que foi adicionado nessa versao ?
lalaik Aparecida (2 years ago)
gunga tem como eu atualizar o meu cs1.6 DTE 04/06/2016 para a versao 23/06/2016 sem baixar tudo de novo?
Impolimento (2 years ago)
Admiro muito o trabalho de vocês,simplesmente uma versao melhor que outra,continue assim,espero que vocês não parem de produzir esses CS's modificados.Muito obrigado :D ><
Gunga CSOMania (2 years ago)
Obrigado pelo o seu apoio no canal isso ajuda muito a continuar a fazer vídeos para voces!
chey rithy (2 years ago)
The Renautians (2 years ago)
how to fix this run time error in hl.exe
Gunga CSOMania (2 years ago)
Try to disable some thing on "H" menu in game just press H and click on the options to fix to disable some things maybe will help :/
The Renautians (2 years ago)
+Gunga CSOMania Thanks but do you have a possible fix on how minimize lag?
Gunga CSOMania (2 years ago)
Try download microsoft C++ runtime library
Nekro Mancer (2 years ago)
How can I change the languaje?? Is in chinese by default...anyone plz?
Gunga CSOMania (2 years ago)
No, this version is all english.
Muh Rafly (2 years ago)
where is the zombie escape ?
Gunga CSOMania (2 years ago)
For Zombie Escape you can only play with other player via lan cant play with bots.
SiLo (2 years ago)
hey how much gb space does it have?
Gunga CSOMania (2 years ago)
between 1,5gb/2gb
CaraDePapel ! (2 years ago)
Men When I Open The Launcher Break You Know I Cant Open Why Me Pc Say Is A Virus
Gunga CSOMania (2 years ago)
I dont know just search on google how to turn off windows defender.
CaraDePapel ! (2 years ago)
But I Dont Know How To Turn Off Me Windows Defender I Cant Open It Thanks Tho The Windows Defender Of Windows 10 How I Can Turn Off? And My Defender Of Windows Delete The Launcher :'c
Gunga CSOMania (2 years ago)
Dont worry is not a real virus just disable or add the laucher into your anti-virus and try again
Tech nician (2 years ago)
Good bye cs bte update
Gunga CSOMania (2 years ago)
Well is the same game but with a different thinks.
PointBlank Hakkında (2 years ago)
pls MAP!!!!!!!+999
Gunga CSOMania (2 years ago)
Only original maps form cso.
Your mom (2 years ago)
I loaded this game and my computer hack
trae mas armas
Your mom (2 years ago)
Gunga CSOMania (2 years ago)
Your mom (2 years ago)
Gunga CSOMania (2 years ago)
What? xD
yRoul Ollidra (2 years ago)
By the way, Can this Game support Windows 8 when the next update comes?
Gunga CSOMania (2 years ago)
This game support Win 7 up i record on Windows 10 pro 64 bits
TReX 360 (2 years ago)
The game does not open. It just closes when it loads. Is there a fix to this for window's 7?
TReX 360 (2 years ago)
how do i fix that?
Gunga CSOMania (2 years ago)
Dont load all weapons just 200 max.
morkie28 (2 years ago)
is this online?
Gunga CSOMania (2 years ago)
No, offline with bots but you can play with friends via Lan.
wings (2 years ago)
Thanks for sharing the latest CSBTE. Btw I noticed something while playing the game, the settings for mouse sensitivity doesn't work, my mouse sensitivity is pretty high even though i have it set to the lowest, is there a way to fix this? Same goes for buy time and money in original mode, I have all set up at longer amount but it seems to reset when I enter the game. Or maybe this game is only designed for zombie mode?
Justin Fiorell (2 years ago)
I got a problem where if i extract the file, the launcher is deleted automatically.
Dark Cry (2 years ago)
+Justin Fiorell Instead, i would of try to find one that does not contain viruses inside. By the way i am uploading this game WITHOUT VIRUSES for you to download and play it without such kinda problem
Dark Cry (2 years ago)
+Justin Fiorell I would of never do that in his position(Kasser C) :P . Do not be ridiculous otherwise your pc is gonna run the game with viruses inside that could harm your pc-laptop.
Kasser C (2 years ago)
Turn Off your antivirus or Anti-Malware in your PC.
Văn Lời Nguyễn (2 years ago)
someone show me how to play online with friend. Im trying open port 27015 and connect with wan ip:27015, that not work.. help please...!!
Proffesional Floper (2 years ago)
bro there is no ip only 5 numbers ths is the port
Nicolas Smara (2 years ago)
how i can change the languaje?
Dark Cry (2 years ago)
I am uploadin this game, so if you download mine's there is also a change language system when you open the launcher
Muhd Asyraf (2 years ago)
how to change language ? plz tell
Muhd Asyraf (2 years ago)
oo never mind thxx 4 da game dud
Tham the pusi cat (2 years ago)
Btw Can we be friends on steam?
Tham the pusi cat (2 years ago)
Nani (2 years ago)
can you tell me in PM how you fixed black hand problem?, i see ur models already have it, but ingame its different.
Geiderwuin BM (2 years ago)
CD KEY ???
Gunga CSOMania (2 years ago)
CaraDePapel ! (2 years ago)
The Cd Key Is AAAAAA Puré Mayus A
Dr4gon mod (2 years ago)
help me fix error could not launch game . Only one instance of this game can be run at a time .
Proffesional Floper (2 years ago)
Restart ur pc then click at the game 2 TIMES NO MORE then it will work
Tech nician (2 years ago)
CS1.6 vers CSO2 fails And goole Gamebanana
Dark Cry (2 years ago)
well, of course it's a failure. Modding is not something to be taken lightly. But the problem in my opinion is that they should have perfected it, before starting to publish it to the people, because it gets depressed
Rafael Eustáquio (2 years ago)
The Game Launcher is the cstrike? because when I click into it, but when I enter the option of entering a server (offline) the bar does not load and lock. It has some way I can solve this? O launcher do jogo é o cstrike? porque quando eu clico nele entra, mas quando eu entro na opção de entrar em um server (offline) a barra não carrega e trava. Tem algum modo de eu conseguir resolver isso?
Rafael Eustáquio (2 years ago)
Thank you!!! =)
Dark Cry (2 years ago)
I am uploading this game into my mediafire. You can download mines there. It does not have any kind of problem
Chouaib chettab (2 years ago)
comment fair decoder
Kresna Alfansyah (2 years ago)
downloaded this and extracted it. now how to install it? when i open the launcher the menu appeared and when i choose a mode it say "the specified file was not found" help i really want to play this game
Clone do Godenot (2 years ago)
e o cs 1.6
Stars Light (2 years ago)
Excellent! Good work, u are the best! Thanks a lot for this mod. I hope you guys will keep it up. Also can I ask u some questions again? sry 4 ma bad eng.
Stars Light (2 years ago)
+Dark Cry ty I'll try
Dark Cry (2 years ago)
If you have a lot of questions it should be best to post them on their forums, wherever that is, because i have not been to them.Just tellin ya.
Israel brañez (2 years ago)
abro el juego me salen los modos de juegos,apreto uno y no se me abre, que hago?
wainove (2 years ago)
Thanks to you I found out that the game is not standing still, I'm a fan of cs 1.6 searched a lot of sites I thought all the find found and more with updates going with a friend to play on LAN thank you!
Dark Cry (2 years ago)
Actually this game was made to be played in offline not online. However if you want to download it without problems and play it you can download it in my links.
Mr. Total Retard (2 years ago)
This is really good mod.The launcher even feels like the CS:NZ menu. Will there be more Human scenario and zombie scenario maps?
Bat Man (2 years ago)
Gunga i download the game but i have errors shoud i download the game again or download n other update of game sorry for my english
Dark Cry (2 years ago)
No need. I am uploading it in my links. So you can download it at mines without these kind of problems
GeneralLeo20 (2 years ago)
Você pode jogar online? com hamachi
Berserk 007 (2 years ago)
You have the zombie scenario?
_LauTi_VFX (2 years ago)
Can i upload a video with dowload link? i credited You
Tổng Hợp Heart (2 years ago)
please file weapons.ini Counter-Strike: Breakthrough Edition International Update 23/06/2016
Tung Hoang Pham (2 years ago)
hey. do you know any online server or online community playing this. playing alone is rather lonely
Lil Rex (2 years ago)
wanna play with me,im looking for some people to play with as well
DiamoFox (2 years ago)
How to change mod?
Dark Cry (2 years ago)
I am uploading right now this game without any problem of a virus or any other kinda problem with downloads for you to be able to download it
Dark Cry (2 years ago)
You just open The BreakThrough Launcher.exe file and it shows you all kind of mods
Samurai Sincero (2 years ago)
qual o tamanho do jogo descompactado ?
xX_FucK_BoY_ 69_Xx (2 years ago)
why on these version has no bendita,aeolis,brick piece m777,crow-7,laser minigun,maverick series,skull-2,calico m950 attack,vulcanus-5,vulcanus-7,vulcanus-9,vulcanus-11?
kiri4 support (2 years ago)
what the CD key???TEELLL
_LauTi_VFX (2 years ago)
Graye Yudark (2 years ago)
All is "A"
kiri4 support (2 years ago)
what password???Tell me please!
Trung Nguyen (2 years ago)
i have error :( metahook plus has stop working Detail Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: cstrike.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 520f8531 Fault Module Name: StackHash_6361 Fault Module Version: Fault Module Timestamp: 00000000 Exception Code: c0000005 Exception Offset: e3c24475 OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 1066 Additional Information 1: 6361 Additional Information 2: 636189c5da7c15f9ec022dc579eee972 Additional Information 3: 0beb Additional Information 4: 0beb58b11e1f82223e82b6587bcaa45e Read our privacy statement online: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=104288&clcid=0x0409 If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline: C:\Windows\system32\en-US\erofflps.txt
Tech nician (2 years ago)
It you Made CSO2 >>>CS S
Dragon16 Im (2 years ago)
can u add vulcanus guns , m777 brick piece , blood dripper and sg552 lycanthrope for next update ? and reaper u make more little range for easier kill them ?
Graye Yudark (2 years ago)
how i can change language to english . I try to click english in laucher but it dont change @_
TuanPINGAS (2 years ago)
can you disable hand shake in next update?
Exe77 (1 year ago)
handshake is realistic and I like it.
Graye Yudark (2 years ago)
thank you ^^

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